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1st round results

Top Bracket

No 1 Tulare Western (Bye)

No 8 Madera beat No 9 Mt Whitney 76-62

No 5 Tehachapi beat No 12 South 34-8

No 13 Fresno High beat No 4 Independence 26-22


Top Bracket
No 1 Tulare Western Mustangs beat No 8 Madera Coyotes 66-48
No 5 Tehachapi Warriors beat Fresno High Warriors 20-14

Bottom Bracket
No 3 Bakersfield Christian Eagles beat No 6 Kingsburg Vikings 48-9
No 2 Memorial Panthers beat No 10 West Vikings 35-14

No 1 Tulare Western Mustangs beat No 5 Tehachapi Warriors 38-7
No 2 Memorial Panthers beat No 3 Bakersfield Christian 49-7

Championship Night

No 2 Memorial Panthers beat No 1 Tulare Western Mustangs 45-31

South: Memorial Panthers (11-2) at Southwest EC Eagles (13-0)

Pag Meter Line Memorial -14

Pag Meter Prediction Memorial 46 Southwest 32


Congratulations to the Memorial Panthers


Division 3 Section Champions



No 1 Memorial Panthers (11-3) Section Champions

No 2 Tulare Western Mustangs (11-2)

No 3 Bakersfield Christian Eagles (10-2)

No 4 Tehachapi Warriors (7-6)

No 5 Madera Coyotes (6-6)

No 6 Fresno High Warriors (6-6)

No 7 Independence Falcons (7-4)

No 8 Kingsburg Vikings (7-5)

No 9 West Vikings (6-5)

No 10 Mt Whitney Pioneers (4-6)

No 11 Highland Scots (8-2)

No 12 Chowchilla Tribe (5-6)

No 13 South Rebels (5-5)

No 14 Golden Valley Bulldogs (3-7)

No 15 Hoover Patriots (2-8)

No 16 Mission Oak Hawks (0-10)



No 1 San Joaquin Memorial Panthers (11-3) (3-2 CMAC) SECTION CHAMPIONS

The Panthers have the makings of a team that can challenge Bakersfield Christian or Tulare Western on Championship night. Junior QB Alec Trujillo should put up great numbers and have a big year. Senior Dashawn is a 240 lb running back/DB that is fast and strong that will run you over. Junior star Leonard Glass just transferred in from Hanford and Glass is good and a playmaker. He will never come off the field at running back/DB and already has an offer from Nevada. Sophomore WR Jalen McMillan will be the next star at 6’2, 180 lbs. He is big, fast and athletic. Leading to the offensive line will be junior Konner Gomes, who will play left tackle at 6’4 270 lbs and senior Jorge Escalante, who transferred in from Dos Palos and this offensive lineman will be a force up front for the Panthers at 6’5, 310 lbs. Leading the way on defense will be senior linebackers Zach Angelillo and Andrew Defendis.

Panthers schedule

8/25 Beat Washington Union Panthers 47-14

9/1 Beat Lemoore Tigers 53-46

9/9 Beat Hanford West Huskies 55-7

9/16 Beat Garces Rams 49-42

9/21 Beat Sunnyside Wildcats 56-30

10/6 Beat Madera South Stallions 62-6

10/13 Lost to Edison Tigers 41-27

10/20 Beat Madera Coyotes 54-19

10/27 Lost to Bullard Knights 32-24

11/3 Beat Sanger Apaches 35-14

11/17 Beat West Vikings 35-14

11/24 Beat Bakersfield Christian Eagles 49-7

12/1 Beat Tulare Western Mustangs 45-31

12/9  Lost to Southwest EC Eagles 31-28


No 2 Tulare Western Mustangs (11-2) (4-1 EYL)

The Mustangs are loaded on both sides of the ball with young talent and will challenge Tulare Union for EYL and also the division 3 championship. Senior RB David Alcantar could have a huge year for the Mustangs. The new QB will be sophomore Elijah Burrell who is 6’1 and has a 4.0 GPA. A star will be born with sophomore RB Tayrin Johnson who is reminding people of a young Dominique Dorsey who was the record breaking RB at Tulare Union. Keep an eye on the receivers with junior Keshon Butler and sophomore WR Nathan Marrowquin, because they are good. Leading the defense will be senior D-line Camryn Haynes.

