Let’s get the talks going! What do you think the Pag Meter’s division rankings should look like???


Here’s what I’ve got – How do you compare?

Division 1 Bakersfield is No 1

Division 2 Tulare Union

Divison 3 Bakersfield Christian

Division 4 Selma Bears

Division 5 ??? (Tough call)

Division 6 Strathmore Spartans

Will be a great year!!!


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    A.C. Little

    I was at the Highland game, what a finish, but I hope it didn't come at a price, Josh Yuheta, the anchor on Defense all year,and Marques Lewis , Highland's shifty speed back, both suffered late fourth quarter knee injuries, if not Sakamoto's Hail Mary to Miranda, Highland is not in this Conversation. I'm not what the status of both players,but it didn't look good. It would be short of amazing if either one of them made it back this year, but speaking on Highland's behalf, with the two players I had just mentioned,being in the line up,would be a tough opponent , even though there League schedule isn't as tough as some others. Highland has blown out the teams they should have , and won the tougher close ones, their team, I think they are way better than the team that played Kingburg on the road last year, so , this might be early to say, but I think Highland gets to the semi's this time, don't sleep on the sleeper.

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