WSL Athletics Football Preview 2019

Avenal Buccaneers, 2018: (1-9, 1-4 WSL) The Pag Meter Rank: 20th in D-6, MaxPreps: 23rd in D-6

Avenal is hoping to once again turn a new leaf as once again they have a new head coach after the resignation of David Lewis, Joshua Camp who was in the JV level as well as an assistant under Lewis takes over the program who has seen the good, bad, and ugly over the years and is the 7th head coach in the program’s history. Avenal hasn’t had a winning record season since 2015 under Coach Charles Price (8-5, and also 9-4 in 2014) and in the last two years they have a combined record of (5-25). Having the chance to speak with Coach Camp he has told me that him and his staff are ready to go as they face on a stout McFarland Cougars squad who have always given Avenal fits the last few years with the game plan being to stop the spread/air threat offense along with stopping their run game and for the Bucs’ defense to make first contact and not give up extra YACs. So the question is can Coach Camp steer the ship and become only the 3rd head coach in Avenal’s history to maintain at or above a .500 win percentage (Price, Vercruysse)? Only time will tell in the new Camp Era at Avenal High School.

Avenal Bucs 2019 Schedule

8/23 vs. McFarland, 8/30 vs. Orange Cove, 9/6 @ Corcoran, 9/13 @ Riverdale, 9/20 @ Orosi

WSL Schedule: 10/4 vs. Coalinga, 10/11 @ Tranquillity, 10/18 @ Mendota, 10/25 vs. Firebaugh, 11/1 vs.Dos Palos

Schedule Grade C+

Mendota Aztecs, 2018: (2-8, 2-3 WSL) The Pag Meter Rank: 16th in D-5, MaxPreps Rank: 18th in D-5

Mendota is looking to forget the last two years being in division four happened after posting back to back under .500 records and back to back years missing out on the postseason which ended a near 10-year streak of making the postseason. Coach Beto Mejia and Company are hoping to be able to get back their competitive fire and spark that showed during their historic 2016 season which included a State Playoff Appearance at D-6AA falling to Amador (Sutter Creek, CA) as they have only combined for 7 wins and are now back in Division 5 looking to make is back to the postseason for the 1st time since 2016 with a young roster mostly comprised of sophomores and juniors in which some played on the JV team which had a terrific season last year finishing 9-1. Can the Aztecs have their bounce back season and bring back the spark? We will find out Friday night folks.

Mendota Aztecs 2019 Schedule

8/23 @ McLane, 8/30 vs. Liberty-Madera Ranchos, 9/13 @ Reedley, 9/20 vs. Pajaro Valley (Watsonville), 9/27 @ Immanuel

WSL Schedule: 10/4 vs. Dos Palos (Cross-County Rivalry), 10/11 @ Firebaugh (Battle of 33), 10/18 vs. Avenal, 10/25 @ Coalinga, 11/1 vs. Tranquillity

Schedule Grade: B+
Coalinga Horned Toads, 2018: (4-6, 3-2 WSL) The Pag Meter Rank: 8th in D-5, MaxPreps: 17th in D-5

Coach Ron Redding is entering his 4th season as the head coach for the Coalinga Horned Toads who back in their 1st year in the WSL under HC John Villa went (9-3) and were Undefeated WSL Champs and went as far as the Division 4 Quarterfinals where they would lose to Chowchilla. Since then, have only managed to maintain in the top 4 of the WSL but have had some rough spots along the way with coaching changes and moving between division 4 and 5. Coalinga is looking for its 9th winning season in program history with their last one being in 2017 going (7-5) and making it to the Quarterfinals of the Division 5 Playoffs falling to Firebaugh 26-0. They look to regroup and start fresh after going (4-6) and they would have to do it with a young but talented roster.

Coalinga Horned Toads 2019 Schedule

8/23 vs. Orosi, 8/30 @ Caruthers, 9/6 vs. McFarland, 9/13 vs. Fresno Christian, 9/20 @ Sierra Pacific

WSL Schedule: 10/14 @ Avenal, 10/11 @ Dos Palos, 10/18 vs. Tranquillity, 10/25 vs. Mendota, 11/1 @ Firebaugh

Schedule Grade: B-

Firebaugh Eagles, 2018: (8-4, 5-0 WSL) The Pag Meter Rank: 7th in D-5, Maxpreps: 9th in D-5

