Wake Up Grizzlies

The Grizzlies escape Veterans Memorial Stadium with a 28-27 win against Buchanan last week. But Central did not look like themselves last week the Grizzlies defense allowed 367 rushing yards and turnovers the ball 3 times.

Even though Central played a very bad game last week they still found a way to get a win against a very good Buchanan team. But how about Trent Tompkins what a final drive he had. I think Nick King from KMPH said it the best He “ looked like Johnny Manziel @TAMU all 2nd half and somehow had the energy to pay it off late”.

How about the poise from Trent throwing 3 picks in the game and then still leads the Grizzlies down the field and then connects with Jacob Torrez for a 23 yard TD to win the game. Trent ability to make plays with his feet is such a dangerous part of his game and he showed everyone that against Buchanan.

We all know the 3 star QB is special and is only going to get better maybe more schools should start looking at Trent Tompkins. However, Trent wasn’t the only one who made big plays how about the senior WR Jacob Torrez who caught the 23-yard game winning touchdown has been big to the Grizzlies offense. His 8 catches 112 yards and TD was a big reason why Central beat Buchanan. Torrez is a very good slot Wr and a player you have to keep your eyes on.

However with so many weapons on this Grizzlies offense, these two players weren’t the only ones that made big plays. Senior RB Jevon Bigelow was a huge against Buchanan. His 17 Carries for 103 yards was big in Central to win his hard nose running was taking a toll on Buchanan defense. But how about Central defense getting the ball with under 3 mins to go to give the offense the ball back and win the game. The 2 leaders on central defense were Tre Walker and Jacob Hollins who both had 13 tackles and making huge plays for the Grizzlies.

All though Central beat Buchanan this was a test and a wake-up call for them. The Grizzlies will face a very banged up Clovis Cougars team this week and this will be a perfect game for the Grizzlies to bounce back and show who they are on both sides of the ball. Clovis Cougars are very banged up on offense and like Pag Meter said Central has to much speed and weapons on offense.

If the Grizzlies get rolling early this game can get out of hand quick. The Cougars better have their eye on Trent and Bigelow both of this guys can break out for a big game anytime. Can Central get things rolling again or will the Cougars pull a upset and shock everyone. Tune in Saturday afternoon @1:30 PM kickoff will be @ClovisHigh.


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