Dinuba Knocks Off Undefeated CVC, CSL Champions

Central Sequoia League.  A league where many times the winner of it has gone to win valley in their respective divisions.  Dinuba has mostly been the powerhouse in this league, but Selma came out of the blue and won valley for Division 4.  This year the two powerhouses of the division were the Visalia Central Valley Cavaliers and Dinuba Emperors. Dinuba had only lost 1 game coming into the contest and CVC was undefeated. QB JJ Lino has been absolutely stunning, as he leads the Central Sequoia League in passing yards as of October 30,2017.  Do not forget about this Dinuba roster though, as Dinuba has young sophomore quarterback Joshua Magana, who had thrown 21 touchdowns going into this game.

First, it started off with the Dinuba Junior Varsity vs CVC’s JV. Dinuba won 27-6.  The defense just seemed to know every move CVC made and Dinuba for sure capitalized. No player of the week due to me not being to access any of Dinuba JV statistics. Dinuba junior varsity team will now face Exeter’s JV team and hopes Kingsburg’s JV loses to Selma’s JV for a tie at CSL championship possibly.

Then came the big show, Undefeated League rival CVC stepping into another powerhouse Dinuba stadium for the possible biggest CSL game of the year.  Dinuba started off with the ball and did not do anything with it, as they punted it to JJ Lino and the CVC offense. DInubas defense once again helped the offense out though, as DE Ray Alvarado forced a fumble at Dinuba’s own 3-yard line.  Dinuba then drove down the field and scored a rushing touchdown with FB Lucas Tuttle as they grabbed the lead 7-0.  CVC then came back onto the field and drove down the field but once again turned over the ball on a fumble for Joshua Magana and the Dinuba offense to get it at their own 4-yard line. Dinuba was then forced to punt the ball to CVC and luckily for the offense of Dinuba S Brian Ortuno picked the ball off at Dinuba’s own 3-yard line.  CVC was then able to catch sophomore quarterback Josh Magana losing focus, as he threw his first interception of the season. CVC did capitalize off the turnover though, as QB JJ Lino completed a 16-yard pass to WR Gavin Salierno for a touchdown. Dinuba went into the face leading CVC 7-6

CVC got the ball got the ball to begin the half and capitalized, as QB JJ Lino threw a pass to WR Matthew De Jong for a 22-yard touchdown pass.  They also capitalized off the same condition for a 2 point conversion, which gave CVC the lead 14-7.  Dinuba then got the ball and drove down the field, finally capping it off with a 6-yard rushing touchdown from RB Luis Colunga.  CVC then got the ball and was forced to punt Dinuba, who then went down the field and scored off a 7-yard rushing touchdown from FB Lucas Tuttle.  CVC then got the ball back and did nothing with it, punting the ball to Dinuba. As this looked like the nail in the coffin for CVC, they did not die and forced Dinuba to give the ball back to CVC’s offense.  CVC then went down the field and scored off a 8-yard rushing touchdown from HB Eric Dragt.  They then went for the 2 point conversion and it was good, now leading Dinuba 22-21.  Dinuba was not done yet though as with very little time on the clock they put together a nice drive, going down the field and eventually scoring off a 26-yard rushing touchdown from FB Lucas Tuttle, giving him 3 on the night. Dinuba missed the extra point though, so they only lead 27-22.  CVC then got the ball and looked like they may get a touchdown but Dinuba’s CB Jacob Huerta had a different idea as he intercepted the ball to end the game, Dinuba winning 27-22

Offensive Player of the Week: FB Lucas Tuttle, 43 rushing yards, and 3 touchdowns.

Defensive Player of the Week: S Elijah Rios, 10 tackles to help pad the stats

Dinuba will now face Exeter, as they look to cap off the season 9-1.  The game will be at Monarch Stadium at 505 Rocky Hill Dr, Exeter, CA. Hope to see you there to see some Dinuba Football. Another exciting thing to add is that Dinuba’s volleyball team has made the playoffs for the first time in 11 years, and they will face the Minarets, baring their name from Minarets High School.  This is Michael Hernandez signing out, have a good week folks.



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