Pag Meter 2nd TEAM/Honorable Mentions 2016 All Valley All Star Team

This team was all soo close with the 1st team that we put Honorable mention and 2nd team together



Jaylan King, Senior, Edison Tigers

  • Rushed for 1,223 yards. Would have had more yards but the Tigers had a zero passing attack so every defense focused on JK. Jaylan runs so hard! Next stop will be Fresno State.

Dustin Reed, senior, North Stars

  • The SEYL All Star  was the team leader that made 130 tackles and rushed for 592 yards and scored 11 TD’s.

Mathew Davila, Senior, Sanger Apaches

  • The CMAC All Star made 31 tackles for the division 2 champions

Mitchel Maggini, junior, Riverdale Cowboys

  • West Sequoia league player of the year. Played both ways and the leader of the team

Jacob Vasquez, senior, Bakersfield Drillers

  • The team leader for the young Drillers. A leader up front for the Drillers on defense, he was a key run-stopper and always in the back field for the Valley Champions.

Matt Corpus, senior, Caruthers Blue Raiders

  • West Sequoia League Defensive Player of the Year

Stefano Maui, junior, Taft Wildcats

  • He rushed for 1,569 yards and scored 20 TD’s. He will be the main man in 2017

Miguel Calderon, senior, Mendota Aztecs

  • Co lineman of the year in the West Sierra

Michael Alvarez, senior, Memorial Panthers

  • Last year Michael was a Pag Meter All Star at QB and this year he took one for the team and switched to wide receiver and defensive back. He was the team leader playing a very tough schedule. Next stop…Michael is one of the best right handed pitchers in the valley. 

Chris Coleman, senior, Garces

  • In his only season at Garces, he was a two-way standout for the Rams. Coleman, who has committed to Fresno State, had 4 interceptions and also was a key receiver on offense with speed.

J.J. Galaviz, senior, Farmersville Aztecs

  • Threw for 2,853 yards/31 TD passes. Rushed for 421 yards and scored 8 TD’s

Ardie Burton, senior, Buchanan Bears

  • TRAC All Star and playing outstanding on the basketball team. They will miss his leadership

Diotry Brewer, junior, Central Grizzlies

  • He was a big part of the Grizzlies offense rushing for 843 yards and scored 6 TD’s.

Teyjohn Harrington, junior, Edison Tigers

  • If TJ works hard he should be the Pag Meter offensive player of the year in 2017. It’s up to TJ. So much potential! Caught 31 passes for 510 yards and played hurt.

Parker Jacobs, senior, Bullard Knights

  • The CMAC All Star was the Knights senior leader on both sides of the ball.

Mason Layton, senior, Kerman Lions

  • He caught 43 passes and scored 8 TD’s. He was the Pag Meter player of the week when he set a school record with the longest TD scored when he picked off a pass and went 105 yards for a TD. The NSL All Star played in the Blue- Gray State All Star game.

Jaden Jimenez, junior, Coalinga Horned Toads

  • Rushed for 1,011 yards and scored 9 TD’s

Alan Torres, senior, Bishop Union Broncos

  • The HDL All star was the leader on defense making 106 tackles with 4 interceptions

Scott Bonham, senior, Desert Scorpions

  • He was the team leader who made 117 tackles, 7 sacks and 2 interceptions playing linebacker

Lorenzo Hidalgo, senior, Liberty Patriots

  • When Kurtis Brown went down in week 6, he stepped up and became the team leader on the defense line. He stepped up as the leader on the defensive line after Arizona-bound teammate Kurtis Brown was lost for the season with an injury. Hidalgo made 30 tackles, had 4 sacks and was always double teamed for the Patriots.

Christian Rodriguez, Senior, Sanger Apaches

  • The CMAC All Star made 61 tackles with 6 sacks for the division 2 section champions

Navonte Demison, senior, Bakersfield Drillers

  • The 138-pound state wrestling champion decided to play some football his senior year and was fantastic on both sides of the ball.  Shutdown corner back and caught the winning TD against Central to win the valley championship.

