**The All time passing Yardage Record in the Central Section is Sam Metcalf of the Farmersville Aztecs from 2011-14 with 11,924 yards and first in TD passes with 142. The race is on….

**Career passing marks for these three outstanding QB’s.
No 1 Alec Trujillo Memorial Panthers, 9,720 yards (92 TD passes)
No 2  Trent Tompkins Central Grizzlies, 9,534 yards (113 TD passes)
No 3 Nathan Lamb Tulare Union Tribe, 9,254 yards (102 TD passes)

**The Record in the Central Section for total Touchdowns scored for a Quarterback in a season is 62 set by Brandon Jones from Bakersfield Christian in 2013. (54 TD passes, scored 8 TD’s)

**2018 TD race is on…
No 1 Alex Aguilar, Shafter Generals (44) 28 TD passes, scored 15 TD’s and had a pick 6.
No 2 Trent Tompkins (43) 40 TD passes, scored 3 TD’s. 

**Top Valley Passers
No 1 Trent Tompkins, Central Grizzlies, 2804 yards, 40 TD’s
No 2 Martin Urroz, Minarets Mustangs, 2486 yards, 24 TD’s
No 3 Nathan Lamb, Tulare Union Tribe, 2,472 yards, 33 TD’s
No 4 Colt Nelson, Madera Coyotes, 2,312 yards, 35 TD’s
No 5 Alex Aguilar, Shafter Generals, 2,180 yards, 29 TD’s
No 6 James Rodriguez, Parlier Panthers, 2,172 yards, 20 TD’s
No 7 Alec Trujillo, Memorial Panthers, 2,144 yards, 26 TD’s
No 8 Jaedyn Pineda, Mt Whitney Pioneers, 2,062, 31 TD’s

**Top Valley Rushing Leaders
No 1 Wyatt Roth, Liberty Madera Hawks 1,458 yards, 25 TD’s
No 2 Tairyn Johnson, Tulare Western Mustangs 1,406 yards, 22 TD’s
No 3 Adan Solis, Righetti High Warriors, 1,306 yards, 15 TD’s
No 4 Chris Puga, Caruthers Blue Raiders 1,247 yards, 26 TD’s
No 5 Jerry Huerta, Orosi Cardinals, 1,197 yards, 16 TD’s
No 6 Aidan Galvan, Monache Marauders, 1,173 yards, 18 TD’s

**Top Valley Receivers
No 1 Preston Conti, Minarets Mustangs 1,047 yards, 47 Receptions, 14 TD’s
No 2 Jackson Sanchez, Shafter Generals 940 yards, 58 Receptions, 11 TD’s
No 3 Darius Baker, Tulare Union Tribe 851 yards, 45 Receptions, 13 TD’s
No 4 Ivan Sanchez, Parlier Panthers 839 yards, 51 Receptions, 10 TD’s
No 5 Bryan Cueves, Woodlake Tigers 759 yards, 52 Receptions, 7 TD’s

**Top Valley Touchdown Leaders
No 1 Tairyn Johnson, Tulare Western Mustangs 27
No 2 Wyatt Roth, Liberty Madera Hawks 26
No 2 Chris Puga, Caruthers Blue Raiders 26
No 3 Alonso Acevedo, Strathmore Spartans 22
No 4 Chris Puga. Caruthers Blue Raiders 22
No 5 Mario Reynosa, Orange Cove Titans 21

**Top Valley Tackle leaders
No 1 Salvador Garcia. Monache Marauders 124
No 2 William Kloster, Lemoore Tigers 114
No 3 Elijah Castro, Arroyo Grande Eagles 108
No 4 Tyler Wright, Kerman Lions 99
No 5 Matthew Bayaca, Highland Scots 96

**Top Valley Sack Leaders
No 1 James Johnson, North Stars 13
No 2 Tyler Mello, Hanford Bullpups 11.5
No 3 Caleb Thomas, Righetti High Warriors 10
No 3 Ramiro Correa, Firebaugh Eagles 10
No 4 Jonathan Jennings, Centennial Golden Hawks 9
No 5 Skyler Smith, Boron Bobcats, 8
No 5 Chad Lincoln, San Luis Obispo Tigers 8
No 5 Ben Yurosek, Bakersfield Christian Eagles 8





No 1 CENTRAL GRIZZLIES (8-0) (3-0 TRAC) vs Clovis West Golden Eagles (Fri)
Beat Clovis North Broncos 48-14. Trent Tompkins threw for 451 yards and 4 TD Passes. For the year, Trent has thrown for 2,804 yards with 40 TD passes. For his career Trent has thrown 113 TD passes.  The Grizzlies will be the No 1 seed and the TRAC Champions again just like last year.





