Strathmore Spartans Beat Rosamond Roadrunners 42-32

Division 6 AA State Championship Final Score

Here are the Pag Meter Division 6 Football Rankings.
These rankings could change once the Pag Meter learns more about the teams. You have to start somewhere so here it goes!
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The Playoff dates are
November 2 (Ist Round)
November 9 (Quarterfinals)
November 16 (Semifinals)
Championship night is November 23 (The Day after Thanksgiving!)



Last year the Spartans went Strathmore Spartans (16-0) (5-0 E Seq CHAMPIONS)
Head Coach Jeromy Blackwell
The State Champs graduated 17… they have big shoes to fill after going 30-1 the last 2 years.
Senior RB Alonso Acevedo returns after rushing for 1,165 yards on only 123 carries. Most of the skill positions are veterans including senior Amando Rodriguez (RB) and junior Andre Bravo (WR).
The new QB looks like will be junior Christian Rodriguez.
Senior Jadon Guire is the lone returning O-lineman.
The Spartans are very talented, but light in the trenches.

Spartans schedule
Aug 24 Beat Boron Bobcats 48-6
Aug 31 Beat Parlier Panthers 52-12
Sept 7 Beat Orosi Cardinals 27-22
Sept 14 Beat Farmersville Aztecs 67-6
Sept 21 Beat Kern Valley Broncs 42-6
Sept 28 vs Woodlake Tigers
Oct 5 vs Sierra Pacific Golden Bears
Oct 12 at Corcoran Panthers
Oct 19 at Granite Hills Grizzlies
Oct 26 vs Lindsay Cardinals


Last year the Titans went (3-8) (2-1 E Sierra)
Head Coach Tony Gates
Plenty of Titan players return this year so look for this team to be much better. The QB will be sophomore Zack Ramirez who was brought up in the playoffs last year and did a great job. The main running back will be Mario Reynosa. Carlos Jimenez will anchor the line. The home opener will tell us a lot about the Titans.

Titans schedule
Aug 17 Beat Granite Hills Grizzlies 35-6
Aug 24 Beat Avenal Buccaneers 48-2
Aug 31 Beat Farmersville Aztecs 52-6
Sept 7 Beat Corcoran Panthers 41-0
Sept 14 Beat Riverdale Cowboys 53-16
Sept 21 Beat Minarets Mustangs 48-35
Sept 28 vs Fowler Redcats
Oct 5 at Parlier Panthers
Oct 19 at Caruthers Blue Raiders
Oct 26 vs Orosi Cardinals(Battle of the “O”)


No 3 OROSI CARDINALS (3-2) (1-1 WSL)
Last year the Cardinals went (8-4) (3-0 E Sierra CHAMPION)
Head Coach Ben White
Keep an eye on the Cardinals because if they can play some defense they can beat anybody.
Senior running back Jerry Huerta returns after a great season rushing for a school-record 2,169 yards rushing and scored 30 TDs.

Cardinals schedule
Aug 17 Beat Coalinga Horned Toads 52-45
Aug 30 Beat Granite Hills Grizzlies 28-20
Sept 7 Lost to Strathmore Spartans 27-22
Sept 14 Beat Avenal Buccaneers 49-6
Sept 21 Lost to Caruthers Blue Raiders 40-14
Sept 28 at Riverdale Cowboys
Oct 5 vs Fowler Redcats
Oct 12 at Minarets Mustangs
Oct 19 vs Parlier Panthers
Oct 26 at Orange Cove Titans (Battle of the “O”)


Last year the Cowboys went (9-3) (3-1 W Seq)
Head Coach Bryan Close
The Cowboys will be very young this year.
The QB will junior Mason Musgrave. Junior RB Jonathan Solorio is back and he has plenty of speed.
The Cowboys team will have plenty of team speed and by playoff team….Nobody will want to play the Cowboys.

