Pag Meter Sleeper list All Valley Football team for 2017

The Pag Meter Sleeper team that you will all know before too long. Every year we have stars born all over the valley.

Here are some that could have big years and remember the names because this list is full of potential Pag Meter All Stars!



Jameson Silva, sophomore, Edison Tigers

He is a new Tiger that transferred in from Central. We all know the X factor every year for Edison is the QB position. The Tigers have had zero QB play the last 2 years. Jameson is a Pro style QB that can run and he could be real good at 6-1. If he can get the ball to the playmakers, the Tigers will be VERY good because the Tigers defense is off the charts good. He might have to sit because of the 30 day transfer rule?


Jalen Smith, senior, Stockdale Mustangs

Took over at QB last year and he got better and better every game. He comes in this year knowing the playbook. He can run an also very good in the pocket.


Jordan Delarosa, junior, Roosevelt Rough Riders

If there is a true sleeper at QB it’s Jordan! He  is ready to go in week 1 because last year he had to sit for 30 days and the Rough Riders never got it going. This year will be different. Jordan has the makings to be real good if he can be the Rough Riders leader on and off the field.


Joseph Campbell, sophomore, Garces Rams

He steps in and is the guy this year. His key will be get the ball to the athletes.


Kalel Acfalle, senior, Bullard Knights

He transferred in from Hoover and he is looking really good so far at running the new pro-style Bullard offense at QB. If Kalel can run the Knights offense and get the ball to the playmakers, then the Knights will be a contender.


Steven Alaniz, junior, Madera South Stallions

Nobody works harder than Steven in the valley at QB! He is already the leader of the Stallions that has a very good arm and can run. If he can slow the game down, make the nice easy throws, carry out his fakes, doesn’t force the ball into ugly coverage, then watch out for the Stallions in the division 4 playoffs!


Dante Chachere, junior, Clovis West Golden Eagles

He gets the call at QB after Adrian Martinez is out with a labrum injury. Dante is coming along and is getting the ball to the playmakers and can also run when needed.


Josh Magana, sophomore, Dinuba Emperors

Two of the best QB’s to ever play for the Emperors were David Rico and Marcus McMaryion and Josh is ahead of them when they were sophomores and that is saying a lot. He is 6’0 with a very good arm and a 4.0 GPA. Keep an eye on Josh!


Julian Sweidy, senior, Fowler Redcats

Outstanding athlete that plays QB and strong safety. The All league QB/DB plays at 6’3 210 lbs and can throw it and will run you over.


Blake Wolfe, senior, Sanger Apaches

Improving every day running the Apaches offense. Blake has a very good arm and if he can run a bit and carry out his fakes then that helps the offense.


Peyton Meyer, senior, Clovis Cougars

He is 6’4 and has the potential to be very good. Can Peyton be the guy to crank up the Cougars offense?  

DJ Frampton, Sophomore, Clovis North Broncos

This lefty QB has the Broncos staff fired up because he has the potential to be very good. He is a tall pocket passer with a strong arm but not mobile like Brent Bailey was last year. Can the Broncos O-line line protect their gun slinger?


Bailey West, senior, North Stars

6-3 West Gets the start and the Stars could be a team to keep an eye on. The O-line returns plenty and the Stars will compete in the SEYL. West is a very good athlete.


Carson Bailey, junior, Buchanan Bears and/or Ty Hall

The X factor at Buchanan is always the QB. Carson just transferred in from Clovis North and is battling Ty Hall for the starting job. Carson is the young brother of Brent who was the QB at Clovis North last year.


Isaiah Clark, junior and Erick Segura, senior, Mendota Aztecs

After record setting QB Junior Cardenas graduated throwing 88 touchdown passes for 6,880 yards in 3 years and a school record. The Aztecs will rotate Clark and Sequra at QB. When Segura is not at QB, he will be running the football. Stay tuned on the offense.  


Jordan Daniels, junior, Hoover Patriots

Jordan is a dual threat QB that will be the fastest QB in the valley.


