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PAG METER PREDICTIONS for the 1st round and Quarterfinals
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In week 11 the Pag Meter went 34-11 (Worst week of the year) for the year 415-65 (86%)

High School Playoff dates
11/24 Semifinals (Championship night for Division 2 and 6)
12/1 Championship Friday
12/8 1st round state playoffs
12/15 State Championship night
There is no JV game so the game will start at 7pm. There is always some folks that show up and are shocked and miss some of the 1st quarter.

Division 1 PLAYOFFS
Valley Championship Division
1st Round
No 9 Sanger Apaches (8-3) vs No 8 Bullard Knights (6-5)
Pag Meter line Bullard -14
(The Winner plays at No 1 Central Grizzlies)
This is a rematch from Oct 6 when the Knights beat the Apaches 27-6. The Knights defense stuffed the Apaches offense and Marcus Fulcher scored 3 TD’s including a 25 yard TD run. Josh Kelly with a 22 yard TD catch from Kalei Acfalle.
Both teams lost in week 11. The Knights lost to Edison 20-14 and the Apaches lost to Memorial 35-14.
Football is about matchups and Bullard seems to match up well against the Apaches.
You all know the old rule that it’s hard to beat somebody twice in the same year but this might be different since Bullard lost in week 11.
The X factor is both defenses… can the Knights slow down Jalen Cropper and can the Apaches slow down Marcus Fulcher? Fulcher has now rushed for 1,570 yards on the year.
Pag Meter Prediction Bullard 28 Sanger 14

Final Bullard 21 Sanger 14

The Apaches had a 14-0 lead and also fumbled late in the 1st half on the goal line. With the score tied 14-14 with 34 seconds to go, Knights QB Kalei Acfalle, hit Josh Kelly, with a 15 yard TD pass and the game winner. Acfalle threw 2 more TD passes. (Kelly, 20 yards and Kai Sunamoto, 5 yards) Marcus Fulcher, rushed for 113 yards and for the year Fulcher has rushed for 1,756 yards and has scored 18 TD’s. The Apaches Jalen Cropper, threw a 25-yard TD pass to Morice Norris and Cropper ran back an 86 yard kickoff return for a TD.

No 11 Clovis North Broncos (2-9) at No 6 Edison Tigers (7-4)
Pag Meter line Edison -27
(The winner plays No 3 Buchanan Bears at Lamonica Stadium)
This is a rematch from Sept 15 when the Tigers beat the Broncos 20-0.
The Tigers are much better now than when both teams played on Sept 15 and the Broncos offense is still struggling.
The X factor is can the Broncos score a Touchdown?
Pag Meter Prediction Edison 27 Clovis North 0

Final Edison 20 Clovis North 13

The Broncos played a great game and the Tigers didn’t show up but some how pulled out a win. CN, Brendan Bechtel scored on a 35 yard TD run to make it 7-0 at the half. If the Tigers played like this against the Buchanan Bears, zero chance of winning.

No 10 Ridgeview Wolf Pack (6-5) at No 7 Clovis Cougars (7-4)
Pag Meter line Clovis -3
(The winner plays No 2 Clovis West Golden Eagles at Buchanan Stadium)
This is a very interesting match up of the speedy Wolf Pack vs the slower Cougars.
The Wolf Pack have played a much softer schedule over the Cougars especially in league play.
The X factor is the Cougars defense and will they show up along with the Cougars running game?
The Cougars offense with QB Payton Mayer must have a huge game to get a rematch next week against Clovis West.
If the Cougars weren’t playing at home, they might just lose but you have to take the Cougars at Lamonica.
Pag Meter Prediction Clovis 27 Ridgeview 24

Final Clovis 49 Ridgeview 39

Cougars QB Payton Mayer set a school record with 7 TD passes. Bubba Byrd had 5 receptions for a career high 218 yards and 2 touchdowns. Christian Loera had a night on defense with 4 interceptions and now with 11 INT’s on the year sets a new school record that has been standing for 47 years. WOW!!

