Pag Meter Finals for Week 14 Playoffs

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Pag Meter Semifinals (Division 2 and division 6 Championship Night)

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2017 High School Playoff dates
Friday Semifinals and (Championship night for division 2 and division 6)
Dec 1 Championship Friday
Dec 8 1st round state playoffs
Dec 15 State Championship night
The Pag Meter went 16-4 in last weeks playoff games. For the year 453-71 (86%)


Valley Championship Division 1 Semifinal Finals

No 5 Bakersfield Drillers (6-6) at No 1 Central Grizzlies (11-1)
Broadcasted on 940 ESPN Radio
The Scoop
This is a rematch from last years Valley Championship game when the Drillers beat the Grizzlies 21-14
With the scored tied 14-14, Josh Maran hit Navonte Demison on a 3 yard TD pass with 3:16 to go and the game winner. Paul Golla, won his 5th valley championship in 12 years coaching the Drillers. The Drillers have won more Valley Championships than anybody with 37! The Grizzlies are looking for their 1st in school history.
Quarterfinals results
Bakersfield 41 Liberty 6
QB Caden Ochoa rushed for 200 yards, scored 3 touchdowns and threw 2 TD’s (Justin McGill, 32-yards and Tahj Wright, 10 yards)
Central 35 Bullard 7
The Grizzlies defense stuffed the young Knights offense all night long. QB Trent Tompkins went 24-32 for 173 yards a TD pass. Jevon Bigelow rushed for 185 yards and scored 3 TD’s.
About the game
The Drillers woke up last Friday night and put a whoop ass on the Patriots. Everybody has been waiting all year long for this Drillers team to show up. The Drillers have just as much speed on both sides of the ball as the Grizzlies. QB Caden Ochoa has taken over as the team leader. The Drillers have plenty of running backs and leading the way is Ceyontay Bell (382 rushing yards, 6 TD’s), and Tahj Wright (364 rushing yards, 3 TD’s).
The Grizzlies come in loaded on both sides of the ball. QB Trent Tompkins has thrown for 2,867 yards, 29 touchdowns and is completely different than last year. Trent plays like a 4 year senior and he’s only a junior. The big part of the running game is senior Jevon Bigelow who has rushed for 1,271 rushing yards and has scored 14 TD’s. Trent has plenty of targets with Jacob Torrez who has 61 receptions for 1,054 yards and 10 TDs, Avery Boyd, 31 catches, 401 yards and 8 TD’s, Jeremiah Hunter, 33 catches, 478 yards, 5 TD’s, and Tyrell Grayson, 25 catches, 361 yards and has scored 3 TD’s. Defense is led by linebackers Jacob Hollins and the Lawrence Taylor of the valley with unblockable, Tre Walker.
The X factor is the Drillers making stupid mistakes with penalties and turnovers. South valley football is a tad down this year and this would be a huge upset but Central is so much better than last year the Drillers aren’t. It’s that simple.
If the Drillers can throw the ball ….we have a ball game. If Trent Tompkins is on….Game over and Central wins.
Pag Meter Prediction Central 38 Bakersfield 21


It’s like the Grizzlies toyed with the Drillers and this game looks close but this games was never in doubt.  Trent Tompkins threw 4 TD passes, (Manuel Oliver-Davis for a 37 yards, Jeremiah Hunter 9 and 8 yards, and Avery Boyd 68 yards) Diotry Brewer scored on a 1 yard TD run. Trent Tompkins to Jeremiah Hunter for an 8-yd TD pass.. Trent Tompkins to Avery Boyd for a 68-yd TD pass. Drillers, Caden Ochoa threw 2 Touchdown passes (Tahj Wright for a 36 and 37 -yards). Ceyontay Bell scored on a 30 yard TD run. Tahj Wright scored on a  2 yard TD run. 

