Dinuba’s Week In Review

Dinuba had a bye week for week 3, and will play the El Diamanté Miners on September 15th. The Miners are currently 0-2, but still, have many playmakers on both sides of the ball! Dinuba obviously has played magnificently on both sides of the ball, having playmakers on both sides of the ball at almost every position.

      Now usually I don’t like to completely single out a complete article on somebody but I mean this is a huge part of Dinuba’s success in the last couple of years. Kevin Eugene Scharton is the answer. He became their head coach 16 years ago, and when he took over Dinuba was not the powerhouse it was today. It played many D4 and below opponents. They just were the bad team in their division.

      He then won his first ever valley championship in 2009 alongside David Rico at the root of quarterback. David then went on to play Quarterback at Cal Lutheran, but not immediately. He then got now Fresno Stare quarterback Marcus McMaryion at the helm of his offense in 2013 and 2014, he then won Valley in 2014 along with Coach Sharpton’s side. 

     The next quarterback he got was Isaac Leppke (now a receiver at the University of Wyoming) in 2014-2015 and 2015-2016. They went to Valleys in  2014-2015 once again and sadly lost to Ridgeview. He then had Gustavo Villarreal, who lead them to the playoffs against the Sanger Apaches. They may have lost but it just shows the point I’m trying to show.  The point is that Scharton is a quarterback whisperer. The man has a skill for developing quarterbacks and he can develop teams that win.  

     There are a few more stories about the legacy he will leave on Dinuba High Football, but that is for another day. For now, have a great day, and make sure to support the Dinuba emperors at 7:30pm @ Groppeti Automotive Stadium on September 15th.


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