Dinuba Falls Short, Yet Gains Something In the Process.

My prophecy was fulfilled on Friday night, as a game I hyped up to be the Division 2 game of the year was exactly that. Just a showing of two teams who are definitely hungry and tired of being talked down upon. A statement not only for Tulare Union but for Dinuba, as they showed that they could stick with the big dogs.

The night began with the JV team, who also put on a show but on the other side of the ball. Both defenses on the field a lot and making plays to the fullest extent, having to be dragged on after every missed conversion on offense for both teams. The game started off with Dinuba making a field goal and it stays like that for a good portion of the game. The game stayed like this until the 4th quarter when Tulare Union scores a touchdown. Not only was the team discouraged to give up a score that big in such a close game, but I’m sure the offense was not ready to stand against the grueling Tulare Union defense who forced punt after punt. Dinuba finally was able to put a touchdown on the board, as QB Julio Montalvo came back in the game after being benched due to a minor leg injury. He threw a pass in the corner to WR Gabriel Moreno, a name you may want to watch out for in the years to come. The defense was also extremely exhausted, as they came on the field and Tulare Union started to slowly go down the field. It was then in the final seconds when S Dario Sanchez knocked down 3 passes in a row in the end zone to win the game. Coach Roland Rico streak was saved to live another week, as Dinuba’s JV team won Tulare Union 10-7

OPOTW: WR Gabriel Moreno, a huge part of the win for Dinuba as he scored a touchdown to put them up.

DPOTW: S Dario Sanchez, knocked down 3 touchdown pass attempts in a row to seal the victory for Dinuba

     Then came the Varsity squads for Dinuba and Tulare Union. They were both two undefeated squads and were both trying to preserve it. Tulare Union obviously having the 3rd highest scoring running back in the nation in RB Kazmeir Allen. They also had weapon WR Emoryie Edwards, a Fresno State verbal commit. Dinuba, of course, having WR Nate Carrion and RB Alek Marroquin, two very slept on prospects. 

    The game started off with a huge bang, as on the kickoff to Tulare Union Dinuba forced them to fumble and get the ball in Tulare Unions red zone. They then scored on a run by HB Alek Marroquin. The running backs traded scores as them Kazmeir Allen ran it in to tie the game. Dinuba then punted the ball to Tulare, and guess who scored? That’s right Kazmeir Allen. 

    Then going into the 2nd quarter, Dinuba gets the ball. They eventually capped off the drive with a touchdown pass from QB Josh Magana to WR Nate Carrion. Tulare Union then traded scores with Dinuba, with a run from RB Kazmeir Allen, his third of the night in only the 2nd quarter. Then Tulare Union scores on a pass from QB Nathan Lamb to Emoryie Edwards. This then made the score going into halftime was 28-21 Tulare Union.

     As soon as the 2nd half began, the Emperors and the Tribe traded scores with their running backs , Dinuba’s Alek Marroquin scoring and then Kazmeir Allen.  Then in their next drive, Dinuba’s Josh Magana threw a touchdown to TE Jonathon Calderon. It was then when Tulare Union got the ball that RB Kazmeir Allen scores once again and also converted the 2 point Conversion to go up 42-35. Then on their next drive, Dinuba once again threw the ball for a touchdown, this time to WR/S Brian Ortuno-Campbell. Then, believe it or not, the shootout continues, as Tulare did their own bit of passing with a 69-yard pass from to Lamb to Emoryie Edwards. Dinuba then gave the ball back on a punt and the again WR Emoryie Edwards caught another touchdown from Lamb.

     Going into the 4th quarter, Dinuba was down 41-55. They then again scored on the ground, again with RB Alek Marroquin. They tried to go for the 2 point conversion but missed the opportunity. After this, it was sadly all Kazmeir Allen, as he had 2 touchdowns in the 4th quarter (one for 8 yards and one for 80). The final score being 69-47.

Shoutout to RB Kazmeir Allen for breaking his own school touchdown record, scoring 7 against Dinuba.

     OPOTW: QB Josh Magana, threw for 226 yards and 4 touchdowns to 4 different receivers

     DPOTW: DE Adam Aguilar, forced a huge fumble on a kickoff and multiple pressures on the quarterback.

     Dinuba will now travel back home and face Immanuel, a School has struggled against Dinuba in the past. The game will start at 7:30 pm on October 6 at Claud Hebert Field! Make sure to make it and see THE ONE AND ONLY GREEN MILE!!!


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