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Pag Meter Line Central -6
These teams have met in big playoff games the last two years.
Last year Central beat Bakersfield 35-27 and the Grizzlies went on to win their 1st Valley Championship in school history.
In 2016, the Drillers beat the Grizzlies 21-14 and the Drillers won their 37th Valley Championship in school history.
The big game is back at Central for the 3rd straight year. Big advantage for the Grizz.
The Drillers come in beating Bullard 51-25. Wesley Wilson rushed for 149 yards and scored on a 2-yard TD run. Carl Jones caught a 27-yard TD pass from Cam Williams and scored 2 TD’s on runs of 48 and 21 yards.
The Grizzlies beat Edison 42-21. Trent Tompkins went 21-39 for 312 yards, with 4 TD passes and scored on a 20-yard TD run. Jeremiah Hunter, Tyrell Grayson, Quali Conley, and David Brown each caught TD passes.
The X factor in this game is the Drillers turnover issues and can the Grizzlies slow down the Drillers triple option if the Drillers don’t turn the ball over?? The Grizzlies D-line needs to play a great game.
This game will have so much team speed on both sides of the ball.
Both teams have dangerous Quarterbacks with the Drillers Cam Williams vs the Grizzlies Trent Tompkins. Two years ago when Trent was a sophomore, the Grizzlies blew a lead against Bakersfield and that game fired up the Grizzlies to win it all last year. The big question will the Grizzlies still have the same fire in their belly for this game as they did last year??
Will Cam Williams and his speedy teammates have the fire this year?
Can the Grizzlies offensive line have a game against a speedy blitzing pass rush from the Drillers? The Grizzlies O-line struggles against a good D-line.
The Drillers are loaded with talent with Isaiah Jernagin, Carl Jones, Ceyontay Bell and Jacob Zeimet but one thing that the Drillers don’t have is the gunslinger Trent Tompkins!!
Never bet against TT!
The Grizzlies are a 2nd half team so the Drillers need to start fast and play with a lead. The Drillers can NOT put the ball on the field turf and win. Both teams are big play teams that will score at any moment. This should be a real good game!
Pag Meter Prediction Central 35 Bakersfield 30

Bakersfield High 7 14 6 7 — 34
Central 7 7 14 18 — 46
1st quarter
C – Trent Tompkins 20-yard run (Cuevas kick)
B- Cam Williams 34-yard run (Bonner kick)
2nd quarter
B- Wesley Wilson 2-yard run (Bonner kick)
C – Quali Conley 28-yard run (Cuevas kick)
B – Ceyontay Bell 8-yard run (Bonner kick)
3rd quarter
B – Wesley Wilson 3-yard run (Kick failed)
C – Trent Tompkins 49-yard pass to Quali Conley (Cuevas kick)
C – Trent Tompkins 2-yard pass to Manuel Oliver-Davis (Cuevas kick)
4th quarter
B – Wesley Wilson 7-yard run (Bonner kick)
C – Trent Tompkins 37-yard pass to Quali Conley (kick failed)
C – Trent Tompkins 67-yard pass to Jeremiah Hunter (kick failed)
C – Trent Tompkins 30-yard run (pass failed)
Individual stats
Bakersfield: Cam Williams 10-93, Wilson 21-83, Issac Jernigan 5-64, Ceyontay Bell 9-56, Carl Jones 3-13, Isaiah Jernigan 2-12.
Central: Quali Conley 17-117, Trent Tompkins 13-100, Tre Maxwell 1-2.
Bakersfield: Cam Williams 10-18-0-153
Central: Trent Tompkins 18-29-1-327.
Bakersfield: Carl Jones 2-95, Issac Jernigan 4-23, Ceyontay Bell 2-18, Wesley Wilson 1-11
Central: Jeremiah Hunter 7-139, Quali Conley 2-86, Milton Clements 4-47, Manuel Oliver-Davis 3-29, David Brown 1-15, Tyrell Grayson 1-2.