No 3 Buchanan Bears (10-2) vs No 2 Clovis West Golden Eagles (9-3)  
The Scoop
This is a rematch from Oct 13 when Clovis West beat Buchanan 36-17. The Golden Eagles defense shut down the Bears in the 2nd half after trailing 14-3 at the half.
The Bears won their only valley championship in 2000 beating Bakersfield. The Golden Eagles last won a valley championship in 2010 beating Bakersfield 20-10.
Quarterfinal Results
Buchanan 25 Edison 6
The Bears offensive line is so good and it controlled the game along with the Bears defense.Trevor Ervin and Kendall Milton (scored 3 TD’s, 6, 3 and 10 yards) ran the ball behind the big boys upfront and did a great job. Levi Williams ran back a 60 yard TD on a kickoff return to make the score 9-0 and the game was pretty much over in the 1st quarter.
Clovis West 42 Clovis 17
Rodney Wright got loose and scored 3 TD with a 84 yard run and caught 2 TD passes. Dante Chachere went 24-36 threw for 307 yards and 3 TD passes. ( Ricardo Arias, 10 and 2 yards, Rodney Wright 65 yards) Ricardo Arias with 12 receptions for 137 yards and 2 TD’s.
About the game
It’s the rematch and both teams have watched the game film plenty of times.
What will the Bears do this go around to slow down the spread attack? Can the Golden Eagles slow down the Bears running game and leading way is Dusty Schramm who plays sideline to sideline. The Bears on offense are so one dimensional with a poor passing game. The Edison Tigers defense is much better than the Golden Eagles defense and the Bears had zero chance at completing a pass against the Tigers. The Clovis West Kryptonite on defense is facing a pounding running game and the Bears sure have that.
The X factor is QB Dante Chachere and he has to play tough and not hesitant like in the Central game. Dante has to play with an attitude and be the leader of the offense. I can’t see the Bears running at the Golden Eagles without a passing game. The Bears will have to throw some. The Bears defense is very good with Jack Wilkins and Keenan Wolf. Buchanan stadium field turf is in horrible shape and that will help the Bears running game with Trevor Ervin, who has 1,119 rushing yards, scored 17 TD’s and Kendall Milton, 1,244 rushing yards with 21 TD’s.
Pag Meter Prediction Clovis West 30 Buchanan 27


Just like in the 1st meeting, Buchanan beat up CW in the 1st half and CW beat up Buchanan in the 2nd half. CW had 4 turnovers in the 1st half, The Bears stuffed the Golden Eagles twice on 4th and inches and the bottom line…the Bears wanted it more.

The Bears jumped out 27-0 and had to hang on. Kendall Milton started the scoring with a 64 yard TD run. Trevor Ervin with a 32-yard TD run to make the score 13-0. Trevor Irvin  again and this time a 54 yard TD run and the Bears lead 20-0. It was Kendall’s turn with a 15 yard TD run and it was 27-0 Bears. Trevor Ervin rushed for 204 yards on 24 carries and sophomore Kendall Milton rushed for 225 on 26 carries. 

Then the Golden Eagles woke up..Rodney Wright caught a 59 yard TD pass from Dante Chachere.  Rodney Wright with a 3-yard TD pass from Dante Chachere and the score was 27-14. Chachere to Nick Coleman for a 19 yard TD pass and it’s now 27-21 Bears. Race Mahlum nailed a short field goal and the score was 30-21 Bears. Rodney Wright with a 2 yard TD run. Final Bears 30 Clovis West 28


Dinuba Emperors (11-2) at Tulare Union Tribe (13-0) 
The Scoop
This is a rematch from Sept 29 when the Tribe beat the Emperors 69-47.
Kazmeir Allen rushed for 335 yards and scored 7 touchdowns in the Tribe win.
The Emperors last won a section championship in 2013 beating Ridgeview 45-14. The Tribe/Redskins last won a section championship in 2008 beating beating El Diamante Miners 42-33.
Quarterfinal Results
Dinuba 24 El Diamante 7
The Emperors defense played outstanding holding the Miners to 98 rushing yards. The Emperors rushed for 232 yards on 49 carries. Alek Marroquin had a game-high 129 yards and scored on a 3 yard TD run. Josh Magana threw 2 TD passes and both to Nathan Carrion.
Tulare Union 42 Garces 12
If the Tribe plays defense like this then they will be state champions.
Kazmeir Allen is now the TOUCHDOWN King California. Allen scored his 64th, 65th and 66th touchdowns and moved ahead of former Ventura’s Tyler Ebell, who scored 64 touchdowns in 2000. Allen rushed for 192 yards on 22 carries, extending his season rushing total to 2,738 yards. Nate Lamb went 10-15-for 265 yards and scored a TD.
About the game
In the 1st meeting the Emperors did a nice job in the 1st half but got run over in the 2nd half. What will be different this game?
Kaz leads the state with 2,738 yards rushing. Junior QB Nathan Lamb has the best job in the valley with so many weapons to work with and he has to get the ball to the athletes. Nate has thrown for 3,369 yards, 34 TD passes. Emoryie Edwards could be back this week with an injured collarbone. (Hard to believe). WR Bryson Allen played last week and will be ready to go.
Dinuba has Sophomore quarterback Josh Magana who has thrown for 1,982 yards with 30 TD’s. The running backs are Alek Marroquin who has rushed for 1,032 yards, scored 13 TDs and Lucas Tuttle who runs hard on the inside. The wide receivers are Nathan Carrion (58 catches, 605 yards, TD’s) and Colton Martinez (38 catches, 515 receiving yards and has scored 9 TD’s).
The X factor is the Emperors defense and can they possibly slow down Reggie Bush junior (Kaz Allen)? What adjustments can the Emperors come up with??
Pag Meter Prediction Tulare Union 49 Dinuba 35


