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In week 3 the Pag Meter went 36-6 and for the year 107-21 (83%)



Thursday Night Football Finals

Liberty Patriots (1-2) at Buchanan Bears (4-0) 
Pag Meter line Buchanan -6

The Patriots come off a blowout loss to Central 30-3 and the Bears season begins on Thursday night. Are the Bears a contender? We will all find out. The Patriots have played two of the best TRAC teams with Clovis West and Central. Buchanan is playing a soft schedule with Hanford, Lemoore and next week vs (division 4) Porterville. The Bears did crush Bullard so if they beat Liberty then welcome the Buchanan Bears into division 1.
This game will have two outstanding offensive lines and some really good running backs. The Patriots will lead with junior Sammy Stewart and the Bears with Trevor Ervin and Kendall Melton.
The X factor in this game will be the Patriots defense and Bears QB Ty Hall. The Patriots defense did not match up against Central but then again, there’s not a team in the valley that matches up with Central. Can the Patriots put pressure on the Bears QB Ty Hall??  Can the Patriots defense slow down the Bears running game? The Patriots got run over!
Pag Meter Prediction Buchanan 33 Liberty Bakersfield 27

Final Buchanan 34 Liberty 28 (Nailed the point spread)

Kendall Milton rushed for 248 yards and scored 4 TD’s (19. 60, 47, and 46 yards) Trevor Ervin scored on a 25 yard TD run when he ran over 7 Patriots. Amazing run! Pag Meter almost nailed the score.


Madera South Stallions (1-3) at Golden West Trailblazers (3-0) 
Pag Meter line Golden West -28


IZZAK PEREZ from the Golden West Trailblazers

The Stallions are growing into a football program and Golden West is loaded and thinking a division 4 section championship. This could be the year for GW to win it all before they get bumped into division 2 or 3 where they belong. Once Matt Johnson builds the Stallions into a football program, they will be moved up as well. GW is 5 years ahead of MS in building a program.
The X factor is the Stallions offense and can they get it going against a very good GW defense? Did not happen.
Pag Meter Prediction Golden West 42 Madera South 14

Final Golden West 61 Madera South 0

Golden West’s rushed for 398 yards and scored 9 TD’s. Gonzalo Rodriguez carried the ball 25 times and rushed for 230 yards, scored 3 TD’s.  Ian Kelly scored 2 TD’s and rushed for 69 yards. The Stallions were held to 67 yards of total offense (12 rushing, 55 passing). They didn’t cross midfield until the 4th quarter.


Orange Cove Titans (1-3) at Granite Hills Grizzlies (3-0) 
Pag Meter line Granite Hills -18

The X factor is the Titans offense and can they match up with the Grizzlies defense? The Grizzlies are good!
Pag Meter Prediction Granite Hills 24 Orange Cove 6

Final Granite Hills 20 Orange Cove 0

The Grizzlies have given up only 1 TD in 3 games


California City Ravens (0-3) at Lancaster Eagles Eagles (1-2) 
Pag Meter line Lancaster -8

Battle of the birds

The X factor is the home team has the big advantage.
Pag Meter Prediction Lancaster 22 Cal City 14

Final Lancaster 18 Cal City 12


Friday Night Lights Finals

Liberty Madera Hawks (3-0) at Fowler Redcats (2-1) 7:30pm
Pag Meter line Liberty Madera -21

The Hawks have come in rushing for 1,464 yards and have scored 17 rushing TD’s. The Roth brothers have rushed for 999 yards between them. (Kaleb 500 yards, 7 TD’s) Wyatt 499 yards, 4 TD’s) The Redcats offense are also off to a great start.
The X factor is there is no secret that the Hawks are pounding the ball right at the Redcats so can the Redcats compete upfront?
Pag Meter Prediction Liberty Madera 41 Fowler 20

Final Liberty Madera 55 Fowler 22

The Redcats had a 14-7 lead in the 2nd quarter and then the Hawks flew away! The Hawks scored the next 45 straight points. The Hawks, Rylan Howe rushed for 93 yards, and scored 2 TD’s.  Kaleb Roth rushed for 128 yards and scored 3 TD’s (5, 30 and 12 yards) Wyatt Roth rushed for 111 yards and scored on a 9 yards TD run. 