Mustangs schedule

8/25 Beat El Diamante Miners 28-0

9/1 Beat Mt. Whitney Pioneers 63-28

9/15 Beat Redwood Rangers 14-7

9/22 Beat South Rebels 45-7

9/29 Beat Fresno High Warriors 44-7

10/6 Beat Delano Tigers 48-0

10/12 Beat Porterville Panthers 51-0

10/20 Beat Mission Oak Hawks 54-3

10/26 Beat Monache Marauders 57-6

11/3 Lost to Tulare Union Tribe 62-41

11/16 Beat Madera Coyotes 66-48

11/24 Beat Tehachapi Warriors 38-7

12/1 Lost to Memorial Panthers 45-31


No 3 Bakersfield Christian Eagles (10-2) (6-0 South Sequoia CHAMPIONS)

The defending champions are better this year and that’s not good news for division 3. The Eagles are big, physical, fast and many are transferring into the Eagle’s nest. Senior QB Braden Wingle is back after setting the Central Section single-season record with 4,392 passing yards with 46 touchdowns. Junior WR Alex Wallace, is Wingle’s favorite target and should have a huge year. Junior Keonte Glinton has transferred in from Ridgeview and will play in the secondary. Senior Devyon Miller returns from a knee injury that kept him out of play all of the last season. This kid is GOOD!

Eagles schedule

8/25 Beat Garces Rams 23-14

9/1 Lost to Central Valley Christian Cavaliers 21-12

9/8 Beat Mission Oak Hawks 35-6

9/15 Beat Tehachapi Warriors 39-13

9/22 Beat Wasco Tigers 51-6

9/29 Beat Kennedy Thunderbirds 56-0

10/6 Beat Chavez Titans 42-0

10/13 Beat Shafter Generals 42-23

10/20 Beat Arvin Bears 55-0

11/3 Beat Taft Wildcats 55-0

11/17 Beat Kingsburg Vikings 48-9

11/24 Lost to Memorial Panthers 49-7


No 4 Tehachapi Warriors (7-6) (4-1 SYL TRI CHAMPIONS)

Steve Denman has retired after 35 years and the new head coach is Doug DeGeer. Doug’s goal is to keep the train on the track because the Warriors have a tremendous football program. The Warriors will be young on the offensive line and also on defense. Junior QB Chris Garcia returns and he will be good at running the Warriors offense. The senior leader at RB will be Connor Timm.

Warriors schedule

9/1 Lost to Burroughs Burros 36-0

9/8 Beat Garces Rams 28-27 (double overtime)

9/15 Lost to Bakersfield Christian Eagles 39-13

9/22 Lost to Paraclete Spirits 63-7

9/29 Lost to North Stars 13-0

10/6 Lost to Independence Falcons 13-13

10/13 Beat East Bakersfield Blades 28-7

10/20 Beat Golden Valley Bulldogs 37-0

10/27 Beat Ridgeview Wolf Pack 21-14

11/3 Beat West Vikings 27-21

11/9 Beat South Rebels 34-8

11/17 Beat Fresno High Warriors 20-14

11/24 Lost to Tulare Western Mustangs 38-7


No 5 Madera Coyotes (6-6) (1-4 CMAC)

If there is a sleeper team in division 3, it could be the Coyotes. Throw out last year’s 0-10 record because this team is night and day better over last year’s team. The Coyotes are building a program and head coach Yosef Fares and his staff are doing a great job bringing weightlifting and toughness back. The Coyotes will be much stronger this year. Most everybody returns for the Coyotes. Making his first start at QB is junior Colt Nelson and the Coyotes will be a throwing machine. Last years QB Jerry Hernandez will move to wide receiver/FS Joazaih Vasquez could have a big year running the football. Sophomore kicker Brisa Meza is the only female kicker in the valley and Brisa is GOOD! The Coyotes play the toughest schedule in division 3.

