Madera Coyotes head coach Yosef Fares with his 1st win


A special night for Justin Garza

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The Pag Meter in week 2 went 32-6 and for the year 71-15 (82%)

Pag Meter with Zach and Trevor on BVarsity

CENTRAL GRIZZLIES are the new No 1 team in the valley!

Tuesday Night Football Final

Tranquillity Tigers (0-2) at McFarland Cougars (2-0) 
Pag Meter Early line McFarland -13
This is a makeup game from Friday and I’m soooo proud of each team for rescheduling it.
The X factor is the Tigers offense because the Cougars defense is good. The Tigers offense is much better than the Buccaneers offense. The Cougars shutout the Bucs 7-0.
Pag Meter Prediction McFarland 27 Tranquility 14

McFarland 32 Tranquility 14
Cougars scoring, Martin Salazar started the scoring when he took a bubble screen from QB Juan Chavez and scored from 10 yards. Frankie Lopez scored on a 8-yard touchdown run. Jacob Gonzalez picked up a fumbled and took it back 33 yards for a TD. On his first high school carry, Alexis Ruiz and QB Juan Chavez each scored on 11-yard TD runs.


Thursday Night Football Finals

Sanger Apaches (3-0) vs Clovis East T Wolves (0-3)
Pag Meter line Sanger -28

The Apaches are 84-0 in 2 games and the soft Sanger schedule continues. Next week the Apaches play Lemoore (The Tigers are good) and then Reedley. Sanger is now in division 1 but playing a division 2 schedule. CE offense isn’t ready to match up with the Apaches as of yet. This game could be semi close in the first half but Sanger will do what they do best and wear down the T Wolves.
Pag Meter Prediction Sanger 35 Clovis East 7

Final Sanger 34 Clovis East 7

Pag Meter Almost nailed the score


Madera Coyotes (2-1) at Hanford Bullpups (0-3) 
Pag Meter line Madera -1

The Coyotes are flying high after head coach Yosef Fares got his first win. It’s fun to win and the Coyotes know now how to win a close game.
As for Hanford, the Pag Meter was the only one that said real early that the Bullpups would be down and have to rebuild with kids transferring out. They have played a killer schedule with Buchanan and Sanger.
The X factor is can the Coyotes win a close game on the road? We will find out if Hanford is a contender playing at home and against a team they should beat.
Pag Meter Prediction Madera 17 Hanford 16

Final Madera 7 Hanford 6 

Exeter Monarchs (3-0) at McLane Highlanders (0-2)
Pag Meter line Exeter -34

The X factor is the Monarchs offense is much better than the Highlanders defense.
Pag Meter Prediction Exeter 40 McLane 6

Final Exeter 40 McLane 0


Friday Night Lights Finals

Edison Tigers (0-3) vs Clovis West Golden Eagles (1-1) 
Broadcasted on 790 ESPN the Deuce and switch to 940 ESPN around the 1st quarter
Pag Meter line Clovis West -14

This is the 790 ESPN game of the week and what a match up it is.
It’s the wide open Clovis West offense vs the outstanding Edison defense. It’s the best wide receivers with Clovis West vs the best defensive secondary with Edison. WOW what a match up!
Everybody has been looking at this Edison Tigers team for 3 years saying this is the best Tigers team since 2014 but so far they haven’t finished 48 minutes of good football.
On the other side of it, Clovis West is saying the same thing. This is the year of the Golden Eagles.
The first X factor for both teams is at QB. CW has found their guy with junior Dante Chachere who made his first start on the road he went 31-48, for 372 yards, 3 TD passes. He also scored on a 56 yard TD run in a tough loss to Liberty 31-30.
For Edison, look for defensive back Steve Stephens to play some QB just like last year when athlete Jimmy Gray took over.
The X factor will be on the other side of the ball. The Edison offense vs the Clovis West defense.
Can the big and slower offensive line of the Tigers establish the run game?
Can the CW offense wear down the Tigers defense? Stay tuned.
Who would have thought that somebody might not have a win? After Friday, Clovis West could be 0-2 or Edison could be 0-3. If Edison loses, this team could start to crumble on and off the field. Is the Tigers administration missing Matty J yet? Talk about an administration in left field that just doesn’t get it! CW will be fine if they lose.
Pag Meter Prediction Clovis West  21 Edison 7

Final Clovis West 30 Edison 9

The Golden Eagles defense was tough only giving up a late TD when the game was in hand. DJ Schramm scores on a fumble return and takes it back 17 yards for a touchdown. Eli Riofrio kicked 3 field goals (49, 43 and 35 yards) Dante Chachere hit Ricardo Arias on a 7 yard TD pass. Dante Chachere also hit Rodney Wright 18 yard TD pass. 


