Screenshot_20171211-211138Kerman Lions winner of the Kingsburg Tournament

The division 4 Champion Immanuel Eagles move into division 3.

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Division 4 Playoff notes-
The big question is where do you put Madera South? The Stallions played by far the toughest schedule and every division 4 team would have had an ugly league record playing in the CMAC and against Memorial, Bullard, Edison and Sanger.
The Kerman Lions will get the No 1 seed.
The No 2 seed could go to Bakersfield Christian. Madera South beat Immanuel and Bakersfield Christian lost to Immanuel but MS lost to Madera and that will put them at the No 3 seed.  

Division 4 Playoff Bracket
The CIF?Coaches almost agreed with the Pag Meter in the Playoff Bracket.

Tuesday 1st round
Top bracket
No 16 Coalinga at No 1 Kerman
No 9 Fowler at No 8 CVC

No 12 Reedley at No 5 Granite Hills
No 13 Taft at No 4 Foothill

Bottom bracket
No 14 Caruthers No 3 Madera South
No 11 Mira Monte at No 6 Bishop Union

No 10 McFarland at No 7 Washington Union
No 15 Sierra Pacific at No 2 Bakersfield Christian


No 1 Kerman Lions (25-3) (10-0 N SEQ CHAMPIONS) Winner of the Kingsburg Tournament. Lost in the Championship of the HIT. Daniel Rico, Jacob Shubin, Hunter Macias, and Brandon Sagariballa lead the Lions. 

No 2 Bakersfield Christian Eagles (22-6) (12-0 S SEQ L CHAMPIONS) The will be very young and good with junior Erik Buetow, freshmen Seth Marantos, junior Noah Taylor.junior  A.J. Walton, freshman Seth Marantos and sophomore Ben Yurosek.  

No 3 Madera South Stallions (15-12) (2-8 CMAC) Has to play in the tough CMAC. Seniors 6’4 Kingsley Thomas is tough in the middle, junior Sequra and David Thomas lead the way for the Stallions.

No 4 Foothill Trojans (20-9) (8-0 SEYL CHAMPIONS) Playing a tough schedule with Moises Garduno who averages 9 PPG,  Squid Turner 18 PPG, Cesar Valdez 17 PPG, and Malik Tau Tau 16 PPG. 

No 5 Granite Hills Grizzlies (23-5) (9-1 E SEQ CHAMPIONS) Senior Austin Edmond, Abraham Gabinete and Armando Cabrera lead the Grizzlies.

No 6 Bishop Union Broncos (18-4) (9-1 CO-HDL CHAMPIONS) The defending High Desert Champs will be good again with seniors Tommy Ruelas, Trace Sapp and freshmen Joe Weaver.

No 7 Washington Union Panthers (16-12) (8-2 N SEQ L) Senior Devontae Massey is back averaging 25 PPG along with senior Derrick Nguyen with 16 PPG.

No 8 CVC Cavaliers (12-13) (4-6 CSL)The Cavaliers will battle in the CSL with  Grant Highstreet  who averages 21 PPG along with sophomore Luke Van Groningen at 10 PPG. Beat Kingsburg twice.

No 9 Fowler Redcats (17-9) (8-2 W SEQ) Laton Tournament Champions. Vikram Grewal is the senior Redcats leader. Beat Coalinga. Beat Caruthers 2 of 3.

No 10 McFarland Cougars (20-8) (11-3 E Sierra) Last year the Cougars won 23 games. Plenty return with seniors Ignacio Medrano, Seth Diaz, Daniel Caldron, Jose Beltran, Landon Cunningham and Fabian Escobedo. Beat Mira Monte

No 11 Mira Monte Lions (14-18) (2-6 SEYL) Playing in tough tournaments and will be battle tested with Hamed Almardhi, Aymar Cazares, Jon Huggins, Johnny James, Daryl Maiden, Alejandro  Melgoza, and Jesus Perez.

No 12 Coalinga Horned Toads (16-11) (8-2 W Sierra Champions) Senior Jasmit Briana is the Toads leader averaging 18 PPG. Beat Caruthers and lost to Kingsburg twice

No 13 Caruthers Blue Raiders (15-12) (9-1 W SEQ Champions) The Blue Raiders return plenty with junior Jashan Rahal along with the top shooter Jared Gilmore and top post player Isaac Franco. Split with Fowler. Lost to Coalinga

No 14 Taft Wildcats (12-12) (8-4 S SEQ)  Playing a tough schedule. Seniors Fano Maui, Zack Tualia, and junior Dylan Self could be the top Wildcats.

No 15 Kingsburg Vikings (9-19) (1-9 CSL) Will Not enter the tournament 

No 16 Reedley Pirates (9-20) (1-9 NYL) The Pirates will be young and leading the way will be senior 6’5 Alex Ortuno, junior Anthony Figueroa and sophomore Danny Cortez.

No 17 Kennedy Thunderbirds (9-18) (5-7 S SEQ) Will not enter the tournament

No 18 Sierra Pacific Golden Bears (11-15) (5-5 E SEQ) Senior Phillips Jackson leads the G Bears.

No 19 Exeter Monarchs (7-17) (2-8 C SEQ) Will Not enter the tournament 

No 20 Lindsay Cardinals (11-17) (6-4 E SEQ) Plenty of starters return including 2-time team MVP and ALL-ESL pick Javi Avalos. Keep an eye on a couple of sophomores with Julian Avalos and  Issac Muñoz.

No 21 Desert Scorpions (10-14) (5-5 HDL) Seniors Mohamed Rogers and Kody Phillips lead the Scorpions.

No 22 Yosemite Badgers (6-22) (2-8 N SEQ) Will Not enter the tournament 

No 23 Orosi Cardinals (11-17) (7-7 E Sierra) Will Not enter the tournament

No 24 Kern Valley Broncs (2-18) (2-8 HDL) Will Not enter the tournament 

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