The Division 2 last 10 year winners
2008 Edison beat Centennial 76-52
2009 Garces beta Liberty Bakersfield 91-78
2010 Liberty Bakersfield beat Memorial 64-56
2011 Clovis North beat Tulare Union 43-33
2012 Memorial beat Tulare Union 52-42
2013 Hanford West beat Garces 88-84
2014 Hanford beat Monache 70-55
2015 Hanford Mission Oak 64-49
2016 Lemoore beat Ridgeview 84-77
2017 Ridgeview beat Memorial 74-66
2018 Memorial beat Selma 71-66

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Pag Meter notes-The big news is Memorial Panthers Dameane Douglas sprained his ankle real bad on Friday night in the Clovis West Nike Tournament. The good news is, it’s not broken. X-Rays are coming to see if they are any torn ligaments. Stay tuned. Without Douglas, the Panthers are a completely different team.  


Breaking news

The Fresno High Warriors will have to forfeit 12 wins during the non league season. The Warriors have until Friday to appeal. 

Division 2 Playoff Bracket
The CIF and coaches did a good job in the division 2 Playoff bracket. Pag Meter had Lemoore at the No 10 seed over Fresno High because Lemoore got the win in a forfeit game.

Tuesday Results
Top bracket
No 1 Memorial Bye
No 8 Roosevelt beat No 9 Porterville 59-53

No 12 El Diamante beat No 5 Monache 72-68 
No 4 Redwood Bye

Bottom bracket
No 3 Selma Bye
No 11 Lemoore beat No 6 Tulare Union 62-52

No 10 Fresno High beat No 7 Independence 75-58 
No 2 Hanford Bye

Quarterfinals Results

No 1 Memorial beat No 8 Roosevelt 101-63

No 4 Redwood beat No 12 El Diamante 70-54

No 3 Selma beat No 11 Lemoore 75-58

No 10 Fresno beat No 2 Hanford 57-55


No 1 Memorial Panthers beat No 4 Redwood Rangers 87-66
Jalen Green with 31 pts 8 rebs..Dameane Douglas 19 pts 12 rebs 8 assists

No 3 Selma Bears beat No 10 Fresno High Warriors 61-47
Fresno (10-22): Xavier Pulido 16, Mike Roberts 7, Brandon Walker 9, Sergio Elenes 4, Avery Johnson 3, Brennon Montoya 4, Darrell Naeone 2, Keanu Holliman 2.

Selma (21-8): Will Pallesi 24,Junior Ramirez 24, Tiveon Stroud 7, Aaron Blancas 3, Manny Singh 3

The Division 2 Section Championship game 

No 3 Selma Bears vs No 1 Memorial Panthers (Pag Meter line SJM -9)

Final No 1 Memorial Panthers beat No 3 Selma Bears 71-66

The Memorial Panthers are the Division 2 Section Champions!

State Boys Basketball Playoffs Open
No 4 Sheldon beat No 5 Memorial Panthers 67-65 in overtime

Division 3 Boys (Southern)

No 2 Crossroads-Santa Monica 84 No 15 Selma Bears 57

No 1 Brentwood 53 No 16 Fresno High Warriors 46

No 4 Knight 76 No 13 Redwood Rangers 47


No 1 Memorial Panthers (25-7) (9-1 CMAC Champions) DIVISION 2 CHAMPIONS!   The Modesto Christian Tournament Champions!  The Panthers will lead with Jalen Green, and senior transfer Hanford West Dameane Douglas (verbally committed to play for Loyola Marymount) is back from a sprained ankle.  Justin Huelskamp and Jonah Geron are outstanding shooters.  Point guard Lunden Taylor is the X factor. 

No 2 Selma Bears (21-11) (9-1 CSL Champions) The defending 3 champions had to move up to division 2. Only 3 teams in California won 30 games and the Bears were one of the teams last year. Leading the Bears will be Junior Ramirez, William Pallesi.  Tiveon Stroud is back playing. Selma should be in division 3!

No 4 Redwood Rangers (20-10) (9-3 CO-WYL Champions) Senior Ryzek McRoberts leads the Rangers

No 4 Fresno High Warriors (9-23) (6-4 NYL) The Warriors had to forfeit 12 wins in non league games.

No 5 Hanford Bullpups (22-7) (9-3 CO-WYL Champions) Always very athletic. Coach Brad Felder has won 504 career games

No 6 Roosevelt Rough Riders (21-8) (7-3 NYL) Winner of the Kerman and  Mendota Tournaments. Nico Thomas Jason Gaines lead the way.

No 7 Lemoore Tigers (16-12) (6-6 WYL)  Senior Bryce Hernandez and Joemyl Ragunton are back for the Tigers along with juniors Daniel Charleston and Jayden Jones. 

No 8 El Diamante Miners (12-17) (6-6 WYL) Will be young and improving everyday

No 9 Monache Marauders (17-11) (7-3 CO-EYL Champions) Seniors Jlen Sims, Marlon Johnson and Chirrag Sidhu will have the Marauders battling in the EYL.

No 10 Tulare Union (18-11) (6-4 EYL) Jayden Cain, TyJae Breshers and Malachi Monitz lead the way until football season ends.  Coach Mark Hatton has now won 505 career games. Congratulations!!!

No 11 Independence Falcons (16-12) (7-3 SYL)  Seniors Lance Henderson, Jalen Kellams, junior Elijah Carter, and sophomore Josh Codaman lead the Falcons.

No 12 Porterville Panthers (15-14) (5-5 EYL) Moves up to division 2

No 13 Mission Oak Hawks (12-16) (3-7 EYL)  Leading the Hawks will be Arshdeep Thandi, Eric Hernandez and Seth Logan. 

No 14 Hanford West Huskies (8-19) (2-10 WYL) Seniors Wade Beasley, Seddrickk Perez and junior Desmond Howard lead the Huskies.

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