Congratulations to the Tulare Union Tribe, Division 2 Section Champions!

Dinuba had the lead at the half 14-13, Kaz Allen had 22 yards rushing and then the Tribe took over in the 2nd half. Allen finished rushing for 251 yards, scored 4 touchdowns including a 91 yard TD run, raising his state single-season record for total touchdowns to 70.

Bakersfield Christian Eagles (10-2) at Memorial Panthers (10-2) 
The Scoop
This is a rematch from last years semifinals when the Eagles beat the Panthers 41-35.
Eagles QB Braden Wingle threw for a career-high 487 yards and 5 touchdowns. The Eagles are the defending champions. Memorial last won a section championship in 2003 beating Dos Palos 41-14 in division 4.
The Quarterfinal Results
Bakersfield Christian 48 Kingsburg 9
The Eagles got down 9-0 and that’s what happens when you have not played in a real game for a month and then the Eagles blew away the Vikings in the 2nd half.
Braden Wingle threw for 227 yards and 2 touchdown passes. Donte Harris rushed for 90 yards and scored 3 touchdowns.
Memorial 35 West 14
QB Alec Trujillo went 8-12 for 243 yards passing and 3 TD’s. WR Jalen McMillan caught 4 passes for 103 yards and scored 2 TD’s. Mac Dalena caught 2 passes for 100 yards and scored on a 50 yard TD pass. RB Justice Palms rushed for 109 yards and scored a TD. Leonard Glass did not play.

About the game
The Panthers have played a much tougher schedule and don’t look at last year’s SJM team because they were awful on defense. This year, SJM played in the tough CMAC and the Eagles coasted in the South Sequoia league.
Eagles QB Braden Wingle comes in healthy and has talent around him and leading the way at WR is Alex Wallace. The Eagles defense has steam rolled since losing to Garces.
The Panthers have red hot QB Alec Trujillo who has thrown for 2,913 yards and 31 TD passes. Sophomore receiver Jalen McMillan has scored 16 TD’s.
The X factor is the dangerous running back Leonard Glass. LG is a speedster that opens up the SJM offense. The Panthers defense which are led by linebackers Zach Angelillo and Andrew Defendis has to play a great game. The Eagles will find out that QB Alec Trujillo and RB Leonard Glass are playing at a high level.
If the Panthers come in and play their game and realize that they played Edison, and Bullard tough, beat Sanger then they will be playing at Bob Mathias Stadium on Dec 1.
Pag Meter Prediction Memorial 44 Bakersfield Christian 34


This was a good old fashioned BEAT DOWN. The Panthers defense flat out beat up the Eagles. QB Alec Trujillo put on a show with 6 touchdowns passes, a touchdown run and 377 total yards from either his arm or legs. He had 6 completions of 30 yards or more. Nick DiCeglie scored on 2 TD passes for 136 yards.  Jalen McMillan caught 3 TD passes. 

