Dinuba Falls Short In Valley Championship; Basketball Season Is Now Starting To Heat Up

A championship in high school is a special thing, as it’s one of the best feelings you can ever give a high school athlete.  Dinuba has absolutely grinded through this season, as they ended with a 9-1 record for the regular season.  Do not forget about the dark empire of Tulare Union, the one and only loss Dinuba suffered through this season.  Tulare Union, on the other hand, went undefeated and seemed to easily go through their opponents in the playoffs (1st round Sunnyside and 2nd round Garces.)  Also,  Dinuba’s girls and boys basketball seasons are starting to heat up and let me just say they got some definite talent.

Valley Championship, Dinuba at Tulare Union (November 24,2017)

As the game began, Dinuba began with the ball in their possession and they got off to a good start as QB Joshua Magana connected to TE Giovanni Olmos for a 17 yard TD to put Dinuba 7 nothing after the successful PAT attempt by K Victor Martinez. Dinuba’s defense then stopped the dominate Tulare Union offense and gave the ball back to their own offense.  When Dinuba got the ball, it seemed maybe there could be an upset brewing but they punted the ball away after an unsuccessful drive.  This is then where Tulare Union got it going, as QB Nathan Lamb threw a 16 yard pass to WR Bryson Allen for a touchdown and after a successful PAT they tied it up 7-7.  Dinuba then got the ball and could not get it together as they had to punt to Tulare Union.  Tulare Union mirrored Dinuba, as they also punted the ball to start off the sequence of events to start off the 2nd quarter.  Sadly for Dinuba,  Tulare Union forced a fumble on QB Joshua Magana and almost returned it to the house as Tulare got the ball in the redzone.  They later scored off a 2 yard rushing touchdown from HB Kazmeir Allen to make it 13-7 after a missed PAT.  Dinuba then got the ball back and drove down the field, later scoring off a 3 yard pass from QB Joshua Magana to WR Nate Carrion.


The second half began with Tulare Union receiving the ball and scoring off a 38-yard rushing touchdown from HB Kazmeir Allen.  Tulare Union then went for the 2 point conversion and made it, as they made the score 21-14.  Dinuba then got the ball and drove down the field as well, as they scored off 24-yard rushing score from HB Alek Marroquin to tie up the score after a successful PAT.  Sadly for Dinubians like myself, it was all Tulare Union after this score as they just seemed to have this edge over Dinuba.  They forced Joshua Magana to throw his 2nd interception of the year and also scored off the what looked like sturdy Dinuba defense 4 more times in the second half.  The touchdowns were made by the following in order: Nathan Lamb threw a 21 yard touchdown pass to WR Darius Baker, Nathan Lamb threw a 64 yard pass to WR Bryson Allen for a touchdown, Handoff to HB Kazmeir Allen for 26 yard rushing touchdown and lastly HB Kazmeir Allen scored off another handoff this time for 91 yards to the house.  Overall, Dinuba lost not to Tulare Union but to themselves.  They needed to play a near-perfect game to win and they had the chance to do that, but just made some bad errors.  The silver lining for Dinuba is that the team is young so they definitely could be back their next season.

Girls Basketball (Hanford West Huskies at Dinuba Lady Emperors.  November 27,2017)

The girl’s basketball played their first game of the season officially, as they faced the Hanford West Huskies.

The night started off with the stadium erupting for the lady emperors, as they hoped to not start off on the wrong foot and get the win.  Well let me just say, they did EXACTLY that.  Their leading scorer had 22 points (Point Guard Mireya Hernandez) and won 56-38.  They may be a small team but that for sure does not knock off the fundamentals, as they all seem to have great ball control and great chemistry.  Their leading rebounder was Power Forward Yazmine Villareal with 8 of them on the day.  The leaders for assists were Point Guard Mireya Hernandez and Power Forward Yazmine Villareal.  Block and Steals leader was Shooting Guard Sam Mendoza as she had 6 steals and 2 blocks.

Overall the ladies showed out their skills on the court and I believe did very well.  The varsity boys will play on Thursday and try to knock off Tulare Union, as they will most likely be without Kazmeir Allen due to Tulare Union football making it to the state playoffs.  The game for the boys will be on November 30 at 7:30 for Varsity and 5:30 for JV boys.  The game will be played at Dinuba High School.

The Varsity girls will also have another game this week as they will travel to Selma for their first tournament of the year (Selma Shootout).  In the first round, they will play Kerman and so on and so forth.  The tournament will go from November 29 to December 2nd.  Game times will be determined based on Dinuba’s success in the tournament.  GOOD LUCK TO ALL LADIES AND MALE EMPERORS!


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