Pag Meter Line Buchanan -3
This is a rematch from September 7th and the Bears beat up the Patriots 28-13 at Liberty.
The Patriots defensive leader Hunter Riley did not play in the game.The Bears RB Kendall Milton played at about 40 % from a sprained ankle and RB Levi Willems rushed for 133 yards.
In this game Milton is healthy and Riley is back.
The Bears wore down the Patriots on a hot night on Sept 7. Since then the Patriots have won 8 straight and the defense has been off the charts good!
The Patriots come in beating Clovis 42-20. Sammy Stewart Jr rushed for 148 yards, scored 2 TD’s and Hector Gonzalez threw 3 TD passes.
The Bears come in beating Arroyo Grande 48-17. Kendall Milton rushed for 158 yards, scored 3 TD’s, Levi Willems scored a TD, DJ Stevenson threw 2 TD passes including a 90-yard TD pass to Jalen Cropper, and a 14-yarder to Brandon Hernandez.
It’s the powerful Patriots vs the speedy and powerful Bears.
The X factor in this game is plenty of Patriots players played both ways in the first meeting, the Patriots ran out of gas in the 2nd half. Nothing has changed and Liberty will play most both ways. Also can the Bears slow down Sammy Stewart? THEY DID NOT!
Both QB’s have improved so much since the first meeting with the Patriots Hector Gonzalez vs the Bears sophomore DJ Stevenson and both teams will need a big game from their QB’s. The Patriots will focus on stopping Kendall Milton and the Bears need to unleash Brock Jones and Jalen Cropper into the offense to win. THEY DID NOT! When Brock and Cropper are in the mix along with a healthy Milton…the Bears are very tough to deal with. I’m stumped on why the Bears only let Cropper touch the ball ONE time!
The Patriots will try to pound the ball with big Sammy and the Bears are hard to run against.
Looking at the X factor and it’s huge with the Patriots players playing both ways vs a fresh team that doesn’t. Both defenses are real good. The Patriots better be in shape in this one on the road. The speed of the Bears might be too much for the Patriots.
Pag Meter Prediction Buchanan 27 Liberty 24

No. 2 Clovis-Buchanan 0 14 7 3 – 23
No. 3 Liberty 0 13 7 3 – 24
1st quarter
2nd quarter
B – Kendall Milton 80-yard run (run fail)
L – Sammy Stewart 3-yard run (Brayden Blevins kick)
L – Anthony Villanueva 13-yard run (Brayden Blevins kick)
B – Jalen Cropper 93-yard kickoff return (Race Mahlum kick)
3rd quarter
B – Bradon Hernandez 20-yard pass from DJ Stevenson (Race Mahlum kick)
L – Sammy Stewart 4-yard run (Blevins kick)
4th quarter
B – Race Mahlum 36-yard field goal
L – Brayden Blevins 26-yard field goal (Game Winner)
Liberty: Sammy Stewart 37-233, Hector Gonzalez 6-22, Haden Mann 1-9, Anthony Villanueva 7-38, Dylan Holmes 1-3
Buchanan: Kendall Milton 20-194, Levi Willems 5-26, DJ Stevenson 2-2, Brock Jones 1-(-4).
Liberty : Hector Gonzalez 17-26-0-193
Buchanan: DJ Stevenson 6-10-0-63.
Liberty: Connor Matzke 5-62, Nathan Mariscal 1-5, Sammy Stewart 6-49, Ramon Henderson 2-47, Hunter Riley 2-28, Kendall Martin 1-5
Buchanan: Kendall Milton 1-5, Brock Jones 3-27, Josh Higgins 1-11, Brandon Hernandez 1-20