No 2 BUCHANAN BEARS (6-2) (2-1 TRAC) vs Clovis East T Wolves (Friday)
Beat Clovis Cougars 28-7. Kendall Milton scored 3 touchdowns and Jalen Cropper scored on a 15-yard TD run.  The defense is playing lights out. The Buchanan Bears should be the No 2 seed and head into the playoffs at 8-2. 





No 3 LIBERTY PATRIOTS (7-1) (3-0 SWYL) vs Garces Rams (Fri)
Beat Stockdale Mustangs 31-7. In 3 SWYL games, the Patriots are 124-7. The Patriots are looking to be the repeat SWYL Champs and the No 3 seed with 2 more wins.   

The Patriots get a forfeit win over Mission Viejo from week 1 because Mission Viejo played with an illegal player.





No 4 BAKERSFIELD DRILLERS (6-2) (3-0 SWYL) at Centennial Golden Hawks (Friday)
Beat Frontier 35-7. Isaac Jernigan caught 4 passes for 61 yards, caught 2 touchdown passes from Cameron Williams, and scored a 10-yard touchdown run.  With 2 more wins the Drillers will battle for the No 2 seed and for sure the No 3 seed. 





No 5 TULARE UNION TRIBE (8-0) (3-0 EYL) vs Mission Oak Hawks (Fri)
Beat Porterville Panthers 49-0.  The Tribe defense is red hot with 20 straight quarters without giving up a point.  5 STRAIGHT GAMES!  The Tribe have won 25 straight regular-season games. QB Nate Lamb now with a school record 102 TD passes. 





No 6 MEMORIAL PANTHERS (8-0) (3-0 CMAC) at Madera Coyotes (Fri)
Beat Edison Tigers 41-14. QB Alec Trujillo went 15-23 for 215 yards and 2 TD passes. The Panthers snapped the long time losing streak to the Tigers dating back to 1975. 





No 7 TULARE WESTERN MUSTANGS (8-0) (3-0 EYL) vs Monache Marauders at Tulare (Thurs)
Beat Mission Oak Hawks 49-0.  RB Tairyn Johnson wasn’t feeling well so his buddy’s stepped up for him. Senior Andrew Davis rushed for 65 yards and scored 3 TD’s. Sophomore Rolondo Holmes scored 2 TD’s. The Mustangs defense is playing some great football. The Mustangs will be 9-0 heading into the Bell game. 





No 8 CLOVIS COUGARS (5-3) (1-2 TRAC) vs Clovis North Broncos (Friday)
Lost to Buchanan Bears 28-7. The Cougars are looking to finish at 7-3 and the No 5 seed. 




No 9 ST JOSEPH KNIGHTS (6-2) (2-0 Mountain) vs Paso Robles Bearcats (Friday) 
Beat Astascadero Greyhounds 49-14. The Knights had a 42-7 lead at the half before shutting it down in the 2nd half. Chase Artopoeus  threw 4 TD passes. Next week at Reghetti High for the Mountain League Championship.  



No 10 RIGHETTI HIGH WARRIORS (8-1) (3-0 Mountain) Bye (Friday)
Beat Arroyo Grande Eagles 46-24. The Warriors beat the Eagles for the first time since 2009. Senior Brandon Giddings is back QB after junior Logan Mortensen went down with a collarbone injury. Adan Solis rushed for 127 yards and scored 2 TD’s.  2 weeks to prepare for the Mountain League Championship vs St Joseph. 




No 11 BAKERSFIELD CHRISTIAN EAGLES (5-3) (3-0 SYL) at Independence Falcons (Friday)
Beat Ridgeview Wolf Pack 16-10. Jacob Maran fired a 75-yard touchdown pass to Keonte Glinton with 2:13 to go and the game winner. A win this week at Indy and the Eagles are the South Yosemite League Champions.



No 12 SANGER APACHES (7-1) (3-0 CMAC) vs Edison Tigers at Ratcliffe Stadium (Fri)
Beat Madera South Stallions 63-19. Damian Duarte rushed for 127 yards and scored on TD’s runs of 25, 52 and 25 yards. The Apaches are the quietest 7-1 team in the valley that nobody is talking about. This week is the 38th meeting vs Edison and Sanger owns the series 22-15.    



No 13 DINUBA EMPERORS (6-2) (2-1 CSL) vs Exeter Monarchs (Friday)
Beat Kingsburg Vikings 47-35. QB Josh Magana went 13-18 passes for 280 yards with 2 TD passes. Josh Martinez scored 4 TD’s. The Emperors X factor for the playoffs, do they have enough defense to compete with the Top division 2 teams? 


No 14 KINGSBURG VIKINGS (6-2) (2-1 CSL) vs Hanford West Huskies (Friday)
Lost to Dinuba Emperors 47-35. The Vikings match up well with CVC but struggled vs the Dinuba offense. The Vikings offense is dangerous. 


