2018 Here are the Pag Meter Division 2 Football Rankings.
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Tulare Union Tribe’s Head Coach Darren Bennett has now won 211 career games which is No 4 in Central Section History

First Round Final Scores 

Top Bracket
No 1 Tulare Union Tribe (Bye)
No 8 Garces Rams beat No 9 Redwood Rangers 45-0

No 5 Hanford Bullpups beat No 12 Sunnyside Wildcats 40-21
No 4 Dinuba Emperors (Bye)

Bottom Bracket
No 3 Righetti High Warriors (Bye)
No 11 Frontier Titans beat No 6 Nipomo Titans 29-22

No 7 Stockdale Mustangs beat No 10 Pioneer Valley Panthers 45-21
No 2 Tulare Western Mustangs (Bye)

Top Bracket
No 1 Tulare Union Tribe beat No 8 Garces Rams 34-27
No 4 Dinuba Emperors beat No 5 Hanford Bullpups 41-14

Bottom Bracket
No 3 Righetti High Warriors beat No 11 Frontier Titans 33-16
No 7 Stockdale Mustangs beat No 2 Tulare Western Mustangs 16-15

No 1 Tulare Union Tribe beat No 4 Dinuba Emperors 44-37
No 3 Righetti High Warriors beat No 7 Stockdale Mustangs 21-0





Last year the Tribe went (13-1) (5-0 EYL CHAMPIONS) DEFENDING CHAMPIONS
Head Coach Darren Bennett
The Tribe graduated their best class in school history with record setters like Kazmier Allen and Emoryie Edwards. Senior QB Nathan Lamb is back after throwing for 3,810 yards with 39 touchdown passes.The Tribe will be good with some new faces and some young speed.
With Kaz gone the running backs will be by committee with sophomore Devon Moore and junior Donovan Smith. Leading the way at wide receiver will be senior 6’6 Darius Baker. The offensive line will be led by Jonathan Vasquez and Joaquin Medina. At TE will be senior Freedom Chatman.
The defense will be better than last year and the new defensive coordinator is Marty Martin who was the Mt Whitney head coach last year.
The defensive backs are real good with senior Randy Jordan Jr who has verbally committed to play at Fresno State. Senior strong safety David Dailey along with sophomore Xavier Hailey who played last year as a freshmen will be in the secondary. Also on defense will be senior Cole Howard (DL), junior Emmanuel Parker (DE/OLB), and senior Ernesto Mendoza (MLB).
The X factor is the Tribe defense because the O is very good!

Tribe schedule
Aug 17 Beat Mt. Whitney Pioneers 36-33
Aug 23 Beat El Diamante Miners 52-0
Aug 31 Beat Redwood Rangers 67-20
Sept 14 Beat Lemoore Tigers 49-0
Sept 21 Beat Hoover Patriots 66-0
Sept 28 Beat Monache Marauders 35-0
Oct 5 Beat Delano Tigers 52-0
Oct 11 Beat Porterville Panthers 49-0
Oct 19 Beat Mission Oak Hawks 41-3
Oct 26 Beat Tulare Western Mustangs (54th annual Bell Game) 35-14
Nov 9 Beat Garces Rams 34-27
Nov 16 Beat Dinuba Emperors 44-37
Nov 23 Beat Righetti High Warriors 45-30
Dec 7 Lost to Memorial Panthers 69-25

No 2 RIGHETTI HIGH WARRIORS (10-3) (3-1 Mountain League) 
Last year the Warriors went (5-6) (2-2 Pac 5)
Head Coach Tony Payne
New head coach Payne who graduated from Righetti is building a program. The Warriors come into the Central Section and they will play good old hard nose football. A good test will be at Centennial on a hot night Sept 7.
Senior QB Brandon Giddings is back and he will be one the best Shotgun Wing-T QB’s in the Central Section. Brandon is the senior team leader and it’s like having a coach on the field.
At running back/WR/DB look out for senior Avery Fondern who has plenty of speed. Also at running back will be seniors Adan Solis, and Isaiah Gayfield.
One of the best players in the Central Section will be Caleb Thomas (NT/TE) who will never come off the field. Caleb is a man beast at 6’4, 275 and plenty of division 1 college teams know all about Thomas including many in the Pac 12.
The offensive line will be real good with team captain senior Cristian Mondol and senior Andrew Martinez.
Leading the way at receiver will be senior Anthony Porcho.
The Warriors defense will be very good!
The X factor is the Warriors passing game.

