Kerman Wins in Nailbiting Second Half

Kerman was rocking again in their playoff game against Monache, well for three quarters. Despite an amazing first quarter lead by All-star quarterback Sean Chambers, Kerman would have a solid 14-0 lead at the half. Monache would, however, start the second half by striking back with a touchdown pass by Antonio Andrade.

On the play, Sean Chambers, who also plays safety along with his main role at quarterback, injured his shoulder on the play. Kerman would fire back however on the ground game with a 50 yard run by Senior Christopher Acosta. Then on the ensuing Marauder drive, Andrade connected again for a 30-yard touchdown. Kerman had good field position, but the back up for Sean, sophomore Gavin Layton, got stripped sacked by, which would lead to a Marauder touchdown. This would be a harbinger of things to come.

Gavin would then on the ensuing drive throw an interception. Then like the last drive, Monache would capitalize with a Touchdown run. The score after a two-point conversion, 25-21. Note, this was Kerman’s first time trailing since the first quarter against Liberty-Madera, and only their second time ever trailing since week one, when Selma scored on a botched snap on the extra point, leading to a game-winning two-point conversion. However, an unusual sight came to be.

Sean Chambers would take the helm and established it was his team to lead. On the pursuing drive in the fourth, Kerman would drive down the field with their trio of runners in Christopher Acosta, Sean Chambers, and Colton Smith. The drive ending with an amazing run by Sean Chambers. Kerman would, however, miss the PAT, making it a tie game at 27 all. After two changes in possession, Monache would score on a 50-yard touchdown catch by Montrace Fields, making it a 34-27 game. Kerman though wouldn’t allow them to have a big play without having one of their own. Sean would take off, and with a right arm, would use his legs, and beat a Monache corner to the goal line for an 80-yard touchdown rush. Fans were going insane. Kerman would go for two but would be short, making it 34-33 with 4 minutes to go. On the next drive, Monache would have a turnover on downs, one of the very few times Monache couldn’t move in the second half. Kerman would then get a touchdown from Christopher Acosta with 2 minutes left. Following a missed two-point conversion, Kerman did something they have not done all season.

They take a risk and would do a squib kick towards the sideline. As it went up in the air, it looked for sure it was going out. However, the kick would land right on the 35-yard line and bounce backward.

The Monache player in the second level tried to recover it, but Senior Jose Perez would dive on it at the Monache 42, giving Kerman possession, great field position, and awarding the sophomore kicker Miguel Echavarria the Miami inspired turnover chain. It seemed like it was the nail in the coffin. But as the saying goes, it isn’t over till the clock shows zero. Kerman would turn over on downs, giving Monache one last chance with 46 seconds left. Monache would end up with a 4th and 5 with six seconds left back in their own territory. In a last-ditch effort, Andrade would connect to Fields but would be just 25 yards away from victory. You could barely hear announced Phil Suson announce, “Final Score: Kerman 39, Monache 34!” Kermanites, both young and old were rocking the stands like they were pregame.

Kerman faced the toughest pass offense they have faced the whole entire season. In fact, it was the first time Kerman didn’t lead the game in passing yards. But the key factors, the presence of Sean taking the snaps, and the Lions’ run game. Monache even knowing Sean couldn’t throw, still couldn’t stop them from using the ground game. Kerman is now going to play top-seeded Golden West in Visalia, where they will attempt to go to the Valley Championship for the first time in school history.


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