Rocklin Thunder (3-1) vs Clovis West Golden Eagles (2-1) 
Pag Meter line Clovis West -22

This will be a fantastic match up of a Northern California power vs a Central Valley power.
This is the outstanding Thunder defense vs the outstanding Golden Eagles offense.
Leading the Thunder on defense are seniors Hunter Gonzalez (39 tackles) and Blayden Brown (5 interceptions).
The Golden Eagles have so many weapons with Rodney Wright, Ricardo Arias, Nick Coleman, Jayden Helms, Dakota Helms, and Chad Day to name a few and don’t forget about kicker Eli Riofrio. QB Dante Chachere is starting to get comfortable. Leading the way on defense are the Scramm boys with Dusty and DJ.
The X factor is the Thunder offense going against the very good Clovis West defense.
Pag Meter Prediction Clovis West 35 Rocklin 13

Final Clovis West 42 Rocklin 12 (No stats available)


Stockdale Mustangs (1-1) at Clovis Cougars (2-1) 
Pag Meter line Clovis -7

It’s the SWYL vs the TRAC. Both teams will come in pretty darn even.
Both teams bring in a physical defense. Cougars QB Jason Hunt threw 2 TD passes after starter Payton Mayer went down with a collarbone injury in the win over Bullard 17-13.
The X factor is Mustangs QB Jalen Smith and the Mustangs running game.
Pag Meter Prediction Clovis 21 Stockdale 14

Final Clovis 17 Stockdale 14

Jake Sanders hit Michael Machado on a 29 yard TD pass and the game winner. Cole Roberts scored on a 70 yard TD run in the 1st quarter. The Mustangs, Kilyn Davidson started the scoring with a 6 yard TD run. Nick Maiden scored on a 1 yard TD run in the 2nd quarter and the Mustangs were shutout in the 2nd half.


Bakersfield Christian Eagles (3-1) at Tehachapi Warriors (1-2) 
Pag Meter line Bakersfield Christian -28

The Eagles are slowly getting healthy again and the Warriors will be sky high after the overtime win beating Garces 28-27.
The X factor will be the Tehachapi Warriors and can they play the perfect game at home to pull the upset?
Pag Meter Prediction Bakersfield Christian 42 Tehachapi 14

Final Bakersfield Christian 39 Tehachapi 13

Braden Wingle went 27-of-42 for 386 yards and 4 touchdowns including a 61 yarder to Alex Wallace. The Eagles held the Warriors to 79 rushing yards. 




Bullard Knights (1-3) at Centennial Golden Hawks (1-2) 
Pag Meter line Centennial -7

Screenshot_20170910-173926 (1)

MARCUS FULCHER from the Bullard Knights

This is the rematch of the 2009 valley championship. It’s the young Knights vs the Golden Hawks that wants to be noticed. Bullard will be VERY good next year but making way too many sophomore mistakes on both sides of the ball. The G Hawks are very good on both sides of the ball and playing at home.
It’s a tremendous match up of the Knights junior RB Marcus Fulcher vs Golden Hawks senior QB Will Alexander.
The X factor is the Knights defense against a good G Hawks offense.
Pag Meter Predictions Centennial 24 Bullard 17

Final Bullard 34 Centennial 25

Marcus Fulcher rushed for 181 yards, scored 3 touchdowns and the G Hawks committed 4 turnovers. 