Warriors schedule
Aug 17 Beat Santa Maria Saints 56-9
Aug 24 Beat Oak Park Eagles 49-21
Aug 31 Beat Pioneer Valley Panthers 35-0
Sept 7 Lost to Centennial Golden Hawks 37-35
Sept 14 Beat Soledad Aztecs 42-12
Sept 21 Beat Dos Pueblos Chargers 34-14
Sept 28 Beat Paso Robles Bearcats 52-20
Oct 5 Beat Atascadero Greyhounds 42-14
Oct 12 Beat Arroyo Grande Eagles 46-24
Oct 26 vs St. Joseph Knights 27-21
Nov 9 Beat Frontier Titans 33-16
Nov 16 Beat Stockdale Mustangs 21-0
Nov 23 Lost to Tulare Union Tribe 45-30

Last year the Emperors went (11-2) (5-0 CSL CHAMPIONS)
NEW Head Coach is Carlos Barajas
The Emperors had one heck of the 2017 year. They just couldn’t beat Tulare Union but then again nobody could beat Tulare Union.
Junior QB Josh Magana returns after throwing for 2,241 yards with 32 TD passes and he had a great summer. Josh is now on the radar with so many colleges checking him out.
Senior Josh Martinez could be the next star running back with break away speed. Junior Devin Mendoza could also get plenty of carries.
Senior TE Jonathan Calderon has great hands and a great blocker.
The O-line will be young with only one returner with right tackle Luis Perez who 6’2, 260 lbs. The O-line will a bit smaller from last year but they’re quicker for sure.
The Emperors strength will be on the defensive side of the ball and it will be the best defense in division 2.
Senior Daniel Long is one of the best linebackers in the valley. He reminds people of former Emperor All Star linebacker Chandler Cocklin. Senior Josh Sanchez is a solid 255 lbs at defensive tackle and a nightmare to block and without a doubt the best DT in D2. Senior Ray Alvarado is an outstanding defensive end that can get to any QB with speed and power.

Emperors schedule
Aug 16 Lost to Porterville Panthers 33-31
Aug 24 Beat Redwood Rangers 35-0
Aug 31 Beat Reedley Pirates 52-7
Sept 7 Beat El Diamante Miners 35-12
Sept 14 Beat Edison Tigers 30-7
Sept 28 Lost to Central Valley Christian Cavaliers 21-7
Oct 5 Beat Selma Bears 35-0
Oct 12 Beat Kingsburg Vikings 47-35
Oct 19 Beat Exeter Monarchs 43-16
Oct 25 Beat Hanford West Huskies 63-14
Nov 9 Beat Hanford Bullpups 41-14
Nov 16 Lost to Tulare Union Tribe 44-37

Last year the Mustangs went (2-8) (0-5 SWYL)
Head Coach Brett Shelton
The Mustangs are building a program and working their tails off in the weight room and on the field. Plenty of new faces especially in the skilled positions. The Mustangs will be much faster on defense. The offensive line will be more physical this year. Look for senior Brandon Dunn to have a big year running the football
Stay tuned for more info on the Mustangs. They play a very tough schedule. 
The X factor is the young skilled players stepping up.

Mustangs schedule
Aug 17 Lost to Ridgeview Wolf Pack 42-0
Aug 24 Lost to Clovis Cougars 42-14
Aug 31 Beat Atascadero Greyhounds 46-20
Sept 7 Beat Independence Falcons 44-14
Sept 14 Beat Sunnyside Wildcats 42-6
Sept 28 Lost to Bakersfield Drillers 40-7
Oct 5 Lost to Centennial Golden Hawks 41-38
Oct 12 Lost to Liberty Patriots 31-7
Oct 19 Beat Frontier Titans 33-30
Oct 26 Beat Garces Rams 21-14
Nov 2 beat Pioneer Valley Panthers 45-21
Nov 8 Beat Tulare Western Mustangs 16-15
Nov 16 Lost to Righetti High Warriors 21-0