Buchanan Bears (3-0) at Lemoore Tigers (1-2)
Pag Meter line Buchanan -28

Both of these teams have improved so much from last year. The Bears are 2-0 and feeling they can contend for the valley championship and the Tigers have the makings to compete for the division 2 championship. For the Bears, they are playing the softest division 1 schedule next to Sanger. Their only tough non league game will be against Liberty Bakersfield and the Bears will be heavy underdogs. They will be well rested next week. It’s not the Bears fault that the Knights are down but that’s when the rest of the division 1 teams will say…come on. Division 4 Porterville! Really?
So the big question will be …how good are the Bears? Hard to tell.
The Bears have steam rolled both games beating Hanford 48-8 and Bullard 55-18.
The Tigers schedule is much tougher than Buchanan’s. They got a big win on the road at Paso Robles 12-7 and lost to Memorial 53-46 in a shootout.
The Bears win over Bullard, Trevor Ervin scored 4 TD’s including a 65-yard TD run and Kendall Melton scored 3 TD’s and has scored 7 TD’s on the year.
The Tigers Damion Charleston rushed for 110 yards scored 2 TD’s and Brandon Hardgrove rushed for 106 yards and scored 2 TD’s in the shootout loss to SJM.
The X factor will be the Tigers defense and can they slow down the Bears offense? The Big difference, the Bears defense will wear down the Tigers compared to Memorial last week. The Bears have many more player than Memorial. The Bears defense is good with Keenan Wolf, Jack Wilkins, Brock Jones and new star with sophomore defensive tackle Matt Merritt who already has an offer from University of Arizona.
Pag Meter Prediction Buchanan 42 Lemoore 14

Final Buchanan 49 Lemoore 0

Liberty Patriots (1-1) at Central Grizzlies (3-0) 
Pag Meter line Central -14

The Showdown of No 1 vs No 2 is on the line. The Patriots come of a bye after hanging on beating Clovis West 31-30. Central has steam rolled the Knights 44-0 and Sunnyside 56-6.
This is a match up of the big physical Patriots offense vs the big physical and speedy Grizzlies.
The X factor is can the Patriots run the ball and slow the game down and keep the Grizzlies offense on the sideline?
The big matchup will be the Patriots running back Sammy Stewart/QB Isaiah Hill and the power offense vs linebacker Tre Walker and the speedy Grizzlies defense.
The Pates play many both ways so can they hang with Grizzlies QB Trent Tompkins (23-41, 431 yards, 6 TD’s), WR Jacob Torrez (258 yards, 2 TD’s), Jevon Bigelow (173 rushing yards, 2 TD’s) and that explosive offense??? I don’t see it and especially on the turf. The big difference is MLB Tre Walker and can the Patriots block him? Tre is the best linebacker in the valley at 6’3 230 lbs.
Hey Fresno State…make the offer now before the big schools come calling.
Pag Meter Prediction Central 34 Liberty 20

Final Central 30 Liberty 3 

Jacob Hollins started the scoring with a 47 yard INT return for a TD and the defense stuffed the Patriots running game. Trent Tompkins completed 17-of-30 passes for 217 yards and 3 touchdowns.  Diotry Brewer rushed for 119 yards.


No 9 Clovis Cougars (2-1) vs Bullard Knights (0-3)
Broadcasted on TV CW 59 with Ralph Wood and Vince Wesson on the call.
Pag Meter line Clovis -13

