WSL Athletics Week 8 Review & Week 9 Preview

WSL Athletics Week 8 Review & Week 9 Preview: “Mendota rolls past Firebaugh to reclaim The Highway 33 Plaque snapping two year losing streak.”


Mendota opened WSL play on Oct. 4th with cross-county rivals Dos Palos meanwhile Tranquillity hosted Firebaugh to open WSL Play. In the end Firebaugh took care of business 34-6 while Mendota was hit hard with a 36-6 loss as Dos Palos QB Trent Calvert threw for 4 Touchdowns with 2 of them directed at WR Zane Merrill. It would set up the scene in Firebaugh in the 18th meeting of “The Battle of 33” in which Mendota led the series 10-7. But Firebaugh has won the last two previous meetings outscoring Mendota 68-29. Mendota has had a rough season and came into the this game (1-5) while Firebaugh was coming in with a two game win streak in which they’ve outscored their opponents 90-13. At the half it was Mendota 14-7 and have seem to have at the time gained momentum on slowing down the Eagles aerial scheme, But well Mendota also has had a history of having leads but unfortunately would somehow give up the lead and lose the game. When they were leading by 14 against McLane entering the 4th Quarter but McLane somehow managed to tie the game forcing overtime and on their first possession would win the game 48-42. But this time Mendota would come back into the 2nd half at Eagles Stadium fast and furious, And with an overwhelming defensive front put up by Mendota they only gave up a touchdown the entire rest of the game. Mendota’s offense performance was nothing close to dominant scoring 28 points the 2nd half leading them to a 42-14 victory over their heated rivals north of Highway 33. Mendota will look to add another win in the books this week as they host Avenal in their 1st to last home game of the year. Firebaugh will travel to Merced County and look to even up the WSL Title race with a win and if Dos Palos were to win then well the Broncos would gain a huge advantage with just under 3 weeks left in the regular season.



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