WSL Athletics Week 3 Review & Week 4 Preview: Close losses, Blowout losses, Is there Trouble across the WSL?

Today I’m going straight to the point…There seems to be trouble brewing across the teams in the WSL, So far Firebaugh is the only team to have a win so far this season as the other 5 teams are still looking for their first win, Teams that were favored to do well in league and within their respective division are in trouble unless a turnaround happens soon.
Avenal looks like a sinking ship as they went through another tough loss at the hands of The Corcoran Panthers 42-7 as their trying to figure out what is wrong and how to fix what the issue is as they managed to only score 15 points so far this season. they hope to turn it around as they host Riverdale as part of their Home Opener.
Coalinga last season season made it to the 2nd round of playoffs till they fell to Firebaugh. This year they were favored to go into the playoffs with a high seed…but the way their season is looking like…they hope to at least get a decent seeding after their 20-0 shutout loss to The McFarland Cougars last week. They will travel to Taft tonight before finishing non-league play versus Sierra Pacific next week.
Dos Palos has officially gone into a stupor after another close loss this time at the hands of The Washington Union Panthers 20-19 last week which ended in regulation after their first two games went to overtime, A 26-20 loss to Los Banos on Opening Night and a 16-13 record setting 5 Overtime loss to Roosevelt. Dos Palos is still rebuilinding under 2nd year HC Kevin Jones and he looks forward to streeing the ship as they look for their first win but will have to wait till next week as this week they enter their much needed bye week.
Firebaugh earned their first win two weeks ago against Fowler in a close game 21-7…they looked to carry the momentum against a weary Roosevelt team who were coming off a 5 Overtime Win over Dos Palos last two weeks ago. Roosevelt looked “hungover” after the first half. But Roosevelt showed up and played gritty football and pulled off a 14-7 win. Firebaugh will now turn their attention and prepare for a rematch of the 2017 Valley Championship Game versus Caruthers this Friday.
Mendota is still rebuilding and looking for their first win as they extend their losing streak to 3 games after their 38-20 loss to Templeton (Ocean League). They went through the same last season and ended it 5-5 with no playoff apperance. Mendota will host Reedley this friday night.
Tranquillity finally scored a touchdown but it was only one as they fell on the road to Stone Ridge Christian (Merced) 37-7 and will now set their sights on the Mustangs of Minarets and look to earn their first win this friday night
WSL Athletics Week 4 Schedule
Avenal vs. Riverdale
Taft vs. Coalinga
Dos Palos Bye Week
Caruthers vs. Firebaugh (WSL Game of the Week)
Mendota vs. Reedley
Tranquillity vs. Minarets
WSL Predictions (Last Week 10-8)
Riverdale beats Avenal
Taft beats Coalinga
Caruthers beats Firebaugh
Mendota beats Reedley
Minarets beats Tranquillity


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