No 15 CVC CAVALIERS (6-2) (2-1 CSL) vs Hanford West Huskies (Friday)
Beat Hanford West Huskies 70-12. The good news is the Cavaliers should be the No 1 team in the division 4 playoffs.  Looking to be Tri Champions in the CSL. 


No 16 EDISON TIGERS (4-4) (2-1 CMAC) vs Sanger Apaches at Ratcliffe Stadium (Friday) 
Lost to Memorial Panthers 41-14. The Tigers had no answers against the Panthers machine. The Tigers kryptonite for years is beating Sanger. 


No 17 ARROYO GRANDE EAGLES (6-3) (1-2 Mountain) vs Atascadero Greyhounds (Friday)
Lost to Righetti High Warriors 46-24. The X factor for the Eagles in the division 1 playoffs is the defense. The Eagles could be looking at a home playoff game in the 1st round with a 7-3 record.


No 18 GARCES RAMS (3-5) (2-1 SWYL) at Liberty Patriots (Friday) 
Beat Centennial Golden Hawks 31-23. The Rams will finish the SWYL with a 3-2 record and the Rams will be tough in the division 2 playoffs. 


No 19 RIDGEVIEW WOLF PACK (5-3) (2-1 SYL) vs Tehachapi Warriors (Friday) 
Lost to Bakersfield Christian Eagles 16-10. It’s one of those years for the Pack where they can’t beat the teams in front of them in the rankings. This week they will steam roll Tehachapi. 



No 20 PORTERVILLE PANTHERS (6-2) (1-2 EYL) at Delano Tigers (Friday)
Lost to Tulare Union Tribe 49-0. The Panthers with a huge game next week for No 2 seed in the division 4 playoffs vs Monache Marauders. 


No 21 CENTENNIAL GOLDEN HAWKS (5-3) (1-2 SWYL) vs Bakersfield Drillers (Friday)
Lost to Garces Rams 31-23. With 6 turnovers, the G Hawks will go into the playoffs with a 2-3 SWYL record. 




No 22 Bullard Knights (2-6) (1-2 CMAC) vs Madera South Stallions at McLane (Thurs)
Beat Madera  49-27. Marcus Fulcher with a big night.  Dre Greeley with a pick-6 and Kobe Jenkins came up big on defense.



No 23 CLOVIS EAST T WOLVES (4-4) (1-2 TRAC) at Buchanan Bears (Friday)
Lost to Clovis West Golden Eagles 20-14.  After snapping the 9 year TRAC losing streak, the T Wolves forgot to show up the following week. The T Wolves will enter the playoffs at 4-6.  



No 24 HANFORD BULLPUPS (5-3) (3-0 WYL) vs Golden West Trailblazers (Thurs)
Beat Redwood Rangers 34-14. A star is born this year with junior quarterback Juaron Watts-Brown who had 245 yards of total offense. Scored 2 TD’s and threw 2 TD passes. The Bullpups are in the driver seat to win the WYL. 


No 25 INDEPENDENCE FALCONS (6-2) (3-0 SYL) vs Bakersfield Christian Eagles (Friday)
Beat West Vikings 35-20. The next 2 weeks are the toughest part of the schedule with BC and Ridgeview. 


No 26 MT WHITNEY PIONEERS ((4-4) (1-2 WYL) vs Lemoore Tigers (Fri)
Beat El Diamante Miners 42-20. QB Jaedyn Pineda has now thrown for 2,062 yards with 31 TD passes. If the Pioneers play defense…they are a dangerous team.



No 27 CARUTHERS BLUE RAIDERS (8-0) (2-0 WSL) vs Orange Cove Titans (Friday)
Beat Riverdale 50-7. Chris Puga rushed for 275 yards and scored 4 TD’s.  This week is for the WSL Championship. 




No 28 SHAFTER GENERALS (8-0) (2-0 SSL) vs Kennedy Thunderbirds (Friday)
( Week 9) In week 8, Beat Arvin Bears 48-0. The Generals defense is real good! Alex Aguilar threw for 363  yards, 5 TD passes and scored on a 55-yard run. The Generals will finally be tested this Friday vs the Kennedy Thunderbirds for the South Sequoia League Championship. 





No 29 KENNEDY THUNDERBIRDS (8-0) (4-0 SSL) at Shafter Generals (Friday)
Beat McFarland Cougars 70-0.  Showdown at Shafter Friday for the South Sequoia championship and the possible No 1 seed. 


No 30 LIBERTY MADERA HAWKS (7-1) (2-0 NSL) at Kerman Lions (Friday)
Beat Washington Union Panthers 35-7. Wyatt Roth rushed for 209 yards and scored 4 TD’s. For the year Roth has rushed for 1,458 yards and has scored 25 TD’s.  






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