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Division 1 Final Rankings 


Division 1 PLAYOFF Bracket

1st Round Results
Top Bracket
No 1 Central Bye
No 8 Bullard beat No 9 Sanger 21-14

No 5 Bakersfield Bye
No 4 Liberty Bye

Bottom Bracket
No 3 Buchanan Bye
No 6 Edison beat No 11 Clovis North 20-13

No 7 Clovis beat No 10 Ridgeview 49-39
No 2 Clovis West Bye

Quarterfinals Results

Top Bracket
No 1 Central Grizzlies beat No 8 Bullard Knights 35-7
No 5 Bakersfield Drillers beat No 4 Liberty Patriots 41-6

Bottom Bracket
No 3 Buchanan Bears beat No 6 Edison Tigers 25-6
No 2 Clovis West Golden Eagles beat No 7 Clovis Cougars 42-17

No 1 Central Grizzlies beat No 5 Bakersfield Drillers 35-27

No 3 Buchanan Bears beat Clovis West Golden Eagles 30-28


No 1 Central Grizzlies beat No 3 Buchanan Bears 29-7


(Division 1 AA North) Central Grizzlies (12-1) at Folsom Bulldogs (14-0) Fri 7:30
Pag Meter line Folsom -21

Pag Meter Prediction Folsom 55 Central 34





Pag Meter Final Rankings

No 1 Central Grizzlies (12-2) VALLEY CHAMPIONS! 
No 2 Buchanan Bears (10-3)
No 3 Clovis West Golden Eagles (9-3)
No 4 Bakersfield Drillers (6-6)
No 5 Liberty Patriots (6-5)
No 6 Edison Tigers (7-5)
No 7 Clovis Cougars (7-5)
No 8 Bullard Knights (6-6)
No 9 Sanger Apaches (8-3)
No 10 Ridgeview Wolf Pack (6-5)
No 11 Clovis North Broncos (2-9)
No 12 Centennial Golden Hawks (2-8)
No 13 Clovis East T Wolves (0-10)


No 1 Central Grizzlies (12-2) (5-0 TRAC CHAMPIONS) VALLEY CHAMPIONS!

The Grizzlies were so close at winning their first valley championship last year but lost at home to the Drillers. Junior QB Trent Tompkins and the Pag Meter’s 2016 Offensive Player of the year comes back and will be even better after throwing for 3,118 yards with 36 touchdown passes. Senior leader Jacob Torrez is an outstanding WR and keep an eye on junior WR/DB Tyrell Grayson who catches everything. Another senior at WR is Avery Boyd who makes the big plays. The potential Pag Meter’s underclassman of the year could be sophomore Jeremiah Hunter. Jevon Bigelow will be one of the top running backs with speed. On defense, the senior leader at linebacker is Jacob Hollins. Senior Tre Walker who transferred from Dos Palos is a beast and the best in the valley at middle linebacker. Marcus Washington at RB/OLB who transferred from Clovis East will be a big factor. Diotry Brewer will play RB and LB. Senior Jaden Williams is awesome at DB.

Grizzlies schedule
8/25 Beat Bullard Knights 44-0
9/1 Beat Sunnyside Wildcats 56-6
9/8 Beat Liberty Patriots 30-6
9/15 Beat Ridgeview Wolf Pack 56-3
9/23 Lost to De La Salle Spartans 49-30
10/5 Beat Buchanan Bears 28-27
10/14 Beat Clovis Cougars 33-0
10/20 Beat Clovis North Broncos 53-7
10/26 Beat Clovis West Golden Eagles 40-13
11/3 Beat Clovis East T Wolves 55-7
11/17 Beat Bullard Knights 35-7
11/24 vs Bakersfield Drillers 35-27
12/1 Beat Buchanan Bears 29-7
12/8 Lost to Folsom Bulldogs 54-35


No 2 Buchanan Bears (10-3) (3-2 TRAC)

Could this be the year for the Bears? They have the team to do it. Senior RB/LB Trevor Ervin leads the way and is one of the best in valley. Sophomore running back Kendall Milton is dangerous. The Wide receivers are good with Cornell Washington and Jordan Huddleston. The offensive line is big and physical and the best in the valley. The defense has the makings to be real good as usual. The leader at Middle linebacker is Keenan Wolf. The other defensive leaders are Toa Scanlan, at Nose guard, Tanner Blount, at FS, Jack Wilkins, at Cornerback. The X factor every year is at QB and this year it’s a battle with Ty Hall and Carson Bailey who just transferred in from Clovis North on another full family move.

