Division 5 Pag Meter Boys Rankings

Plenty of teams move down to division 5 to make it much more competitive. The Cal City Ravens are the defending champions.

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Horrible to hear that California City beat Frazier Mt 165-38. So when it was 142-31 at the end of the 3rd quarter, Why did the Ravens want to score another 23 points. This is what happens when a team sand bags in the wrong division. The defending division 5 champion Ravens should have tried to compete and move to the bigger boy division. Shameful.



Division 5 Playoff notes-
Even though Cal City shouldn’t be in division 5, the sandbaggers will get the No 1 seed.
The No 2 seed should go to the Corcoran Panthers over the Orange Cove Titans. The Panthers played the tougher schedule.
Sierra beat Liberty Madera twice and Firebaugh twice and could get the No 3 or 4 seed. Pag Meter Predictions for the playoffs

Division 5 Playoff Bracket
The CIF?Coaches almost agreed the Pag Meter in the Playoff Bracket.

1st round Results 
Top bracket
No 1 Cal City beat No 16 Baker 104-57
No 8 Highland beat No 9 Trona 66-36

No 5 Liberty Madera beat No 12 Avenal 79-42
No 4 Sierra beat No 13 Fresno Christian 74-54

Bottom bracket
No 3 Corcoran beat No 14 Immanuel Christian 87-56
No 11 Riverdale beat No 6 Firebaugh 59-57

No 10 Farmersville beat No 7 Mendota 65-49
No 2 Orange Cove beat No 15 Parlier 79-62

Quarterfinal Results

No 1 California City beat No 8 Highland 89-75

No 4 Sierra beat No 5 Liberty Madera 80-70

No. 3 Corcoran beat No 11 Riverdale 67-47

No 2 Orange Cove  beat No 10 Farmersville 76-68


No 1 Cal City Ravens beat No 4 Sierra Chieftains 110-77

No 3 Corcoran Panthers beat No 2 Orange Cove Titans 80-74

The Division 5 Section Championship 

No 3 Corcoran Panthers vs No 1 Cal City Ravens

Pag Meter Line Cal City -8

Final No 1 Cal City Ravens 77 No 3 Corcoran Panthers 68

The Ravens are the division 5 Back to Back Section Champions!

The Division 5 last 10 year winners
2008 Immanuel beat Bakersfield Christian 66-61
2009 CVC beat Mission Prep 75-60
2010 CVC beat Mission Prep 53-37
2011 Fresno Christian beat Tranquility 74-53
2012 Fresno Christian beat Laton 60-40
2013 Tranquility beat Laton 46-33
2014 Immanuel beat Kern Valley 64-34
2015 Caruthers beat Kern Valley 45-41
2016 Kern Valley beat Fresno Christian 57-54
2017 California City beat Caruthers 77-72
2018 California City beat Corcoran 77-68

State Boys Basketball Playoffs Division 5

Division 5 Boys (Southern)

No 1 Santa Clarita Christian 70 No 16 Corcoran Panthers 52

No 9 Southgate East 76 No 8 Cal City Ravens 63



No 1 California City Ravens (25-7) (9-1 CO-HDL CHAMPIONS) DIVISION 5 CHAMPS!

No 2 Corcoran Panthers (20-11) (6-4 E SEQ) Has the makings to be real good with senior Roy Salinas and sophomore Jaqui Condoll.

No 3 Orange Cove Titans (22-7) (14-0 E Sierra Champions) Seniors Jeremiah Velasquez (26 PPG) and Chris Zavala (17 PPG) lead the Titans.

No 4 Sierra Chieftains (16-13) (5-5 N SEQ)  The Chieftains are led by seniors Grant Chauncey and James Taylor in the front court. Junior Mason Parks and freshman Tommy Newton lead the back court. 

No 5 Liberty Madera Hawks (17-13) (3-7 N SEQ) The Hawks will be very good by playoff time. Senior Roy Afonin along with little brother Gary are the leaders on the team. Victor Veldez who transferred from Madera south will be very good and eligible now.

No 6 Highland Scots (10-17) (3-5 SEYL) Leading the way, junior Matt Reyes, seniors Dylan Person and Marcelo Munoz

No 7 Farmersville Aztecs (18-12) (10-4 E Sierra) Won 20 games last year with plenty coming back with leading scorer junior Raymond Paramo, seniors Miguel Cabrera, Victor Castrejon and Donovan Minton.

No 9 Riverdale Cowboys (12-12)( 4-6 W SEQ)  Now that football is over, watch out for the Cowboys and leading the way will be junior Hareez Hussein and senior Gabriel Gaza.

No 9 Firebaugh Eagles (17-12) (7-3 W Sierra) Playing a tough schedule. Junior Emmanuel Alaniz and sophomore Frankie Munoz could have a big year.

No 10 Mendota Aztecs (18-11) (7-3 W Sierra) The Aztecs are young and leading the way will be juniors Ismael

No 11 Trona Tornadoes (17-7) (10-0 Hi Lo Champions) Having a great year 

No 12 Parlier Panthers (11-15) (4-6 W SEQ)  The Panthers bring back plenty from last year with junior Bryan Barbosa and sophomore Ivan Sanchez

No 13 Fresno Christian (12-16) (3-7 W SEQ) Plays a very tough schedule and watch out for the Eagles with senior 6’3 Wyatt Koop, juniors 6’4 Landon Goldborough and 6’3 Suky Cheema.


No 14 Avenal Buccaneers (11-11) (3-7 W Sierra) Some big eary wins. Jerry Benitez is 6’3 and a force in the middle.

No 15 Wasco Tigers (7-18) (3-9 S SEQ) Will not enter the tournament

No 16 Chowchilla Tribe (6-23) (2-8 N SEQ) Moves into division 5. Freshmen Ryan Hickman will be the next Tribe star. Junior Austin Hickman is back.

No 17 Tranquillity Tigers (4-21) (2-8 WSL) The Tigers have started out slow but coming on

No 18 Wonderful College Prep Academy Wolves (13-15) (7-7 E Sierra) Keep an eye on 6’3 sophomores Logan Stout and Tony Ponce. 

No 19 Strathmore Spartans (9-19) (4-6 ESL) Will not enter the tournament

No 20 Kings Christian Crusaders (10-11) (6-9 E Sierra) Will not enter the tournament

No 21 Woodlake Tigers (5-23) (0-10 E SEQ) Will not enter the tournament

No 22 Dos Palos Broncos (4-18) (2-8 W Sierra) Will not enter the tournament

No 23 Rosamond Roadrunners (8-19) (5-5 HDL) Will not enter the tournament

No 24 Minarets Mustangs (4-23) (2-7 W Sierra)  Will not enter the tournament

No 25 Alpaugh Buffaloes (9-10) (1-3 E Sierra)  Juniors Oswaldo Alfaro and Jonah Garcia will be the offensive leaders for the Buffaloes.

No 26 Frazier Mountain Falcons (3-19) (0-10 HDL) Will not enter the tournament

No 27 Arvin Bears (2-24) (1-11 S SEQ) Will not enter the tournament

No 28 Laton Mustangs  (0-25)(0-14 E Sierra) Will not enter the tournament


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