Pag Meter Line Tulare Union -14
Last year Dinuba had a tremendous team going 11-2. Their only losses were to Tulare Union.
This year’s Dinuba team is much better than last years Dinuba team and Tulare Union is good but not like last years’s TU team. Last years TU team was amazing! (I hope that made sense)
The Emperors come in beating up Hanford 41-14 and the score wasn’t as close as it appears. It could have been 70-0.
The Tribe beat Garces 34-27. Kaden Hernandez was all over the place and had one heck of a game for the Tribe. Hernandez blocked a punt that set up a score, 2 big sacks and scored on a fumble recovery in the end zone. Nate Lamb went 29-39 for 297 yards with 4 TD passes. Darius Baker caught 3 TD passes (4, 14 and 25 yards) and Willie James caught a 13-yard TD pass.
The Emperors match up well in this game but can the Emperors get over the fact they are playing the Tulare Union Tribe?
The Tulare Western Mustangs are real good as well but when the Tribe jogs on the field, the Mustangs get psyched out just from the Tribe uniforms. Will it be the same for the Emps?
The X factor in this game and it’s the same X factor every game… whoever plays the Tribe….Can the Emperors put pressure on Nate Lamb? If they can, Dinuba wins…if Dinuba let’s Lamb sit back and plays 7 vs 7 summer football against the Emps defense then Dinuba has ZERO chance of winning.
Both teams have real good defenses and whoever plays better vs the offenses will win.
Can the Emperors secondary have a game against James and Baker?
When the Emperors are on they can beat anybody and if the Dinuba secondary is off…the Tribe will roll. The Tribe is a throwing team and the Emperors are very good against the run.
This is a simple one to figure out…..Will the Dinuba Emperors show up and play their A game? THEY DID FOR 3 QUARTERS.
Next year the Emperors will be the heavy favorites to win it all when Josh Magana is the senior QB so can Josh have a great game his junior year? Josh comes throwing for 2,244 yards with 28 TD passes.
Pag Meter Prediction Tulare Union 34 Dinuba 30
Dinuba 7 8 15 7 37
TULARE UNION 7 7 8 22 44

1st Quarter
D — Julian Gutierrez 65-yard run (Christian Hernandez kick)
TU — David Dailey 45-yard run (Ezequiel Sanchez kick)
2nd Quarter
TU — Darius Baker 14-yard pass from Nate Lamb (Sanchez kick)
D — Josh Martinez 1-yard run (Josh Magana run)
3rd Quarter
D — Jacob Huerta 18 pass from Josh Magana (Magana run)
TU — Jonathan Calderon 18-yard pass from Josh Magana (Hernandez kick)
TU — Randy Jordan. 19-yard pass from Nate Lamb (Jordan pass from Lamb)
4th Quarter
TU — Josh Rodriguez 31-yard fumble return (Willie James pass from Lamb)
TU — Davis Dailey 4-yard run (Sanchez kick)
D — Brian Campbell 90-yard pass from Josh Magana (Hernandez kick)
TU — David Dailey 4-yard run (Sanchez kick)

Dinuba: Josh Martinez 15-75, Julian Gutierrez 6-86, Devon Mendoza 4-17, Josh Magana 6-(minus) 20.
Tulare Union: David Dailey 14-74, Nathan Lamb 6-7, Donovan Smith 2-9, Willie James 1-9, team 1-(minus) 2.

Dinuba: Josh Magana 10-21-0 226, Jacob Huerta 1-1-0 40
Tulare Union: Nate Lamb 24-39-0 305.

Dinuba: Jacob Huerta 4-82, Johnathan Calderon 3-48, Brian Campbell 1-90, Jaime Ramirez 1-6, Gutierrez 1-0, Josh Magana 1-40
Tulare Union: Darius Baker 10-80, Randy Jordan Jr. 7-92, Willie James 5-98, Vicente Mosqueda 2-35.