Bears Schedule
8/25 Beat Hanford Bullpups 48-6
9/1 Beat Bullard Knights 55-18
9/8 Beat Lemoore Tigers 49-0
9/15 Beat Liberty Patriots 34-28
9/29 Beat Porterville Panthers 48-0
10/5 Lost to Central Grizzlies 28-27
10/13 Lost to Clovis West Golden Eagles 36-17
10/20 Beat Clovis Cougars 55-21
10/27 Beat Clovis East T Wolves 41-21
11/3 Beat Clovis North Broncos 34-7
11/17 Beat Edison Tigers 25-6
11/24 Beat Clovis West Golden Eagles 30-28
12/1 Lost to Central Grizzlies 29-7

No 3 Clovis West Golden Eagles (9-3) (4-1 TRAC)

The Golden Eagles now lose DJ Schramm to a labrum just like senior QB Adrian Martinez. Enter at QB is junior Dante Chachere who has the makings to be very good. Dante has so many weapons around him so if he can get the ball to his receivers with Rodney Wright, Ricardo Arias, Hayden Leach, Gabe Solorio, Miguel Junior Rodriguez, Chad Day, Cameron Hicks, Nick Coleman, and Nick Keenan. The defense will very good and leading the way will be Dusty Schramm. The CW X factor is the offensive line.

Golden Eagles schedule
8/25 Lost to Liberty Patriots 31-30
9/8 Beat Edison Tigers 30-9
9/8 Beat Rocklin Thunder 42-12
9/22 Beat Bullard Knights 37-13
9/28 Beat Centennial Golden Hawks 49-35
10/6 Beat Clovis North Broncos 34-13
10/13 Beat Buchanan Bears 36-17
10/20 Beat Clovis East T Wolves 35-6
10/26 Lost to Central Grizzlies 40-13
11/3 Beat Clovis Cougars 45-21
11/17 Beat Clovis Cougars 42-17
11/24 Lost to Buchanan Bears 30-28


No 4 Bakersfield Drillers (6-6) (3-2 SWYL)

Caden Ochoa should be the QB because he is good! Cameron Williams will be tough in the secondary. The receivers are so good with senior Justin McGill and junior Tahj Wright. The running backs are fast with seniors Treyvon Jackson, and Ceyontay Day who transferred in from South. The offensive line and defense is very good. They don’t have a lot of depth so the Drillers need to stay healthy to win it all again. 

Drillers schedule
8/25 Beat Edison Tigers 16-0
9/2 Lost to Orem Tigers 63-28
9/15 Lost to Chaminade Eagles 43-14
9/22 Lost to Valencia Vikings 56-14
9/29 Beat Ridgeview Wolf Pack 30-9
10/6 Lost to Garces Rams 20-18
10/13 Beat Frontier Titans 26-14
10/20 Beat Centennial Golden Hawks 28-0
10/27 Beat Stockdale Mustangs 35-9
11/3 Lost to Liberty Patriots 27-24
11/17 Beat Liberty Patriots 41-6
11/24 Lost to Central Grizzlies 30-28

No 5 Liberty Patriots (6-5) (5-0 SWYL CHAMPIONS)

The Patriots are big and physical and will lead with the run with junior RB Sammy Stewart. Junior QB Isaiah Hill does a great job at running the offense. The offensive line is very good and leading the way is senior Michael Bray and junior Daniel Viveros.
The Patriots X factor is many play both ways so can they stay healthy with a tough schedule?

Patriots schedule
8/25 Beat Clovis West Golden Eagles 31-30
9/8 Lost to Central Grizzlies 30-6
9/15 Lost to Buchanan Bears 34-28
9/21 Lost to Ridgeview Wolf Pack 19-14
9/29 Lost to Oaks Christian Lions 42-7
10/6 Beat Frontier Titans 28-16
10/13 Beat Stockdale Mustangs 33-22
10/20 Beat Garces Rams 45-13
10/27 Beat Centennial Golden Hawks 35-0
11/3 Beat Bakersfield Drillers 27-24
11/17 Lost to Bakersfield Drillers 41-6


No 6 Edison Tigers (7-5) (4-1 CMAC CHAMPIONS)