Thursday 7pm Kickoff
No 8 Sunnyside Wildcats (7-4) at No 1 Tulare Union Tribe (11-0)
Pag Meter line Tulare Union-13
Last year in the 1st round, the Wildcats beat TU 65-55. In 2015 the Wildcats beat the Tribe 46-14. Are you seeing a pattern?
Tulare Union record breaking wide receiver Emoryie Edwards is out for the year with a broken collarbone and that’s huge. The other top Tribe wide receiver is Bryson Allen and he is also out for this game with a bad hip. Another huge blow.
Kazmier Allen has a sore knee but he is a go. Kazmeir Allen leads the country in scoring touchdowns. Allen has scored 55 total touchdowns (45 rushing, nine receiving, one kickoff.
The X factor is the Wildcats are very athletic and will be the best defense the Tribe will have played so far. Can the Wildcats take away the run with loading the box??
Can the Wildcats beat Tulare Union for the 3rd straight year and pull the shocker of the year?
It’s possible. The Wildcats offense will need a big game. Don’t be shocked if the Wildcats pull out another win. The Wildcats are a good team that has plenty of talent.
If Kaz goes off then Tulare Union will put up 50 plus…
Pag Meter Prediction Tulare Union 48 Sunnyside 45

Final Tulare Union 61 Sunnyside 26

Apparently the Wildcats didn’t get the memo that wide receivers Emoryie Edwards and Bryson Allen were out and Tulare Union couldn’t throw the football and maybe you might want to focus on Kaz!!! It was a horrible Wildcats game plan and Kazmeir Allen went off rushing for his personal best 434 yards and scored 8 TD’s. 63 TD’s for the year and 1 TD away from breaking the state record. 63 TD’s is a new section record, 113 career touchdowns is 4th best and 5,486 career rushing yards.

No 5 Frontier Titans (7-4) at No 4 Garces Rams (5-6)
Pag Meter line Garces -7
This is a rematch from Oct 27 when the Rams beat the Titans 17-7.
The Rams are playing their best football and running back Isaiah Martin is red hot.
The X factor is who can control the line of scrimmage?
This could come down to the final minutes…
Pag Meter Prediction Garces 30 Frontier 23

Final Garces 30 Frontier 22

Pag Meter almost nailed the score. The Rams didn’t play a good game but pulled out a win. Rams kicker Peter Delis nailed 3 field goals (36, 37 and 37 yards). Isaiah Martin rushed for 160 yards on 28 carries. Frontier’s, Tye Johnson, rushed for 169 yards, and scored 2 touchdowns.

No 6 Redwood Rangers (5-6) at No 3 El Diamante Miners (8-3)
Pag Meter line El Diamante -6
This is a rematch from Oct 20th when the Miners beat the Rangers 17-7. The game was a physical battle and now this game could be the same.
The X factor is the defense and the Miners are playing better defense coming in.
Pag Meter Prediction El Diamante 23 Redwood 17

Final El Diamante 16 Redwood 7

Miners kicker, Alex Saldana nailed all 3 of his field goal attempts from 25, 24, and 19 yards. Devontae Freeman scored on a 2-yard TD and the Miners defense did the rest. Freeman finished with a game-high 93 yards rushing on 32 carries. Quarterback Parker Boswell went 9-of-14 passes for 128 yards passing.

No 7 Lemoore Tigers (4-7) at No 2 Dinuba Emperors (10-1)
Pag Meter line Dinuba -24
The Tigers come in not playing good football and the Dinuba is playing their best football.
The X factor is always take the team that is hot heading into the playoffs.
The Emperors Sophomore QB Josh Magana has thrown for 1,463 yards and 24 TD passes. Senior running back Alek Marroquin has rushed for 812 yards and has scored 10 TD’s and senior receiver Colton Martinez has 457 receiving yards with 9 TD’s.
Dinuba has the team that can win it all.
Pag Meter Prediction Dinuba 45 Lemore 21

Final Dinuba 35 Lemoore 27

Emperors, Lucas Tuttle scored on a 2-yard TD run in the 4th quarter and it turned out to be the game winner. Alek Marroquin rushed for 89 yards and scored 2 TD’s. Jacob Huerta scored on a 19-yard TD run. Josh Magana hit Nate Carrion on a 24 yard TD pass. For the Tigers, Kristian Gayton threw a 75 yard TD pass to Steven Wilhite. Jack Foote threw 2 TD passes and scored on a 6-yard TD run.