Central Valley Christian Cavaliers (4-0) at Chowchilla Tribe (2-2)
Pag Meter line CVC -4

The division 4 powerhouse vs the old division 4 powerhouse. Can the Red Tribe that is slowly getting better and better hang with the Cavaliers offense?
The X factor is the Red Tribe has to own the line of scrimmage to win at home.
Pag Meter Prediction CVC 34 Chowchilla 30

Final CVC 32 Chowchilla 28


Clovis East T Wolves (0-4) at Sunnyside Wildcats (2-2) 
Pag Meter line Sunnyside -14

The X factor will be the 2nd half and can the T Wolves stay in this one? T Wolves QB Gerard Mendez plays against his old team. The Wildcats are a very streaky team and getting better.
Pag Meter Prediction Sunnyside 28 Clovis East 14

Final Sunnyside 21 Clovis East 14


Clovis North Broncos (1-3) vs Edison Tigers (1-3) 
Pag Meter line Edison -17


This is a matchup of a struggling Broncos offense vs the best defense in the valley. Can the Broncos get in the end zone?
The X factor is on the other side of the ball. The Broncos defense is real good and the Tigers offense is so close at being a competitor but dangerous. Can the Broncos score on the Tigers defense? Nope!
Pag Meter Prediction Edison 17 Clovis North 0

Final Edison 20 Clovis North 0

Roosevelt Rough Riders (3-1) at Washington Union Panthers (0-4) 
Pag Meter line Roosevelt -7



Roosevelt Rough Riders QB JORDAN DE LA ROSA

The Rough Riders are still learning how to be a good team and that’s not easy if you haven’t been good for 30 years. Roosevelt lost to Mendota 12-6 and they were outplayed and out coached and they had no answers for the Aztecs defense that put pressure on QB Jordan Del La Rosa with man to man defense. Now a good team that was favored by 20 points should have made the adjustments with the talent and speed the Riders have.
The Panthers are young and have plenty of speed but won’t get after it like Mendota did.
The X factor is the Rough Riders AGAIN can’t look ahead to Selma next week.
Pag Meter Prediction Roosevelt 27 Washington Union 20

Final Roosevelt 18 Washington Union 15

The Rough Riders had to hang on after having an 18-0 lead in the 3rd quarter. Howard Maxwell scored 2 TD’s and Estaban Carrillo caught a 30 yard TD pass from Jordan De La Rosa. For the Panthers, new QB Zorian Temple scored on a 26 yard TD run and Devontae Massey out jumped the Rough Riders on 4th and 27 for a 29 yard TD pass from Temple.

Sanger Apaches (4-0) at Lemoore Tigers (1-3) 
Pag Meter line Sanger -19

The Apaches steam rolled the T Wolves and the Tigers got steam rolled by Buchanan. Apaches QB Blake Wolfe had another good night going 12-13 for 206 yards and 3 TD passes. Jalen Cropper caught 7 passes for 146 yards with 2 TD passes. So how good are the Apaches? Hard to say?? While all the other division 1 teams are killing each other, the Apaches are playing nerf football in the park. Next week they get to play the struggling Reedley Pirates. if the Apaches had the schedules of Bullard, Edison, Clovis West, Clovis, Bakersfield, and/or Liberty, they would probably be 0-3. That being said the Apaches are good but not 2016 Apaches good.
Pag Meter Prediction Sanger 41 Lemoore 21

Final Sanger 40 Lemoore 38 (Double overtime)

The Apaches have now won 20 straight regular games. Josiah Lopez caught a 17 yard TD pass from Blake Wolfe in overtime and Lopez caught the 2 point play. The Tigers scored in overtime when Kristian Gayton took it in from 6 yards but missed the 2 point play. Blake Wolfe went 13-17 for 200 yards and 3 TD passes. (Jalen Cropper 65 yards, Jake Boust, 13 yards, and Lopez 17 yards) Tigers QB Kristian Gayton threw 3 TD passes.