Jason Murray is the new head coach. The Tigers come in loaded on both sides of the ball. The X factor every year is the QB play and the Tigers could have two good ones with sophomore Jameson Silva who transferred in from Central and Vincent Magic Andrews who transferred in from Washington Union. Jameson is a Pro style QB that can run and he could be real good at 6-1 and Magic can run and the leader in the huddle with an arm. If they can get the ball to the playmakers then watch out by playoff time. WR Teyjohn Herrington will be the main target. The offensive line will be good and leading the way is sophomore Ricky Correia who plays at 6’4, 295 lbs at right tackle. RB Mckinley Lee III will be running behind that good O-line. On defense leading the way on the D-line will be Jay Vance. Edison might have the best secondary in the state with seniors, Elijah Isiah, Steve Stephens, Mackenzie Barnes and Teyjohn Herrington.

Tigers schedule
8/25 Lost Bakersfield Drillers 16-0
9/1 Lost to Damonte Ranch Mustangs (Reno) 27-26
9/8 Lost to Clovis West Golden Eagles 30-9
9/15 Beat Clovis North Broncos 20-0
9/22 Beat Garces Rams 27-15
10/6 Beat Madera Coyotes 43-14
10/13 Beat Memorial Panthers 41-25
10/20 Lost to Sanger Apaches 27-20
10/27 Beat Madera South Stallions 54-0
11/3 Beat Bullard Knights 20-14
11/9 Beat Clovis North Broncos 20-13
11/17 Lost to Buchanan Bears 25-6

No 7 Clovis Cougars (7-5) (2-3 TRAC)

6’4 QB senior Peyton Meyer set a school record with 7 TD passes. The senior leader is Bubba Byrd who leads the pack as a Tight end. Senior WR Mic Machado, catches everything thrown his way. Junior Mathew Sanchez, is the deep threat because he is fast. The offensive line has always been a strength but this year and nobody knows what is going on but some of the wrestlers are not going out for football. Strange! Leading the O-line is senior Cole Acevedo, who comes in at 6-5, 320, and one of the top offensive lineman in the valley. Freshman Keanu Williams who is 6’4, 255 lbs transferred in from Clovis North.

Cougars schedule
8/25 Beat Burbank Titans 27-0
9/1 Lost to Turlock Bulldogs 14-13
9/8 Beat Bullard Knights 17-13
9/15 Beat Stockdale Mustangs 17-14
9/22 Beat Centennial Golden Hawks 35-28
10/6 Beat Clovis East T Wolves 28-14
10/14 Lost to Central Grizzlies 33-0
10/21 Lost to Buchanan Bears 55-21
10/27 Beat Clovis North Broncos 42-28
11/3 Lost to Clovis West Golden Eagles 45-21
11/9 Beat Ridgeview Wolf Pack 49-39
11/17 Lost to Clovis West Golden Eagles 42-17

No 8 Bullard Knights (6-6) (4-1 CMAC)
Donny Arax is coaching in his 18th year at Bullard and has now coached longer than any other head coach in the valley. There is a QB battle with senior QB Kalel Acfalle, who has transferred in from Hoover and Sophomore QB Isaiah Robles will be the guy after this year. The wide receivers will be real good with junior Joshua Kelly and Sophomore Carter Anderson. Running back Marcus Fulcher, will go down as one of the best Knight running backs in school history.

Knights schedule
8/25 Lost to Central Grizzlies 44-0
9/1 Lost to Buchanan Bears 55-18
9/8 Lost to Clovis Cougars 17-13
9/15 Beat Centennial Golden Hawks 34-25
9/22 Lost to Clovis West Golden Eagles 37-13
10/6 Beat Sanger Apaches 27-6
10/13 Beat Madera Coyotes 42-20
10/20 Beat Madera South Stallions 54-7
10/27 Beat Memorial Panthers 32-24
11/3 Lost to Edison Tigers 20-14
11/9 Beat Sanger Apaches 21-14
11/17 Lost to Central Grizzlies 35-7

No 9 Sanger Apaches (8-3) (3-2 CMAC)

The Apaches have a new head coach with Jorge Pena who has coached with the legend Chuck Shidan for a long time so the players didn’t miss a beat. The Apaches are now in division 1 and the schedule will change next year. Jalen Cropper will be tough to stop in 2018