Jacob Cullen, junior and Noah Fulton, senior, Minarets Mustangs

A quarterback battle with two different style at QB. Cullen is a threat with his legs/arm and Noah is 6’4 that has a cannon.  


Running Back

Tayrin Johnson, sophomore, Tulare Western Mustangs

This kid could be the Pag Meter star is born award. He is reminding people of a young Dominique Dorsey who was the record breaking RB at Tulare Union. That is huge!! Tayrin works so hard at practice and the rest of the Mustangs will be loving that!


Mckinley Lee III, senior, Edison Tigers

One of the hardest working running backs in the valley that is fast and strong. Will also play FS.


Tay Hunter, senior, Bullard Knights

He is looking good at running back and will surprise a bunch of defenses with his speed and strength.


Diotry Brewer, senior, Central Grizzlies
His senior year and he is bigger and stronger at 6-1, 200 lb. He will be ready to carry the load at running back and OLB.  He was a big part of the Grizzlies offense rushing for 843 yards and scored 6 TD’s last year.


Jackson Schultz, junior, Clovis North Broncos

He is a scrapper and he reminds me of Last years star Jordan Ayerza.


Jayron Jenkins, junior, Hanford West Huskies

A transfer from Ohio and can fly at running back.


Josiah Lopez, senior, Sanger Apaches

The Apaches graduated some of the best running backs  in school history so if Josiah can have a big year that will take the pressure off Jalen Cropper.  


Cole Roberts, senior, Clovis Cougars

Cole is back at RB/FS and he will give the Cougars a solid inside ground game.


Ahkeem Taylor, senior, East Blades
Transferred in from Mira Monte and will help the Blades at running back .



Receiver/Tight end


Nathan Marrowquin, sophomore, Tulare Western Mustangs

Whoever wins the QB job between Elijah Burrell (so) or Anthony Cervantez (jr) (both QB’s are 6-1 with a 4.0 GPA)  will have some speedy receivers with Marrowquin and Keshon Butler. Could be a huge year for the Mustangs offense. Burrell has the edge right now. 

Tyrell Grayson, junior, Central Grizzlies

Will be a two way player at WR/DB and catches EVERYTHING thrown his way. 


Chris Silva, senior, Fowler Redcats

The senior leader at WR/FS and will be up for the West Sequoia league player of the year.

Carter Anderson, sophomore, Bullard Knights

Very fast with great hands! Keep an eye on Carter because he is strong and a future star at 6’1, 180 lbs.   

Deshawn Ruffin, senior, Sunnyside Wildcats

Will play WR and DB and will be one of the leaders on both sides of the ball for the Wildcats. He has verbally committed to play at Fresno State.

Avery Boyd, senior, Central Grizzlies

One of the senior leaders and a returning starter that just gets open and makes plays.  

Devontae Massey, senior,  Washington Union  Panthers

The senior captain that will never come off the field playing WR, CB, S, and RB.  has an offer from Sacramento State.

Hayden Leach, senior, Clovis West Golden Eagles

Plays WR/SS and is good. Never comes off the field and a team leader.

Sherwin King Jr, senior, Sunnyside Wildcats

Will be one of the fastest linebackers in the valley and will also line up at wide receiver. He has verbally committed to play at Fresno State.

Gabe Solorio, senior, Clovis West Golden Eagles

Plays WR/FS and always seems to get open.

Jeremiah Hunter, sophomore, Central Grizzlies

Off to a great start at WR and has the potential to be the next Grizzlies star, 

Antonio Perez, junior,Hanford West Huskies

Fast with good hands at wide receiver. Will be a big part of the offense.

Miguel Junior Rodriguez, senior, Clovis West Golden Eagles

WR/CB and is outstanding on both sides of the ball. Good hands.

Jalen McMillan, sophomore, Memorial Panthers

The 6’2, 180 pounder will be a big target at WR.  He is big, fast and athletic… He won the CMAC 100 & 200 meters league track championship, as well as the 1st team All-CMAC  centerfielder.

Chad Day, senior, Clovis West Golden Eagles

Comes off a tremendous junior year at WR and will be the team leader on both sides of the ball.

