A Most Newsworthy Homecoming For Tulare Union

The students at Tulare Union high school could not have been more excited for their home game against the Dinuba Emperors. As Friday night rolled around, the Redskins had their fill of magazine-related dress up days and exciting homecoming activities.

As the night started, the spectators couldn’t wait to witness the clash of the unbeaten. Union ended up victor of the battle, beating the Emperors 69-47. And although the Tribe earned another win, their defense just couldn’t hold up. What the defense lacked in, Tulare’s offense had to make up for. The whole game was like watching a tennis match, one moment Dinuba was in possession, the next moment Tulare Union had scored.

As halftime commenced, the 25 stunning homecoming nominees lined up, anxious to hear their name be announced. As the announcer revealed Summer Parreira, nominated by ASB, as Most Spirited, the crowd was overwhelmed with joy when they learned that Adream Gallegos, nominated by BSU, was the runner-up. Gallegos has played basketball at Union since enrolling. The M.C. finally announced that Kaylin Coelho was the 2017 Tulare Union Homecoming Queen, and the audience was wildly jubilant. Coelho was nominated by the FFA, and plays golf for Union.

With the Tribe back on the field after the wonderful homecoming festivities, things got serious again. Nathan Lamb threw for 338 yards and rushed for 8 yards. Kazmeir Allen led the team, rushing for 335 yards on 30 carries, scoring 7 touchdowns, and breaking Union’s school record of most touchdowns scored by one person in a single game. Fresno State commit, Emoryie Edwards, received 9 catches for a total of 263 yards and scored 3 touchdowns. Bryson Allen had 2 receptions for 48 yards, Matthew Dias also had 2 receptions for 34 yards, and Donavan Smith rushed for 11 yards on 2 carries.

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