An Unfortunate Loss in a Series of Wins -Mt. Whitney

“The Hide, The Hide, The Great Cowhide!”

That was all you could hear as the clock winded down from fourteen seconds to zero at Friday’s basketball game against Redwood. Mt. Whitney’s student section was downright and expressive as they cheered on their undefeated basketball team. The Whitney boys went into the game with a 5-0 record, and ended up taking a loss to their across-the-street rivals. Although the stands couldn’t stand taking the first loss of the season on their home turf to their rival Rangers, the boys on the court learned a valuable lesson about heading into games with clear heads.


Redwood and Mt. Whitney have had a crazy amount of history when it comes to the bad blood and bitterness between the two. There have been heinous Cowhide pranks, multiple student section battles, and so so much twitter beef. Although other schools (El Diamante) try to claim that their rivalry with Redwood is the biggest in the valley, Whitney and Redwood’s will always be the most iconic.


The whole game was almost a reenactment of the legendary football game itself, only with a different victor. The same fanatical intensity could be felt throughout the stands as the score rallied back and forth on that Friday night. I honestly believe that the hype and intensity of the game really got in the guys’ heads. On each side it was foul after foul after foul. Most of Redwood’s points were simply due to free throws. And not to discredit them, but the same goes for Whitney.

Although the referees had many questionable calls, the Pioneers truly outworked the Rangers. Despite being forced (by the refs) to be one step behind, our boys in maroon showed Redwood that they are a force to be reckoned with. The final score ended up being 73-64 in Redwood’s favor, a minor bump on the road to playoffs.

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