Jaden Williams, junior, Central Grizzlies

  • The TRAC All Star played outstanding in the secondary and will be one of the best in 2017

Michael Georgino, senior, Garces Rams

  • The Italian stallion played outstanding on the D-line with 7 sacks. Next stop will be UC San Diego

Trevor Ervin, junior, Buchanan Bears

  • Rushed for 492 yards and will be one of the best running backs in 2017

Malik White, senior,Central Grizzlies

  • He got hurt a bunch of times but always came back strong and made some great catches at wide receiver. He caught 38 passes for 523 yards and scored 8 TD’s.

Alex Puga, senior, Caruthers Blue Raiders

  • The Blue Raiders record breaking running back. Rushed for 2007 yards scored 18 TD’s.

Noey Garcia, senior, Firebaugh Aztecs

  • Will be one the best in 2017. He threw for 2,452 yards with 21 TD passes. He will have Firebaugh in position to make a run at the division 5 section championship

Beck Dobrzanski, senior, Garces Rams

  • Beck’s favorite number must be 77. The SWYL All Star wore No 77, was strong on the defensive line that made 77 tackles along with 7 sacks. You can’t make that up. Next stop No 77 will be playing at Whittier College.

Nolan LeForge, senior, Buchanan Bears

  • Should have started his junior year. He threw for 1,773 yards with 13 TD’s his senior year and the Bears leader on offense who was a very accurate passer.

Jordan Ayerza, senior, Clovis North Broncos

  • If the Pag Meter had a All Star for the Heart of the year award, it would be Jordan! He was the backbone of the Broncos and ran so hard and came up with the big 3rd down run to keep the chains moving. 

Brandon Ballard, senior, Central Grizzlies

  • Big part of the very good Grizzlies defense. Made 44 Tackles with 6 sacks for the TRAC All Star

Connor Paden, senior, Central Valley Christian Cavaliers

  • The CSL offensive Player of the year rushed for 1,449 yards and scored 16 TD’s.

Seth Nevills, junior, Clovis Cougars

  • Played both ways for the Cougars up front and will be one of the best in 2017

Marcus Washington, junior, Clovis East TWolves

  • The TRAC All Star is now playing for the Central Grizzlies and could move to outside linebacker.

Cameron Lamanuzzi, senior, Bullard Knights

  • Injured most of the year, if not slam dunk Pag Meter 1st team. He’s so good!

Scott Boylan, senior, Garces Rams

  • The speedster came up with so many big plays. He caught 31 passes and scored 5 TD’s. Next stop will be Brown University.

Xavier Cayetano, senior, Coalinga Horned Toads

  • The West Sierra Co-defensive player of the year

Jay Vance, junior, Edison Tigers

  • Has the potential to be the 2017 Pag Meter lineman of the year if he wants it. He’s a man beast on the defensive line.

Tylor Palmer, junior, Firebaugh Eagles

  • Garcia’s favorite target with 49 receptions for 1,232 yards and scored 11 TD’s. He could catch 75 passes in 2017. He also had 8 interceptions

Lee Major, senior, Fresno High Warriors

  • After he straighten his stuff up off the field, he took care of business on the field playing both ways. Dangerous with the ball

Javier Fernandez, senior, Chavez Titans

  • Was big on both sides of the ball and the team leader. Caught 30 passes and score 11 TD’s. Made 49 tackles with 2 interceptions. 

Trevor Ervin, junior, Buchanan Bears

  • Rushed for 492 yards and will be one of the best running backs in 2017

Eli Luna, senior, Golden West Trailblazers

  • West Yosemite league lineman of the year

Jordan Smith, junior, Bakersfield Christian Eagles

  • Will be one of the best in the valley in 2017 at defensive back. He made 89 tackles and had 4 interceptions.

Johnny Mayberry, senior, Bullard Knights

  • CMAC All Star and tough against the run on the defensive line

Brett Cazares, senior, Liberty-Ranchos Hawks

  • The North Sequoia league All star was the team leader upfront

Jonah Johnson, senior, Madera South Stallions

  • Was a one man show at QB and played hurt all year. If Jonah plays on any other team…That team wins it all

Adrian Lopez, junior, Central Grizzlies

  • Played everywhere on both sides of the ball and the TRAC All Star will be one of the best in 2017

Alec Trujillo, sophomore, Memorial Panthers

  • After transferring from Exeter, he started the the last 8 games and threw for 1,727, with 10 TD passes. He should have the Panthers in line for a section title the next 2 years.

