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Memorial Panthers QB Alec Trujillo has verbally committed to play at San Jose St

First Round Final scores
Top Bracket
No 1 Memorial Panthers (Bye)
No 8 San Luis Obispo Tigers beat No 9 South Rebels 24-16

No 5 Madera Coyotes beat No 12 Fresno High Warriors 27-21
No 4 Mt Whitney Pioneers beat No 13 Santa Maria Saints 77-0

Bottom Bracket
No 3 Kingsburg Vikings beat No 14 Hoover Patriots 40-0
No 11 West Vikings beat No 6 Independence Falcons 34-13

No 10 Highland Scots beat No 7 Chowchilla Tribe 39-28
No 2 Bakersfield Christian (Bye)

Quarterfinals Final Scores
Top Bracket
No 1 Memorial Panthers beat No 8 San Luis Obispo Tigers 57-23
No 4 Mt Whitney Pioneers beat No 5 Madera Coyotes 36-29
Bottom Bracket
No 3 Kingsburg Vikings beat No 11 West Vikings 35-7
No 2 Bakersfield Christian Eagles beat No 10 Highland Scots 49-7

No 1 Memorial Panthers beat No 4 Mt Whitney Pioneers 68-34
No 2 Bakersfield Christian Eagles beat No 3 Kingsburg Vikings 28-7





Last year the Panthers went (11-3) (3-2 CMAC) DEFENDING DIVISION 3 CHAMPIONS
Head Coach Anthony Goston
This team is the best Panthers team in school history!! Debate is over! So much talent!
The Panthers have seven division 1 players and the team to beat in division 3.
I always believe that whatever division Garces is in (Division 2)…that’s where Memorial should be. The top division 1 teams maybe have more depth over SJM but Memorial has more talent than any valley team!
For SJM it starts with their QB and he’s a good one with senior Alec Trujillo. What a junior year he had leading the Panthers and winning the division 3 Section Championship throwing for 3,755 yards with 40 touchdown passes.
Senior Leonard Glass will be moving around in the offense at RB/Slot/Wing/and DB. You could see more slot this year from one of the fastest players in the valley and was huge in the Panthers offense last year rushing for 1,308 yards, scored 20 touchdowns and caught 37 passes for 468 yards, with 4 more TD’s.
Look for new transfer from Edison with junior Ateir Butler to get a lot of carries at running back.
One of the best receivers in the state is junior Jalen McMillian. Jalen is the fastest player in the valley and last year he caught 78 passes for 1,810 and scored 21 touchdowns. Senior receiver Josh Kelly is a transfer from Bullard and also has plenty of speed.
So if the Panthers want to put Glass, McMillian and Kelly out wide with speedy Butler in the backfield with Trujillo in shotgun……..Hey defenses….GOOD LUCK!
The Panthers offense is amazing and we haven’t talked about the big guys up front and leading the way is senior CMAC All Star Konner Gominess and new transfer from Clovis North junior Tobin Phillips.
On defense with almost everybody above playing both ways, senior Justin Hunt is back from ACL injury and another stud on the Panthers D-line. At nose tackle will be senior Jacob Smith who is another beast to try to move.
The X factor last year the offense out scored everybody and the defense slowed teams down and semi rested. The offense will be even better and so will the defense.

Panthers schedule
Aug 17 Beat Kingsburg Vikings 42-28
Aug 24 Beat Fresno High Warriors 41-6
Aug 31 Beat Mission Oak Hawks 49-6
Sept 8 Beat Garces Rams 47-20
Sept 14 Beat Clovis East T Wolves 28-21
Sept 28 Beat Bullard Knights 62-20
Oct 5 Beat Madera South Stallions 49-6
Oct 12 Beat Edison Tigers 41-14
Oct 19 Beat Madera Coyotes 55-13
Oct 26 Beat Sanger Apaches 41-25
Nov 9 Beat San Luis Obispo Tigers 57-23
Nov 16 Beat Mt Whitney Pioneers 68-34
Nov 23 Beat Bakersfield Christian Eagles 48-7
Dec 7 Beat Tulare Union Tribe 69-25
Dec 14 Lost to Lawndale Cardinals 20-12