Tehachapi Warriors (6-6) vs Tulare Western Mustangs (11-1) 
The Scoop
1pm kickoff!! The Warriors last won a section championship in 2010 beating Memorial in division 2, 13-10. The Mustangs are looking to win their 1st section championship.
The Quarterfinal Results
Tehachapi 20 Fresno High 14
Tehachapi running back Hayden Palmer scored the game winning TD.
Tulare Western 66 Madera 48
Tulare Western and Madera combined for 1,156 yards of total offense and 114 points scored.
The Mustangs had 619 yards of total offense (262 passing, 357 rushing) and the Coyotes had 537 (412 passing, 125 rushing). In the 2nd quarter, 73 points were scored and 10 touchdowns were scored. More points are scored at Bob Mathias stadium than any other stadium in the valley.
Mustangs QB Elijah Burrell went 15-of-21 passes for 262 yards and 5 TD passes. Keshon Butler led the team with 9 receptions for 167 yards and scored 3 TD’s (2 receiving and 1 kickoff). David Alcantar rushed for 143 yards and scored 4 TD’s (1 rushing and 3 receiving). Tairyn Johnson rushed for 134 yards and scored 2 TD’s on runs of 24 and 79 yards. Damarin Patterson rushed for 96 yards.
About the game
This game is simple to figure out and if the Warriors can slow this game down, they can hang around and frustrate the dangerous Mustangs with long drives. The Warriors will have plenty that carry the football with QB Chris Garcia, runnings backs Connor Timm, Hayden Palmer, and Garrett Curry.
The Mustangs have senior running back David Alcantar who can do it all and is the Christian mcCaffrey of our valley who has rushed for 1,457 rushing yards, 488 receiving yards and has scored 32 total touchdowns. Sophomore QB Elijah Burrell plays like a senior. WR Keshon Butler, running backs Tairyn Johnson and Damarin Patterson are so explosive.
The X factor is in the last two games the Mustangs have given up 62 points to Tulare Union and 48 points to Madera but both of those offenses are light years better than the the Warriors offense. Football is all about matchups and the Mustangs match up well against the Warriors. The Warriors are in trouble and the Mustangs will roll.
Pag Meter Prediction Tulare Western 50 Tehachapi 21


The Warriors just don’t match up with the Mustangs.

Scoring, David Alcantar 65 yard TD run. Elijah Burrell 1 yard TD run . Tairyn Johnson 2 yard TD run. Damiran Patterson 66 yard TD run  And Elijah Burrell hit Damiran Patterson on a 48 yard TD pass. For the Warriors they scored real late when Chris Garcia hit Connor Timm on a 13-yard TD pass. 

North Stars (9-4) at CVC Cavaliers (10-2) 
The Scoop
The Stars last won a section championship in 1954 winning the Sierra league. The Cavaliers beat the Tranquility Tigers 31-0 in 2005 to win the division 5 section championship.
The Quarterfinal Results
North 36 Selma 35 (OT)
Bailey West hit Victor Boggs Jr on a 23 yard TD pass and the tie to head into overtime. In overtime, North struck first with a 2-yard touchdown run by Connor Whitbey. The Stars defense held the Bears on the 2-point conversion in OT.
CVC 42 Delano 13
JJ Lino went 11-16 for 157 yards and threw 3 TD passes (Gavin Salierno, 9, 1 yards, and Simon Tevelde, 24 yards) Eric Dragt scored on a 2-yard touchdown run! Jaalen Rening rushed for 163 yards and scored 2 TD’s on runs of 15 and 55 yards.

About the game
North is on a 6 game winning streak and leading the way is QB Bailey West, (1,803 passing yards and 15 TD passes), wide receivers Victor Boggs (36 receptions, 5 TD’s) and James Johnson (39 receptions, 7 TD’s). Leading the way with the ground game is Chris Romero who has rushed for 1,499 yards and has scored 19 TD’s.

Leading the way for the Cavaliers is Quarterback J.J. Lino (2,071 yards passing, 26 TDs), running back Jaalen Rening (1,248 yards rushing, 12 TDs) and senior receiver Gavin Salierno (61 catches, 1,006 yards receiving, 14 TDs).The leaders on the CVC defense are linebacker Spencer Morris (100 tackles) and defensive back Tanner Rocha (9 interceptions)
The X factor is the Cavaliers offense and if they can hold on the football. When they don’t fumble they are 9-0. Can the Stars stay with the CVC offense? The Stars schedule was soft but they did beat Selma. The bottom line is the Caves are a much better team!
Pag Meter Prediction CVC 36 North 21


The Cavaliers played the much tougher schedule and that was the difference.  The Cavaliers scored 29 straight points (four touchdowns, a safety) to make it 29-0 with 2 minutes left in the 1st quarter. GAME OVER!  the Cavaliers defense allowed just 99 yards rushing on 48 carries. QB JJ Lino went 10-15 for 181 yards and 3 TD passes.  Gavin Salierno caught 6 passes for 99 yards and scored a TD, Brian Noel caught 3 passes for 40 yards and scores a TD, and Tanner Rocha caught a 40 yard TD pass. 

