Dinuba Football Finishes Season With Win and Hopes For Valley Championship

When November starts, valley citizens start to think about many things. Some may be thinking about Thanksgiving and Christmas but high school athletes are thinking how they will move on to playoffs. That is exactly what the Dinuba Emperors were thinking about, as they had hoped to go undefeated in league and they were as ready as can be. UPDATE- the Dinuba girls volleyball team sadly lost to the Minarets, ending their season on the road. Good luck next season ladies!

The night started off with the junior varsity team defeated Exeter 39-0. 2 touchdowns were scored by RB Devon Mendoza, 1 from HB Joshua Meave, 1 on a pass to WR Gabriel Moreno, 1from FB Emmanuel Camacho and one on a pass to TE Cameron Amador.
OPOTW- RB Devon Mendoza, 2 rushing touchdowns
DPOTW- DB Ronnie Rubalcaba, multiple deflections and tackles
My picks for Defensive player of the year, offensive player of the year and the famed Emperor award (basically the best role model or best sportsmanship)are the following: TE Cameron Amador for Offense, DB Mark Tio-Annen for defense and DE Cris Ramos for the Emperor Award. Trust me you will know the results from players and coaches soon!

Now for the big showdown of the night, Dinuba vs Exeter. Dinuba started off with the ball and began with a bang as they scored off a 10-yard pass to WR Nate Carrion. Dinuba then shut down kicked off, but Exeter didn’t do anything as S Brian Ortuno Campbell intercepted the ball. Dinuba then got the ball and sophomore QB Josh Magana completed a 64-yard pass to WR Colton Martinez for a touchdown. Dinuba then once again kicked off to Exeter and Exeter punted after a 3 and out. Dinuba then capitalized once more and scored off a pass from QB Joshua Magana to WR Jaime Ramirez. Dinuba then once again kicked off the ball and Exeter was once again forced to punt the ball. Dinuba went back onto the field and scored off a 22-yard pass from QB Joshua Magana to RB Luis Colunga.

The Monarchs once again got the ball back but did nothing with it, as they had to punt to Dinuba once again. Dinuba then capitalized once again, this time off a 3-yard rushing touchdown from HB Alek Marroquin. After this score, the game was dead except for a couple of Dinuba interceptions from S Elijah Rios (his only interception on Dinuba’s Varsity team) and DB Chris Garza. Elijah Rios ran it all the way back to the house but was called back off of a block in the back on DT Johnny Garcia.
OPOTW- QB Joshua Magana, 201 yards and 4 touchdowns to 4 different receivers
DPOTW- DB Elijah Rios, 1 Interception to the house (Got called back), 6 tackles
My picks for Defensive player of the year, offensive player of the year and the famed Emperor award (basically the best role model or best sportsmanship)are the following:

QB Joshua Magana 1684 yards passing, 27 TD’s and only one interception
MLB Daniel Long 46 tackles, 2 interceptions, 2 blocked field goals, 2 fumble recoveries
WR Nate Carrion, good guy and always encourages his teammates. Also one great football player!

Dinuba will now go into the playoffs at 9-1 and undefeated in league, as they hope to beat a 4-6 Lemoore team. Their record may be below .500, but Lemoore had a pretty tough schedule this year. The game will be at 7 pm on Thursday (November 9,2017.) Hope to see you there, Go Emperors. Bring a valley championship home for your town boys!


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