Andy Padilla, senior, Orosi Cardinals

  • The East Sequoia league Player of the Year

James Thomas, senior, Independence Falcons

  • A two-way standout at offensive line and linebacker, he helped lead the Falcons to a share of the South Yosemite League title with 3 sacks and crucial play as a run-stopping specialist.

Andres Lara, junior, Strathmore Spartans

  • The East Sequoia League All Star was a huge part on both sides of the ball. Caught 29 passes/scored 9 TD’s and made 47 tackles for the division 6 champions.

Daniel Facio, senior, Sunnyside Wildcats

  • The NYL All Star was a big force on the O-line.

Shane Jones, junior, Bakersfield Drillers

  • The Drillers, leading rusher with 835 yards and scored 10 TD’s. He had 29 catches for 573 yards with 4 TDs.

Jordan Mendez, Senior, Fowler Redcats

  • The West Sequoia League Lineman of the Year

Tahj Wright, sophomore, Bakersfield Drillers

  • The SWYL All Star will be one of the best in 2017. He finished with 29 catches for 711 yards and scored 6 TD’s

Chad Fugman, senior, Clovis North Broncos

  • The TRAC All Star had maybe the best hands at wide receiver in the valley.

Aries Harris, senior, South Rebels

  • Threw for 1,302 yards with 11 TD passes. Outstanding career at QB.

Gabriel Herrera, senior, Orange Cove Titans

  • The East Sierra league Defensive Player of the Year

Isaiah Martin, junior, Garces Rams

  • Will be one of the best in 2017 and the Rams team leader

John Halajian, senior, Clovis North Broncos

  • TRAC All Star that was outstanding on the defensive line

Cezar Prieto, senior, Wasco Tigers

  • Rushed for 1,654 yards and scored 20 TD’s

Lucas Bushnell, senior, Frontier Titans

  • SWYL All Star did a good job on the offensive line

Nick Chambers, senior, Kerman Lions

  • The North Sequoia League All Star was the the team leader that played both ways at RB/WR and DB. He made 108 tackles with 4 interceptions and 1,021 all purpose yards. Next stop will be FCC football

Bobby Gallegos, senior, Tehachapi Warriors

  • The SYL All Star was a big part of the Warriors running game playing on the offensive line.

Mark Halajian, senior, Clovis North Broncos

  • Outstanding career for the Broncos and a hard hitter for the TRAC All Star

Brett Schuler, senior, Bakersfield Christian Eagles

  • When you have a dangerous offense, it all starts with the offensive line. The South Sequoia League All Star was a big part of the offense

Shane Maldonado, junior, Sierra Chieftains

  • The North Sequoia league All Star rushed for 1.555 yards and scored 20 TD’s. He could go over 2,000 yards in 2017

Jack Apodaca, senior, Centennial Golden Eagles

  • The Golden Hawks loved to run behind their All Star

Markie Brandt, senior, Liberty Ranchos Hawks

  • The North Sequoia league All Star was a QB that would run you over. Next stop will be Dordt College.

Jaime Duarte, senior, Independence Falcons

  • Did a great job on the offensive line

Nate Hughes, senior, Sunnyside Wildcats

  • The NYL offensive Player of the year and goes down as one of the best QB’s in school history. Threw for 1,854 yards and 22 TD passes

Jaleyn Prevost, senior, Ridgeview Wolf Pack

  • Outstanding career and leaves with 2 section championship rings

Oscar Mata, senior Granite Hills Grizzlies

  • East Sequoia league lineman of the year

Ryan White, senior, Bakersfield Drillers

  • Big run stopper for the Valley Champions. He made 30 tackles with 5 sacks

Tiveon Stroud, junior, Selma Bears

  • He came on strong late in the year and in 2017 he will be up for Pag Meter offensive Player of the Year. This guy runs so hard and at 6-5, he’s a beast!

Bo Jackson, sophomore, Kingsburg Vikings

  • A star was born on both sides of the ball after rushing for 1,383 yards and scored 11 TD’s.

