One Last Time – Dinuba

The one last time that Dinuba would play Immanuel for football.  Due to past years, Immanuel has been dropped from Dinuba’s schedule and will be replaced with either Redwood or TBD.  A game for Dinuba that may have had trouble in as Immanuel was #1 in division 5.  Dinuba did not let this go to their head though, as Dinuba took victories on both JV and Varsity.

Dinuba’s JV game started off with a bang , as Inez the first drive FB Hugo Duran ran to the house on an 80 yard run. With Immanuel having a very small roster, Dinuba’s offense definitely took advantage and just drove down the field multiple times in the first half. They scored 2 times in a row with QB Julio Montalvo running the ball, HB Josh Meave also ran the ball in to cap off a long drive for Dinuba.  Even the passing game got involved as WR Gabriel Moreno went to the house on a beautifully thrown fade route to end the half.  The defense also did extremely well, as they stopped Immanuel the whole entire game.  The halftime score was 33-0 , and so was the final as Dinuba’s JV team won 33-0 against Immanuel

OPOTW: RB Hugo Duran, had 100 yards rushing and had an 80 yard touchdown on the first drive.

DPOTW:  CB Mark Tio Annen, got an interception in the 1st half for the Defense first turnover.

After a loss against Tulare Union, Dinuba was definitely looking for some vengeance against a top-ranked Division 5 Immanuel team (Immanuel was ranked #1 in Division 5 going into the week).  The game started off with Dinuba getting the ball and capping off the drive with a TD pass from QB Joshua Magana to WR Colton Martinez. On Dinuba’s defensive series, DB Jacob Huerta snagged an interception and the offense once again scored on pass from QB Joshua Magana to FB Lucas Tuttle.  After a Dinuba defensive stop, DB Jacob Huerta returned a punt to the house to make the first quarter 21-0 Dinuba.

In the 2nd quarter, Dinuba once again scored on a pass from QB Joshua Magana to WR Colton Martinez.  Immanuel then coughed up the football into LB/FB Lucas Tuttle’s hands, leading to a pass to FB Lucas Tuttle from QB Joshua Magana. This made 4 touchdowns for the Emperors passing wise in the 1st half, a very impressive number as Dinuba lead 35-0 going into halftime.

Going into the 3rd quarter, Dinuba stopped Immanuel once again and Joshua Magana threw the ball to WR Nate Carrion, his 5th of the night.  After this score, Immanuel drove down the field and scored on a 2 yard rushing touchdown from HB Trace Pires.  After this score, the game slowly dragged on until S Brian Ortuno picked off Immanuel. This sadly did not end in anything good for Dinuba, as with 1 minute to go Dinuba QB Christian Debora was sacked in the end zone for a safety. This made the final score 42-9 Dinuba.

OPOTW: QB Joshua Magana, 5 touchdowns passing and 113 yards.

DPOTW: DB Joshua Huerta , 1 interception and 1 punt return touchdown.

   Dinuba’s next opponent will be Selma, a team that recently lost HB Tiveon Stroud and also lost to CVC last Friday(27-13). Both teams for want this game BAD, as Selma wants to bounce back and Dinuba wanting some revenge from last year.  The JV game will start at 5:30 and varsity at 7:30. Make sure to come by Claud Hebert field and go watch some Emperor football!!!


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