Dinuba Boys and Girls Basketball Starts Off Hot!

Dinuba basketball is a sport in which I believe has a huge fanbase.  Apart from my job writing here, I have kept score for the Boys and Girls basketball teams.  The boys fanbase last year was absolutely shocking even though the team was not good whatsoever.  I scorekeep for the girls this year and let me just say the stadium seems to erupt every single time somebody shoots a shot for Dinubas side.  The fanbase is very passionate as they seem to stand by the teams no matter the results.

Girls Basketball

This week, the girls basketball team played on Monday in Corcoran.  Dinuba had a great night as they won 55-26. The Panthers did not seem to have it together offensively as it seemed their shots were off most of the game. Center/Power Forward Yazmine Villareal Harris lead the team in points as she had 22 points.

The girls had back to back games this week, as they faced the Mount Whitney Pioneers at home.  The girls team did not lose a beat, as they dominated the Pioneers early to take the game away from the Pioneers.  The girls won 53-35 as they seemed to get Mount Whitney in foul trouble early on in the game. Once again for the second night in a row, Yazmine Villareal Harris lead the team in points with 22 points once again.

The Emperor’s next game will be on Monday December 11th at Lemoore High School.  As usual, the freshman will play at 4:30, the JV will play at 6 and the Varsity team will play on 7 p.m.

The girls are now 5-2 on the year under Head Coach Benny Prado,

Boys Basketball

The boys basketball team played on Monday and won the Corcoran Panthers at home.  The score was 75-50 and sadly for this game I was not able to access stats for Dinubas players.  Just know that you may want to watch out for this team as they seem to be coming off red hot this week.  Joshua Magana was their leading scorer as he had 16 points with Elijah Mayberry not far behind with 10 points.

On Wednesday, Dinuba faced Lemoore in the first round of the Kingsburg Varsity Basketball Tournament.  I don’t know if its something in the air, but sophomores in Dinuba have been balling lately as Joshua Magana once again lead the team in points with 17.  Dinubas Luke Rodriguez was neck and neck with him scoring wise as he scored 17 points as well.  The final score was 75-67 with Dinuba pulling out the win.  Their next game is to be announced so stay tuned!

Dinuba boys are now 3-0 on the season under head coach Jeff Schofield and Ryan Cruise!

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