Selma Bears (4-0) at Coalinga Horned Toads (2-2) 
Pag Meter line Selma -17

The Bears are the only 3-0 that is still trying to find last years Bears magic. They are winning but it’s not real good Bears football like they are used to. The Central Sequoia is a tough league. The Bears need to improve on the running game.
For the Toads to win at home they can not give up the big plays like they did against Kerman.
Pag Meter Prediction Selma 30 Coalinga 13

Final Selma 28 Coalinga 6


Tulare Western Mustangs (3-0) vs Redwood Rangers (2-2)
Pag Meter line Tulare Western -19

This is a very interesting match up. At the beginning of the year the Mustangs had this game circled on the schedule. The Rangers come off a blowout loss to Tulare Union 42-7.
The X factor is the Rangers will soon find out that the Mustangs offense is real good. If the Mustangs defense plays good old fashion Mustangs football then the bus ride back to Tulare will be a fun one.
Pag Meter Prediction Tulare Western 39 Redwood 21

Final Tulare Western 14 Redwood 7

The Mustangs defense made the stop on a goal line stand and hang on. It turns out that  Cam Haynes 27 yard fumble return for a TD was the game winner. Tairyn Johnson scored on a 22 yard TD run.  For the Rangers, Drew Stogstill 10 pass from Hector Gonzalez was the only score. 


Ridgeview Wolf Pack (1-2) at Central Grizzlies (4-0) 
Pag Meter line Central -44

The Wolf Pack has to play in division 1 and a year to late. The good news for the Pack is the Grizzlies might play vanilla football and maybe a tad flat because next week they the private professional De La Salle Spartans. The over and under for Trent Tompkins TD passes to Jacob Torrez is 2. Take the over.
The X factor will be the Grizzlies could have this game over by halftime.
Pag Meter Prediction Central 54 Ridgeview 12

Final Central 56 Ridgeview 3

Trent Tompkins went 17-23 for 304 yards and 3 TD’s. For the year Trent has thrown for 951 yards with 12 TD’s passes. Jevon Bigelow rushed for 101 yards and scored 3 TD’s and the Grizzlies defense stuffed another team. 


Delano Tigers (0-2) at North Stars (2-1) 
Pag Meter line North -20

The X factor is the Stars are close to being a very good football team. They need to play well for 48 minutes.
Pag Meter Prediction North 27 Delano 7

Final North 23 Delano 7

East Bakersfield Blades (2-1) at Highland Scots (3-0) 
Pag Meter line Highland -4

A tremendous rivalry with players from each team knowing each other. That’s a RIVALRY!
This game could come down to the final minutes just like last year when the Blades pulled it out 27-21. A match up of speed on both sides of the ball.
The X factor is the East defense and can they slow down the wild offense of Cade Sakamoto and Zeke Arambulo. Both will play QB.
The Blades have QB Junior Lara who will share the football with some good receivers of Nathan Martinez, Jonathan Monroe and Jason Beltran. Can the Scots get a payback win from last year? Should be a good one!!
Pag Meter Prediction Highland 27 East 23

Final Highland 15 East 7

Zeke Arambulo hit a wide open Matthew Miranda for a 34-yard touchdown pass and  Cade Sakamoto scored on a 1 yard TD run. The Blades, Hahkeem Taylor rushed for 131 yards, scored a TD and the Scots defense had 9 sacks.

Dinuba Emperors (3-0) vs El Diamante Miners (1-3) 
Pag Meter line Dinuba -7

The Emperors come off a bye and the defense hasn’t given up a point in 8 quarters. The Miners have played a tough schedule and come off a win over Monache 30-13.
The Emperors step up playing El D and can’t look ahead to Tulare Union in 2 weeks. They need to get off to a good start in the 1st half.
The X factor is on the offensive side of the ball and who plays better will win. Can the Miners build off the win over Monache?
Pag Meter Prediction Dinuba 34 El Diamante 27

Final Dinuba 33 El Diamante 30 in overtime

Lucas Tuttle scored the winning TD in overtime for the Emperors. 