Pag Meter Line Righetti High -7
Very interesting matchup with the red hot Mustangs vs the steady Warriors.
The Mustangs coming in beating No 2 Tulare Western 16-15. Elijah Hudson recovered a fumble in the end zone off bad punt snap and it turns out to be the game winner! The Mustangs defense shut down TW in the 2nd half. QB Evan Burkhart threw for 199 yards, rushed for 105 yards.
The Warriors beat Frontier 33-16. Adan Solis rushed for 126 yards and scored 2 TD’s. Kidasi Nepa rushed for 102 yards and scored on TD runs of 17 and 47 yards.
The X factor is the Warriors defense vs Evan Burkhart. The Warriors held Burkart to 69 rushing yards. Evan is flat out dangerous when he has the football. Burkhart will run the zone read offense and will turn nothing into a big gain with his speed. Very tough to defend.
The Warriors are a physical team that will be running down hill at the Mustangs.
Can the Mustangs defense stay with the Warriors running attack? THEY CRUSHED IT! The Mustangs did a real good job shutting down the TW Mustangs running attack. The big difference could be the Warriors can throw the ball much better than TW and if it wasn’t for a bad snap, TW would be hosting the Warriors.
The Warriors better be ready for the Evan Burkhart road show because it is fun to watch.
Pag Meter Prediction Righetti High 33 Stockdale 27


The Mustangs defense played their best game of the year. Brandon Giddings threw 2 TD passes including a 30-yard TD to Chase Reynoso to start the scoring. Elijah Shuffield turned a short pass into a 39-yard touchdown. Adan Solis scored on a 2-yard TD run. Righetti racked up 257 yards on the ground and limited the Mustangs to just 71. Stockdale quarterback Evan Burkhart carried the ball 17 times for 69 yards and was 13-31 through the air for 196 yards.

Pag Meter Line Memorial -32
Two weeks ago the Pioneers beat up Santa Maria 77-0. MW left their starters in and pounded Santa Maria by still throwing the football all over the yard in the 2nd half in a blow out. The tables will be turned in this one because MW could feel like Santa Maria after this one is over. The Panthers did what I expected. 
The Pioneers come in beating Madera 36-29. The Pioneers were down by 15 points and come back to win. The defense played outstanding in the 2nd half and Jaedyn Pineda hit John Hadley in the 2nd half with 3 TD passes. Hadley, caught 7 passes for 124 yards. QB Jaedyn Pineda went 19-31 for 284 yards and 5 TD passes.
The Panthers come in beating San Luis Obispo 57-23. Alec Trujillo went 9-13 for 316 yards with 3 TD passes. Jalen McMillan caught 4 passes for 120 yards,TD. Mac Dalena caught 2 passes, for 128 yards, TD. The Panthers shut it down early and will never embarrass a team in the 2nd half.
The X factor is the Pioneers offense is good the defense is not. The Pioneers defense has zero chance at slowing down the Panthers machine so for MW to stay in the game…they can’t afford to punt at all because I’m not sure if Memorial even has a punt team? SJM could score 100 points in this one but that’s not the Panthers style because they are focused on winning the state. Look for SJM to get a big lead before shutting it down and letting the Pioneers get some sloppy points.
Pag Meter Prediction Memorial 60 Mt Whitney 28


Alec Trujillo went 22-27 for 306 yards and 4 TD passes.Leonard Glass rushed for 172 yards and scored 3 TD’s. Jalen McMillan caught 6 passes for 101 yards,TD. Mac Dalena caught 8 passes, for 92 yards, TD. Josh Kelly caught 6 footballs for 81 yards and scored a TD.

Pag Meter Line Bakersfield Christian -7
This is one of the toughest games of the night to pick.
The Vikings beat CVC and CVC beat the Eagles but it’s never that easy because it’s all about matchups and who is playing good/bad football at the time.
The Vikings come in beating West 35-7. The Vikings are playing very good defense.
The Eagles beat Highland 49-7. Jacob Maran threw for 207 yards with 3 TD passes and rushed for 113 yards. The Eagles defense played outstanding and Donte Harris rushed for 102 yards, scored 3 TD’s.
The Vikings are a completely different team since Jett Jackson has taken over at QB and the Eagles QB Jacob Maran is making a huge difference with the offense. The Eagles offense was sputtering at the time when they lost to CVC.
The Eagles have plenty of team speed. Both teams will lead with the run. The Vikings have power running back Bo Jackson and the Eagles have the speedster Donte Harris.
The X factor is the defensive side of the ball vs two very good offenses.
Pag Meter Prediction Bakersfield Christian 33 Kingsburg 30

