Devyon Miller, SR, Bakersfield Christian Eagles
Caught 57 passes. Leaves with a divison 3 section championship ring his junior year.

Jayden Pineda, JR, Mt. Whitney Pioneers
Will come into 2018 as one of the best QB’s in the valley. He threw for 2,391 yards with 24 TD passes, rushed for 692 yards and scored 9 TD’s. The Pioneers are in good hands.

Alek Marroquin, SR, Dinuba Emperors
Rushed for 1,137 yards and scored 14 TD’s.

Devontae Freeman, SR, El Diamante Miners
One of the best RB in the south valley

Keenan Wolf, Buchanan Bears
Made 49 tackles and made some big plays for the Bears who made to the big game
Alex Aguilar, SR, Dinuba Emperors
Senior leader on the O-line

Cole Chammas, SR, Liberty Patriots
Made 89 tackles with 3 sacks playing on the D-line and team leader

Ryan Regier, SR, Clovis North Broncos
Senior leader that played both ways upfront
Howard Maxwell, JR, Roosevelt Rough Riders
NYL Offensive Player of the year

Ruben Cruz, SR, Ridgeviewview Wolfpack
One of the hardest hitters in the valley that led the Wolf Pack with 113 tackles with 3 sacks. He also rushed for 502 yards and scored 10 touchdowns.

Outstanding running back for the Toads who rushed for 1,446 rushing yards and scored 14 touchdowns. The offense started with Eric and his senior year…..could be looking at 2,000 yards!

Donta Mason, SR West Vikings
Sky’s the limit for the 6’4 and 225 pounder. He played RB, WR, ran back Kicks and punts.

Trenton Holloway, JR, Clovis North Broncos
His senior year will be very good
Lucas Tuttle, SR, Dinuba Emperors
Outstanding linebacker/Running back for the Emperors
Bryce Underwood, senior, Bakersfield Drillers
Might just be the fastest offensive linemen in the valley

Adam Aguilar, SR, Dinuba Emperors
CSL Defensive Player of the year

Erick Segura, SR, Mendota Aztecs
Leaves with a section title ring his junior year

Mario Aparicio, SR, Rosamond Roadrunners
Caught 51 passes for 1,089 and scored 19 TD passes for HDL Champions

Tanner Rocha, SR, CVC Cavaliers
Tremendous defensive back in the CSL
Montrece Fields, SR, Monache Marauders
Specialist Player of the Year in the EYL

Colton Smith, JR, Kerman Lions
Played both ways for the Lions and made 106 tackles. Next year Colton will be the main back. Made 110 tackles, rushed for 578 yards, scored 10 TD’s

Christian Ortiz, JR, Golden West Trailblazers
Played both way at Running back and linebacker, made 90 tackles and will be the top back in 2018

Wyatt Roth, JR, Liberty Madera Hawks
2018 he will be one of the best in the valley. This year rushed for 1,222 and scored 14 TD’s, made 66 tackles on defense

Josh Yubeta, SR, Highland Scots
Played both ways upfront and made 71 tackles on the D-line

Anthony Vilanueva, JR, Liberty Patriots
Very good on the D-line and made 87 tackles

Josh Magana, SO, Dinuba Emperors
Threw for 2,241 yards with 32 TD passes. 2018….watch out for 2018 because Josh will be a Pag Meter All Valley All Star

Luke Galvez, SR, Independence Falcons
The Falcons team leader on the O-line

Jorge Escalante, SR, Memorial Panthers
Played well on the offensive line for division 3 section champions

Emmanuel Castro, JR, Garces Rams
Will be one of the best offensive linemen in the south valley in 2018

Josiah Lopez, SR, Sanger Apaches
Was a big part of the Apaches offense at running back

Kai Caudell, SR, Golden West Trailblazers
Big part of the division 4 section champion offense who rushed for 1,204 and scored 13 TD’s.

Jacob Flores, SR, Rosamond Roadrunners
Defensive leader for the 11-2 Roadrunners

Alex Tyler, SR, Frontier Titans
Senior leader and made 53 tackles with 5 sacks

Ben Yurosek, SO, Bakersfield Christian Eagles
Ben will be the next superstar the next 2 years. Outstanding athlete that made 62 tackles, with 14 sacks Ben also caughts 34 passes for 342 yards and scored 3 touchdowns.

