Mendota, Firebaugh & Dos Palos look to bounce back

Coalinga are sitting atop the WSL Standings despite their current 2-game losing streak and are looking for answers after their loss to Selma two weeks ago 28-6 as they are back from their bye week and are looking to bounce back and finish strong against Kingsburg on the road who are (3-1) in the season and on a 3-game win streak with their win last week against Reedley 46-7 and have given up 59 points this season while Coalinga have given up 83 points this season. So will Coalinga bounce back and kill two birds with one stone and get the win finishing non-league play on a high note and end Kingsburg hot run? Or will Kingsburg put up a scoring clinic and extend Coalinga’s losing streak? Coalinga begins their road trip at Kingsburg this Friday and will be on the road to begin WSL Play at Avenal on Oct. 6th & at Dos Palos on Oct. 13th

Firebaugh is tied with Coalinga for 1st in the WSL Standings…But where were the Eagles last week? As on Homecoming night, they hosted The Blue Raiders of Caruthers but it was the Blue Raiders who came, saw, and took over Eagles Stadium cruising to the 42-7. The loss marks as the biggest home loss under Head Coach Dejon Kelly (-35) as his other previous home loss was a 24-0 loss to Dos Palos on Oct. 21st, 2016 (-24). Firebaugh now has to forget that game and turn their attention as they will start a brief 2-game road trip with Parlier on Friday to finish a non-league play and will start WSL Play on the road in Tranquillity on Oct. 6th and then come home for the Battle of 33 versus Mendota. Will Firebaugh bounce back and end non-league play with a win or will it be Parlier who bounces back after their loss last week to Sierra 49-7. Parlier host the Eagles of Firebaugh at Panthers Stadium.


Avenal is in a 3-way tie with Dos Palos & Mendota for 3rd in the WSL and are reeling from a 44-8 loss last week to the Farmersville Aztecs and will now set their sights on the undefeated Strathmore Spartans on the road in their non-league & road trip finale as they will start WSL Play hosting Coalinga on Oct. 6th. Can Avenal pull it together and end their road trip with a win or will Strathmore extend their undefeated season for another week? Avenal heads onto Spartan Stadium Friday night against Strathmore.

Mendota is in a weird place this season…(1-3) and tied 3rd with Dos Palos & Avenal. By this time last season they were 1st and (4-0). Mendota is coming off a close & tough loss to Immanuel 22-14 last week and is looking to end their road trip with a win against Minarets as the Mustangs are coming off a 27-14 loss last week to Yosemite High (Oakhurst) but their record is one win better than Mendota at (2-3). Mendota will finish their road trip and non-league play this Friday up at Mustangs Stadium. Can Mendota get their bounce-back win and come back motivated to start WSL play on the right foot or will Minarets get to .500 and move to 3-3 with a win. Aztecs vs. Mustangs…Friday Night.

Dos Palos, is it time to sound the alarm? That’s the question being asked as they are in the middle of a 3-game losing streak after a 35-14 loss to Chowchilla, Which is not the first time…it’s the 9th time they’ve seen a 3-game losing streak and extends a current streak that started back in 2011. Dos Palos was a pre-season favorite to battle it out with Coalinga, Firebaugh, & Mendota for the WSL Crown but at this point, it seems that list may be shrinking. But only time will tell and they look to end non-league play as they travel to a hostile and heavy-hearted Kerman Lions squad who are recovering after the passing of Coach Anthony Taylor on September 1st and has dedicated the season to him. Broncos of Dos Palos head off to the Lion’s Den to face off against the Kerman Lions Friday night.

Tranquillity is coming back from their bye week after losing their last game against Minarets 55-12 and is at (0-4) this season. Tranquillity has had a history of having good and more than often bad seasons but it doesn’t seem to deterrent the players and coaches who still go out day by day, week by week despite being in another bad year. Tranquillity will look to end non-league play with their home opener against Riverdale on Friday night at Tigers Stadium.

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