Last year the Eagles went (10-2) (6-0 South Sequoia CHAMPIONS)
Head Coach Darren Carr
Last year the Eagles went 10-2 and it felt like they didn’t have a great year. This year they are pretty much tied for No 1 spot in division 3 with SJM and they come in with tons of talent!
The Eagles will have a new QB and it’s a battle with a couple of new transfers with senior Jacob Maran who transferred in from the Bakersfield Drillers and junior Dominic Gamboni who comes from the Dos Palos Broncos. Both QB’s are different. Jacob is the athletic QB and Dom is the pocket passer.
The feature RB will be senior Donte Harris who was the leading Eagles rusher last year along with senior Tate Eenigenburg (LB).
If the Eagles can throw it, they have some speedsters that can catch it with seniors Keonte Glinton (DB), Myran Randle (DB) and Alex Wallace (DB). Keonte could be having a monster year and Randle will be huge as well!
The Eagles might have the best TE in the valley with junior Ben Yorosek (DE)
Leading the way upfront will be senior Elijah Fisher.
The X factor is the QB play.

Eagles schedule
Aug 17 Beat Garces Rams 27-24
Aug 24 Lost to Central Valley Christian Cavaliers 28-20
Aug 31 Lost to Faith Lutheran Crusaders 42-28
Sept 7 Beat St. Joseph Knights 38-31
Sept 21 Lost to Oaks Christian Lions 83-0
Sept 28 Beat West Vikings 49-16
Oct 5 Beat Tehachapi Warriors 56-12
Oct 12 Beat Ridgeview Wolf Pack 16-10
Oct 19 Beat Independence Falcons 42-21
Oct 26 Beat Golden Valley Bulldogs 48-0
Nov 9 Beat Highland Scots 49-7
Nov 16 Beat Kingsburg Vikings 28-7
Nov 23 Lost to Memorial Panthers 48-7

Last year the Vikings went (7-5) (2-3 CSL)
Head Coach David Wilson and the County Coach in the City-County game
The Vikings have lost some players to transfer so we will see if it hurts them.
They still have the dangerous senior RB/LB Bo Jackson who rushed for 1,543 yards, scored 20 TD’s, and made 115 tackles last year. Also back are Brandon Rocha (RB/LB) and Jadon Spomer (TE/LB). Upfront Garrett Costi and Zack Wilson will be leading the way. At linebacker Cole Dias and at receiver Alfred Carpenter will all need big years for the Vikings.
The QB will be Jett Jackson and he is good!

Vikings schedule
Aug 17 Lost to Memorial Panthers 42-28
Aug 24 Beat Washington Union Panthers 48-14
Aug 31 Beat Monache Marauders 45-28
Sept 7 Beat Kerman Lions 20-14
Sept 21 Beat Madera South Stallions 57-7
Sept 28 Beat Exeter Monarchs 52-30
Oct 5 Beat Central Valley Christian Cavaliers 19-16
Oct 12 Lost to Dinuba Emperors 47-35
Oct 19 Beat Hanford West Huskies 69-20
Oct 26 Beat Selma Bears (86th Fire Hydrant game) 49-14
Nov 2 Beat Hoover Patriots 40-0
Nov 9 Beat West Vikings 35-7
Nov 16 Lost to Bakersfield Christian Eagles 28-7

Last year the Pioneers went (4-7) (3-3 WYL)
NEW Head Coach is  Nathan Chamberlain
The Pioneers come in and will battle for the WYL Championship.
Senior QB Jayden Pineda returns and boy is he good! Last year he threw for 2,391 yards with 24 TD passes, rushed for 692 yards and scored 9 TD’s.
Pineda’s favorite receiver is back and he should have a big year with 6’4 senior Anthony Valencia, who caught 55 passes for 895 yards and 14 TDs.
The other outstanding receiver will be senior Zack Reza who caught 41 passes for 501 yards and 3 TDs, also scored 3 rushing TDs and ran for 98 yards.
The X factor will be the running game and defense.

Pioneers schedule
Aug 17 Lost to Tulare Union Tribe 36-33
Aug 24 Lost to Tulare Western Mustangs 35-28
Aug 31 Beat Hoover Patriots 58-16
Sept 7 Beat Mission Oak Hawks 55-21
Sept 14 Beat Santa Maria Saints 56-15
Sept 28 Lost to Golden West Trailblazers 36-35
Oct 5 Lost to Hanford Bullpups 28-26
Oct 12 Beat El Diamante Miners 42-20
Oct 19 Beat Lemoore Tigers 49-37
Oct 26 Beat Redwood Rangers (64th Annual Cowhide Game) 32-29
Nov 2 Beat Santa Maria Saints 77-0
Nov 9 Beat Madera Coyotes 36-29
Nov 16 Lost to Memorial Panthers 68-34