Cowboys schedule
Aug 17 Lost to Yosemite Badgers 28-0
Aug 24 Beat Sierra Chieftains 42-0
Aug 30 Beat Sierra Pacific Golden Bears 21-7
Sept 7 Beat Avenal Buccaneers 28-0
Sept 14 Lost to Orange Cove Titans 53-16
Sept 21 Beat Parlier Panthers 37-27
Sept 28 vs Orosi Cardinals
Oct 12 at Caruthers Blue Raiders
Oct 19 vs Fowler Redcats
Oct 26 at Minarets Mustangs


Last year the Cougars went (3-7) (0-3 E Sierra)
Head Coach Casey Quinn
This is coach Quinn’s 2nd year and the players are buying into the Cougars system. The Cougars will be so much better this year.
Plenty return this year for the Cougars. The new QB will be Julian Avila who can move around with speed. Julian transferred in from Coach Quinn’s old team Chavez.
Senior Alex Patino is a beast at running back. Senior Vicente Hernandez, leads the wide receivers.
Leading the defense will be seniors Alexis Ruiz (LB), and Daniel Chaidez (LB).

Cougars schedule
Aug 17 Beat Avenal Buccaneers 30-6
Aug 24 Beat Tranquillity Tigers 52-0
Aug 31 Beat Coalinga Horned Toads 20-0
Sept 7 Beat Kern Valley Broncs 39-21
Sept 14 Lost to Wasco Tigers 42-14
Sept 21 Lost to Chavez Titans 36-32
Sept 28 vs Shafter Generals
Oct 5 at Taft Wildcats
Oct 12 at Kennedy Thunderbirds
Oct 19 vs Arvin Bears


Last year the Ravens went (5-6) (1-2 HDL)
Head Coach Samuel Sherman
Watch out for the Ravens because plenty return including senior QB Perrion Grays who has plenty of speed.
If the Ravens can play some defense then they can make a run at the Championship.

Raven Schedule
Aug 17 Lost to Lindsay Cardinals 34-14
Aug 24 Lost to Taft Wildcats 54-36
Aug 30 Beat Riverside Prep Silver Knights 35-0
Sept 7 Beat Lancaster Eagles 13-9
Sept 21 Lost to Polytechnic Panthers 21-6
Sept 28 at Kern Valley Broncs
Oct 5 at Boron Bobcats
Oct 12 at Brentwood Eagles (Los Angeles)
Oct 20 vs Rosamond Roadrunners
Oct 26 at Bishop Union Broncos


Last year the Grizzlies went (8-3) (3-2 E Seq)
Head Coach Dan Williams
2nd year coach Dan Williams and his staff are building a very good program and they come off a tremendous year. Last year they started out 7-0 before slumping.
Look for the Grizzlies to get better and better each week.

Grizzlies schedule
Aug 17 Lost to Orange Cove Titans 35-6
Aug 24 Lost to Porterville Panthers 47-14
Aug 30 Lost to Orosi Cardinals 28-20
Sept 7 Lost to Roosevelt Rough Riders 28-0
Sept 14 Beat Corcoran Panthers 22-19
Sept 21 Lost to Lindsay Cardinals 21-14
Oct 5 at Farmersville Aztecs
Oct 12 vs Sierra Pacific Golden Bears
Oct 19 vs Strathmore Spartans
Oct 26 at Woodlake Tigers




Last year the Golden Bears went (4-7) (3-2 E Seq)
Head Coach Dion Tate
The Golden Bears return plenty of players from last year. One Golden Bears that won’t be back will be outstanding QB Will Springer who has decided to not play football and focus on baseball. That’s a huge blow to the Golden Bears.
The defensive senior leader is linebacker Connor Chennault. Running back Matt Alfaro is looking to have a big year. Senior receiver Jayson Littlejohn is very good.
The X factor is the QB play because rest of the team is good.