One of the best rivalries in the valley. Last year the Cougars rolled over the Knights and this year the Cougars are a heavy favorite.
The Cougars defense has not given up a point in 8 quarters and the young Knights are struggling on both sides of the ball. Bullard has also played a killer schedule playing No 1 Central and No 6 Buchanan. The Knights have some very good young talent and the 2018 team could be the team to beat.
The X factor is the Cougars QB Payton Mayer and can the Knights keep him in the pocket? Payton is 6’5 with speed and if he gets lose….forget it.
Last week a bunch of Cougar players went down with cramps including Mayer. That could be a factor if it happens this week.
The Knights have a young QB with Isaiah Robles who is going to be real good but the Knights offensive line needs to pick up the pace especially against the Cougars defensive front. The young Knights wide receivers are very good with sophomore Carter Anderson and junior Josh Kelly and if these guys keep working..sky’s the limit.
Two very good and physical running backs will square off with the Knights junior Marcus Fulcher vs the Cougars senior Cole Roberts. Nobody runs harder than these guys.
The X factor will be the Knights defense and can they tackle because against the Buchanan Bears, they couldn’t tackle the ball boy.
Pag Meter Prediction Clovis 27 Bullard 14

Final Clovis 17 Bullard 13

Cougars QB Payton Mayer went down with a shoulder injury and  Jason Hunt stepped in and threw 2 touchdowns, including an 18-yard TD to Bubba Byrd and Mathew Sanchez. The Knights Marcus Fultcher scored 2 TD’s with 32 and 5 yard runs. 


Centennial Golden Hawks (1-1) at Golden Valley Bulldogs (1-1) 
Pag Meter line Centennial -9

Very interesting game. Both teams are very good and the X factor will be the Golden Hawks defense and can they slow down QB Carl Jones? The division 1 Golden Hawks should beat division 3 Bulldogs. Will this be a Bulldogs break out party??
Pag Meter Prediction Centennial 30 Golden Valley 21

Final Centennial 28 Golden Valley 10

QB Will Alexander went 13 for 18 passing for 170 yards and a touchdown, plus 6 carries for 56 yards and another score. 


Central Valley Christian Cavaliers (3-0) at Lindsay Cardinals (1-2)
Pag Meter line CVC -42

CVC comes of a big win over Bakersfield Christian and will have a little let down but will have enough on the road to roll.
Pag Meter Prediction CVC 45 Lindsay 3

Final CVC 38 Lindsay 0


Hoover Patriots (0-3) vs Madera South Stallions (1-2) 
Pag Meter line Madera South -14

This might just be the best game of the night with two teams improving everyday.
The Patriots are close at winning and the Stallions are coming on.
The Patriots will lead with senior running back Tahj Hart. The Stallions have QB Steven Alaniz and junior 6’4 Joel Galvan. Alaniz got hurt last week so we will see if he is a go?
Pag Meter Prediction Madera South 28 Hoover 14

Final Madera South 20 Hoover 7

Matt Johnson gets his first win as the new Stallions coach


Immanuel Eagles (1-1) at Chowchilla Tribe (2-1) 
Pag Meter line Chowchilla -21

The X factor is the Red Tribe are playing at home and it’s a great home field advantage playing in Chowchilla.
Pag Meter Prediction Chowchilla 35 Immanuel 14

Final Chowchilla 30 Immanuel 12

Kerman Lions (2-1) at Coalinga Horned Toads (2-1) 
Pag Meter line Coalinga -1

Great match up with the Lions offense that has turned into a power running game vs a physical Toads defense. In the past the Lions would have issues with physical teams so we will see.
For the Lions win over Madera South 27-14, Colton Smith scored 4 TD’s (19, 13, 8, 69 yards), Chris Acosta rushed for 156 yards and Sean Chambers rushed for 118 yards.
For the Toads win over Gonzales 48-14, Jayden Jiminez rushed for 104 yards on 12 carries and scored a TD. Mike Cerda rushed for 53 yards on 8 carries and scored a TD and the Toads defense did the rest.
The Factor is the front 7 on defense and who plays better will win. This will be a hard hitting game. The Lions should win this game when you have a division 1 Sean Chambers at QB but the Toads don’t care about that…they just want to hit someone.
Pag Meter Prediction Coalinga 28 Kerman 27

Final Kerman 35 Coalinga 20

The Pag Meter missed this pick and the Lions offense played much better. Sean Chambers went 8-17, for 238 yards and  2 TD passes.  Rushed for 34 yards and scored on a 2 yard TD run. Toads, Jayden Jimenez rushed for 101 yards, Eric Saldana rushed for 114 yards, scored a TD and Mike Cerda scored and rushed for 70 yards. 


