Pag Meter Division 5 Baseball Preseason Rankings



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Would love to know in your game on who got the win/loss? hitting stars….highlights…etc, and we will add it in with your team schedule. It makes it much easier on when we do our Pag Meter/940 ESPN All Valley All Star team.

Corcoran, Delano, South and McLane move down to Division 5. McFarland and Sierra move up into Division 5. Teams have until Friday to appeal.
Once the Pag Meter learns more about your team and the games start then the rankings will change.

Notes coming..

Division 5 Baseball Preseason Rankings

No 1 Caruthers Blue Raiders

No 2 Liberty Madera Hawks

No 3 Minarets Mustangs

No 4 McFarland Cougars

No 5 Sierra Chieftains

No 6 Arvin Bears

No 7 Woodlake Tigers

No 8 Mendota Aztecs

No 9 Coalinga Horned Toads

No 10 Rosamond Roadrunners

No 11 Chavez Titans

No 12 Delano Tigers

No 13 Washington Union Panthers

No 14 McLane Highlanders

No 15 Bishop Union Broncos

No 16 South Rebels

No 17 Corcoran Panthers

No 18 Shafter Generals



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