No 5 MADERA COYOTES (6-6) (1-4 CMAC) 
Last year the Coyotes went (6-6) (1-4 CMAC)
NEW Head Coach is Kenny Paolinelli
This is one of the best Coyotes teams in a LONG time. Last year the Coyotes went 4-1 in the non league games and then struggled in the real tough CMAC. This year could be different. They still have the big bad SJM Panthers in their way and to win it all in division 3 they will have to play the Memorial Panthers probably twice and the 2nd meeting would be for everything.
The Coyotes will lead with their outstanding senior QB Colton Nelson who had a school record breaking year throwing for 3,802 yards with 34 touchdown passes. His favorite receiver is back with senior Joziah Velasquez who caught 76 passes for 1,010 yards, scored 6 TD’s. Teams have trouble matching up against Joziah because of his speed and his route running. Keep an eye on senior receiver Joshua jj Espinoza (DB) who is fast and the Coyotes best player along with senior Jevon Denis who transferred in from Campbell High is Georgia.
The running backs will be by committee with seniors Jacob Garcia, Angel Guziar and sophomore Jeremiah Sanchez who could be very good,
The offensive line will be real good with senior Alex Vaca (RT), Cristoval Garcia (Center) senior and Tommy Molina (RG).
On defense the Coyotes will have John Cook (DL) who is very strong and should cause problems for the O-line to block. Will Childers (OLB) is a very dangerous pass rusher.
The X factor will be the defense and to beat the teams above them in the division 3 rankings, the Coyotes will have to wear them down. The Coyotes are one of the best shape teams in the valley but they have to stay healthy to make a run.

Coyotes schedule
Aug 17 Beat Washington Union Panthers 49-20
Aug 24 Beat Mission Oak Hawks 31-21
Aug 31 Beat Kerman Lions 48-20
Sept 7 Lost to Merced Bears 63-35
Sept 14 Beat Selma Bears 57-55 in 2OT
Sept 28 Lost to Sanger Apaches 36-33
Oct 5 Lost to Edison Tigers 62-48
Oct 12 Lost to Bullard Knights 49-27
Oct 19 Lost to Memorial Panthers 55-13
Oct 26 Beat Madera South Stallions (11th annual Battle for the Saw) 21-16
Nov 2 Beat Fresno High Warriors 27-21
Nov 9 Lost to Mt Whitney Pioneers 36-29

No 6 SAN LUIS OBISPO TIGERS (8-4) (3-2 Ocean League) 
Last year the Tigers went (2-8) (0-4 Pac 5)
Head Coach Pat Johnston
The Tigers are new to the Central Section and they will have plenty of new faces heading into the year. Very tough schedule.

Tigers schedule
Aug 17 Lost to Arroyo Grande Eagles 56-21
Aug 24 Beat Atascadero Greyhounds 21-14
Aug 31 Beat San Marcos Royals 41-33
Sept 14 Beat Santa Ynez Pirates 20-10
Sept 21 Beat Hanford West Huskies 74-36
Sept 28 Lost to Pioneer Valley Panthers 24-17
Oct 5 Beat Santa Maria Saints 21-7
Oct 12 Lost to Nipomo Titans 34-13
Ocr 19 Beat Templeton Eagles 42-38
Oct 26 Beat Morro Bay Pirates (Clash of the Coast Trophy) 45-7
Nov 2 Beat South Rebels 24-16 
Nov 9 Lost to Memorial Panthers 57-23

No 7 HIGHLAND SCOTS (7-5) (3-2 SEYL) 
Last year the Scots went (8-2) (3-1 SEYL TRI CHAMPIONS)
Head Coach Michael Gutierrez
The Scots lose plenty from last year and will have some good players coming back.
The X factor will the new faces have the Scots competing for the SEYL Championship?
Junior Nick Salas could have a big year at WR/SS. The New QB will be sophomore AJ Cleveland. The defense will be faster but not as big.
If the young players step up then look for the Scots to compete for the SEYL championship.

