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Division 2 Playoff Bracket

Division 2 Playoff Bracket

Quarterfinal Results
Top Bracket
No 1 Tulare Union beat No 8 Sunnyside 61-26

No 4 Garces beat No 5 Frontier 30-22

Bottom Bracket
No 3 El Diamante beat No 6 Redwood 16-7

No 2 Dinuba beat No 7 Lemoore 35-27


Semifinals Results
No 1 Tulare Union Tribe beat No 4 Garces Rams 42-12
No 2 Dinuba Emperors beat No 3 El Diamante Miners 24-7


No 1 Tulare Union Tribe beat No 2 Dinuba Emperors 49-21

State Playoffs

North: Serra Padres (11-2) vs. Tulare Union Tribe (13-0) 

Pag Meter line Serra -7
Pag Meter Prediction Serra 52 Tulare Union 45


Division 2 Finals Rankings

No 1 Tulare Union Tribe (13-1)
No 2 Dinuba Emperors (12-1)
No 3 El Diamante Miners (8-4)
No 4 Garces Rams (5-7)
No 5 Frontier Titans (7-4)
No 6 Lemoore Tigers (4-7)
No 7 Redwood Rangers (5-6)
No 8 Sunnyside Wildcats (7-4)
No 9 Stockdale Mustangs (2-8) Will not enter Tournament
No 10 Hanford Bullpups (1-9) Will not enter Tournament


No 1 Tulare Union Tribe (13-1) (5-0 EYL CHAMPIONS)
The Tribe comes in the heavy favorite to play on championship night. The offense will be loaded with super talent with QB Nate Lamb, who threw for over 3,000 yards, senior running back Kazmier Allen, who has rushed for 2,940 yards in his career and senior WR Emoryie Edwards who comes in as the best in the valley but is out with a collarbone injury.

Tribe schedule
8/25 Beat Mt. Whitney Pioneers 60-7
9/1 Beat El Diamante Miners 48-7
9/8 Beat Redwood Rangers 42-7
9/22 Beat Independence Falcons 54-7
9/29 Beat Dinuba Emperors 69-47
10/5 Beat Monache Marauders 69-10
10/13 Beat Delano Tigers 56-10
10/20 Beat Porterville Panthers 56-22
10/27 Beat Mission Oak Hawks 62-0
11/3 Beat Tulare Western Mustangs 62-41
11/9 Beat Sunnyside Wildcats 61-26
11/17 Beat Garces Rams 42-12
11/24 Beat Dinuba Emperors 49-21
12/8 Lost to Serra Padres 76-43


No 2 Dinuba Emperors (11-2) (5-0 CSL CHAMPIONS)
Watch out for the Emperors. This team has the makings to be playing on championship Friday. Sophomore QB Josh Magana will get better and better and by playoff time, you will not want to play the Emperors. The running backs are good with Luis Colunga, Alek Marroquin, Josh Martinez and FB Lucas Tuttle. The O Line has mostly stayed intact and the defense is real good. The X factor are the defensive backs, they are small but have great mechanics.

Emperors schedule
8/24 beat Mission Oak Hawks 28-0
9/1 Beat Reedley Pirates 51-0
9/15 Beat El Diamante Miners 33-30 (overtime)
9/22 Beat Porterville Panthers 56-0
9/29 Lost to Tulare Union Tribe 69-47
10/6 Beat Immanuel Eagles 42-9
10/13 Beat Selma Bears 35-10
10/20 Beat Kingsburg Vikings 28-24
10/2 Beat Central Valley Christian Cavaliers 27-22
11/3 Beat Exeter Monarchs 35-0
11/9 Beat Lemoore Tiger 35-27
11/17 Beat El Diamante Miners 24-7
11/24 Lost to Tulare Union Tribe 49-21

No 3 El Diamante Miners (8-4) (6-0 WYL CHAMPIONS)
The Miners are always tough to beat. They have 4 tough non league/seeding games to start the year so we will all know soon if the Miners are a contender. Junior QB Boswell Parker returns along with the running backs with seniors Blake Beno, Andrew Valdez and DeVonte Freeman. The X factor will be the defense.