Last year the Mustangs went (11-2) 4-1 EYL)
Head Coach Ryan Rocha
The Mustangs move up to division 2 after winning 11 games and the most wins in school history. By the way, moving up into division 2 was the Mustangs choice. I love that!
There are some teams in division 3 that should follow the Mustangs into division 2 but that won’t happen.
Back at QB is junior Elijah Burrell who has a 4.0 GPA. This kid is a leader and a winner after throwing for 2,422 yards with 25 TD passes.
At running back will be junior Tairyn Johnson who is one of the fastest in the valley with a 4.35 in the 40 and he got stronger in the weight room this off season. TJ will also return punts and kickoffs.
On the O-line/D-line will be juniors Aaron Tejada and Isidro Salazar who both started last year.
On defense the Mustangs will be running a 3-4 scheme. One of the best in the valley will be junior Jordan Burrell at DB who also has a 4.0 GPA.
Each year the Mustangs hand out number 43 to the team captain, and this year it is senior Anthony Cervantes who is an OLB & DE. Great kid, a great athlete and also plays basketball.
On the D-Line is senior Matt Lopez who is a force at NT. Two sophomores who are up and comers with Michael Machado (DE) and Chase Gomez (DT). The MLB is senior Jacob Camacho, who is converting over from fullback and a very vocal leader.
Sophomore Mikey Ficher (WR/DB) will find his way on the field once he gets conditioned.
The X factor is the passing game.
Mustangs side note,
Senior receiver Keshon Butler has been removed from the team. It’s sad to here because he had so much talent but had too many off the field issues. Last year Butler caught 57 passes for 1,341 yards and scored 13 TD’s.

Mustangs schedule
Aug 17 Beat El Diamante Miners 48-28
Aug 24 Beat Mt. Whitney Pioneers 35-28
Aug 30 Beat Lemoore Tigers 35-0
Sept 7 Beat Redwood Rangers 38-30
Sept 21 Beat Hanford Bullpups 35-7
Sept 28 Beat Delano Tigers 56-0
Oct 5 Beat Porterville Panthers 50-20
Oct 12 Beat Mission Oak Hawks 49-0
Oct 19 Beat Monache Marauders 55-12
Oct 26 Lost to Tulare Union Tribe (54th annual Bell Game) 35-14
Nov 8 Lost to Stockdale Mustangs 16-15

Last year the Bullpups went (2-8) (2-4 WYL)
Head Coach Josh Young
The Bullpups will be much better this year with 8 returning juniors, some strong producing seniors and more experience.
Junior QB Juaron Watts-Brown returns and will be much better with a year of experience.
Junior running back Travone Houston returns and he could have a big year. The leading Bullpups receiver will be junior Daylon Davis.
The offensive line will be very good along with the defense and leading the D will be juniors Tyler Mello (OLB), Thomas Knight (MLB), and along with standout senior Noah Ramirez (OLB).
The X factor will be the passing game because the running game and defense will be good. Don’t go be the 2-8 record last year because they lost so many close games. This team has the makings to be real good!

Bullpups schedule
Aug 17 Beat Hanford West Huskies 63-6
Aug 24 Lost to Sanger Apaches 48-28
Aug 31 Beat Fresno High Warriors 34-13
Sept 6 Lost to Porterville Panthers 24-20
Sept 21 Lost to Tulare Western Mustangs 35-7
Sept 28 Beat El Diamante Miners 14-7
Oct 5 Beat Mt. Whitney Pioneers 28-26
Oct 12 Beat Redwood Rangers 34-14
Oct 18 Beat Golden West Trailblazers 49-24
Oct 26 Beat Lemoore Tigers (75th annual Milk Can Game) 42-6
Nov 2 Beat Sunnyside Wildcats 40-21
Nov 9 Lost to Dinuba Emperors 41-14