Scots schedule
Aug 17 Beat Arvin Bears 43-30
Aug 24 Lost to Shafter Generals 40-27
Aug 31 Lost to Kennedy Thunderbirds 41-19
Sept 7 Beat Tehachapi Warriors 47-12
Sept 14 Beat Golden Valley Bulldogs 54-6
Sept 28 Lost to North Stars 36-16
Oct 5 Beat Mira Monte Lions 60-0
Oct 12 Beat Foothill Trojans 41-7
Oct 19 Lost to South Rebels 20-13
Oct 26 Beat East Bakersfield Blades 25-20
Nov 2 Beat Chowchilla Tribe 39-28
Nov 9 Lost to Bakersfield Christian Eagles 49-7

No 8 WEST VIKINGS (6-6) (2-3 SYL) 
Last year the Vikings went (7-5) (3-3 SYL)
Head Coach Derrick Dunham
The Vikings will have plenty of speed and if they play good defense then they can compete with anybody on their schedule.
Seven players return on each side of the football.. There is no secret with the Vikings on what they want to do on offense because they are coming right at you with a very physical Offensive Line and a 240 lb running back with junior Lj Laulu. The Vikings will also have Anthony Ramirez at WR and LB.
On Defense the team leader will be Damani Jackson (OLB).
The X factor will be the QB play.

Vikings schedule
Aug 17 Lost to Mission Oak Hawks 21-14
Aug 24 Beat East Bakersfield Blades 27-12
Aug 31 Beat Foothill Trojans 42-7
Sept 14 Lost to North Stars 36-0
Sept 21 Beat South Rebels 27-26
Sept 28 Lost to Bakersfield Christian Eagles 49-16
Oct 5 Lost to Ridgeview Wolf Pack 48-0
Oct 12 Lost to Independence Falcons 35-20
Oct 19 Beat Golden Valley Bulldogs 29-0
Oct 26 Beat Tehachapi Warriors 27-14
Nov 2 Beat Independence Falcons 34-13
Nov 9 Lost to Kingsburg Vikings 35-7

Last year the Falcons went (7-4) (4-1 SYL TRI CHAMPIONS)
Head Coach Tyler Schilhabel
Plenty return for new Head Coach Schilabel. The Falcons will be in the mix.
Senior Sergio Borreli returns at QB and if he has a big year, so will the Falcons. Sergio’s favorite receiver is back with senior Deonte Brown.
Very tough non league schedule.

Falcons schedule
Aug 17 Beat South Rebels 53-49
Aug 24 Beat Selma Bears 47-0
Aug 31 Lost to Arroyo Grande Eagles 28-14
Sept 7 Lost to Stockdale Mustangs 44-14
Sept 14 Beat Frontier Titans 33-24
Sept 28 Beat Tehachapi Warriors 27-6
Oct 5 Beat Golden Valley Bulldogs 42-6
Oct 12 Beat West Vikings 35-20
Oct 19 Lost to Bakersfield Christian Eagles 42-21
Oct 26 Lost to Ridgeview Wolf Pack 48-14
Nov 2 Lost to West Vikings 34-13

No 10 CHOWCHILLA TRIBE (7-4) (3-1 NSL)
Last year the Tribe went (5-6) (2-2 NSL)
Head Coach Alex Pittz
The Tribe have not been the same since they had to move up into division 3. Is it time for the Tribe to move back into division 4? The number of players are way down and that will be a factor this year.
Leading the way on offense is returning QB senior Cody Woolsey.
The X Factor will be the offense because the defense should be good. The Tribe are always a physical football team.

Tribe schedule
Aug 17 Beat Fresno High Warriors 20-18
Aug 24 Lost to Lemoore Tigers 43-18
Aug 31 Beat Immanuel Eagles 38-14
Sept 7 Lost to Central Valley Christian Cavaliers 48-0
Sept 14 Beat Dos Palos Broncos 41-13
Sept 21 Beat Exeter Monarchs 34-6
Sept 28 Beat Kerman Lions 30-28
Oct 5 Beat Washington Union Panthers 27-20
Oct 12 Beat Yosemite Badgers 45-21
Oct 26 Lost to Liberty Madera Hawks 35-27
Nov 2 Lost to Highland Scots 39-38

No 11 SOUTH REBELS (6-5) (3-2 SEYL)
Last year the Rebels went (5-5) (3-1 SEYL TRI CHAMPIONS)
Head Coach Cary Mills
The Rebels QB will be senior Bryson Aguirre who is a dual threat and very good! Speedster Devon Williams at running and DB along with senior Ryan Harlan (LB) and junior Daniel Lomax. The offensive line will be bigger and more physical than last year. On defense senior Demetris Acevedo (FB/MLB) is big and physical.
The Rebels have the potential to be real good but has to stay healthy.