Since 2004, Firebaugh Eagles have enjoyed some good seasons to remember and also some rough ones to forget. They have been league champs 6 times (4 in the WSL, 2 in the NWSL) and have two valley championship game appearances (1994, 2017). And has had some great coaches along the way starting with the late Chuck Norred who led Firebaugh from 2004-2006 and earned back-to-back NWSL co-champions and a 20-15 record. Next comes up Former AD Brandon Moody who was there from 2007-2008 and in Firebaugh’s first year in the WSL led them to an (8-3) record and first WSL Title. Following would be currently Firebaugh’s longest serving coach Bill Magnusson who was there from 2009-2015 and 4 winning seasons along with being part of the 2014 team with the Historic 5-Way WSL Champions. And we now bring up current HC Dejon Kelly who has stacked up 10+ wins in two seasons and became the 2nd coach to win back-to-back league titles since the late Chuck Norred who did it back in 2004-2005 and will look to make some history and go 3 for 3 as WSL Title Holders and to make a deep run and to once again make it back to the valley championship game and a side note Coach Kelly is now 2nd in wins (29) in Firebaugh’s history dating back to 2004.

Firebaugh HS Winningest Coaches:

  1. Bill Magnusson (47 wins ,2009-2015)
  2. Dejon Kelly (29 wins, 2016-Present)
  3. Chuck Norred (20 wins, 2004-2006)
  4. Brandon Moody (16 wins, 2007-2008)

Firebaugh Eagles 2019 Schedule

8/23 vs. Liberty-Madera Ranchos, 8/30 @ Fowler, 9/5 @ Roosevelt (Sunnyside), 9/13 vs. Caruthers, 9/20 vs. Sierra

WSL Schedule: 10/4 @ Tranquillity, 10/11 vs. Mendota (Battle of 33), 10/18 @ Dos Palos, 10/25 @ Avenal, 11/1 vs. Coalinga

Schedule Grade: A

Tranquillity Tigers, 2018: (0-10, 0-5 WSL) The Pag Meter Rank: 23rd in D-6, Maxpreps: 24th in D-6

Another year begins at Tranquillity High, Which means it’s another year of Tigers Football and well it seems like there’s a new look not just at their stadium but amongst the players and staff as they look to forget that last season’s 0-10 performance was a thing of the past and are looking forward to a new season. Coaches have come and gone within the program with only two being there for longer than 5 years (Willie Adney, Juan Sandoval) and only one coach has had a successful career at Tranquillity and that’s Coach Willie Adney who was there from 2004-2009 and went (37-31) including winning the Section Title in 2008 with a (10-3) Record. But now with Head Coach Mike Martinez Sr. entering his 2nd season at his Alma Mater along with his staff are looking forward to a much more improved year and to start once again make a name for themselves in the WSL.

Tranquillity Tigers 2019 Schedule

8/23 @ Parlier, 8/30 @ Livingston, 9/6 vs. Morro Bay, 9/13 @ Minarets, 9/27 @ Sierra

WSL Schedule: 10/4 vs. Firebaugh, 10/11 vs. Avenal, 10/18 @ Coalinga, 10/25 vs. Dos Palos, 11/1 @ Mendota

Schedule Grade: C-

Dos Palos Broncos, 2018: (6-6, 4-1 WSL) The Pag Meter Rank: 10th in D-5, Maxpreps: 5th in D-5

Dos Palos is coming into this season with changes….again. It looks as though Dos Palos Oro Loma Joint USD has forgiving the sins of Head Coach Rob Calvert as he returns as the Varsity HC after Kevin Jones was let go after just two years with the program. And of course Coach Calvert had success in his first stintwith Dos Palos going (14-10) and in his first year they were WSL Champions and then after the 2016 season there was a hazing scandal within the football program and Calvert and his entire staff were let go which brought in Kevin Jones at the helm. Since then and coming into this season both Coach Calvert andthe Broncos have a lot to prove this 2019 season as they try to get back to the glory days ushered in by longtime coach Mike Sparks as only time will tell what type of outcome will come with what I would callthe “Second Coming of Calvert”.

Dos Palos Broncos 2019 Schedule

8/23 @ Los Banos (Westside War), 8/30 vs. Roosevelt, 9/6 @ Washington Union, 9/20 vs. Chowchilla, 9/27 vs. McLane

WSL Schedule: 10/4 @ Mendota (Cross-County Rivalry), 10/11 vs. Coalinga, 10/18 vs.Firebaugh, 10/25 @ Tranquillity, 11/1 @ Avenal

Let the Good Times Roll and Kickoff 2019 With A Bang!!!


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