Kingsburg – 0 7 0 0 – 7
BCHS – 7 14 7 0 – 28

1st quarter
B – Keonte Glinton 14-yard pass from Jacob Maran (Guillory kick)
2nd quarter
B – Keonte Glinton 29-yard pass from Jacob Maran (Guillory kick)
B – Donte Harris 6-yard run (Guillory kick)
K – Kaden Tate 12-yard pass from Jett Jackson (Parrish kick)
3rd quarter
B – Myran Randle 9-yard pass from Jacob Maran (Guillory kick)
4th quarter 0-0
Individual statistics
Bakersfield C: Donte Harris 15-62, Jacob Maran 11-51, Tate Eenigenburg 1-(-1)
Kingsburg: Jett Jackson 23-115, Bo Jackson 3-56, Travis Hall 1-0.
Bakersfield C: Jacob Maran 15-26-1-251, Tyler Ronk 0-1-0-0
Kingsburg : Jett Jackson 8-26-3-80
Bakersfield C: Keonte Glinton 6-89, Myran Randle 4-77, Donte Harris 1-5, Ben Yurosek 3-48, Alex Wallace 1-32.
Kingsburg : Kaden Tate 2-32, Micah Spomer 2-9, Jadon Spomer 3-37, Blake Spomer 1-2

Pag Meter Line Golden West -4
It’s Wing T vs the Wing T so there should be no secrets in this one. This game could be over by 8:30 on a 7pm kickoff. Practice is easy on both sides of the ball. Both of these teams are pretty young.
The Tigers come in beating No 1 Porterville 20-7. Sophomore Christian Alvarez rushed for 156 rushing yards and Elias Salinas rushed for 112 yards.
The Blazers come in beating Kerman 51-30. Sophomore Lonnie Wessel rushed for 198 yards, scored 2 TD’s, threw a TD pass to Josah Washington and had an interception.
Leading the way for the Blazers are the Wessels, identical twin sophomore brothers of Lonnie, who is a 200 lb fullback and middle linebacker and Michael who is a running back and also at outside linebacker and plays at 185 lb.
The X factor which defensive front plays better against the Wing T? The Blazers are the defending Champions and this should be a battle to the final seconds.
Pag Meter Prediction Golden West 27 Wasco 25

Wasco  7 0 0 0 – 7
Golden West 0 26 0 0 – 26
1st Quarter
W: Christian Alvarez 2-yard run (Lalo Solis kick)
2nd Quarter
GW: Michael Wessel 1-yard run (Alberto Nunez kick)
GW: Jose Ramos 32-yard pass from Tyson Sandri ( Nunez kick)
GW: Michael Wessel 23-yard run (kick failed)
GW: Christian Ortiz 52-yard run (run failed)

Wasco: Christian Alvarez 22-102, Elias Salinas 10-50, Joel Rocha 5-21, Jacob Villanueva 2-18, Justin Horton 1-1, Noah McClain 1-1
Golden West: Christian Ortiz 27-197, Michael Wessel 10-66, Lonnie Wessel 13-58, Tyson Sandri 5-(-)11
Wasco: Jacob Villanueva 2-14-1-12
Golden West: Tyson Sandri 2-2-0-50
Wasco: Arturo Romero 1-9, Oso Velez 1-3
Golden West: Jose Ramos 1-32, Josiah Washington 1-18