Kingsburg Vikings (1-1) at Washington Union Panthers (0-3) 
Pag Meter line Washington Union -7

This is always a great game. The X factor is can the Vikings defense play tough and slow down the power running of Myrick London, QB Victor Nava and WR Devontae Massey?
The Vikings turned the ball over way too many times in the lost to Golden West 28-7. Vikings QB Caleb Buendia completed 8-14 for 92 yards and a TD pass to Alfred Carpenter.
The Vikings have to get RB Bo Jackson going to help the passing game.
Pag Meter Prediction (mini upset) Kingsburg 27 Washington Union 23

Final Kingsburg 30 Washington Union 17


Chavez Titans (0-2) at West Vikings (1-0) 
Pag Meter line West -3

The X factor is who can play a clean game with fewest mistakes? This is the Vikings opener. The Titans are young and the Vikings will be much improved. 
Pag Meter Prediction West 28 Chavez 25

Final West 38 Chavez 36


Redwood Rangers (2-1) at Tulare Union Tribe (3-0) 
Pag Meter line Tulare Union -28

This could be a big offensive show.
In the win over Clovis East 36-14, the Rangers junior QB Hector Gonzalez went 13-of-20 passing for 132 yards with 4 TD passes. WR Drew Stogsdill caught 3 TD passes. (8, 15 and 18 yards).
For the Tribes win over El Diamante 48-7, TU had 412 total yards by halftime. WOW! Kazmeir Allen rushed for 189 yards and scored 4 TD’s on 11 carries. (10, 34, 62 and 47 yards). QB Nathan Lamb went 20-of-25 for 285 yards and 3 TD’s. Lamb has thrown for 654 yards with 6 touchdowns and no interceptions in 2 games. Emoryie Edwards, had a historic night with 12 catches for 191 yards and 2 touchdowns. Edwards is now the Central Section’s all-time career leader in receptions with 212, surpassing Arvin’s Bill Satterfield (209 career receptions). Emoryie will shatter the record!!!
The X factor is the Rangers defense.
Pag Meter Prediction Tulare Union 42 Redwood 14

Final Tulare Union 42 Redwood 7

Watch out Valley! The Tribe can now play defense for the first time in a long time. Former Monache head coach Chris Likewise has taken over the defense and boy are they good! 


Reedley Pirates (0-3) at Selma Bears (3-0) 
Pag Meter line Selma -34

The X factor is the Pirates offense. Reedley’s tough schedule continues. The Bears are still trying to find the MOJO on offense.
Pag Meter Prediction Selma 40 Reedley 6

Final Selma 33 Reedley 7

Farmersville Aztecs (0-3) at Woodlake Tigers (2-1) 
Pag Meter line Woodlake -35

The X factor is the Tigers have played a tough schedule and playing at home.
Pag Meter Prediction Woodlake 41 Farmersville 6

Final Woodlake 41 Farmersville 3

Pag Meter almost nailed the score

Avenal Buccaneers (1-2) at Corcoran Panthers (0-3) 
Pag Meter line Corcoran -7

The X factor is the Panthers have played tough for 33 minutes a game. Can they learn to finish?
Pag Meter Prediction Corcoran 20 Avenal 13

Final Avenal 26 Corcoran 20 (double overtime) 

WOW!!! What a game!


Foothill Trojans (0-2) at Shafter Generals (2-0) 
Pag Meter Shafter -32

The X factor can the Trojans defense slow down the Generals outstanding offense?
Pag Meter Prediction Shafter 40 Foothill 12

Final Shafter 42 Foothill 6

Fowler Redcats (2-1) at Sierra Chieftains (0-2) 
Pag Meter line Fowler -32

Both teams thought they would pull off wins in week 2. Fowler lost to Firebaugh 36-21 and Sierra lost to Minarets 45-7.
Sierra suffered a bunch of injuries.
The X factor is both defenses need to improve to compete in the division 5 playoffs.
Pag Meter Prediction Fowler 39 Sierra 7

Final Fowler 43 Sierra 0


Tranquility Tigers (0-3) vs Fresno High Warriors (1-2) 
Pag Meter line Fresno High -39

Give huge credit to the Tigers for making up Friday’s game on Tuesday. The Tigers lost at McFarland 32-14.
The Tigers play a very tough schedule. The Warriors have got crushed the first 2 games and looking to get in the win column.
Pag Meter Prediction Fresno High 39 Tranquility 0