The Coyotes X-factor is the Coyotes have to play in the tough CMAC and the only chance they can win a game is against Madera South. How long will Madera let Madera play in the CMAC?


Coyotes schedule

8/25 Lost to Los Banos Tigers 34-19

9/1 Beat Mission Oak Hawks 30-24

9/7 Beat Hanford Bullpups 7-6

9/15 Beat Merced Bears 48-42

9/22 Beat Atascadero Greyhounds 34-14

10/6 Lost to Edison Tigers 43-14

10/13 Lost to Bullard Knights 42-20

10/20 Lost to San Joaquin Memorial Panthers 54-19

10/27 Lost to Sanger Apaches 35-14

11/3 Beat Madera South Stallions 49-20

11/9 Beat Mt Whitney Pioneers 76-62

11/16 Lost to Tulare Western Mustangs 66-48


No 6 Fresno High Warriors (6-6) (3-2 NYL)

The Warriors lost some major offense because of graduation. The Warriors will be big up front and leading the way is senior Arvell Rogers who is 6’2, 310 lbs. Fresno High has a new speedster with QB John L’huereux.

Warriors schedule

8/25 Lost to Sanger Apaches 42-10

9/1 Lost Chowchilla Tribe 38-18

9/8 Beat Tranquillity Tigers 41-0

9/22 Beat Madera South Stallions 34-13

9/29 Lost to Tulare Western 44-7

10/6 Beat McLane Highlanders 47-12

10/13 Beat Hoover Patriots 46-6

10/20 Lost to Sunnyside Wildcats 40-21

10/27 Beat Reedley Pirates 33-14

11/3 Lost to Roosevelt Rough Riders 36-20

11/9 Beat Independence Falcons 26-22

11/17 Lost to Tehachapi Warriors 20-14


No 7 Independence Falcons (7-4) (4-1 SYL TRI CHAMPIONS)

The Falcons lost a ton to graduation so they will get better and better each week. They are not big to have some young speed. Senior leader at running back will be Braden Gordon. The Falcons have a very tough schedule.

Falcons schedule

8/25 Beat North Stars 35-14

9/8 Lost to Arroyo Grande Eagles 24-10

9/15 Beat South Rebels 14-0

9/22 Lost to Tulare Union Tribe 54-7

9/29 Beat Stockdale Mustangs 30-28

10/6 Beat Tehachapi Warriors 14-13

10/13 Beat Golden Valley Bulldogs 30-7

10/20 Beat West Vikings 40-19

10/27 Beat East Bakersfield Blades 27-22

11/3 Lost to Ridgeview Wolf Pack 35-14

11/9 Lost to Fresno High Warriors 26-22


No 8 Kingsburg Vikings (7-5) (2-3 CSL)

The Vikings could surprise some teams with a huge senior team. Junior RB Bo Jackson is bigger this year and will be a beast. Also returning at RB will be Nathan Gamble along with Cole Diaz at fullback. Senior QB Caleb Buendia will take over the offense. The receivers will be Tyler Hodges, back after the serious knee injury he suffered last season, Mark Contreras, Anthony Rodriguez and speedster sophomore Alfred Carpenter.
The O-line and D-line will be small but quick with Mauricio Santana, left guard, Zach Wilson, center Jacob Anaya, right guard Josh Chavez.

