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An Unfortunate Loss in a Series of Wins -Mt. Whitney

“The Hide, The Hide, The Great Cowhide!” That was all you could hear as the clock winded down from fourteen seconds to zero at Friday’s basketball game against Redwood. Mt. Whitney’s student section was downright and expressive as they cheered on their undefeated basketball team. The Whitney boys went into the game with a 5-0 record, and ended up taking

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A Most Newsworthy Homecoming For Tulare Union

The students at Tulare Union high school could not have been more excited for their home game against the Dinuba Emperors. As Friday night rolled around, the Redskins had their fill of magazine-related dress up days and exciting homecoming activities. TOUCHDOWN! Tulare Union. After a 50-yard run, Allen caps off the drive with a 2-yard plunge. 56-10 Tribe. 3Q.

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A Home Sweet Homecoming For The Pioneers

Football: Friday night turned out to be a sour disappointment for the Maroon Platoon as they lost 38-16 to the El Diamante Miners(2-3). Whitney’s defense just could not hold up against the onslaught brought on by the Miners within the first half. Even though the Miners dominated the first half, they were not mistake free. Parker Boswell, El Diamante’s quarterback,

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