Meet the Students

The Pag Meter’s Student Section is only just beginning. As more students contribute the more that Central Valley sports will get coverage! Meet some of the smartest and most dedicated students to your schools/sports below!

Kevin Romero

Veteran Pag Meter writer- Kevin Arias-Romero is a graduate of Mendota High Class of 2013 and is currently a student at West Hills Community College, NDC Firebaugh. He’s been a freelance writer since 2012 and started with WSL Athletics in the Spring of 2012 and has been covering WSL Athletics sports since then… His goal is to transfer to Fresno State and study in the Department of Media, Communications, and Journalism.

Twitter: @Kromero21 | Read all of his articles HERE.

TJ Nijhar

unnamed.jpgTajinder Singh Nijjar, also known as TJ, is a veteran writer for Pag Meter. A recent graduate of Central High School, he is now a student at Clovis community college. He began Sports Journalism in high school to both his school newspaper and Pag Meter. TJ doesn’t just loves sports, he studies sports. Where education happens in the classroom, for TJ the real learning happened in front of the screen while studying players and coaches like Kobe Bryant, Nick Saban, and Tom Brady. He is determined to be a Sikh Punjabi voice in the realm of Sports Journalism, interviewing and giving light to successful athletes in the Sikh Punjabi community such as Jashan Kahlon and Ajay Kahlon . TJ learned the importance of diverse voices in his leadership development through the nation’s largest Sikh youth organizing non-profit, the Jakara Movement where he has served as a longtime volunteer and organizer. Over the weekends, you can find TJ as a volunteer at the Guru Nanak Sports Club, the first Sikh youth basketball development league in California.

Twitter: @tnijhar2 | Read all of his articles HERE.

Hannah Chuhlantseff

Hannah is a senior at San Joaquin Memorial High School. She plays varsity lacrosse and is also the varsity football team manager. This is her first year taking journalism and exploring a path to writing about sports. She decided to write about sports this year because she feels that sports at Memorial need a student’s voice, especially during the pandemic, she felt talking about sports would help bring back that pride that the valley has always had for high school athletics.

 Read all of her articles HERE.