Vikings schedule

9/1 Lost to Golden West Trailblazers 28-7

9/8 Beat Washington Union Panthers 30-17

9/15 Beat Monache Marauders 42-28

9/22 Beat Reedley Pirates 46-7

9/29 Beat Coalinga Horned Toads 31-0

10/6 Beat Exeter Monarchs 42-0

10/13 Lost to Central Valley Christian Cavaliers 24-7

10/20 Lost to Dinuba Emperors 28-24

10/27 Beat Immanuel Eagles 24-21

11/3 Lost to Selma Bears 27-0

11/9 Beat Chowchilla Tribe 20-14

11/17 Lost to Bakersfield Christian Eagles 48-9


No 9 West Vikings (7-5) (3-3 SYL)

Plenty return from last year and the Vikings could shock some teams early. Senior QB Gabriel Salcido returns running the option. Sophomore RB Anthony Ramirez could have a big year. If the offensive line and defense come around then look for the Vikings to move up in the rankings.

Vikings schedule

8/31 at Porterville Panthers (Cancelled)

9/8 Beat Chavez Titans 38-36

9/15 Beat Foothill Trojans 36-20

9/22 Lost to Stockdale Mustangs 35-13

9/29 Beat South Rebels 42-14

10/6 Beat East Bakersfield Blades 22-19

10/13 Lost to Ridgeview Wolf Pack 48-34

10/20 Lost to Independence Falcons 40-19

10/27 Beat Golden Valley Bulldogs 47-25

11/3 Lost to Tehachapi Warriors 27-21

11/9 Beat Highland Scots 42-35 (OT)

11/17 Lost to Memorial Panthers 35-14


No 10 Mt Whitney Pioneers (4-7) (3-3 WYL)

Last year the Pioneers were very streaky. They will be strong up front but will have plenty of young skilled players all over. Starting at QB will be Jaedyn Pineda and he is dangerous! Sophomore John Hadley who transferred in from Lindsay is good. Leading the way upfront will be junior John Banks. The running backs will junior WR/RB Zach Reza. The Pioneers have a tough schedule for a young team.

Pioneers schedule

8/25 Lost to Tulare Union Tribe 60-7

9/1 Lost to Tulare Western Mustangs 63-28

9/8 Lost to Sunnyside Wildcats 39-31

9/15 Beat Mission Oak Hawks 30-10

9/22 Lost to El Diamante Miners 38-16

10/6 Beat Hanford West Huskies 43-34

10/13 Lost to Lemoore Tigers 42-25

10/20 Beat Hanford Bullpups 29-26

10/27 Lost to Golden West Trailblazers 47-14

11/3 Beat Redwood Rangers 57-56

11/9 Lost to Madera Coyotes 76-62


No 11 Highland Scots (8-2) (3-1 SEYL TRI CHAMPIONS)

The Scots will be good if the defense steps up. The Scots offense will be more wide open with senior QB Cade Sakamoto running the offense along with Zeke Arambulo. The O-line and D-line will be good and leading the way is senior Josh Yubeta. Leading the defensive will be Cole Johnson at DB. One of the best players around is WR/CB Noah Ramirez.

Scots schedule

8/25 Beat Arvin Bears 41-7

9/1 at Shafter Generals (Cancelled)

9/8 Beat Kennedy Thunderbirds 34-21

9/15 Beat East Bakersfield Blades 15-7

9/22 Beat Golden Valley Bulldogs 29-13

9/29 Beat Hoover Patriots 51-15

10/6 Beat Foothill Trojans 70-21

10/20 Beat South Rebels 33-28

10/27 Beat Mira Monte Lions 50-7

11/3 Lost to North Stars 21-14

11/9 Lost to West Vikings 42-35 (OT)


No 12 Chowchilla Tribe (5-6) (2-2 NSL)

The Tribe were young and will be much better in 2018.