Rebels schedule
Aug 17 Lost to Independence Falcons 53-49
Aug 23 Beat Delano Tigers 60-6
Aug 31 Beat Golden Valley Bulldogs 40-6
Sept 7 Beat Fresno High Warriors 37-10
Sept 21 Lost to West Vikings 27-26
Sept 28 Beat Foothill Trojans 28-14
Oct 5 Lost to East Bakersfield Blades 21-17
Oct 12 Beat Mira Monte Lions 53-0
Oct 19 Beat Highland Scots 20-13
Oct 26 Lost to North Star (The Sword Game) 14-10
Nov 2 Lost to San Luis Obispo Tigers 24-16

Last year the Warriors went (6-6) (3-2 NYL)
Head Coach Joe Marquez
The Warriors always has team speed and big players.
The new QB will be sophomore Darnell Naeole. He has the potential to be very good.
The running backs will have plenty of speed and power with, sophomore Jermaine Fuller (Safety), juniors Max Villanueva and Devon King (WR).
The defense has a beast with senior Jaque Jones at OL/DL, and at Safety will be senior Jordan Perez.
The X factor is the Warriors are young in spots and plays a tough non league schedule. This team will get better and better each week.

Warriors schedule
Aug 17 Lost to Chowchilla Tribe 20-18
Aug 24 Lost to Memorial Panthers 41-6
Aug 31 Lost to Hanford Bullpups 34-13
Sept 7 Lost to South Rebels 37-10
Sept 14 Beat Madera South Stallions 33-19
Sept 28 Beat Hoover Patriots 36-20
Oct 5 Beat Sunnyside Wildcats 19-16
Oct 11 Beat Reedley Pirates 28-20
Oct 19 Beat McLane Highlanders 26-20 OT
Oct 26 Lost to Roosevelt Rough Riders (90th“Little Big” Pig game) 49-46
Nov 2 Lost to Madera Coyotes 27-21

No 13 HOOVER PATRIOTS (3-8) (3-2 NYL)
Last year the Patriots went (2-8) (1-4 NYL)
Head Coach Rus Pickett
Coach Rus is a very good coach and he is changing the Patriots culture and this will take some time. The Patriots are working hard and will improve on both sides of the ball.
The Patriots have speedster senior Jordan Daniels back and look for him to line up in space and make it tough on the defense. Last year he was the QB. Leading the way upfront will be senior Jesse Alvarez.
The X factor is the Patriots have a tough schedule and they have to stay the course.

Patriots schedule
Aug 24 Lost to Golden Valley Cougars (Merced) 36-0
Aug 31 Lost to Mt. Whitney Pioneers 58-16
Sept 6 Lost to Monache Marauders 37-7
Sept 14 Lost to Washington Union Panthers 28-14
Sept 21 Lost to Tulare Union Tribe 66-0
Sept 28 Lost to Fresno High Warriors 36-20
Oct 5 Beat Roosevelt Rough Riders 35-13
Oct 12 Lost to Sunnyside Wildcats 37-18
Oct 18 Beat Reedley Pirates 31-7
Oct 26 Beat McLane Highlanders (Revolution Bowl) 41-21
Nov 2 Lost to Kingsburg Vikings 40-0

No 14 TEMPLETON EAGLES (3-7) (2-3 Ocean League)
Last year the Eagles went (2-8) (0-3 Northern League)
New Head Coach is Don Crow
Plenty of Eagles return
Junior Zack Logan could be in the lead to be the starting QB. Senior Shane Simonin returns at running back.

Eagles schedule
Aug 24 Lost to Aptos Mariners 55-6
Aug 31 Beat Mendota Aztecs 38-20
Sept 7 Lost to Santa Paula Cardinals 24-23
Sept 14 Lost to Liberty Madera Hawks 67-27
Sept 21 Lost to Santa Ynez Pirates 49-21
Sept 28 Beat Morro Bay Pirates 41-14
Oct 5 Lost to Pioneer Valley Panthers 38-21
Oct 12 Beat Santa Maria Saints 56-40
Oct 19 Lost to San Luis Obispo Tigers 42-28
Oct Lost to at Nipomo Titans 56-14

No 15 SANTA MARIA SAINTS (3-8) (1-4 Ocean league)
Last year the Saints went (9-5) (3-0 Northern league)
Head Coach Dan Ellington
Last year the Saints made it to the Southern Section Division 12 Championship game and wins their 1st football league title since 1988 with a very good senior class. 21 graduated so this year they will play in the Central Section. The buzz on campus about Saints football is big.
The X factor will be the young Saints and can they step up? The Saints will have plenty of team speed. The Saints to watch will be Sebastian Saiz at QB. The running backs will be Sammy Herrera and Kenny Dato. The receivers will be John Rojas, Manny Herrera, Rodrigo Rodriguez and JJ Arrant. The offensive will be (LT) Jesus Joaquin, (LG) Jason Sanchez, (C) Fabian Montano, (RG) Alex Romero, and (RT) David Ruiz. On defense you could see at linebackers with Isaiah Bahr, Nathan Hernandez , and Rafael Hernandez.