Pag Meter Line CVC -31
It’s the Marauders outstanding offense vs the Cavaliers outstanding defense.
The Marauders come in beating North 48-45 in overtime. Aidan Galvan rushed for 234 yards on 34 carries. QB Antonio Andrade threw for 214 yards and 3 TD’s. Trayvon Bradford caught 7 passes for 117 yards and a TD.
The Cavaliers beat Washington Union Panthers 48-7. Jaalen Rening returned a kickoff for a 86-yard TD, rushed for 187 yards and scored on TD runs of 54 and 61 yards.
The X factor is the Cavaliers defense is much better than the Marauders defense. The Marauders struggled against the North Stars physical style and CVC is big and physical and leading the way is one of the best defensive lineman in the state with Dirk Nelson. The Marauders will have to win this game in a shootout.
Pag Meter Predictions CVC 54 Monache 23

Monache 0 0 7 7 14
CVC 42 19 0 0 61
1st quarter
CVC – Eric Dragt 1-yard run (Luke Altermatt kick)
CVC – Jaalen Rening 78-yard pass from Eric Dragt (Altermatt kick)
CVC – Jaalen Rening 94-yard interception return (Altermatt kick)
CVC – Jaalen Rening 6-yard run (Altermatt kick)
CVC – Jaalen Rening 50-yard run (Altermatt kick)
CVC – Simon Tevelde interception return (Altermatt kick)
2nd quarter
CVC – Simon Tevelde 11-yard pass from Eric Dragt ( kick no good)
CVC – Seth Stoneroad 19-yard run (Altermatt kick no good)
CVC – Simon Tevelde 33-yard pass from Eric Dragt (Altermatt kick)
3rd quarter
M – Aidan Galvan 1-yard run (Anthony Valencia kick)
4th quarter
M – Aidan Galvan 11-yard run (Valencia kick)
Individual statistics
Monache: Aidan Galvan 25-108, Antonio Andrade 9-(minus) 9, Adrian Almendarez 6-28
CVC: Jaalen Rening 7-94, Eric Dragt 3-3, Seth Stoneroad 4-36, Dylan Koetsier 6-20, Deuce Benavente 5-31
Monache: Antonio Andrade 12-23-5 158, Sullivan Focke 0-2-0 0
CVC: Eric Dragt 6-9-0 181.
Monache: Treyvon Bradford 2-26, Tori Powell 4-44, Marcus Salazar 3-45, Aidan Galvan 2-33, Taylon Hall 1-10
CVC: Brian Noel 1-25, Jaalen Rening 1-78, Simon Tevelde 3-51, Dustin Van grouw 1-27

Pag Meter Line Shafter -16
This is a battle of the spread offense vs the spread offense.
The Tigers come in beating Lindsay 30-22. Victor Rojas rushed for 153 yards and scored a TD’s. Bryan Cuevas caught 7 passes for 113 yards from QB Damian Hernandez who has thrown for 2,755 yards and 28 TD passes on the year.
The Generals beat the Dos Palos Broncos 50-22. Alex Aguilar went 14-30 for 230 yards with 6 TD passes and rush for 60 yards with a TD. Pedro Avila rushed for 114 yards on 13 carries, Jackson Sanchez rushed for 86 yards on 6 carries, scored a TD, and Marco Rodriguez caught 3 TD passes
The X factor is the Tigers defense going against the Generals offense. Can the Tigers come in and play their A game and pull the upset? Everybody in Bakersfield is planning on the Generals playing for the State so the Tigers are playing with house money so why not show Shafter that the Tigers are a real good team. The Tigers can’t turn the ball over and expect to win.
Pag Meter Prediction Shafter 44 Woodlake 28


Alex Aguilar finished with 349 total yards (192 rushing, 157 passing) with 4 rushing touchdowns and 2 TD passing touchdowns.