1st Round

No 9 Mt Whitney Pioneers (4-7) at No 8 Madera Coyotes (6-5)
Pag Meter line Madera -5
Broadcasted on 940 ESPN Radio
The winner plays at No 1 Tulare Western Mustangs on Thursday Nov 16 at Bob Mathias Stadium if Tulare Union beats Sunnyside.
This game has two of the best passing attacks in the valley.
The Pioneers beat Redwood in the Cowhide game 57-56. WOW!!
Junior quarterback Jaedyn Pineda accounted for 7 touchdowns and the last one came with 2 seconds to go when he hit Anthony Valencia on a 6 yard TD pass. MW then went for 2 and the win when Pineda hit Mason Parker on a pass and the game winner.
Coyotes QB, Colt Nelson, went 21-32 for 369 yards and 5 TD passes and Madera beat Madera South 49-20.
The X factor is this has the makings of a shootout so what defense can step up and make the big stops?
Pag Meter Prediction Madera 45 Mt Whitney 40

Final Madera 76 Mt Whitney 62

Coyotes QB Colt Nelson went 21-33 for 412 yards and 5 TD passes. Joseph Saldivar rushed for 276 yards and scored a TD. K’Veon Jones caught 7 passes for 170 yards and 2 TD’s. Sophomore kicker Brisa Meza set a section record, she made the most conversions in one game by making 10 out of 11 for a female player. Pioneers QB Jaedyn Pineda, went 26-35 for 352 yards and 5 TD’s.

No 12 South Rebels (5-5) at No 5 Tehachapi Warriors (6-5)
Pag Meter line Tehachapi -17
The X factor in this game is the Warriors defense is very good. The Rebels are not battle tested playing in the SEYL. The Warriors playing on the mountain should win but can’t afford turnovers.
Pag Meter Prediction Tehachapi 33 South 16

Final Tehachapi 34 South 8

Garrett Curry finished with 77 yards on 21 carries. Hayden Palmer carried 18 times for 51 yards and the defense did the rest.

No 13 Fresno High Warriors (6-5) at No 4 Independence Falcons (7-4)
Pag Meter line Independence -16
The Warriors are down a bit and will compete vs independence because south valley football is down a bit. We will see if the Warriors speed is a big factor against the Falcons.
The X Factor is the Falcons offense vs the Warriors defense.
Pag Meter prediction Independence 36 Fresno High 20

Final Fresno High 26 Independence 22

The bottom line here is the Warriors were the better team. QB John L’Heureux speed was too much for the Falcons. He ran for a game-high 129 yards and threw for 2 scores. It’s was a 24-yard double move that he connected with Glen Phason on with 10 minutes left that gave Fresno a 20-15 lead. Running back Josh Simpson, exploded for the decisive 39-yard running score with 3:42 left in the game and the game winner.

No 11 Chowchilla Tribe (5-6) at No 6 Kingsburg Vikings (7-4)
Pag Meter line Kingsburg -14
(The winner plays at No 3 Bakersfield Christian)
Both teams took a dump last week and both teams were shutout. The Tribe got run over 35-0 in the loss to Liberty Madera and the Vikings got crushed at Selma 27-0.
The X factor is who ever wins this week is in trouble next week at Bakersfield Christian.
Pag Meter Prediction Kingsburg 34 Chowchilla 20

Final Kingsburg 20 Chowchilla 14 (No stats available)

No 10 West Vikings (6-5) at No 7 Highland Scots (8-2)
Pag Meter line West -3
(The winner plays at No 2 Memorial Panthers)
This game is about the battle on the line of scrimmage.
The X factor is the Scots defense vs L.J. Laulu, Donta Mason and the Wing T offense.
The Scots have a few little injuries that hurt them in the lost to North and now they get the physical Vikings.
Pag Meter Prediction West 27 Highland 24

Final West 42 Highland 35 OT

Donta Mason scored 4 touchdowns and had 3 interceptions including the game clinching 24 yard TD run in OT

