Pag Meter at Fenway Park!

The PAG METER was discovered in a desert storm in a box while vacationing. I brought it back to the valley.  Just kidding!!

 I started it when I was the PA announcing for the Buchanan Bears baseball games back in 2003-2005. This was during the Jason Donald years and we would measure home run distances and MPH on pitcher’s speed.

 The PAG METER also became the High School       Rankings head quarters. The Pag Meter is now the God Father of High School sports


Matt Johnson & Nick “the Pag Meter” Papagni

 NICK PAPAGNI  (The PAG METER) loves to talk local sports and not afraid to tell it like it is. 

 If your school has a fundraiser or needs an MC for your dinner/function, Matt Johnson and I are available and are setting up times now. 

 Listen to Nick and Matt on 940 ESPN AM on Thursday’s Noon-2pm live from Fashion Furniture & listen to the Pag Meter and Nick Anderson on Fridays from 4-6PM on 940 ESPN!


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