Saints schedule
Aug 17 Lost to Righetti High Warriors 56-9
Aug 24 Beat San Marcos Royals 29-28
Aug 31 Lost to Santa Ynez Pirates 36-0
Sept 7 Beat Golden Valley Bulldogs 42-30
Sept 4 Lost to Mt. Whitney Pioneers 56-15
Sept 28 Lost to Nipomo Titans 38-7
Oct 5 Lost to San Luis Obispo Tigers 21-7
Oct 12 Lost to Templeton Eagles 56-40
Oct 19 Beat Morro Bay Pirates 42-10
Oct 26 Lost to Pioneer Valley Panthers 27-14
Nov 2 Lost to Mt Whitney Pioneers 77-0

Last year the Warriors went (7-6) (4-1 SYL TRI CHAMPIONS)
Head Coach Doug DeGeer
Senior QB Chris Garcia returns and it’s always awesome to have a senior QB to lead the team. The Warriors lose a bunch of stars from last year but they have some very good young Warriors coming in and ready to compete.
The X factor will be the defense with a very tough schedule.

Warriors schedule
Aug 17 Lost to Wasco Tigers 28-22
Aug 24 Lost to Bakersfield Drillers 57-7
Aug 31 Beat Taft Wildcats 34-15
Sept 7 Lost to Highland Scots 47-12
Sept 14 Lost to Garces Rams 35-7
Sept 28 Lost to Independence Falcons 27-6
Oct 5 Lost to Bakersfield Christian Eagles 56-12
Oct 12 Beat Golden Valley Bulldogs 7-6
Oct 19 Lost to Ridgeview Wolf Pack 48-0
Oct 26 Lost to West Vikings 27-14

Last year the Bulldogs went (3-7) (1-4 SYL)
NEW Head Coach is James Cain 
The Bulldogs have the youngest coach in the valley with 24 year old Josh Bocker.
GV lost their star Carl Jones who transferred to the Bakersfield Drillers so how will the Bulldogs be without him? The Bulldogs are very young and playing a very tough schedule.

Bulldogs schedule
Aug 17 Lost to East Bakersfield Blades 40-0
Aug 24 Lost to Centennial Golden Hawks 48-8
Aug 31 Lost to South Rebels 40-6
Sept 7 Lost to Santa Maria Saints 42-30
Sept 14 Lost to Highland Scots 54-6
Sept 28 Lost to Ridgeview Wolf Pack 70-0
Oct 5 Lost to Independence Falcons 42-6
Oct 12 Lost to Tehachapi Warriors 7-6
Oct 19 Lost to West Vikings 29-0
Oct 26 Lost to Bakersfield Christian Eagles 48-0

No 18 MORRO BAY PIRATES (1-9) (0-5 Ocean League)
Last year the Pirates went (2-8) (1-2 Northern League)
Head Coach David Kelley Will not be back in 2019 
Senior QB Aidan Moriarty is back leading the Pirates. Leading the way will be seniors Tanner Daughtery (OL/DE) and Jaden Churchill (WR/DT)
The Pirates will be young in spots.

Pirates schedule
Aug 17 Lost to Mission Prep Royals 21-14
Aug 24 Lost to Gonzales Spartans 50-7
Aug 31 Lost to Lindsay Cardinals 48-0
Sept 7 Lost to Gustine Reds 29-0
Sept 14 Beat Viewpoint Pirates 28-27
Sept 28 Lost to Templeton Eagles 41-14
Oct 5 Lost to Nipomo Titans 58-0
Oct 12 Lost to Pioneer Valley Panthers 44-6
Oct 19 Lost to Santa Maria Saints 42-10
Oct 26 at San Luis Obispo Tigers (Clash of the Coast Trophy)
Oct 26 Lost to San Luis Obispo Tigers 45-7

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