DIVISION 4 Playoffs
1st Round Games

No 12 Monache Marauders (4-6) at No 5 Liberty Madera Hawks (8-3)
Pag Meter line Liberty Madera -20
(The winner plays at No 4 Kerman Lions)
This is the spread, no-huddle, up-tempo offense of the Marauders vs the power of the Wing T Hawks offense.
The X factor, football is about matchups and the Marauders defense will struggle against the Hawks offense. The Marauders offense has to play lights out and win in a shootout.
Pag Meter Prediction Liberty Madera 46 Monache 26

Final Monache 50 Liberty Madera 28

The outstanding Monache coaching staff did a great job in the road win. The Marauders spread, no-huddle, up-tempo offense played a great game. Marauders QB Antonio Andrade, went 15-27 for 266 yards and 4 TD passes. RB Aidan Galvan, rushed for 122 yards and scored 2 TD’s. Hawks RB Kaleb Roth, rushed for 269 yards and scored 2 TD’s.

No 11 East Blades (3-8) at No 6 North Stars (8-3)
Pag Meter line North -12
These teams were scheduled to play on Sept 1st but it was to hot.
Blades David Fanucchi is out as coach. STRANGE TIMING! Dave Thorpe, the former East head coach is on campus as a teacher, will take over as interim head coach.
(The winner will play at No 3 Selma Bears)
Both teams have plenty of talent and East just never got it going. Will they find the magic this week and make a playoff run? It’s possible. It seems every year there is that one team that catches fire.
The Stars are a team I was thinking they would be 9-1 with a bye but instead they play at home.
The X factor will the real team please step up!
Pag Meter Prediction North 33 East 21

Final North 21 East 14

Bailey West scored on a 23-yard touchdown run late in the 4th quarter and the game winner. East jumped out to an early 14-0 lead on touchdown passes of 12 and 29 yards by Richard Luna.

No 10 Wasco Tigers (5-6) at No 7 Delano Tigers (6-4)
Pag Meter line Delano – 15
This is a rematch from Sept 29th when Delano crushed Wasco 42-0.
(The winner will play at No 2 CVC Cavaliers)
Delano is red hot and playing great football. Big credit goes to the Mario Abundez and his staff because the Delano Tigers are the most improved team in the valley.
Wasco has yet to beat a good team.
Pag Meter Prediction Delano 37 Wasco 22

Final Delano 41 Wasco 7

Delano rushed for 365 yards and the defense beat up Wasco. Ramon Ortega rushed for 101 yards and scored 2 TD’s, including a 69-yard touchdown run. Kevin Lema, scored on a 60-yard punt return and also scored on a 49 yard TD run.

1st Round Games

No 9 Fowler Redcats (6-4) at No 8 Kennedy Thunderbirds (5-5)
Pag Meter line Kennedy -12
(The winner plays at No 1 Caruthers Blue Raiders)
The Redcats have yet to beat a good team so this would be a big win on the road.
The Thunderbirds have a tremendous offensive line.
The X factor is the Redcats offense vs the Thunderbirds defense.
Pag Meter Prediction Kennedy 36 Fowler 24

Final Kennedy 59 Fowler 40

Thunderbirds, Tyreak Walker, rushed for 209 yards and scored 4 touchdowns. Redcats, Martin Plata rushed for 169 yards and scored 3 touchdowns and threw a TD pass.

No 11 Lindsay Cardinals (4-7) at No 6 Coalinga Horned Toads (7-4)
Pag Meter line Coalinga -21
(The winner plays at No 3 Firebaugh Eagles)
The Toads have to forget about the tough loss to Firebaugh because if they win at home, they get another crack at the Eagles.
Can the Cardinals slow down the Toads running attack?
Pag Meter Prediction Coalinga 41 Lindsay 20

Final Coalinga 41 Lindsay 7

The outstanding Toads defense was on fire. Eric Saldana rushed 138 yards and scored 2 TD’s. Mike Cerda rushed for 89 yards and scored 2 TD’s.