Gio Ramirez, senior, Stockdale Mustangs

  • Elisha Ortiz loved to run behind the SWYL All Star

Christian Graney, senior, Sanger Apaches

  • He played anywhere they needed him and he came up big. His favorite run play was the stretch play and getting outside with his speed. Next stop he will be playing for Southern Oregon 

Jackson Caudle, senior, Tehachapi Warriors

  • The Senior leader made 104 tackles at linebacker

Caden Ochoa, junior, Bakersfield Drillers

  • He played anywhere they needed him and the team leader came thru every time for the Valley champions! If the Pag Meter had the team player of the year award, it would Caden.

Rudy Peralta, senior, Roosevelt Rough Riders

  • The North Yosemite League Lineman of the Year

Steven Figures, senior, Bakersfield Christian Eagles

  • South Sequoia league All Star that never came off the field. He rushed for 485 yards, scored 5 TDs, caught 62 passes, 884 yards with 7 TDs and made 52 tackles

Josiah Arreola, senior, Sanger Apaches

  • Played all over the place for the division 2 section champions. Made  80 tackles, with 5 sacks. Josiah was a gamer!

Michael Warton, senior, Sierra Pacific Golden Bears

  • One of the best athletes in the valley. He rushed for 1,461 and scored 24 TDs. Caught 11 passes and scored 4 more TDs.  Next stop will be Humboldt State

 Julian Cardenas, senior, Mendota Aztecs

  • Juniors cousin Julian, had a great career for the division 5 section champions. He caught 42 passes and scored 12 TD’s.  

Noah Beukers, senior, Washington Union Panthers

  • North Sequoia League Player of the Year. The Panthers leader on both sides of the ball. He rushed for 889 yards and scored 4 TDs. On defense he made 51 tackles

Cameron Williams, sophomore, Bakersfield Drillers

  • Get ready for the Drillers to unleash the speedy superstar in 2017. He plays QB and DB. Already being recruited by Pac 12 teams.

Marcus Hawkins, sr., RB/LB, Sunnyside Wildcats

  • The NYL Defensive Player of the Years was big on both sides of the ball for the NYL Champions.
  • Jacob Tijerina, senior, Sanger Apaches
  • The quiet leader of the Apaches. Its not an easy offense to run and the big key is the Quarterback position and Jacob did a great job for the section champions!

Andrew Magana, senior, Bakersfield Drillers

  • Big part of the offensive line for the valley champions. next stop will be Whittier College.

Nick Coleman, junior, Clovis West Golden Eagles

  • He caught 45 passes and will be a big part of the Golden Eagles offense in 2017 on both sides of the ball.

Ryan Graves, senior, Bishop Union Broncos

  • The HDL All Star threw for 1,527 yards with 15 TD passes and he rushed for 921 yards and scored 21 TDs.

Gabriel Vargas, senior, Coalinga Horned Toads

  • Made 90 tackles with 7 sacks on a very physical defense.

Caden Hinton, sophomore, Desert Scorpions

  • A huge reason why the Scorpions got hot in the 2nd half of the season was because their sophomore QB. He threw for 2,286 yards with 22 TD passes.

Gustavo Villarreal, senior, Dinuba Emperors

  • The CSL All Star QB threw for 2,304 with 20 TD passes

Christian Rodriguez, senior, Mira Monte Lions

  • The senior leader that made 194 tackles with 4 sacks.

Aaron Hall, sophomore, Minarets Mustangs

  • He made 116 tackles with 2 interceptions

Jacob Fleming, senior, Memorial Panthers

  • Played both ways and on defense he made 58 tackles and 14 sacks.

Alex Aguilar, sophomore, Shafter Generals

  • The Generals will be a huge contender to win it all in 2017 after their QB threw for 1,821 yards, 12 TD passes and rushed for 817 yards,scored 8 TDs.

David Alcantar, junior, Tulare Western Mustangs

  • Will be outstanding and the team leader in 2017. This year he had 1,989 all purpose yards.

Tristan Eames, senior,Yosemite Badgers

  • The senior leader led the Badgers to one of their best years in a while at QB with his arm and legs. Tough to keep in the pocket.

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