Emperors QB Josh Magana went 17-of-25 passing for 193 yards and 2 touchdowns. Miners QB Parker Boswell went 17-of-35 passing for 205 yards and running back Devontae Freeman had a game-high 107 yards rushing and scored 2 TD’s.


Hanford Bullpups (0-4) vs Porterville Panthers (2-0) 
Pag Meter line Hanford -7

The Bullpups have played a killer schedule and the young Panthers have only played 1 game and that’s a huge disadvantage for the Panthers.
The X factor is the Bullpups should be battle tested on the road.
Pag Meter Prediction Hanford 21 Porterville 14

Final Porterville 8 Hanford 7

Demario Ennis rushed for 110 yards and scored the only Panthers TD and the Panthers defense did the rest. Oscar Esquivel scored the game winning 2 point play. 

Independence Falcons (2-1) at South Rebels (2-1) 
Pag Meter line Independence -4

Very good match up. The X factor is the Falcons defense against a speedy offense. The Falcons have played the tougher schedule.
Pag Meter Prediction Independence 21 South 17 

Final Independence 14 South 0


Kennedy Thunderbirds (1-2) at Kerman Lions (3-1) 
Pag Meter line Kerman -15

Both teams have a power running offense and a pretty good defense.
The X factor is the Lions can throw it better than the Thunderbirds with Sean Chambers. Kennedy can’t afford turnovers like last years lost to Kerman.
Pag Meter Prediction Kerman 33 Kennedy 18

Final Kerman 39 Kennedy 20

The Lions started the game with a Charlie Castellanos 82 yard kickoff return for a TD. QB Sean Chambers scored on a 5 yard TD run and the Thunderbirds forgot to cover Trace Silva and Chambers hit him for a 50 yard TD pass. Chris Acosta scored on a 60 yard TD run, Isaac Velez scored on a 18 yard TD run along with  Isaac Velez 10 yard TD run.  For Kennedy, Tyreak Walker had a break out game rushing for 213 yards and scored 2 TD’s with runs of 65 and 29 yards.


Kern Valley Broncs (1-2) at McFarland Cougars (3-0) 
Pag Meter line McFarland -18


This is a big division 6 seeding showdown.
The X factor is the Broncs offense and can they keep up with the Cougars on the road? The Cougars are looking to go 3-0 for the first time in a LONG while.
Pag Meter Prediction McFarland 31 Kern Valley 13

Final McFarland 34 Kern Valley 12 (Almost nailed the score)

Frankie Lopez rushed for 214 yards and scored 3 TD’s and also caught a 79 yard TD pass from Juan Carlos Chavez. 


Lindsay Cardinals (1-3) at Farmersville Aztecs (1-3) 
Pag Meter line Lindsay -13

The Aztecs have a new head coach with Marco Gutierrez and the Cardinals should roll on the road. The Aztecs are a work in progress. The Cardinals have played a tough schedule.
Pag Meter Prediction Lindsay 26 Farmersville 13

Final Farmersville 24 Lindsay 21

New head coach Marco Gutierrez comes in and gets his 1st win.  Senior QB Victor Castrejon went 15-26 for 224 yards and a TD. Castrejon also rushed for 96 yards and a score on 20 carries. RB David Contreras led the team with 124 yards rushing and a TD. Junior receiver Jesus Romo caught 8 passes for 108 yards and a score


McLane Highlanders (0-2) at Wasco Tigers (0-2) 
Pag Meter line Wasco -27

The Highlanders are struggling and so are the Tigers. Wasco has the makings to be a good team but still trying to get it right on offense and making WAY too many mistakes.
The X factor is Rick Stewart will get his first win as the Tigers head coach.
Pag Meter Prediction Wasco 40 McLane 13

Final Wasco 46 McLane 18

New Tigers head coach Rick Stewart gets his 1st win. 