No 7 GARCES RAMS (4-8) (2-3 SWYL) 
Last year the Rams went (5-7) (4-1 SWYL)
NEW Head Coach is Paul Golla 
The Rams are one of the best coached teams in the valley. How will life be after Isaiah Martin who was the greatest player in Rams history? 
Senior Nick Tobias (LB) could be the perfect guy to run hard downhill between the tackles. 
This year they will have plenty of team speed and will have some new faces on both sides of the ball to go along with the senior leaders. 
Senior QB Joseph Campbell is ready to have a huge year and if he does the Rams could be playing on Championship night. JC will have plenty of speedy guys to throw to with Sr Isaac Bowers (DB) who is 6’3 with hands, Sr speedster Nick Sill (DB), and Jr Isaiah Bell who will be a star in a short time. 
The offensive line will be very good and leading the way will be senior Emmanuel Castro (DL). 
On defense Isaac Jimenez (LB) and Steven Roland (DE) lead the Rams. The Rams might have the best kicker in the valley with senior Peter Delis. 
Look for QB Campbell to throw short passes and get the ball to the playmakers. 
The X factor is the Rams will play with a small roster so can they stay healthy playing so many players both ways with a very tough schedule?

Rams schedule
Aug 17 Lost to Bakersfield Christian Eagles 27-24
Aug 24 Lost to St. John Bosco Braves 56-0
Aug 31 Lost to St. Joseph Knights 31-30
Sept 8 Lost to Memorial Panthers 47-20
Sept 14 Beat Tehachapi Warriors 35-7
Sept 28 Beat Frontier Titans 14-7
Oct 5 Lost to Bakersfield Drillers 50-26
Oct 12 Beat Centennial Golden Hawks 31-23
Oct 19 Lost to Liberty Patriots 31-7
Oct 26 at Stockdale Mustangs 21-14
Nov 2 Beat Redwood Rangers 45-0
Nov 9 Lost to Tulare Union Tribe 34-27

No 8 FRONTIER TITANS (3-9) (0-5 SWYL) 
Last year the Titans went (7-4) (2-3 SWYL)
Head Coach Chris Bandy
Plenty of Titans return and this team has the makings to be at least a semi finals team. Both sides of the ball will be much better than last year.
QB Dustin Montanio returns for his senior year and he will be so much better with a year of experience under his belt.
Senior running back Ernest Jackson (RB/LB) could have a big year and was invited to the Blue-Grey All~American Game this December in Dallas. The offensive line is working hard.
The defense will be better and leading the way will be senior Kameron Barnes (DE).
The X factor will be the defensive side of the ball.

Titans schedule
Aug 17 Beat Sunnyside Wildcats 42-15
Aug 24 Lost to Paso Robles Bearcats 17-14
Aug 31 Lost to Ridgeview Wolf Pack 35-14
Sept 7 Beat Atascadero Greyhounds 29-19
Sept 14 Lost to Independence Falcons 33-24
Sept 28 Lost to Garces Rams 14-7
Oct 5 Lost to Liberty Patriots 38-0
Oct 12 Lost to Bakersfield Drillers 35-7
Oct 19 Lost to Stockdale Mustangs 33-30
Oct 26 Lost to Centennial Golden Hawks 31-13
Nov 2 Beat Nipomo Titans 29-22
Nov 9 Lost to Righetti High Warriors 33-16

Last year the Titans went (4-7) (2-1 Northern league)
Head Coach Tony Dodge
Plenty return for the Titans and this team has the makings to be real good. The offense and defense will be improved. The Titans have 6 returning starters on offense and 7 on defense. The Titans are new to the Central Section.
6’2, 220 junior QB Brayden Groshart is back with a year of experience along with senior running back Luis-diego Riquelme.
The good news for the Titans is they won’t have to play in the hot central valley until at least the playoffs where it will cool down by then.
The X factor is the Titans really should be in division 3 or even division 4.
Stay tuned on the Titans.

Titans schedule
Aug 17 Beat Santa Ynez Pirates 17-14
Aug 24 Beat Cabrillo Conquistadores 45-14
Aug 31 Beat Golden West Trailblazers 35-20
Sept 7 Lost to Bishop Diego Cardinals 41-28
Sept 14 Lost to Arroyo Grande Eagles 38-0
Sept 28 Beat Santa Maria Saints 38-7
Oct 5 Beat Morro Bay Pirates 58-0
Oct 12 Beat San Luis Obispo Tigers 34-13
Oct 19 Beat Pioneer Valley Panthers 14-13
Oct 26 Beat Templeton Eagles 56-14
Nov 2 Lost to Frontier Titans 29-22