Cory Scott, SR, Bullard Knights
Played well in the Knights secondary and the defensive team leader

Max Lopez, SR, Bakersfield Drillers
Made 70 tackles with 7 sacks for the Drillers.

David Coa, SR, Woodlake Tigers
Made 50 tackles with 14 sacks for the Tigers

Gabriel Sanchez, SR, Rosamond Roadrunners
8 sacks with 54 tackles and was a huge part of the defense.

Carl Jones, JR, Golden Valley Bulldogs
I see Carl as a Pag Meter All Valley 1st team All Star in 2018 and does it all on both sides of the ball. He played QB and had 58 tackles, 2 interceptions and a sack.

Jesus Perez, SR, El Diamante Miners
Outstanding Center for the Miners

Zach Hernandez, SR, Centennial Golden Hawks
Led the team with 6 interceptions and was the team’s leading receiver with 517 yards and 6 touchdowns

Cannon Eames, SR, Yosemite Yosemite Badgers
This guy never came off the field and had one heck of a career for the Badgers.

James Johnson, JR, North Stars
Played both ways,with 18 sacks, 106 tackles. Had 748 receiving yards and score 7 TD’s

Marcus Washington, SR, Central Grizzlies
Came over from Clovis East, did a great job at linebacker and leaves with a valley championship ring

Joey Jaramillo, SR, Clovis Cougars
Made 75 tackles playing on the D-line

Romello Knight, SR, Clovis East T Wolves
The T Wolves team leader playing running back\

Dakota Helms, SR, Clovis West Golden Eagles
Played outstanding at wide receiver and defensive back

Tairyn Johnson, SO, Tulare Western Mustangs
Rushed for 826 yards and scored 9 TD’s. Could be over 2,000 yards by the time he’s a senior

J.J. Lino, SR, Central Valley Christian Cavaliers
Outstanding career at QB. This year JJ threw for 2,492 yards with 34 TD passes

Jaalen Rening, SO, CVC Cavaliers
The next superstar running back in the valley. Will be a Pag Meter All Valley 1st team All Star in 2018

Nathan Carrion, SR, Dinuba Emperors
Caught 70 passes and was the Emperors team leader
Anthony Valencia, JR, Mt. Whitney Pioneers
Caught 55 passes and scored 14 TD’s. Will be one of the top WR in 2018
Tate Eenigenburg, JR, Bakersfield Christian Eagles
14 sacks for the Eagles
Jeremiah Hunter, SO, Central Grizzlies
Will be a will be a Pag Meter All Valley 1st team All Star in 2018. He is good!

Jarred Torres, SR, El Diamante Miners
WYL All Star and very good O-lineman

Devontae Massey, SR, Washington Union Panthers
Team leader for the Panthers

Jadon Guire, JR, Strathmore Spartans
Big part of the offense at Fullback and Defensive End for the State Champions
Nicholas Harper, SO, Yosemite Badgers
Nic had one heck of a sophmore year and keep an eye on the Badgers the next 2 years

John Harman, SR, Tulare Western Mustangs
The team captain and played both ways!
Hayden Houtsma, SR, CVC Cavaliers
Played both way upfront and had one heck of a career for CVC

DJ Schramm, SR, Clovis West Golden Eagles
Was heading to be the Pag Meter Defensive player of year but had to shut it down with an Labrum injury. Next stop Boise State
Zac Foley, SR, Golden West Trailblazers
Big and powerful at 6’4 275, played outstanding upfront on both sides of the ball for the division 4 section champions
Grant Highstreet, JR, CVC Cavaliers
Played well at TE and on the D-line and his senior year should be very good

Noah Ramirez, SR, Highland Scots
Played both ways and team leader. Caught 36 passes for 612 yards and scored 7 TD’s. 26 tackles,, 1 interception, 3 fumble of them a strip and recovery, one fumble went for a TD. 