Mendota Aztecs (1-3) vs Immanuel Eagles (2-1) 
Pag Meter line Mendota -8


The Aztecs flat out beat up the Rough Riders in the trenches and on the scoreboard 12-6. The Eagles played Chowchilla tough on the road in a loss.
The X factor is the Eagles offense and can they move the ball with long drives. The Eagles will have to be physical because the Aztecs will want to hit and hit a lot.
Pag Meter Prediction Mendota 21 Immanuel 13

Final Immanuel 22 Mendota 14 (no stats available)


Mira Monte Lions (0-3) at Arvin Bears (1-2) 
Pag Meter line Arvin -24

The X factor is take the home team. The Bears defense is pretty good this year.
Pag Meter Prediction Arvin 30 Mira Monte 6

Final Arvin 32 Mira Monte 0


Mt Whitney Pioneers (1-3) vs Mission Oak Hawks (0-4) 
Pag Meter line Mt Whitney -14

The Pioneers played outstanding on offense in the loss to Sunnyside but the defense continues to struggle. The Hawks have also struggled so something has to give this week. The Pioneers have played a killer schedule and should roll in this one. 
Pag Meter Prediction Mt Whitney 28 Mission Oak 14

Final Mt Whitney 30 Mission Oak 10

Pioneers QB Spencer Tunnell went 19-30 for 266 yards and 4 TD passes


Monache Marauders (0-2) at Kingsburg Vikings (1-1) 
Pag Meter line Kingsburg -20

Keep an eye on the Vikings because they have the makings of a good team. They don’t have a lot of depth but has some weapons. The defense is good and the offense is getting better. Monache has played a tough schedule and building a program.
The X factor is the offensive side of the ball for both teams. It sure was
Pag Meter Prediction Kingsburg 33 Monache 13

Final Kingsburg 42 Monache 28 (no stats available) 


Orosi Cardinals (2-2) at Strathmore Spartans (3-0) 
Pag Meter line Strathmore -30

The Cardinals will hang tough but will get worn down against a very good Spartans team.
Pag Meter Prediction Strathmore 44 Orosi 14

Final Strathmore 35 Orosi 13

Riverdale Cowboys (2-1) at Firebaugh Eagles (2-1) 
Pag Meter line Firebaugh -15

A tremendous westside match up. The Cowboys have one of their best teams in years and the Eagles offense is dangerous.
The X factor is the Cowboys offense because they might have to win this game in a shootout. The Cowboys offense can easily hang with the Eagles defense.
Pag Meter Prediction Firebaugh 37 Riverdale 22

Final Firebaugh 63 Riverdale 31 (no stats available)


Shafter Generals (2-1) at Golden Valley Bulldogs (2-1) 
Pag Meter line Golden Valley -7

Maybe the best match up of the night. A couple of outstanding QB’s with Shafter’s Alex Aguilar vs Golden Valley’s Carl Jones.
The X factor is which defense can slow down the red hot offenses? Division 3 is supposed to beat Division 5.
Pag Meter Golden Valley 33 Shafter 26

Final Golden Valley 35 Shafter 20

Carl Jones connected with Adrian Hodges for a 75-yard touchdown pass, ran another in for 20 yards and returned an interception back 30 yards for a touchdown. 

Sierra Chieftains (0-3) at Caruthers Blue Raiders (2-0) 
Pag Meter line Caruthers -45

The Blue Raiders come off a bye and Sierra is already beat up with injuries.
The Blue Raiders offense is good and leading the way is QB Jared Gilmore.
The X factor is the Blue Raiders are the much better team at home.
Pag Meter Prediction Caruthers 51 Sierra 6

Final Caruthers 57 Sierra 0

QB Jared Gilmore threw 2 TD passes and the Blue Raiders rolled. Ronaldo Delgado scored 2 TD’s including an 80 yard kick off return.