Tribe schedule

8/25 Lost to Roosevelt Rough Riders 33-14

9/1 Beat Fresno High Warriors 38-18

9/8 Beat Immanuel Eagles 30-12

9/15 Lost to Central Valley Christian Cavaliers 32-28

9/22 Beat Dos Palos Broncos 35-14

9/29 Lost to Los Banos Tigers 28-0

10/6 Lost to Kerman Lions 35-20

10/13 Beat Washington Union Panthers 41-28

10/27 Beat Sierra Chieftains 48-6

11/3 Lost to Liberty Madera Hawks 35-0

11/9 Lost to Kingsburg Vikings 20-14


No 13 South Rebels (5-5) (3-1 SEYL TRI CHAMPIONS)

The 3-peat SEYL Champion Rebels might be down a bit but always has talent and speed. The offensive line will be new and they will want to pound it with senior Smash Mitchell.


Rebels schedule

8/25 Beat Chavez Titans 32-6

9/1 vs Delano Tigers (Cancelled)

9/8 Beat Arvin Bears 35-13

9/15 Lost to Independence Falcons 14-0

9/22 Lost to Tulare Western Mustangs 45-7

9/29 Lost to West Vikings 42-14

10/6 Beat North Stars 30-27

10/13 Beat Mira Monte Lions 34-0

10/20 Lost to Highland Scots 33-28

10/27 Beat Foothill Trojans 50-7

11/9 Lost to Tehachapi Warriors 34-8


No 14 Golden Valley Bulldogs (3-7) (1-4 SYL)
The Bulldogs come in with plenty of players returning and they are looking to contend in the SYL. The entire offensive line is coming back. Junior QB Carl Jones takes over and he is electric! He could be the key for the Bulldogs making a nice playoff run. Leading the defense will be seniors Roberto Enriquez 6’2″ 265 lbs at D-line and Da’Vione Thomasson who will line up at DB and some receiver.


Bulldogs schedule
8/25 Beat Taft Wildcats 55-0
9/1 at Chavez Titans (Cancelled)
9/8 Lost to Centennial Golden Hawks 28-10
9/15 Beat Shafter Generals 35-20
9/22 Lost to Highland Scots 29-13
9/29 Lost to Frontier Titans 24-0
10/6 Lost to Ridgeview Wolf Pack 20-10
10/13 Lost to Independence Falcons 30-7
10/20 Lost to Tehachapi Warriors 37-0
10/27 Lost to West Vikings 47-25
11/3 Beat East Bakersfield Blades 28-27

No 15 Hoover Patriots (2-8) (1-4 NYL)
Justin Nast takes over very late and he and his staff have the Patriots on the right track. The Patriots are a work in progress. They do have one of the fastest running backs with senior Tahj Hart and junior Jordan Daniels will start at QB. Jordan is a dual threat that might just be the fastest QB in the valley.

Patriots schedule
8/25 Lost to CVC Cavaliers 48-8
9/1 Lost to Sierra Pacific Golden Bears 28-27
9/8 Lost to Madera South Stallions 20-10
9/21 Beat Washington Union Panthers 12-7
9/29 Lost to Highland Scots 51-15
10/6 Lost to Reedley Pirates 30-0
10/13 Lost to Fresno High Warriors 46-6
10/20 Lost to Roosevelt Rough Riders 24-12
10/27 Lost to Sunnyside Wildcats 56-32
11/3 Beat McLane Highlanders 60-28


No 16 Mission Oak Hawks (0-10) (0-5 EYL)
The young Hawks played a tough schedule.

Hawks schedule
8/24 lost to Dinuba Emperors 28-0
9/1 Lost to Madera Coyotes 30-24
9/8 Lost to Bakersfield Christian Eagles 35-6
9/15 Lost to Mt. Whitney Pioneers 30-10
9/21 Lost to Frontier Titans 35-0
10/5 Lost to Porterville Panthers 24-20
10/13 Lost to Monache Marauders 20-17
10/20 Lost to Tulare Western Mustangs 54-3
10/27 Lost to Tulare Union Tribe 62-0
11/3 Lost to Delano Tigers 27-23



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