Desmon Hunter, JR, Bullard Knights
Has the makings to be a Pag Meter All Star on the D-line in 2018
Justin McGill, SR, Bakersfield Drillers
Very physical on defense and made 54 tackles playing in the secondary
Isaiah Loring, JR, El Diamante Miners
Fast and strong on the D-line. His senior year….watch out

Carter Anderson, SO, Bullard Knights
If he works hard, Carter can play at the next level
Tyler Loscutova, SR, Tulare Western Mustangs
Very physical on both sides of the ball
Jesus Estrada, JR, Caruthers Blue Raiders
Very good upfront on both sides of the ball and West Sequoia all star
Emmanuel Parker, JR, Tulare Union Tribe
Made 60 tackles with 9 sacks for the division 2 section champions
Joziah Velasquez, JR, Madera Coyotes
Caughts 76 passes for 1,010 and 6 TD’s. His senior year, he could be the top receiver in the valley
Jeshua Gutierrez, JR, Firebaugh Eagles
Threw for 2,869 yards, with 36 TD passes, rushed for 581, and scored 2 TD’s. Watch out in 2018 for the Eagles with Jeshua at QB
Miguel Tapia, SR, Monache Marauders
Played well on the defensive line and 139 tackles with 6 sacks
Victor Nava, SR, Washington Union Panthers
Senior leader for the Panthers

Ethan McCombie, Monache Marauders
Played well at Tight End and at Linebacker, made 164 tackles
Andrew Ruelas, SR, Tulare Union Tribe
Made 127 tackles for the division 2 section champions

Enrique Valdez, SR, El Diamante Miners
Team leader at Middle Linebacker

David Dailey, JR, Tulare Union Tribe
Dailey made 118 tackles with 2 interceptions. Will be one of the best defensive backs in the valley in 2018
Jordan Flores, SR, Granite Hills Grizzlies
Had 8 interceptions for the Grizzlies
Tommy Slatic, SR, Bullard Knights
The CMAC All Star had a good year on both sides of the ball up front
Julian Banda, SR, Firebaugh Eagles
He was the defensive leader who made 143 tackles
McKinley Lee, JR, Edison Tigers
Rushed for 1,141 yards and scored 12 TD’s.

Gustavo Rocha, JR, Fowler Redcats
Did a nice job at Linebacker and at Running back

John L’Heureux, SR, Fresno High Warriors
The NYL Athlete of the Year
Isaiah Crane, SR, El Diamante Miners
Big part of the Miners offense on the offensive line
Anthony Lonardo, JR, Fresno Christian Eagles
Rushed for 664, scored 14 TD’s and made 102 Tackles
Andrew Defendis, SR, Memorial Panthers
Huge part of the division 3 section champions defense at linebacker

McKenzie Barnes, SR Edison Tigers
The most improved player in the valley and next stop will be University of Arizona

Ceyontay Bell, JR, Bakersfield Drillers
Big transfer for the Drillers from South. Bell will be a Pag Meter All Valley 1st team All Star in 2018 for the Drillers. Bell had 85 tackles, 6 sacks, also rushed for 520 yards and scored 7 TD’s

Tavious Hunter, SR, Bullard Knights
The Knights team leader in the secondary

Teyjohn Herrington, SR, Edison Tigers
Has so much potential if he works hard. Next stop Nevada

Isiah Kruse SR, Bullard Knights
Outstanding year at linebacker

Quentin Goss, SR, Edison Tigers
The Tigers leader on the offensive line

Robert Lopez, SR, Sanger Apaches
Was the Apaches capitan at Linebacker

Dwight Tatum, SO, Edison Tigers
Has soooo much potential and could be the Pag Meter Linemen of the year in 2018 if he works hard
Jacob Levato, JR, Bullard Knights
Will be an All Valley All Star in 2018

Cameron Lopez, SR, Madera Coyotes
A big part of the Coyotes up front on both sides of the ball
Ricky Correia, SO, Edison Tigers
Has the most potential of any player in the valley on the D-line and will be a big time player
Jackson Schultz, JR, Clovis North Broncos
Will be very good in 2018

Jonathan Romias, SR, Sanger Apaches
Played well on the defensive line

Felipe Saavedra, SR, Firebaugh Eagles
91 tackles and 4 sacks for the Eagles

Jacob Smith , SR, Memorial Panthers
Played tremendous upfront on both sides of the ball for the division 3 section champions
Tahj Hart, SR, Hoover Patriots
Played everywhere for the Patriots. The Team leader with speed and a hard hitter
Bo Jackson, JR, Kingsburg Vikings
Big part of the Vikings offense rushing for 1,543 yards, scored 20 TD’s, and made 115 tackles
Isaac Franco, SO, Caruthers Blue Raiders
Always came up with the big play for the division 5 champions. Future star!