Sierra Pacific Golden Bears (1-3) vs Hanford West Huskies (3-1) 
Pag Meter line Hanford West -18

The Hanford battle of who is the best team in town. Of course the Bullpups will have something to say about that. The Huskies have improved a bunch from last year with plenty of speed in the backfield with Ellis Howard and Jayron Jenkins. The Golden Bears are not the same as last year but will have junior QB Will Springer and senior RB Phillips Jackson. Will’s wide receivers are the Littlejohn boys of juniors Deshaun and Jayson.
The X factor is the Huskies have to forget about the Memorial blowout loss last Saturday and get back to business. Can the Golden Bears protect Will?
Pag Meter Prediction Hanford West 39 Sierra Pacific 20

Final Hanford West 55 Sierra Pacific 18

Hanford West QB Ethan Natera threw 4 TD passes.

Taft Wildcats (0-3) at Exeter Monarchs (4-0) 
Pag Meter line Exeter -33

The X factor is the Monarchs should have this game in hand by halftime.
Pag Meter Prediction Exeter 45 Taft 12

Final Exeter 42 Taft 20

Tranquillity Tigers (0-3) at Minarets Mustangs (1-2) 
Pag Meter line Minarets -28

So far the Pag Meter streaky team award goes to the Mustangs. Every year the Pag Meter picks a team wrong and this year it is so far the Mustangs. Just when I think the Mustangs will win, they don’t show up then when I think they have no chance they prove me wrong. What will happen this week? The Tigers so far get the Heart award. Last week they played McFarland on Tuesday and then played division 3 and 3200 plus students, Fresno High on Friday. WOW!!! The Mustangs should win at home but who really knows. Can the Mustangs play well for 48 minutes? Stay tuned!
Pag Meter Prediction Minarets 48 Tranquility 20

Final Minarets 55 Tranquility 14 (no stats available)


West Vikings (2-0) at Foothill Trojans (0-3) 
Pag Meter line West -12

The X factor is the Vikings had fun winning on Friday and will want to do it again.
Pag Meter Prediction West 29 Foothill 17

Final West 36 Foothill 20

Vikings, Leauauna Laulu rushed for 111 yards and scored 2 touchdowns


Atascadero Greyhounds (1-3) at Frontier Titans (3-0) 
Pag Meter line Frontier -16

The Titans have the makings of a team that wants to play on Championship night against Tulare Union. If so, this is a game they need to win and finish strong. The Greyhounds turned the ball over a bunch of times in the loss to Stockdale so they need to clean that up to win.
Pag Meter Prediction Frontier 36 Atascadero 20

Final Frontier 31 Atascadero 13

J.J. Flores had 3 carries for 101 yards and scored 2 TD’s. WOW!


Bakersfield Drillers (1-2) at Chaminade Eagles (3-1) 
Pag Meter line Chaminade -20

Will the real Drillers team please stand up. 2 weeks ago they got smoked so they have had time to figure it out. The only problem is they now play a very good private professional High school.
Can the Drillers defense play better? The Drillers defense is all or nothing. The Drillers offense need to go off.
Pag Meter Prediction Chaminade 47 Bakersfield 27

Final Chaminade 43 Bakersfield 14

The Drillers are playing a killer schedule but so far not playing Drillers football.


Bishop Union Broncos (2-1) at Ontario Christian Knights (4-0) 
Pag Meter line Ontario -9

This is a match up of two very good teams. The home team has the edge. Can Broncos RB Mike Molina have a big night?
The X factor is the Knights can throw the ball and the Broncos are struggling at throwing.
Pag Meter Prediction Ontario 33 Bishop Union 24

Final Ontario Christian 27 Bishop Union 17

Dos Palos Broncos (1-2) at Los Banos Tigers (4-0) 
Broadcasted on CW 59 with Ralph Wood and Vince Wesson
Pag Meter line Los Banos -25

The Broncos have their hands full against a very good team. The Broncos must slow the game down with long drives and finish with points with running backs Brandon Doucette, Nick Lopez, Isaac Adams and Maximus Gaona.
For the Tigers they will lead with RB Antonio Lopez who has rushed for 643 yards and has scored 9 TD’s.
Pag Meter Prediction Los Banos 39 Dos Palos 14

Final Los Banos 49 Dos Palos 22

Anthony Caballero threw 6 TD passes for 306 yards. Daniel Guerrero, caught passes for 98 yards and 3 touchdowns.