Kerman Lions (10-2) at Golden West Trailblazers (10-2) 
The Scoop
It’s the Lions spread attack vs the Blazers Wing T? Both teams are looking for their 1st section championship.
Quarterfinal Results
Kerman 39 Monache 34
If the Lions could catch a pass this game would have been much different.
Sean Chambers rushed for 200 yards and scored 3 TD’s. Chris Acosta rushed for 275 yards and scored 2 TD’s.
Golden West 49 Roosevelt 34
Gonzalo Rodriguez rushed for 156 yards and scored 3 TD’s, Ben Davis rushed for 154 yards and scored a TD. Payton Allen went 4-7 for 156 yards and 2 TD passes including a 59 yard TD pass to Josiah Washington. Ben Davis accounted for 187 yards (150 rushing, 37 receiving) and scored a TD.
About the game
The Lions come in red hot winning 10 straight and leading the way is Sean Chambers and running back Chris Acosta. Chambers has accounted for 2,647 yards of total offense (1,333 yards passing, 1,314 yards rushing) and 27 total touchdowns.
Golden West is a WING T machine and has rushed for 3,799 yards. Leading the way is Gonzalo Rodriguez (1,414 yards rushing, 23 TDs).
The X factor is the Lions defense and the Lions receivers. Can the Lions defense slow down the Wing T and force the Blazers into 3rd and long? Can the Lions receivers catch the big passes this week? If they can then the Lions are tough to stop.
The Lions defense is light years better than the Rough Riders defense. For the Lions to pull the upset on the road, they have to force turnovers and Sean and company must plan on holding serve on offense. The Lions can’t afford to be punting and make bad mistakes. They sure did!
This has the makings to be a shootout and when you have a division 1 QB on your team like Sean Chambers who has verbally committed to Wyoming, then a Lions win could happen.
Pag Meter Prediction (Upset pick) Kerman 45 Golden West 44


The Blazers machine wore down the Lions. Gonzalo Rodriguez rushed for 174 yards on 30 carries and scored 2 touchdowns. Ben Davis rushed 105 yards and scored 2 touchdowns on 14 carries. Lions Sean Chambers rushed for 179 yards, scored 2 TD’s on runs of 10 and 2 yards. Sean also threw a 30 yard TD pass to  Charlie Castellanos. 



Yosemite Badgers (9-1) at Caruthers Blue Raiders (11-0) 
The Scoop
The Badgers last won a section championship in 2004 beating the Fresno High Warriors 45-13 in division 3. Caruthers Blue Raiders won their last championship in 2005 beating Firebaugh 44-8 in division 5.
This is a rematch from last year when Caruthers beat Yosemite 36-14 last season in Caruthers on Sept 9th. The Badgers were scheduled to face the Blue Raiders this season but the game was canceled due to the fires.
The Quarterfinal Results
Yosemite 42 Immanuel 21
Sophomore running back Nicholas Harper rushed for 89 yards and scored 3 touchdowns. Senior Cannon Eames (4 receptions – 128 yards) scored on a 64-yard pass from junior QB Tyson Mansfield (6-10, 168 yards), Kevin Cruz returned an interception 45 yards for a TD and senior Austen Burgeno (102 rushing yards) scored on a 10 yard TD run.
Caruthers 35 Kennedy 21
Blue Raiders Imanol Arrendondo rushed for yards and scored 3 TD’s. Chris Puga rushed for 89 yards and scored a TD.
About the game
The Badgers are led by Harper, who has rushed for 1,092 yards with 13 touchdowns. Burgeno has 714 yards rushing and 10 TDs. QB Tyson Mansfield has been the leader in the huddle and very accurate passer. Cannon Eames has 632 yards receiving and has scored 7 touchdowns in 6 games.
The Blue Raiders bring in QB Jared Gilmore who is 54 of 94 for 1,176 yards and 16 TD passes and have two 1,000 runners with senior Imanol Arredondo (1,213 yards, 22 TDs), and junior Chris Puga (1,029 yards, 13 TDs)
The X factor is the Blue Raiders have a little more team speed. Both offenses come in red hot! This should be a great game!
Pag Meter Prediction Caruthers 39 Yosemite 27