Miners schedule
8/25 Lost to Tulare Western Mustangs 28-0
9/1 Lost to Tulare Union Tribe 48-7
9/8 Beat Monache Marauders 30-13
9/15 Lost to Dinuba Emperors 33-30 (overtime)
9/22 Beat Mt. Whitney Pioneers 38-16
9/29 Beat Hanford Bullpups 28-12
10/12 Beat Hanford West Huskies 54-13
10/20 Beat Redwood Rangers 17-7
10/27 Beat Lemoore Tigers 34-17
11/3 Beat Golden West Trailblazers 23-20
11/9 vs Redwood Rangers 16-7
11/17 Lost to Dinuba Emperors 24-7

No 4 Garces Rams (5-7) (4-1 SWYL)
The Rams are in a rebuilding/re-loading mode or they could be sandbagging?? Maybe a little of both. The defense will be tough up front. One of the best in the valley at middle linebacker is senior Jack Tobias. The new QB will be sophomore Joseph Campbell. One of the best running backs in the valley is senior Isaiah Martin. There will be 22 eyes on Martin on every play. Senior WR Lebrevon Austin will be the main target when Campbell wants to throw it. The Rams have the toughest division 2 schedule by far.

Rams schedule
8/25 Lost to Bakersfield Christian Eagles 23-14
9/2 Lost to St. John Bosco Braves 63-0
9/8 Lost to Tehachapi Warriors 28-27 (2 overtimes)
9/16 Lost to Memorial Panthers 49-42
9/2 Lost to Edison Tigers 27-15
10/6 Beat Bakersfield Drillers 20-18
10/13 Beat Centennial Golden Hawks 28-21
10/20 Lost to Liberty Patriots 45-13
10/27 Beat Frontier Titans 17-7
11/3 Beat Stockdale Mustangs 34-6
11/9 Beat Frontier Titans 30-22
11/17 Lost to Tulare Union Tribe 42-12

No 5 Frontier Titans (7-4) (2-3 SWYL)
New head coach Chris Bandy is bringing back Titans toughness. The offensive line will be very good and running behind the big guys will be seniors Connor Gettman and new transfer from Ridgeview, Tye Johnson.

Titans schedule
8/25 Beat Cabrillo Conquistadores 49-16
9/8 Beat Ridgeview Wolf Pack 35-25
9/15 Beat Atascadero Greyhounds 31-13
9/21 Beat Mission Oak Hawks 35-0
9/29 Beat Golden Valley Bulldogs 24-0
10/6 Lost to Liberty Patriots 28-16
10/13 Lost to Bakersfield Drillers 26-14
10/20 Beat Stockdale Mustangs 35-14
10/27 Lost to Garces Rams 17-7
11/3 Beat Centennial Golden Hawks 37-20
11/9 Lost to Garces Rams 30-22

No 6 Lemoore Tigers (4-7) (3-3 WYL)
The Tigers have a new head coach with Rene Asencio and a new offensive coordinator with former Sierra Pacific head coach Josh Kloster. Josh turned SP into a nice football program so I’m sure Asencio and Kloster with have the Tigers rocking very soon. The QB will be junior Kristian Gayton who is very coachable. The running backs are good with junior Amier Hollis who is a speedster, Damion Charleston, who is quick and Brandon Hargrove who will run you over. The wide receivers are good with senior Jack Foote and Steven Wilhite. The defense is led by linebackers senior Ray Escandon and sophomore Will Kloster. Leading the way up front is Mateo Brewer.

