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Are you ready?
Matt Johnson is leaving Edison and will be the new MADERA SOUTH STALLIONS  head football coach!
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Matty J is my Radio partner on the Rise show with Nick & Matt on Thursday’s.
Matt took over the Edison Tigers in 2013 after coaching as an assistant for 9 years.
The Tigers won the valley championship in 2014 and that was the 1st time since 1975.
Matt says “I tossed and turned for over a week thinking about the move but I feel so good with my decision and very excited to get started. The amazing staff at Madera South made me feel that we had the same vision and we are all in it together”.
Matt was so much more than a football coach at Edison. He was a coach, counselor, dad, uncle, teacher, leader, friend….a coach that players loved and he will be missed and it will be very tough to replace a Matt at Edison.  There is only one Matt Johnson and the Stallions will soon find out.
 The players mean the world to Matt. 

He started an after-school program (B.A.M.) Become A Man. Teaching his players in doing the right thing on and off the field. It’s working because this last year, theTigers had the greatest GPA (3.3) as a team combined ever in Edison history.
Matt is the perfect guy for a Madera South program that is on the ground floor and looking to grow. Madera South is a sleeping giant and they got the right guy!

Pag Meter note: 

  • Edison has some super talent and amazing kids but the administration was never on the same page to grow the program with what needed to be done. It’s that simple.
  • For starters, Edison never had Athletic PE. Every Edison opponent has it except Edison.  Huge problem!
  • Matt didn’t have an office. Hard to believe right?! The head football didn’t have an office to prepare his team…Edison might be the only school in the country that the head football coach, the CEO had to hang out in the attendance office because he didn’t have an office!  I’m not making this stuff up.
  • Basically, Edison had a part-time football program competing against the Valley’s best and always expected to win. It doesn’t work that way. For a sports program to be successful, the administration has to be on board.
The Stallions got the perfect CEO to lead and Edison now needs a new leader.
Best of luck to both schools.
From Matt:
I want to thank Edison Tiger nation and Fresno Unified School District for everything you have done for me!
Thank you to all my coaches and all of my student athletes! Keep working hard and doing the right things everyday that make you a better person. It’s been an absolute pleasure to be your coach.”
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