Dinuba Defeats Old Rival In Lemoore, One More Stop On The Road To Valley

Football postseason. A time where not only are the tensions high in the weight room of Kevin Scharton, but of the overall school mentality. Even last year as a freshman, I knew that as a student of Dinuba High that football playoffs were just a time of pure concentration.  Even the town is in major concentration, as there is always a good turnout for Dinuba games not only during the regular season but during the playoffs it’s almost like a college type environment.  Now last week, I mentioned that I would get you the award winners as soon as I could get you them. Not only have I came upon my promise but I have also brought you a video made by Dinuba Tennis Coach Fadra Kiehn! Here is the video:

JV awards are as the following

Offensive Player of the Year is Running Back Devon Mendoza

Defensive Player of the Year is Defensive Back Mark Tio-Annen

The Emperor Award goes to DE Jesse Gonzalez

Varsity football awards are the following

Offensive Player of the Year is QB Joshua Magana, 1854 passing yards, 28 passing TDs and 1 interception

Defensive Player of the Year is DE Joshua Sanchez- 5 sacks but was a huge body on this defensive line.

Emperor Award went to DB Ignacio Ramos, averages 5 hours of film a week and never quit on his dream to be one of the best DBs on the team. Honorable mention for the league.

Now onto the game that everybody is waiting for the juice about. Some people may be asking “why was this game so close?” or “What happened to Dinuba?” It’s not that Dinuba had a bad game it was just that Lemoore definitely wanted to end the season on a good note.  They came out on the defensive side of the ball making Dinubas dangerous offense get off the field.  Lemoore offense then came out onto the and immediately made an impact as they passed the ball to wideout WR Steven Wilhite from QB Kristian Gayton for a 75 yard touchdown. Dinuba then came back out onto the field and grinded the football until they scored off an end around run to DB/HB Jacob Huerta.  Lemoore then came back onto the field and threw the ball from QB Jack Foote to  WR Steven Wilhite again on a 2 yard passing touchdown.  Dinuba was not going down easy as they shot back right at them with a 24 yard pass from QB Joshua Magana to WR Nate Carrion.  They then kicked the ball off but it was an onside kick which Dinuba recovered.  They then got the ball and scored off a 1 yard run from HB Alek Marroquin. After this score, Dinuba once again successfully recovered an onside kick and went down the field. Sadly for Dinuba, Kicker Victor Martinez missed the kick going into halftime DINUBA 21- Lemoore 13

In the second half though, Lemoore would get the ball back and Lemoore scored once again off a pass from QB Jack Foote to WR Steven Wilhite.  Dinuba then got the ball back and scored off a 3 yard run from HB Alek Marroquin.  Lemoore then gave the ball back to Dinuba and Dinuba did not take this offer for advantage as they scored off a 2 yard run from FB Lucas Tuttle.  The final score of the game actually came off another pass from QB Jack Foote to WR Steven Wilhite.  This was not enough for Lemoore though, as Dinuba won and stamped their golden ticket for the second round of playoffs for the 2nd year in a row, as Dinuba won 35-27.

Dinuba will now face El Diamante, a team that has been on a huge hot streak as they have won every single game since their last loss in week 4, which was ironically against Dinuba.  Both teams seem to be hungry to get vengeance on each other, as I think this is a premier rivalry for years to come.  Dinuba’s key to winning this game would have to pound the ball and get that defense tired.  The game will be at Claud Hebert Field at Dinuba High School on November 17 at 7 p.m.  Hope to see you there and watch some history perhaps!




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