No 10 Bishop Union Broncos (5-6) at No 7 Hanford West Huskies (4-7)
Pag Meter line Hanford West – 11
(The winner plays at No 2 Shafter Generals)
Don’t go by the Huskies record, they are sandbagging in division 5. HW should be in at least division 4.
That being said, the Huskies have a ton of speed and had to play in the tough WYL. Next year HW moves into the Central Sequoia.
The X factor is the Broncos defense and can they slow down the Huskies.
Pag Meter Prediction Hanford West 38 Bishop Union 27

Final Hanford West 24 Bishop Union 21

The Huskies fell behind 14-0 early on, the Huskies scored 24 unanswered points then held on to beat Bishop Union. Jayron Jenkins led the way for the Huskies, rushing for 147 yards on 12 carries and scored 2 touchdowns.

No 8 Orange Cove Titans (3-8) at No 1 Strathmore Spartans (11-0)
Pag Meter line Strathmore -35
This is a rematch from Sept 22 when the Spartans beat the Titans 55-22
The X factor is the Titans won’t have enough offense to stay in this game.
Pag Meter Prediction Strathmore 48 Orange Cove 13

Final Strathmore 24 Orange Cove 6

Joseph Garcia has now rushed for 5,176 yards for his career and now has scored 91 career touchdowns, tied for 6th in Central Section history. Alonso Acevedo added a 20-yard touchdown run.

No 5 Orosi Cardinals (8-3) at No 4 Granite Hills Grizzlies (8-3)
Pag Meter line Granite Hills -10
This is a rematch from Sept 7 when the Grizzlies beat the Cardinals 14-7
This has the makings to be a great game!
The X factor is the outstanding Cardinals offense vs the outstanding Grizzlies defense.
Pag Meter Prediction (Upset) Orosi 29 Granite Hills 23

Final Orosi 21 Granite Hills 14

The Cardinals Jerry Huerta scored on a 42-yard TD run to tie the game at 14-14 and with 5 minutes to go, Huerta scored the game winner on a 3 yard TD run.

No 6 Cal City Ravens (5-6) at No 3 Riverdale Cowboys (9-2)
Pag Meter line Riverdale -31
The Cowboys are big, fast and physical. The Ravens are the mystery team.
Cal City comes in after beating Kern Valley 21-17.
Riverdale beat Parlier 49-13. Johnny Solorio, scored 3 TD’s, J.P. Sanchez scored on a 8-yard TD run, Mitchel Maggini scored on a 1-yard TD run, Efrain Zarate also scored on a 1-yard TD run. Ali Hussein caught a 73-yard TD pass from Mitchel Maggini.
The X factor can the Ravens matchup on defense against the strong Cowboys?
Pag Meter Prediction Riverdale 44 Cal City 13

Final Riverdale 40 Cal City 6 (No stats available)

No 7 Sierra Pacific Golden Bears (4-7) at No 2 Rosamond Roadrunners (10-1)
Pag Meter line Rosamond -9
This is a very interesting game of 2 hot teams.
The Golden Bears come in with tremendous confidence winning the last 2 games. The Roadrunners are a team like Strathmore that can compete in division 5. The Roadrunners are fast, good size upfront and have a fast QB with Isaiah Escobar.
The Golden Bears have to play the perfect game on both sides of the ball to have a great long bus ride home.
The Golden Bears have played the tougher schedule so can the defense control the line of scrimmage and make the big tackles?
Pag Meter Prediction Rosamond 29 Sierra Pacific 20

Final Rosamond 67 Sierra Pacific 26

Roadrunners QB Isaiah Escobar, went 14-24 for 284 yards with 2 TD passes.


1st Round
No 1 Golden West (Bye)
No 9 Exeter Monarchs (5-5) vs No 8 Roosevelt Rough Riders (7-3) at Sunnyside
Pag Meter line Roosevelt -6
(The winner plays at No 1 Golden West Trailblazers)
The Rough Riders played their best game of the year in beating Fresno High 36-20.
Exeter got beat up in the loss to Dinuba 35-0.
The X factor is the Monarchs have played the much tougher schedule so can that help them on Friday night lights night and the only game in town?
Pag Meter Prediction Roosevelt 27 Exeter 21

One comment

  • Bullard had no rushing touchdowns against Sanger in this playoff game. Joshua Kelly had 2 TD receptions and Kai Sunomota had 1 TD reception. Please correct your stats.

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