Golden Bears schedule
Aug 24 Lost to Reedley Pirates 21-12
Aug 30 Lost to Riverdale Cowboys 21-7
Sept 7 Beat Hanford West Huskies 27-20
Sept 14 Beat Coalinga Horned Toads 9-6
Sept 21 Lost to Woodlake Tigers 28-12
Sept 27 vs Farmersville Aztecs at Hanford
Oct 5 at Strathmore Spartans
Oct 12 at Granite Hills Grizzlies
Oct 19 at Lindsay Cardinals
Oct 26 vs Corcoran Panthers

Last year the Roadrunners went (11-2) (4-0 HDL CHAMPIONS)
Head Coach Jeff Schank
Last year the Roadrunners got to the Championship game but lost to the state champions Strathmore Spartans 42-32.
The Roadrunners have the most dangerous player in division 6 with senior QB Isiah Escobar who threw for 2,504 yards with 32 touchdown passes, rushed for 927 yards and scored 11 touchdowns.
Plenty return and if the Roadrunners can play better defense this year they will be back to the big game.

Roadrunners schedule
Aug 17 Beat Littlerock Lobos 69-0
Aug 24 Lost to Lancaster Eagles 63-26
Aug 31 Lost to Arvin Bears 42-39
Sept 7 Beat Vasquez Mustangs 68-20
Sept 14 Lost to Hesperia Scorpions 40-18
Sept 21 Lost to Mira Monte Titans 37-20
Sept 28 vs Boron Bobcats
Oct 12 at Bishop Union Broncos
Oct 20 vs California City Ravens
Oct 26 vs Kern Valley Broncs


Last year the Mustangs went (2-8) (1-3 W Seq)
Head Coach Becher Marr
Last year the Mustangs had all the potential but off the field issues and the Mustangs just never got it going.
This year will be much different because the seniors on this team won’t let that crap happen again. This is a hard working Mustangs team!
Minarets returns every skill position starter from last season and is looking to have the biggest roster in years. The improved roster size means less guys playing two ways and much more competitive in the 2nd half of games. This roster Includes a dominant Defensive secondary that didn’t allow anybody to win in the air last season and returns every position. Offensively Minarets has too many weapons to count for such a small school from running back to all 5 of the top receivers, which showed all summer in 7 on 7 competition where they competed with a ton of D1 schools. The main weapons being their two outside receivers with seniors Zack Redman and Preston Conti both standing 6’2” about 180 lbs. The QB will be junior Martin Urroz who had a very good summer.
This is a team that should be looking at a big upside if they pull together defensively.
The X factor will be the O-line and run defense.

Mustangs schedule
Aug 17 Lost to Mariposa County Grizzlies 15-13
Aug 31 Lost to Yosemite Badgers 38-10 
Sept 7 Beat Tranquillity Tigers 67-7
Sept 14 Lost to Fowler Redcats 51-29
Sept 21 Lost to Orange Cove Titans 48-35
Sept 28 at Parlier Panthers
Oct 5 at Caruthers Blue Raiders
Oct 12 vs Orosi Cardinals
Oct 19 at Sierra Chieftains (Dam Bowl)
Oct 26 vs Riverdale Cowboys





No 11 PARLIER PANTHERS (1-5) (0-2 WSL)
Last year the Panthers went (2-8) (1-3 W Seq)
Head Coach Michael Moses
Plenty of Panthers return including senior QB James Rodriguez and his favorite receiver junior Ivan Sanchez. Junior RB Ralph Garza is fast.

Panthers schedule
Aug 17 Lost to Woodlake Tigers 52-12
Aug 24 Lost to Yosemite Badgers 52-34
Aug 31 Lost to Strathmore Spartans 52-12
Sept 7 Beat Farmersville Aztecs 56-13
Sept 14 Lost to Caruthers Blue Raiders 49-14
Sept 21 Lost to Riverdale Cowboys 37-27
Sept 28 vs Minarets Mustangs
Oct 5 vs Orange Cove Titans
Oct 12 at Fowler Redcats
Oct 19 at Orosi Cardinals


No 12 BORON BOBCATS (1-5) (0-0 HDL)
Last year the Bobcats went (2-8) Free lance
Head Coach Robert Kostopoulos
The Bobcats have 7 home games with a young team and now will play in the tough High Desert league.