Pag Meter Line Carruthers -3
People will look at this game and say Kennedy should win because they have played the tougher schedule over Caruthers but I guarantee, those are the people that haven’t seen Caruthers play let alone know where the town of Caruthers is.
The Thunderbirds come in beating Arvin 44-20. Tyreak Walker rushed for 246 yards and scored 2 TD’s.
The Blue Raiders beat Firebaugh Eagles 38-6. The defense had a outstanding night shutting down the Eagles. Chris Puga rushed for 130 yards and scored 2 TD.s. Bobby Staley rushed for 84 yards and scored 2 TD’s.
This is a battle of two of the best running backs in the valley with the Thunderbirds Tyreak Walker who has rushed for 1,693 yards and has scored 22 touchdowns vs Blue Raiders, Chris Puga who has rushed for 1,772 yards, and has scored 36 TD’s.
The X factor is the passing game. The Birds can’t throw the football so if the Blue Raiders can force the Birds in 3rd and long…huge for the Blue Raiders. The Blue Raiders run more offensive formations than any team in the valley.
Pag Meter Prediction Caruthers 27 Kennedy 23


Tyreak Walker rushed for 311 yards scored 5 TD’s and for the year he has rushed for 2004 yards. Yoncanni Sandoval rushed for 211 yards, scored 2 TD’s and for the year has rushed for 1,119 yards.

Pag Meter Line Strathmore -10
This is for the Championship!
This is a rematch from Oct 7 when the Spartans crushed the Golden Bears 53-7.
It’s the red hot Golden Bears vs the Red Hot Spartans.
The Golden Bears come in beating Orange Cove 25-20. Gavin Gamble rushed for 97 yards and scored 2 TD’s.
The Spartans beat California City 27-6. Alonso Acevedo rushed for 228 yards and scored 3 TD’s.
Don’t go by the Oct 7th meeting when Strathmore beat up Sierra Pacific because Sierra Pacific is light years better now.
The X factor is the Golden Bears offense vs the Spartans defense. Against Orange Cove, Golden Bears QB Chad Leslie who runs the Pistol Wing T went out with an injury. The Golden Bears went to speedy Gavin Gamble at QB. The Golden Bears went to a spread and away from the Pistol and it was very effective. Orange Cove wasn’t ready and Gamble did a great job pulling it and running.
If Gamble has a great game along with Golden Bears defense….Sierra Pacific can knock off the defending State Champions.
Pag Meter Prediction Strathmore 34 Sierra Pacific 24


The young SPARTANS ARE 3-PEAT CHAMPIONS. Amazing story! Jeromy Blackwell has 135 wins in 18 seasons at Spartans Stadium. He’s won 42 of 44 games since 2016. His current 12-1 chase for the title comes after losing 17 players to graduation last year. 


  • Wasco vs Golden West. You have them favored by 3 with their two common opponents being Madera South which Wasco beat by two more TD’s and Porterville which Golden West lost too and Wasco beat 20 – 7. I know your a northern homer but c’mon man. Wasco rolls by 3 TD’s. Just like two years ago in the Valley game for Baseball I told you Wasco would win but your a HOMER and thought the northern team played a tougher schedule and favored them. They had 5 more losses than Wasco. Not to mention riding a 24 game win streak. Wasco is finally healthy and running on all cylinders. Not to mention 6 Sophmores that start (5 on offense).

  • People good morning so I agree almost fully in the predictions but I do have a few hiccups first Mount Whitney versus Memorial now Whitney does have a nice offense Memorial has a great offense but Memorial’s offense is one-dimensional it causes for one thing over-the-top passes big catches and big plays my Whitney has a nice defense it’s just their coaching is kind of bad at times it’s not like they don’t see the field it’s just that I feel like they’re intimidated by some of the bigger teams because they haven’t played none of the bigger teams such as Memorial as you stated memorials looking at a state championship they got they eyes on the prize Whitney ain’t even had a dream about state championships now before you get this impression that I’m an alumni or I go to the school or I’ve been there before that’s not the case at all I graduated from Central class of 1998 go Grizzlies but for the most part and they play their hearts out and it’s not about blowing kids out I understand that but when you’re playing a game that consists of points and whoever has the most points wins got to put a foot on the neck never let up I don’t care if the score is 110-0 you don’t let up have a great weekend

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