Male Pag Meter Player of the Week

Mikey Ficher

Mikey Ficher, junior Tulare Western football/basketball

Mikey studies text books the same way he studies film. In the TW film meetings, as well as during group periods, Mikey answers ever question asked about the upcoming opponents, is very intuitive, and is well prepared.

Mikey will bring prepped meals to school, from home. Mikey will come to school around 6:00am during football season to shoot the basketball so that he is prepared for basketball season, and will also arrive at school early to lift weights, since he can not fit weight training into his rigorous schedule.

If the Mustangs football or basketball teams are blessed enough to win a division 2 central section championship, it will each be on the back of Mikey Ficher. A well-rounded individual who is humble, and prepared for anything and has a fantastic 4.0 GPA!

Female Pag Meter Player of the Week

Sofia Perez

PMPW_Sofia Perez

Sofia Perez, Madera Coyotes Softball and Volleyball
One of the best Student Athletes in the Central Section. Sofia gets it done in the classroom and on the court/field.
Sofia is a Pag Meter All Star and the CMAC Player of the year in Softball her junior year. 3-year Basketball player.
Her volleyball senior year just finished and Sofia was CMAC All League in helping the Coyotes win the CMAC Championship.
Sofia is an overachiever with CSF- 4 years, Block M- 4 years, FCA- 4 years, Coyotes Senior Class Vice President, Block M President , School Safety Ambassador, 7 X Scholar Athlete, Campfire- 10 yrs and with all that Sofia has a GPA- 3.8!!
Sofia received an Academic/Athletic scholarship to play Volleyball and Softball at York College in Nebraska. Plans to major in Education and come back to the Valley to teach and coach.

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