Bobcats schedule
Aug 17 Beat Silver Valley Trojans 28-8
Aug 24 Lost to Strathmore Spartans 48-6
Aug 31 Lost to Rim of the World Fighting Scots 50-8
Sept 7 Lost to Rio Hondo Kares (Prep (Arcadia) 69-0
Sept 14 Lost to Village Christian Crusaders 42-14
Sept 22 Lost to Big Bear Bears 41-8
Sept 28 at Rosamond Roadrunners
Oct 5 vs California City Ravens
Oct 12 vs Kern Valley Broncs


Last year the Aztecs went (3-7) (1-2 East Sierra)
Head Coach Marco Gutierrez
Head coach Marco Gutierrez took over in week 4 last year so this year the Aztecs will be young in spots.

Aztecs schedule
Aug 17 Lost to Exeter Monarchs 49-0
Aug 24 Lost Immanuel Eagles 66-6
Aug 31 Lost to Orange Cove Titans 52-6
Sept 7 Lost to Parlier Panthers 56-13
Sept 14 Lost to Strathmore Spartans 67-6
Sept 21 Lost to Corcoran Panthers 41-10
Sept 27 vs Sierra Pacific Golden Bears at Hanford
Oct 5 vs Granite Hills Grizzlies
Oct 12 at Lindsay Cardinals
Oct 19 vs Woodlake Tigers


No 14 KERN VALLEY BRONCS (1-5) (0-0 HDL)
Last year the Broncs went (2-8) (0-3 HDL)
Head Coach Brandon Deckard
The Broncs should be much better this year with plenty of returning players including power back senior Jacob Lightner.
Senior QB 6’1 Anthony Barton is back and will be ready after a year of experience.
The offensive line will be very good with senior Logan Lytle, juniors Carlos Lopez, Kenneth King, Nick Timms and senior Adam Virto.
The defense is led by senior Trever Hurley (LB) and junior Kenneth Porter (DE)

Broncs schedule
Aug 17 Lost to Taft Wildcats 49-6
Aug 24 Beat Silver Valley Trojans 23-6
Aug 31 Lost to Mission Prep Royals 42-14
Sept 7 Lost to McFarland Cougars 39-21
Sept 14 Lost to Mira Monte Lions 34-13
Sept 21 Lost to Strathmore Spartans 42-6
Sept 28 vs California City Ravens
Oct 5 vs Bishop Union Broncos
Oct 12 at Boron Bobcats
Oct 26 at Rosamond Roadrunners
Last year the Buccaneers went (1-9) (0-5 W Sierra)
Head Coach David Lewis
The Bucs will be better this year and returning at QB will be senior Kenneth Vieira.

Buccaneers schedule
Aug 17 Lost to McFarland Cougars 30-6
Aug 24 Lost to Orange Cove Titans 48-2
Aug 31 Lost to Corcoran Panthers 42-7
Sept 7 Lost to Riverdale Cowboys 28-0
Sept 14 Lost to Orosi Cardinals 49-6
Sept 28 at Coalinga Horned Toads
Oct 5 vs Tranquillity Tigers
Oct 12 vs Mendota Aztecs
Oct 19 at Firebaugh Eagles
Oct 26 at Dos Palos Broncos


Last year the Tigers went (1-9) (1-4 W Sierra)
Head Coach Mike Martinez Sr.
The Tigers will have plenty of new faces and always plays a tough schedule

Tigers schedule
Aug 17 Lost to Fresno Christian Eagles 47-0
Aug 24 Lost to McFarland Cougars 52-0
Aug 31 Lost to Stone Ridge Christian Knights 37-7
Sept 7 Lost to Minarets Mustangs 67-7
Sept 21 Lost to Sierra Chieftains 13-7
Sept 28 at Firebaugh Eagle
Oct 5 at Avenal Buccaneers
Oct 12 vs Coalinga Horned Toads
Oct 19 at Dos Palos Broncos
Oct 26 vs Mendota Aztecs


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