No 10 REDWOOD RANGERS (4-7) (3-2 WYL)
Last year the Rangers went (5-6) (3-3 WYL)
NEW Head Coach is Kevin Sharton
The Rangers will have plenty of young players and they lost their star senior QB Hector Gonzalez because he transferred to Liberty Bakersfield. Senior receiver La’Dre Aguilar is good. Look for senior John Vega to be the guy at QB. James Richardson, a 5-foot-5, 169-pound junior, is projected to be the Rangers’ starting running back but he will likely split carries with seniors Alex Rivera, Gabe Vasquez and Jason Hruby.
The Rangers have size at the offensive line, especially at the tackle positions.
Senior left tackle Nick Smith is 6-foot-4 and 281 pounds. Starting at right tackle is the 6-foot-6, 299-pound junior Aaron Garcia.
Starters in the interior are senior left guard Chris Galutira (5-9, 207), senior center Tyler Ball (6-0, 267) and right guard Matt Ramirez (5-9, 224).
Leading the Redwood defense in 2018 are Hruby, Rivera and Vasquez. Hruby will anchor the Rangers’ 3-4 front seven at defensive end.
Rivera will patrol the heart of the defense at linebacker and Vasquez returns at his safety position.
Hudson Walker, a 6-foot-5, 208-pound transfer from El Diamante, will man the other defensive end position. The 1st 3 games are very tough.
The X factor it’s still too early to tell but let’s start with the QB play.

Rangers schedule
Aug 24 Lost to Dinuba Emperors 35-0
Aug 31 Lost to Tulare Union Tribe 67-20
Sept 7 Lost to Tulare Western Mustangs 38-20
Sept 14 Beat Atascadero Greyhounds 48-14
Sept 20 Lost to Porterville Panthers 21-20
Sept 28 Beat Lemoore Tigers 21-14
Oct 5 Beat Golden West Trailblazers 27-14
Oct 12 Lost to Hanford Bullpups 34-14
Oct 19 Beat El Diamante Miners 14-0
Oct 26 Lost to Mt. Whitney Pioneers (64th Annual Cowhide Game) 32-29
Nov 2 Lost to Garces Rams 45-0

No 11 PIONEER VALLEY PANTHERS (6-5) (4-1 Ocean League)
Last year the Panthers went (4-6) (1-3 Los Padres)
Head Coach Juan Ruiz WILL NOT BE BACK IN 2019
Last year the Panthers were that tweener team. They could beat the teams they were supposed to beat but got crushed against the better teams on the schedule.
The Panthers are big and physical with senior 6’7, 345 lbs Alex Pugh, at tackle and newcomer junior Mark Martinez at Center. The QB will be senior Jayson Garcia. The running backs will be Michael Bourbon, Oscar Ruiz, Adrian Garcia, and Daniel Vasquez. The defensive leader will be Steven Fuerte in the secondary along with junior inside linebacker Oscar Ruiz.

Panthers schedule
Aug 24 Lost to St. Joseph Knights 35-19
Aug 31 Lost to Righetti High Warriors 35-0
Sept 7 Beat Cabrillo Conquistadores 43-0
Sept 14 Lost to Paso Robles Bearcats 21-7
Sept 21 Beat Atascadero Greyhounds 36-7
Sept 28 Beat San Luis Obispo Tigers 24-17
Oct 5 Beat Templeton Eagles 38-21
Oct 12 Beat Morro Bay Pirates 44-6
Oct 19 Lost to Nipomo Titans 14-13
Oct 26 Beat Santa Maria Saints 27-14
Nov 2 at Stockdale Mustangs 45-21

No 12 EL DIAMANTE MINERS (2-8) (1-4 WYL)
Last year the Miners went (8-4) (6-0 WYL CHAMPIONS)
Head Coach Devin Ramos (MARK ROGERS HAS RETIRED!) 15 years 110-60. The new Head Coach is Chris Franklin 
El Diamante won 8 WYL titles (2005, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2017) and 2 Central Section Championships in 2007 & 2013.
Last year the Miners started out very slow and it could happen again. The Miners are very young with only 6 seniors.
Senior QB and 3 year starter Boswell Parker returns and the Miners will be in line to repeat as WYL Champions.
The Running backs will be junior Kameron Beans (safety) who is 6’3 and fast, along with soph Austin Beno. The receivers will be senior Eric Zendejas and junior Javion Hightower. The O-line will be led by junior Joe Burciaga and he is the only returning starter.
The Miners defense is always good and the Miners to watch out for will be middle linebacker and 4 year starter Jake Garbani, junior outside linebacker Triston Crushers, senior linebacker Donovan Macdonald, senior D-line with Isaiah Loring and junior Hudson Walker. X factor is the young offensive line.