Final Fresno High 41 Tranquility 0


Frontier Titans (2-0) at Ridgeview Wolf Pack (1-1) 
Pag Meter line Ridgeview -7

We will find out if the Titans are a division 2 contender because they need to beat the Pack who are not the same Pack team but still beat Stockdale 28-14 in week 1. Alijah Alexander-Williams rushed for 181 yards and scored 2 TD’s
Frontier went on the road and beat Cabrillo 49-14. Former Wolf Pack Tye Johnson rushed for 249 rushing yards and scored 2 touchdowns.
The X factor is Tye Johnson will have plenty of emotion coming back to his old high school.
Pag Meter Prediction (Mini upset) Frontier 30 Ridgeview 27

Final Frontier 35 Ridgeview 25

Dustin Montanio connected with JJ Flores for a 65-yard touchdown pass to put Frontier ahead 28-25. Tye Johnson then put the game out of reach scoring on a 20-yard TD run. 


Garces Rams (0-3) at Tehachapi Warriors (1-1) 
Pag Meter line Garces -14

The Rams play the toughest schedule in the valley and needs to win at Tehachapi because there’s not a lot of wins on the Rams schedule.
Pag Meter Prediction Garces 27 Tehachapi 13

Final Tehachapi 28 Garces 27 (overtime) 


Granite Hills Grizzlies (2-0) at Orosi Cardinals (2-1) 
Pag Meter line Granite Hills -7

A very good matchup of two teams that can do some damage in the playoffs. Both return plenty of players from last year so this is a tough one to pick.
Grizzlies. Senior RB Jasper Beruman, rushed for 156 yards and scored 4 TD’s in the win over Farmersville 43-0. The Cardinals beat Parlier 48-14.
Pag Meter Prediction Granite Hills 24 Orosi 17

Final Granite Hills 14 Orosi 7

Highland Scots (2-0) at Kennedy Thunderbirds (1-1) 
Pag Meter line Highland -8

This is the battle of the speedy Scots vs the power offense of the Thunderbirds. The division 3 Scots have their hands full will division 5 Thunderbirds.
Pag Meter Prediction Highland 29 Kennedy 26

Final Highland 34 Kennedy 21


Mendota Aztecs (1-2) vs Roosevelt Rough Riders (2-1)
Pag Meter line Roosevelt -19

Last year the Aztecs were loaded and beat the Rough Riders 27-7. This year it’s a switch and the Rough Riders are loaded and a heavy favorite.
The X factor can the Aztecs move the ball with long drives and keep Rough Riders QB Jordan De La Rosa, Junior running backs Howard Maxwell (Thunder) and Isaiah Chambers (Lightning) off the field?
Pag Meter Prediction Roosevelt 33 Mendota 14

Final Mendota 12 Roosevelt 6

Upset of the night!


Mira Monte Lions (0-2) at East Bakersfield Blades (2-0) 
Pag Meter line East -38

The speedy Blades will roll at home.

Pag Meter Prediction East 44 Mira Monte 6

Final East 36 Mira Monte 0

Mission Oak Hawks (0-3) at Bakersfield Christian Eagles (2-1) 
Pag Meter line Bakersfield Christian -19

The Eagles very rarely practice on Monday after a loss. Mostly it’s always a Friday night win. The Eagles lost to CVC and Mission Oak lost to Madera 30-24.
The X factor look for the Eagles to get back on track at home.
Pag Meter Prediction Bakersfield Christian 35 Mission Oak 14

Final Bakersfield Christian 35 Mission Oak 6 

Braden Wingle who threw for 252 yards and 3 touchdown passes. Myran Randle caught 2 touchdown passes. Mission Oak fumbled 4 times.


El Diamante Miners (1-2) vs Monache Marauders (0-2)
Pag Meter line El Diamante -16

Both teams need a win because both teams play in tough leagues. Both teams also have played against tough teams. Both teams need to get the offense worked out.
Pag Meter Prediction El Diamante 29 Monache 13

Final El Diamante 30 Monache 13

Sunnyside Wildcats (1-2) vs Mt. Whitney Pioneers (0-3) 
Pag Meter line Sunnyside -21

The Wildcats should be 1-1 and they know it so look for the Wildcats to finish strong this week. The Wildcats blew a 19-0 lead to Clovis North and lost the game 20-19. In week 2, lost to Central 56-6.
Mt Whitney has given up 123 points in 2 games and now they get another speedy team.
Pag Meter Prediction Sunnyside 35 Mt Whitney 13

Final Sunnyside 39 Mt Whitney 31

Breaun Heights returned a 74 yard punt for a TD and the game winner. Wildcats, QB Donovan Kong hit Decova Sneed on a 19 yard TD pass. Donovan Kong scored on a 1 yard TD run and Carl Hawkins scored on a 43 yard TD run. Pioneers QB Jaedyn Pineda threw 3 TD passes.  