Jack Foote, SR, Lemoore Tigers
The Tigers MVP
Emmanuel Franco, SR, Selma Bears
Big and fast on the defensive line. Leaves with a section championship ring his junior year

Martin Plata, SR, Fowler Redcats
West Sequoia Offensive Player of the Year
Jonathon Sanchez, JR, Caruthers Blue Raiders
Played great upfront on both sides of the ball for the division 5 champs
Cameron Simons, SR, Bullard Knights
Did a nice job at Tight End and also the kicker

Francisco Del Campo, Riverdale Cowboys
Very strong upfront on both sides of the ball

Taylin Green, SR, Edison Tigers
Played both ways at Linebacker and running back and was the team leader
Chris Puga, JR, Caruthers Blue Raiders
Rushed for 1,506 yards and scored 19 TD’s along with 55 tackles for the division 5 champions

Johnny Solorio, SO, Riverdale Cowboys
Outstanding year and will only get better. Will be the main running back in 2018

Jayden Helms, SR, Clovis West Golden Eagles
Never came off the field for the Golden Eagles

Jonathan Poytress, JR, Fowler Redcats
Very fast at linebacker. Will be the team leader in 2018

Elijah Isiah, JR, Edison Tigers
Will be one of the most recruited in the valley. If he works hard, sky’s the limit

Wyatt Roth JR, Liberty Madera Hawks
Rushed for 1,222, scored 14 TD’s, made 66 tackles, with 8 sacks. Senior year, could be 2,000 plus yards

Mathew “Poptart” Manoz, SR, Madera South Stallions
Had the biggest heart in the valley and was the Stallions team leader
Payton Phillips, SR, Minarets Minarets
Very strong and made 75 tackles

Chris Silva, SR, Fowler Redcats
Outstanding athlete at receiver and defensive back
Jared Gilmore, SR, Caruthers Blue RaidersThe team leader and so smart and smooth at QB for the division 5 section champions

Jordan Daniels, JR, Hoover Patriots
Threw for 1,014 yards and rushed for 1,127. The fastest QB in the valley

Brandon Mora, SR, Madera South Stallions
Would have started on any team in the valley. Strong, fast at running back and at defensive back
Roman Endicott, SR, Fresno Christian Eagles
64 tackles and 14 sacks playing on the D-line

Joshua Kelly, JR Bullard Knights
Has soooo much potential to be one of the best receivers in the valley
Theron Dutra, SR, Hanford Bullpup
The WYL Defensive Player of the Year

Hunter Hogue, SR, Firebaugh Eagles
Rushed for 1,491, and scored 22 TD’s
Nick Caviglia, JR, Clovis North Broncos
Tremendous hands at wide receiver

Preston Conti, JR, Minarets Mustangs
1,050 receiving yards and will be even better in 2018
Kwabena Nelson, JR, Edison Tigers
Will be an All Star in 2018 on both sides of the ball
William Kloster, SO, Lemoore Tigers
By the time he’s a senior, will be a Pag Meter All Star
Kai Sunamoto, SO, Bullard Knights
Future Knights star. Kai is a gamer that always makes the big play

Tyler Villines, SR, Fresno Christian Eagles
Threw for 1,350 yards with 21 TD passes, rushed for 1,322 yards and scored 20 TD’s.

Isaiah Pando, JR, Caruthers Blue Raiders
Very quick upfront on both sides of the ball and WSL All Star

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  • Have been reading your FB posts regarding Buchanan Bears Football players and not one mention of Jack Wilkins. Wilkins broke his coaches record taking 4 picks in one game and played outstanding football this past season but you make no mention of the kid.

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