Screenshot_20171211-101839The Central Grizzlies are the 3-peat Valley Champions!

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No 1 Memorial Panthers (25-7) (9-1 CMAC CHAMPIONS) Division 2 Champions!     The Modesto Christian Tournament Champions. Senior star Dameane Douglas is back and the Panthers will be tough to beat.

No 2 Central Grizzlies (24-7) (6-4 TRAC) 3-Peat Valley Champions!

No 3 Bullard Knights (21-10) (7-3 CMAC) The Knights subbed way too much at selland!

 No 4 Sunnyside Wildcats (20-11) (10-0 NYL CHAMPIONS) The hottest team!

No 5 Bakersfield Drillers (21-8) (9-1 SWYL CHAMPIONS) Best team in the South Valley and never gives up. Very scrappy. 

No 6 Clovis West Golden Eagles (26-4) (9-1 TRAC CHAMPIONS) The Golden Eagles are out in the 1st round. Did not play the starters enough in the loss

No 7 Liberty Patriots (23-5) (8-2 SWYL) Did not play their best basketball at the end of the year

No 8 Selma Bears (20-11) (9-1 CSL CHAMPIONS) Beat coached team in the Valley

No 9 Edison Tigers (21-10) (7-3 CMAC) Polly Wilhelmsen Tournament Champions!

No 10 Clovis North Broncos (15-14) (5-5 TRAC) The Broncos got hot at the right time. 

No 11 Immanuel Eagles (20-12) (8-2 CSL) Division 3 Section Champions! Got a bad seed in the state tourney

No 12 Kerman Lions (29-4) (10-0 NSL CHAMPIONSDivision 4 Section Champions!

No 13 Buchanan Bears (15-15) (6-4 TRAC) Very streaky team

No 14 Sanger Apaches (20-11) (4-6 CMAC) HIT CHAMPIONS. 

No 15 Clovis East T Wolves (11-17) (2-8 TRAC) CE will start 4 underclassmen and leading the way will be two left handed lead guards with sophomore Jermal Pittman and Junior Shawno Roberts. 

No 16 Tulare Western Mustangs (22-6) (7-3 CO-EYL CHAMPIONS) One win away from Selland

No 17 Clovis Cougars (14-14) (2-8 TRAC) New head coach Cory Fischer will have the Cougars playing outstanding Basketball.

No 18 Centennial Golden Hawks (20-10) (5-4 SWYL) The G Hawks can put up points

No 19 Stockdale (12-13) (4-5 SWYL) If the Mustangs 3 point shooting is on…They can beat anybody

No 20 Bakersfield Christian Eagles (25-5)(12-0 S SEQ CHAMPIONS) young and very good!

No 21 Madera South Stallions (17-12) (2-8 CMAC) Has to play in the tough CMAC.

No 22 Ridgeview Wolf Pack (15-13) (9-1 SYL CHAMPIONS) The defending division 2 champions had to move to the Valley Championship division. Always dangerous.

No 23 Fresno High Warriors (10-22) (6-4 NYL) The Warriors had to forfeit 12 wins in non league games.

No 24 Hanford Bullpups (21-8) (9-3 CO-WYL CHAMPIONS) Keep an eye on Austin Serpa

Tied at 25

No 25 Redwood Rangers (20-9) (9-3 CO-WYL CHAMPIONS) The Rangers are red hot

No 25 Roosevelt Rough Riders (21-8) (7-3 NYL)  Playing good basketball

No 25 Foothill Trojans (22-9) (8-0 SEYL CHAMPIONS) Played a tough schedule





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