Miners schedule
Aug 17 Lost to Tulare Western 48-28
Aug 23 Lost to Tulare Union Tribe 52-0
Aug 31 Beat Paso Robles Bearcats 17-10
Sept 7 Lost to Dinuba Emperors 35-12
Sept 21 Lost to Upland Highlanders 49-0
Sept 28 Lost to Hanford Bullpups 14-7
Oct 5 Beat Lemoore Tigers 24-6
Oct 12 Lost to Mt. Whitney Pioneers 42-20
Oct 19 Lost to Redwood Rangers 14-0
Oct 26 Lost to Golden West Trailblazers (15th annual Battle for the Saddle) 28-17

No 13 LEMOORE TIGERS (2-8) (0-5 WYL)
Last year the Tigers went (4-7) (3-3 WYL)
NEW Head Coach is Josh Kloster
The Tigers come in with some questions so stay tuned on just how good the Tigers will be. The Tigers are always that team that could get some new players in from the Air Base and boom…they are a contender.
The new Tigers QB will be junior Justin Holaday who is smart and has a very good arm. Senior running back Brandon Hardgrove is fast and strong so keep an eye on this guy! Leading the receivers will be Steven Wilhite who will stretch the field.
Leading the defense will be Pag Meter All Star junior William Kloster who will be a force in the middle and at running back.
The X factor will be the offensive line and the defensive secondary.

Tigers schedule
Aug 17 Beat Clovis East T Wolves 7-6
Aug 24 Beat Chowchilla Tribe 43-18
Aug 30 Lost to Tulare Western Mustangs 35-0
Sept 7 Lost to Sanger Apaches 49-41
Sept 14 Lost to Tulare Union Tribe 49-0
Sept 28 Lost to Redwood Rangers 21-14
Oct 5 Lost to El Diamante Miners 24-6
Oct 12 Lost to Golden West Trailblazers 71-40
Oct 19 Lost to Mt. Whitney Pioneers 49-37
Oct 26 Lost to Hanford Bullpups (75th annual Milk Can Game) 42-6

Last year the Wildcats went (7-4) (5-0 NYL CHAMPIONS)
Head Coach Gordon Wood
The Wildcats come in with young talent and will contend in the NYL.
The new QB will be sophomore Ekin Vu and he can make every throw and smart. The team is already believing in their QB.
Senior Davon Jones (LB) is the best running back that nobody knows about. Fast and strong. New transfer from Riverdale is senior Elias Baraja (LB) and he will get plenty of carries.
The receivers are good with seniors Dacova Sneed (DB) who has great speed with great hands. Also at receiver will be Marquay JJ Williams (DB), Juniors Phan Vann (DB) and Elias Soliz (DB/K).
Offensive line is real good with seniors Johnny Smith (DL), Myles Williams (TE/DL), 380 lbs Gabe Clark (DL) and sophomore Jeffrey Martin (DL) who comes in at 315 lbs.
The Wildcats defense will be very fast and leading the way will be Jr Myles Williams who is 6’3, 220 lbs and junior Edward Baraja (QB/S) who transferred in from Riverdale. .
The X factor will be the Wildcats offensive and can they finish drives with points. This team will be very good by playoff team and the favorites to win the NYL.

Wildcats schedule
Aug 17 Lost to Frontier Titans 42-15
Aug 23 Lost to Clovis North Broncos 50-7
Aug 31 Lost to Selma Bears 21-13
Sept 7 Lost to Clovis East T Wolves 35-22
Sept 14 Lost to Stockdale Mustangs 42-6
Sept 28 Beat McLane Highlanders 46-6
Oct 5 Lost to Fresno High Warriors 19-16
Oct 12 Beat Hoover Patriots 37-18
Oct 19 Lost to Roosevelt Rough Riders 28-16
Oct 26 Beat Reedley Pirates 43-7
Nov 2 Lost to Hanford Bullpups 40-21

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