North Stars (1-1) at Wasco Tigers (0-2) 
Pag Meter line North-7

Both teams thought they would be 1-0 but way too many mistakes in week 1 for that to happen.
The X factor is the Tigers have to clean up their act to get a win at home. The Stars have to win this game to prove they belong.  This Stars team can win some big games if they play defense. 
Pag Meter Prediction North 20 Wasco 13

Final North 40 Wasco 16


Orange Cove Titans (1-2) at Parlier Panthers (0-2) 
Pag Meter line Orange Cove -21

Another game where both teams need a win. Which team can finish drives with points?
Pag Meter Prediction Orange Cove 34 Parlier 13

Final Orange Cove 32 Parlier 12

Porterville Panthers (1-0) at Taft Wildcats (0-2) 
Pag Meter line Porterville-16

The Wildcats have had 2 weeks to figure out the train crash they were in losing to Golden Valley 55-0. Was that a fluke? Stay tuned. Taft is usually good at home and horrible on the road. This is the opener for Porterville. How good is Porterville?  Stay tuned. Can’t take a team that lost 55-0.
Pag Meter Prediction Porterville 30 Taft 14

Final Porterville 33 Taft 6


Riverdale Cowboys (3-0) vs Sierra Pacific Golden Bears (1-2) 
Pag Meter line Sierra Pacific -7
This should be a good one and the Cowboys want to show they are a contender.
Pag Meter Prediction (upset alert) Riverdale 27 Sierra Pacific 25

Final Riverdale 35 Sierra Pacific 14

Pag Meter nailed the upset pick but after looking at it, this was no upset

South Rebels (2-0) at Arvin Bears (0-2) 
Pag Meter line South -13
Can the Bears pull off the upset? If they play good defense it could happen.
Pag Meter Prediction South 33 Arvin 20

Final South 35 Arvin 13

Arroyo Grande Eagles (1-2) at Independence Falcons (1-1) 
Pag Meter line Arroyo Grande -7
This is a game that the Falcons can win at home against an Eagles team that has played a tough schedule. The Eagles defense has given up 86 points in 2 games and the offense can’t throw the football. The Falcons beat up the North Stars and some thought the Stars were going to be good.
The X factor is the defense for both teams. The Eagles are battle tested and the Falcons are not. The Eagles will be in the Central section next year. They could be playing in division 1 or division 2.
Pag Meter Prediction Arroyo Grande 24 Independence 17

Final Arroyo Grande 24 Independence 10


Atascadero Greyhounds (1-2) at No 22 Stockdale Mustangs (1-1) 
Pag Meter line Stockdale -7
The Mustangs have had 2 weeks to think about the loss to a rebuilding Ridgeview team. This should be a pretty even game and we will find out if the Mustangs are a SWYL and division 2 contender.
Pag Meter Prediction Stockdale 21 Atascadero 14

Final Stockdale 28 Atascadero 0

Outstanding win for the Mustangs!  The Stockdale defense forced 5 turnovers including an 84 yard fumble return by Nick Maiden for a TD. QB Jalen Smith finished 15 of 21 passing for 168 yards and 3 touchdowns for the Mustangs. The Greyhounds were led by Arik Machado who carried the ball 17 times for 101 yards. 


Boron Bobcats (0-3) at Bishop Union Broncos (2-0) 
Pag Meter line Bishop Union -13
Hey division 5….the Broncos are good!
Pag Meter Prediction Bishop Union 33 Boron 20

Final Bishop Union 32 Boron 26


Buhach Colony Thunder (1-2 ) vs Clovis North Broncos (1-2) 
Pag Meter line Clovis North -11

