Meet the Students

The Pag Meter’s Student Section is only just beginning. As more students contribute the more that Central Valley sports will get coverage! Meet some of the smartest and most dedicated students to your schools/sports below!
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Chandler Lucas

Chandler Lucas is a senior at El Diamonte High School. He has played the past 3 years for the Miners baseball team, and up until his junior year was a teammate on the football team. He has a strong passion for writing and sports. After high school, he hopes to study communications and journalism to later find a career as a sports writer or broadcaster.

Twitter: @Chandler7Lucas | Read all of his articles HERE.

Derek Righetti

Derek Righetti is a junior at Clovis East High School. his favorite sport is baseball and plays for the Timberwolves. He’s involved with leadership, baseball, and student council, He pretty much goes to everything (we love the school spirit!). He enjoys watching sports and playing fantasy football. He hopes to attend UCLA, or anywhere that offers scholarship money. He doesn’t plan on playing baseball after high school however if the opportunity arises he will definitely play.

Twitter: @derek_righetti | Read all of his articles HERE.

Payton Meyer


Originally from Battle Ground Washington, moved to CA in 2013. Payton is very easy going and extremely competitive. he knows his strengths and is constantly improving on his weaknesses. He is a 4.0 student with a gift to memorize. He is the Senior Sports Editor for the Cougar Growl at Clovis High School. When he isn’t busy with school or football he enjoys spending time with his parents, writing and with friends.  He is looking forward to his senior year at CHS and taking advantage of every opportunity that presents itself.  Go Cougs!

Twitter: @PaytonMayer| Read all of his articles HERE.

Hayla Quinlan


Hayla is a senior at Mt. Whitney High School and she has played water polo for three years. She loves to write and feels that it’s the perfect way to release my energy or feelings. She is a writer for the Mt. Whitney yearbook. Hayla is very competitive and is always trying to better herself, those around me, and situations in her life. After high school, she is not sure what she wants to do, but her backup will always be to become a nurse.

Twitter: @halastephanie | Read all of her articles HERE.

Michael Hernandez

Michael Hernandez is a sophomore at Dinuba High School and a new writer for the Pag Meter. Some of his likes include watching and playing football, collecting sports memorabilia, watching MLB games, and writing and scorekeeping basketball! He’s in involved in two honors courses (English and History) as well as helping out/playing with his baseball, basketball, and football programs. His dream college would be Syracuse University or Washington and his dream job would be to eventually become a writer for ESPN or a commentator for a sports organization of some sort.

Twitter: @papamikesosa | Read all of his articles HERE.

Susannah Ellis

Susannah Ellis is a junior at Sanger High School. She is a part of the FCA leadership team at school and loves being the scorekeeper for Sanger’s varsity baseball team. Her favorite sport to watch is baseball and she likes exploring new ballparks. Susannah also enjoys baking and traveling, but is always doing homework instead. She is working hard and keeping her options open for the future.

Twitter: @Susannah170 | Read all of her articles HERE.

Savaanah Garcia

Savaanah Garcia is a junior at Madera South High School. She is all about school spirit and loves any day that she can show it, like on dress up days, sports games, and/or Power of Purple Fridays. Growing up, she and her family would always enjoy watching and playing any kind of sport, because of this, for as long as she can remember, she has participated in sports whether it be for the city or for her school. At MSHS she is apart of the varsity softball team, tennis team, CSF, Leadership, Block S, Key Club, and will be this year’s Commissioner of Athletics. She was also involved with MSHS’s Varsity Cross Country and Track for the past two years. What is most amazing is she is doing all this while maintaining a 4.0 GPA. At the moment she currently holds an athletic softball scholarship to the University of Delaware where she is extremely excited to attend in two years.

Read all of her articles HERE.

TJ Nijhar

Born and bred in Fresno, California, TJ is a junior at Central East High School, where he’s had the honor of fulfilling his passion for sports by serving as a columnist and photographer for the school’s newspaper. For the last 3 years of high school, he’s served as an officer for the Sikh Honor & Service Society, and this leadership position has allowed him to combine his dedication to sports and his dedication to his community, by hosting a Sports Day for the young Sikh and Punjabi children of the community. He’s also served as a primary volunteer in organizing and hosting a Basketball Tournament for the Punjabi community, which advocates healthy, drug-free lifestyles. When he’s not volunteering, studying or playing sports, you can find him behind the lens of a camera, capturing people, nature, and the scenes around him. In the future, hopes to attend Arizona State, University of South Carolina, or CSU Sacramento.

Twitter: @tnijhar2 | Read all of his articles HERE.

Ricky Oaks

Ricky Oaks is a Senior from Kerman High School.  He has played tennis for Kerman for four years and played football for one year. Along being the Editor-In-Chief for the Journalism club, he is also a stats keeper for the varsity football team. He stays himself heavily occupied, being Rally and Spirit Commissioner in Leadership and is currently in his third year coaching for the Kerman Youth Football program.  Once done with high school, he hopes to go to college and become a coach or announcer.

Twitter: @R1ckyJOaks | Read all of his articles HERE.

Kevin Romero

Kevin Arias-Romero is a graduate of Mendota High Class of 2013 and is currently a student at West Hills Community College, NDC Firebaugh. He’s been a freelance writer since 2012 and started with WSL Athletics in the Spring of 2012 and has been covering WSL Athletics sports since then… His goal is to transfer to Fresno State and study in the Department of Media, Communications, and Journalism.

Twitter: @Kromero21 | Read all of his articles HERE.