Mariposa County Grizzlies (1-2) at Yosemite Badgers (2-0) 
Pag Meter line Yosemite -15

The Battle of the Mountain boys. Last year the Badgers won in a shootout 51-38.
The Grizzlies QB Colton Weidner, threw for 163 yards and 3 touchdown passes. He also rushed for 133 yards in the win over Minarets. The Badgers haven’t played since week 1.
The X factor is the defense and Yosemite has a good one.
Pag Meter Prediction Yosemite 35 Mariposa County 20

Final Yosemite 40 Mariposa County 14 

Badgers QB Tyson Mansfield went 9-13 for 247 yards 3 TD passes. Cannon Eames caught 6 passes for 184 yards and 3 TD’s. (57, 16 and 38 yards). Cannon also picked off a pass and took it back for a 40 yard TD. Grizzlies, Ryan Leonard made 21 tackles but it wasn’t enough.

Merced Bears (1-3) at Madera Coyotes (3-1) 
Pag Meter line Merced -7

Have the Coyotes arrived after winning 2 straight and beating Hanford on the road?
The Bears are always good and if the Coyotes want to win at home they need to play 48 minutes of Coyotes football. Can the Coyotes offense go off this week? They will need to if they want to have a fun Friday night. The Bears have red hot RB Andre Barnett who rushed for 154 yards and scored 3 touchdowns, including an 89-yard touchdown run. He also caught 3 passes for 70 yards as he accounted for 224 yards of total offense in Merced’s 41-27 win over McNair.
This is a good old fashion North rivalry! The Coyotes have to force turnovers.
Pag Meter Prediction Merced 27 Madera 23

Final Madera 48 Merced 42

The Coyotes win the The Governors Hat.

Colt Nelson hit Raeshaun Hill on a 25 yard TD pass with 40 seconds left and the game winner. Colt threw 5 TD passes. (JJ Espinoza caught 2 TD’s)  Bears, Dhameer Warren threw for 3 touchdowns and ran for 2 TD’s. Warren connected on 2 touchdown passes with Xavier Stewart for 65 and 21 yards. He later found Jonathan Soriano for a 24-yard touchdown pass.

Fresno Christian Eagles (0-4) at Parlier Panthers (1-2) 
Pag Meter line Parlier -7

This is a very even match up and the winner will be the team that can finish drives with points.
Pag Meter Prediction Parlier 20 Fresno Christian 13

Final Parlier 26 Fresno Christian 13


Saturday Night Football

Garces Rams (0-4) at Memorial Panthers (4-0) 
The Holy Bowl
Pag Meter line Memorial -9

The Panthers come in loaded and the Rams are re-loading. I would have loved to see last years Rams team play this year’s Panthers team. Wow what a game that would have been.
The X factor is the Rams offense because the Panthers offense is dangerous with WR Jalen McMillan, QB Alec Trujillo, RB Leonard Glass and a very good offensive line. Can the Rams offense light it up against a streaky Rams defense? The Rams still have dangerous Isaiah Martin. Remember the Panthers defense will give up points. The Holy Bowl could be a shootout. It was
Pag Meter Prediction Memorial 42 Garces 33

Final Memorial 49 Garces 42

After 4 games Memorial QB Alec Trujillo has thrown for 1,304 Yards and  17 TD passes. RB Leonard Glass has rushed for 539 yards and has scored 6 TD’s.  WR Jalen McMillan has caught 28 passes for 660 yards 7 TD passes.  Now that’s an offense!!


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