This is a very interesting match up.
It is the very good Thunder offense vs the very good Broncos defense. BC is led by senior QB Clay Abrams, RB Christian Quirarte and Colorado commit DB L.J Wallace.
BC lost to a very good Downey team 58-55 in overtime and lost to Tracy 51-30.
The young Broncos stormed back and beat Sunnyside 20-19 and played the private professional high school Bellarmine Prep tough in the loss 16-13. CN could be 2-0 or 0-2. The defense is good and Noah Riley is leading a very good physical defense.
The X Factor will be the young Broncos offensive line and backfield vs the Thunders defense which has given up 54 points a game. CN will not be scoring 50 plus points but they need to play better than the first 2 games to win at Lamonica. The Broncos defense is GOOD!
Pag Meter Prediction Clovis North 24 Buhach Colony 13

Final Buhach Colony 28 Clovis North 21

Jackson Schultz rushed for 183 yards and scored on runs of 75 and 31 yard TD runs. Trenton Holloway caught a 52 yard TD pass from DJ Frampton but it wasn’t enough for the Broncos. 


Escalon Cougars (1-2) at Liberty Madera Hawks (3-0) 
Pag Meter line Liberty Madera -16

Hey division 4, the overachieving Hawks are the real deal. The Hawks play good old fashion in your face football. The Hawks are smart and physical at the same time.
The offense has rushed for 961 yards in 2 games. The Roth boys are tough to slow down. Wyatt, 339 rushing yards with 4 TD’s and Kaleb, 322 rushing yards with 5 TD’s.
The Hawks defense is also good and very physical upfront.
Pag Meter Prediction Liberty Madera 37 Escalon 21

Final Liberty Madera 33 Escalon 27

Nice win by the Hawks!!

Vasquez Mustangs (1-2) at Rosamond Roadrunners (3-0) 
Pag Meter line Rosamond -34

The Roadrunners are a good team and playing at home.

Pag Meter Prediction Rosamond 40 Vasquez 6

Final Rosamond 44 Vasquez 0


Minarets Mustangs (1-2) at Mariposa County Grizzlies (1-1) 
Pag Meter line Minarets -4

Has the Mustangs found the magic? Minarets comes off a big win over Sierra 45-7. Noah Fulton made the start at QB and went off going 13-20 for 339 yards and 5 TD passes. Zack Redman caught 4 passes for 146 yards with 2 TD’s. E.G Walden caught 5 passes for 149 yards and 2 TD’s. RB Tyson Ellis rushed for 120 yards. The Mustangs defense was swarming all night long and held Sierra to 150 total yards.
Mariposa is always tough to beat at home and has a very good offense with junior QB Colton Weidner who can run and pass.
The X factor is the Mustangs have never beaten their big cousin in the mountains (2016 lost 42-23) (2014 lost 38-6) so if they don’t win this year with their best team in school history they never will.
Can the Minarets defense slow down Colton Weidner?
Pag Meter Prediction Minarets 34 Mariposa 30

Final Mariposa 35 Minarets 14

The Mustangs are a very streaky team


Templeton Eagles (0-3) at Kern Valley Broncos (1-1) 
Pag Meter line Kern Valley -11

A Broncs win and it will set up a division 6 showdown next week at McFarland.
Pag Meter Prediction Kern Valley 26 Templeton 12

Final Templeton 30 Kern Valley 15

The Broncs got out played at home.

Saturday Football

Memorial Panthers (3-0) vs Hanford West Huskies (2-1)
Pag Meter line Memorial -25


It’s the team No 1 in division 3 vs No 1 team in division 5.
The Panthers have an amazing offense and coming off a win over Lemoore 53-46. SJM sophomore WR Jalen McMillan had a huge break out night catching 12 footballs for 369 yards and scored 6 TD’s. Junior QB Alec Trujillo had his best game ever going 21 for 26 for 488 yards and 6 TD’s.
For HW they have some outstanding young speed. HW Sophomore QB Ethan Natera started his first game and went off going 6-7 with 4 TD passes. Jayron Jenkins rushed for 103 yards and scored a TD.
The X factor is if Memorial plays some defense….this game is over because the SJM offense is soooo good! HW has to play lights out defense to pull the upset.
Pag Meter Prediction Memorial 49 Hanford West 24

Final Memorial 55 Hanford West 7

The defense played their best game of the year. QB Alec Trujillo went 17-24 for 271 yards and 4 TD passes. (Mac Dalena,  Dashawn Holliman, 2 and Leonard Glass caught the TD passes). Alec now has 14 TD passes on the season. Leonard Glass rushed for 114 yards and scored on 2 rushing TD’s.


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