Another 17 Second Season for the Panthers?

The Porterville High School Panthers Football Team is gearing up for their upcoming non-league play with their first game August 23rd versus The Dinuba Emperors. Last season the Panthers upset the Emperors 33-31 scoring in the last 17 seconds of the game of  their season opener, adding additional pressure to both teams for this Friday’s game.

Additionally, the team they will play another Porterville team, The Granite Hills Grizzlies, on August 30, With the Panthers overall record last season was 8-3, while Grizzlies record was 2-8, not to mention the end result of the matchup last year which ended with a Panther victory with a 33 point lead and an overall score of 14-47. Considering the way the season ended for both teams it’s looking like the Panthers will add another win against the Granite Hills Grizzlies. Panther defensive end, Sebastian Ramos says, “There are no days off during pre-season.” A hometown rival game is always tough, emotions run high and can be a game-changer, but the team feels confident in their mental and physical preparation.

 Spring and summer ball workouts and practices focused on fixing last years shortfalls. As the fall practices resumed the team has seen the coaches demanding intensity and precision on and off the field. Last season the Panthers won three games in the last 17 seconds of the 4th quarter, and three games by seven points total. Proving that maintaining their intensity for four full quarters is key to winning games. 


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