Pag Meter at Fenway Park!

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The Pagmeter is the God Father of local sports for over 19 years. The Pagmeter started announcing by becoming the Public Address announcer for the Buchanan Bears baseball program and Bullard Knights football team back in 2001-2005. The Pagmeter also did a year of announcing for the Fresno Grizzlies.

His career in radio broadcasting started in 2004 with a radio show and play-by-play announcing. He’s a former Bullard Knight, was inducted into the Bullard Knight hall of fame for football and with the 1977 baseball team which is also in the Fresno Athletic Hall of fame. Born and raised in Fresno, graduated from Fresno State, married to Laurie (Fresno State graduate) who is a former Fresno State Cheerleader in the glory days of Boyd Grant and Jim Sweeney days. Daughters, Gianna (Fresno State Graduate & also the genius behind the Pagmeter website, Alexa (Fresno State Graduate), married to Nick Foglio, McKenna, and Tessa.

The BEST news in 2020 is the Pagmeter is moving to the No. 1 sports talk radio station in the Central Section and in the Country. Fox Sports and iHeart Radio dominates the radio market and we are excited to be a part of the best!

Nick and Matt Johnson have been partners and apart of the best local sports talk show for the last 16 years in the Central Valley.

Matt Johnson, many know him as Matty J, is the head football coach of the Madera South Stallions and was previously the Edison Football coach for 14 years. Matt took over when Tim McDonald went to coach in the NFL. Matt coached the Tigers when the Tigers won the 2014 Central Section Championship, the Tiger’s first Valley championship since 1975. Matt is a former safety for the USC Trojans and draft pick for the San Diego Chargers. Matt is the master in high school and college recruiting. Many Colleges call Matt for his expertise with High School talent. Nobody in the Central Section knows more about local sports than Nick and Matt!

Tune in on Friday afternoons 4-6 PM PST on 1340 Fox Sports Fresno and 970 Fox Sports Bakersfield for the Pagmeter Show with Nick & Matt!

We will be talking hot topics, local sports, national sports, junior college, Fresno Pacific, Fresno State, high school, student-athletes, coaches, and tackling the tough subjects with entertainment, sports info/opinion, and humor!

NOBODY does it like Nick & Matt!
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