Pag Meter almost nailed the score. Jared Gilmore threw 3 TD passes (Isaac Franco 22 yards and Renaldo Delgado 23 and 9 yards) . Imanol Arredondo scored on a 2 and 67 yard TD runs.
Firebaugh Eagles (10-2) at Shafter Generals (9-3)
The Scoop
The Eagles lost in the Championship game last year to Mendota 50-22. The Eagles last won a championship in 1994 winning the Sierra division. The Generals last won in 1955 winning the Sequoia division .
Quarterfinal Results
Firebaugh 26 Coalinga 0
The Eagles took care of business and played their best defensive game of the year!
QB Jeshua Gutierrez threw for 176 yards and 2 TD passes. Hunter Hogue rushed for 124 yards and scored 2 TD’s.
Shafter 51 Hanford West 6
The Eagles come in red hot and leading the way is QB Jeshua Gutierrez who has thrown for 2,372 yards with 29 TD passes. Jeshua favorite target is Tylor Palmer (57 catches, 1,318 yards, 22 TD’s). Running back Hunter Hogue has rushed for 1,203 yards and has scored 18 touchdowns.

About the game
The Generals offense starts and ends with QB junior Alex Aguilar who has thrown for 2,731 yards with 29 touchdown passes, rushed for 1,347 yards and has scored 22 TD’s.
The X factor and it’s always the Eagles defense. Against the Toads they played their best defensive game of the year but the Generals offense is much more dangerous than the Toads. Can the Eagles offense take control early? The Eagles have played the tougher schedule but the Generals are at home. 
Pag Meter Prediction Shafter 45 Firebaugh 27


The Eagles played a much tougher game than the Generals. Firebaugh jumped out to a 21-0 lead under 6 minutes into the game. Jeshua Gutierrez hit Tylor Palmer for a 60-yard TD to put the Eagles ahead 7-0. Then Gutierrez hit Palmer again for a 30 yard TD pass. Gutierrez then hit Fernando Campa on a 62-yard TD pass. 

Rosamond Roadrunners (11-2) at Strathmore Spartans (13-0)
The Scoop
It’s the Roadrunners QB Isiah Escobar vs Spartans RB Joseph Garcia.
Spartans are looking to be back to back champions and the Roadrunners are looking for their 1st section championship.
The Semifinal Results
Rosamond 42 Riverdale 28
Roadrunners QB Isaiah Escobar scored on a 50 yard TD run and threw 3 TD passes, of 24, 87, and 6 yards to Mario Aparicio.
Strathmore 28 Orosi 20
Joseph Garcia scored 2 TD’s with runs of 10 and 27 yards. Nick Salas hits Amando Rodriguez Alonso Acevedo rushed for 102 yards and scored a touchdown on 6 carries. QB Nick Salas went 7-of-9 for 113 yards and hit Amando Rodriguez on a 20 yard TD pass.

About the game
The Roadrunners, have won 8 in a row, and are averaging nearly 37 points per game in a spread attack and leading the way QB Isiah Escobar (2,317 yards passing, 779 yards rushing, 39 total TDs). Escobar has thrown 29 TD passes and scored 10 TD’s.
The defending champs have rushed for 3,723 yards and are led by Joseph Garcia who has rushed 1,934 yards rushing, 33 TD’s.
The X factor is this is a tough one to figure out. Rosamond beat Riverdale but Riverdale was completely beat up with injuries. Can the Roadrunners slow down Garcia? Can the Spartans contain Escobar?
Pag Meter Prediction Strathmore 35 Rosamond 28


Congratulations to the Strathmore Spartans, Back to back division 6 Champions!

Joseph Garcia rushed for 170 yards, scored 3 TD’s and threw a 26 yard TD pass to Nick Salas. Salas threw 2 TD passes (Armando Rodriguez 45 yards,  Andres Lara 31 yards) Roadrunners,  Isiah Escobar rushed for 131 yards, scored on a 9 yard TD run, and threw 3 TD passes. (Tyler Gibson, 14, 23 yards and  Mario Aparicio 46 yards)


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