Dinuba Makes Valley Over Big Rival

Big rivals in football are one of the biggest games for high school players.  You know not only that you want to win, but that you want to beat the other team to the core.  I believe that this rivalry is brewing between the Dinuba Emperors and the El Diamante Miners.  These two teams both are good and well coached, they both seem to want the valley title in their grasp every year.  So here it is, who takes the win this time?

As the game started, Dinuba received the ball and traded off with the miners as they couldn’t do anything against the Miners D.  It looked like it could have been a really bad time for both offenses, as it seemed both defenses were on.  The Miners then became the first to score, as they scored off a run from QB Parker Boswell.

Dinuba was not going to just go and give up, this was the playoffs after all.  The defense helped out the struggling offense and got an interception from Dinubas DB Ignacio Ramos.  This later resulted in a rushing touchdown on a handoff from HB Alek Marroquin.  As I’m telling you, this game seemed to be like a defensive battle, as after halftime both teams had to trade possessions before Dinuba scored off a pass from QB Joshua Magana to WR Nate Carrion.  Dinuba kicked off but then once again got the ball and scored off a pass from QB Joshua Magana to WR Nate Carrion for a second time.

The 4th quarter was a defensive war and it seemed Dinuba won it.  Dinubas defense really got it going, as they picked off El Diamante QB Parker Boswell twice, once from LB Erik Valencia and one from DB Elijah Mayberry.  The first one from LB Erik Valencia actually resulted in a field goal from Dinuba.  The final score was 24-7, as Dinuba was victorious.  They will know face Tulare Union, hoping to get vengeance on them from what they did to them earlier in the season.

The game will be on Friday November 24 at 7pm.  The location will be at Bob Mathias Stadium.  This seems to be a huge game for both teams not only due to the chance to walk away as champions, but to leave their respective legacies in their own programs.  I hope to see you there one last time for some Emperor Football!

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