Tigers schedule
8/25 Beat Paso Robles Bearcats 12-6
9/1 Lost to Memorial Panthers 53-46
9/8 Lost to Buchanan Bears 49-0
9/15 Lost to Sanger Apaches 40-38 (double overtime)
9/22 Beat Redwood Rangers 28-21
9/29 Beat Hanford West Huskies 42-21
10/6 Lost to Golden West Trailblazers 56-28
10/13 Beat Mt. Whitney Pioneers 42-35
10/27 Lost to El Diamante Miners 34-17
11/3 Lost to Hanford Bullpups 29-21
11/9 Lost to Dinuba Emperors 35-27

No 7 Redwood Rangers (5-6) (3-3 WYL)
The Rangers will have plenty of depth and will have some new players in spots. The new QB will be Junior QB Hector Gonzalez and he will be good. The main Running back will be senior Michael Harris III. Gonzalez’s favorite wide receiver is senior Drew Stogsdill.

Rangers schedule
8/25 Beat Reedley Pirates 42-0
9/1 Beat Clovis East T Wolves 36-14
9/8 Lost to Tulare Union Tribe 42-7
9/15 Lost to Tulare Western Mustangs 14-7
9/22 Lost to Lemoore Tigers 28-21
9/2 Beat Golden West Trailblazers 19-7
10/6 Beat Hanford Bullpups 33-13
10/20 Lost to El Diamante Miners 17-7
10/27 Beat Hanford West Huskies 39-14
11/3 Lost to Mt. Whitney Pioneers 57-56
11/9 Lost to El Diamante Miners 16-7

No 8 Sunnyside Wildcats (7-4) (5-0 NYL CHAMPIONS)
The Wildcats will have young talent and speed. They lost of ton of players to graduation so they will get better and better each week. They do have two speedsters with seniors Sherwin King Jr and Deshawn Ruffin.

Wildcats schedule
8/25 Lost to Clovis North Broncos 20-19
9/1 Lost to Central Grizzlies 56-6
9/8 Beat Mt. Whitney Pioneers 39-31
9/15 Beat Clovis East T Wolves 21-14
9/21 Lost to Memorial Panthers 56-30
10/6 Beat Roosevelt Rough Riders 20-18
10/12 Beat McLane Highlanders 58-8
10/20 Beat Fresno High Warriors 40-21
10/27 Beat Hoover Patriots 56-32
11/2 Beat Reedley Pirates 44-7
11/9 Lost to Tulare Union Tribe 61-26

No 9 Stockdale Mustangs (2-8) (0-5 SWYL)
The Mustangs move into division 2 and they are good. Mustangs will have a new young hard working offensive line. Junior RB Zach Green and sophomore Evan Burkhart will be the main backs.Senior QB Jalen Smith should have a big year and could put the Mustangs in the championship game. Leading the defense will be middle linebacker Robert Nick Maiden.

Mustangs schedule
8/25 Lost to Ridgeview Wolf Pack 28-14
9/8 Beat Atascadero Greyhounds 28-0
9/15 Lost to Clovis Cougars 17-14
9/22 Beat West Vikings 35-13
9/29 Lost to Independence Falcons 30-28
10/6 Lost to Centennial Golden Hawks 31-9
10/13 Lost to Liberty Patriots 33-22
10/20 Lost to Frontier Titans 35-14
10/27 Lost to Bakersfield Drillers 35-9
11/3 Lost to Garces Rams 34-6

No 10 Hanford Bullpups (2-8) (2-4 WYL)
The Bullpups have lost some to transfers and will struggle this year. Theron Dutra returns at QB but he will need some help. The defense does have some returners with linebacker Noah Ramirez, Lejuane Haynes, linebacker Elias Perez, defensive back Jupri Hughes and linebacker Deontay Houston. Upfront and leading the way will be Joseph Bonner.

Bullpups schedule
8/25 Lost to Buchanan Bears 48-6
9/1 Lost to Sanger Apaches 42-0
9/7 Lost to Madera Coyotes 7-6
9/15 Lost to Porterville Panthers 8-7
9/22 Beat Hanford West Huskies 311-7
9/29 Lost to El Diamante Miners 28-12
10/6 Lost to Redwood Rangers 33-13
10/13 Lost to Golden West Trailblazer 28-22
10/20 Lost to Mt. Whitney Pioneers 29-26
11/3 Beat Lemoore Tigers 29-21

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