Richard Mendez, senior, Hanford West Huskies

The senior leader that the Huskies need at WR and DB

Cameron Hicks, junior, Clovis West Golden Eagles

Big target at wide receiver that runs great routes. Will also play SS.

Lebrevon Austin, senior, Garces Rams

One of the best route runners at WR in the valley. He is also a fantastic safety and he will never come off the field  

Nick Keenan, junior, Clovis West Golden Eagles

With the Golden Eagles spread attack, they will need to run the ball between the tackles and Nick could be the X factor on offense.

Preston Conti, junior, Minarets Mustangs

Will be the all team leading receiver in school history after his junior year and Preston is getting looks and some colleges at 6’2, 185 lbs.

Jr. Desmond Howard, junior, Hanford West Huskies

Competed in State long jump and will play wide receiver. Outstanding athlete.

Offensive line

Jorge Escalante, senior, Memorial Panthers

Transferred in from Dos Palos and this offensive lineman will be a force up front for the Panthers at 6’5, 310 lbs.


Maino Maino, senior, Taft Wildcats

He is a man beast at Ol/DL. The big leader upfront for the Wildcats and has a great name!


Dirk Nelson, sophomore, CVC Cavaliers

Younger of brother of Pag Meter All Star Dane. Dirk  will play OL/DL and is 6’3, 265 lbs.  Dirk has been offered by San Jose State already.


Konner Gomness, junior, Memorial Panthers

Here’s a guy to keep an eye on playing left tackle. He is 6’4 270 pounds and has played varsity since his freshman year, and has many  Division 1 schools very interested.  He is the team leader on the O-line.


Ricky Correia, sophomore, Edison Tigers

He is 6’4, 295 lbs at right tackle. He is already getting looks from colleges such as Arizona, Washington, and UCLA.


Isaiah Scales-Edwards, Hoover Patriots

Plays offensive guard/nose tackle for the Patriots and the leader upfront.




Mackenzie Barnes, senior, Edison Tigers

If you ever want to question 7 vs 7 (summer football without pads) Here you go. Mackenzie played this summer with star Steve Stephens and plenty of colleges said…who’s that guy!!!  He is extremely long with great hips, long arms. Very rare for a tall kid at 6-2 to move so well. The big question is, can he be aggressive and make the big play with pads on? Plenty of colleges are looking hard at him such as Utah, Arizona and Oregon, Colorado, UCLA, Fresno St….Etc.  


Kingsley Thomas, senior, Madera South Stallions

Here is a player that has more potential than any player in the valley. He is 6-4, 270 pounds and fast at defensive end. If he figures out that he has zero chance to play basketball at the next level and truly focuses on football then this kid is a college coach’s dream.


Jacob Hollins, senior, Central Grizzlies

6’2, 220 middle linebacker and the Grizzlies could be good on defense with Jacob at LB. Jacob is the 1st cousin of Dion Jordan who played at Oregon and the Dolphins.


Jack Wilkins, senior, Buchanan Bears

Comes in as one the best cornerbacks in the valley and will also play WR.


Mason Fraser, senior, Clovis Cougars

The senior leader at Cornerback and the younger brother of Tyson. This kid is good.


Jaalen Rening, sophomore, CVC Cavaliers

He will never come of the field and should have a huge year. Last year had 75 tackles and will play much more on offense at fullback this year. Jaalen already has an offer from Nevada.


Justin Hunt, junior, Memorial Panthers

Will play D-End at 6’3, 235 for the Panthers. He started all last year as a sophomore at DE and will be much quicker this year.


Noah Riley, senior, Clovis North Broncos

Senior leader on defense who is fast and strong at linebacker. The Broncos have a ton of question marks but not at linebacker. 


Lisandro Solorio, junior, Fowler Redcats

Plays linebacker at 6’2, 230 lbs and is fast and physical.  


Aaron Hall, junior, Minarets Mustangs

Outstanding athlete  that will be at WR/LB for the Mustangs. He comes off the baseball  field and had a great year and will bring that confidence.

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