Apaches schedule
8/25 Beat Fresno High Warriors 42-0
9/1 Beat Hanford Bullpups 42-0
9/7 Beat Clovis East T Wolves 34-7
9/15 Beat Lemoore Tigers 40-38 (double overtime)
9/29 Beat Reedley Pirates 51-7
10/6 Lost to Bullard Knights 27-6
10/13 Beat Madera South Stallions 40-3
10/20 Beat Edison Tigers 27-20
10/27 Beat Madera Coyotes 35-14
11/3 Lost to Memorial Panthers 35-14
11/9 Lost to Bullard Knights 21-14

No 10 Ridgeview Wolf Pack (6-5) (4-1 SYL TRI CHAMPIONS)

The Wolf Pack will be rebuilding and it sucks because they have to move into division 1 three years too late. 

Wolf Pack schedule
8/25 Beat Stockdale Mustangs 28-14
9/8 Lost to Frontier Titans 35-25
9/15 Lost to Central Grizzlies 56-3
9/21 Beat Liberty Patriots 19-14
9/29 Lost to Bakersfield Drillers 30-9
10/6 Beat Golden Valley Bulldogs 20-10
10/13 Beat West Vikings 48-34
10/20 Beat East Blades 20-0
10/27 Lost to Tehachapi Warriors 21-14
11/3 Beat Independence Falcons 35-14
11/9 Lost to Clovis Cougars 49-39

No 11 Clovis North Broncos (2-9) (1-4 TRAC)

Benny Martinez is the new head coach and it was a no brainer after what the Broncos went through last year. Benny has been at Clovis North since day one and the kids love him. Sophomore QB DJ Frampton will be good in 2018 with the experience from this year. Jackson Schultz and Trenton Holloway will be very good in 2018. The Broncos will miss the senior leaders LB Noah Riley, DT Trent Lindsay, and Ryan Regier.

Broncos schedule
8/25 Beat Sunnyside Wildcats 20-19
9/1 Lost to Bellarmine College Prep Bells 16-13
9/8 Lost to Buhach Colony Thunder 28-21
9/15 Lost to Edison Tigers 20-0
9/22 Lost to Paso Robles Bearcats 27-7
10/6 Lost to Clovis West Golden Eagles 34-13
10/13 Beat Clovis East T Wolves 21-7
10/20 Lost to Central Grizzlies 53-7
10/27 Lost to Clovis Cougars 42-28
11/3 Lost to Buchanan Bears 34-7
11/9 Lost to Edison Tigers 20-13

No 12 Centennial Golden Hawks (2-8) (1-4 SWYL) SEASON ENDS

The Golden Hawks just never got it going. Senior QB Will Alexander did what he could on a struggling team. Leading on the defensive side of the ball will be seniors Zach Hartsfield, TE/LB, and Zach Hernandez, WR/DB.

Golden Hawks schedule
8/25 Lost to Diamond Ranch Panthers 14-7
9/8 Beat Golden Valley Bulldogs 28-10
9/15 Lost to Bullard Knights 34-25
9/22 Lost to Clovis Cougars 35-28
9/28 Lost to Clovis West Golden Eagles 49-35
10/6 Beat Stockdale Mustangs 31-9
10/13 Lost to Garces Rams 28-21
10/20 Lost to Bakersfield Drillers 28-0
10/27 Lost to Liberty Patriots 35-0
11/3 Lost to Frontier Titans 37-20


No 13 Clovis East T Wolves (0-10) (0-5 TRAC) SEASON ENDS

Meet the new and improved T Wolves! New head coach Ryan Reynolds comes back to CE and he and his staff are doing a nice job building back the MOJO. The numbers are up and everybody is showing up in the weight room. Look for senior Romello Knight to be the main running back. Will this be the year the T Wovles win their first TRAC game? The T Wolves haven’t won a TRAC game since Oct 16, 2009 when they beat Clovis. 46 straight losses.
T Wolves schedule
8/25 Lost to St. Ignatius Wildcats 7-0
9/1 Lost to Redwood Rangers 36-14
9/7 Lost to Sanger Apaches 34-7
9/15 Lost to Sunnyside Wildcats 21-14
9/22 Lost to Foothill Cougars (Palo Cedro) 27-24
10/6 Lost to Clovis Cougars 28-14
10/13 Lost to Clovis North Broncos 21-7
10/20 Lost to Clovis West Golden Eagles 35-6
10/27 Lost to Buchanan Bears 41-21
11/3 Lost to Central Grizzlies 55-7

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