Football Valley Championship – 2016

Friday Night Lights- Championship Night 7pm

Pag Meter Predictions 



  • Final Bakersfield 21 Central 14
  • Pag Meter Line Central -2

The Drillers are looking to win their record 37th valley championship and the Grizzlies are looking for their 1st valley championship.

*The semifinal Results

*Bakersfield beat Liberty 44-34

  • Navonte Demison scored on a 48 yard TD run and caught 2 TD passes from Josh Maran. Maran went 14-17 for 268 yards and 3 TD’s. Justin McGill caught 4 passes for 139 yards, including a 70-yard touchdown.

* Central beat Clovis West 34-28 in OT

  • Trent Tompkins hit Malik White on a 24 TD pass in overtime for the game winner.
  • Tompkins threw for 219 yards and 3 TD passes.

The Pag Meter X factor for the Valley Championship

  • The Grizzlies defense going against the Drillers offense.
  • The Drillers have had more injuries than any other team and head coach Paul Golla and his staff are playing on championship night. Pretty amazing! Matt Johnson at Edison has had zero QB play all year long and the Drillers have 3 very good ones with Josh Moran, Cam Williams and  Caden Ochoa.
  • QB Josh Maran is back from a broken collarbone and hasn’t missed a beat.
  • What makes the young Drillers so dangerous is they can throw the ball to go along with the triple option. Last week the Drillers went 19 of 25 passing for 372 yards. Usually, the defense will focus so hard on their assignments of stopping the triple option and now the Driller can also throw it….
  • The Drillers defense is a gambling defense and they will take chances sometimes with cover zero and man to man coverage in your face defense. Just like Central’s defense.
  • Central’s sophomore QB Trent Tompkins has thrown for 2,961 yards and 35 TD’s. Trent will throw some flat footed and will take many chances by throwing it up and letting the receivers go get it with Jacob Torrez and White.  The big reason why Central has won 11 straight games is Tompkins is a gunslinger.  One thing that Tompkins will do is he will stand in the pocket and take a hit after the throw and not miss a beat. Trent will not get rattled and that’s huge!!  It will hurt not having the dangerous Jaylon Johnson in the lineup for the Grizzlies. Tompkins is a big play QB and loves to throw deep.
  • The Drillers defense is very close to the Edison defense and they will put pressure on Tompkins with plenty of speed.
  • The Grizzlies running game is not a good one and will RB Diotry Brewer play? Who knows and the better running back might just be sophomore Austin Bebout who runs downhill. Sometimes Brewer will dance through the hole but not Bebout.  A star will be born soon with Bebout and he might just be the game changer?
  • The Drillers defense is tough to figure out if you have never played against them. They have one down lineman and the rest are jumping up and down sometimes 2 yards down field. For the Grizzlies offensive line you just never know who to block.
  • This game will come down to the big play because both teams have scored on longer TD plays than any other team around.
  • This is speed vs speed. The Grizzlies are bigger up front and both teams will play man to man defense with plenty of pressure.
  • I can see a shootout or I can see a low scoring game. There are sooo many factors but this should be a great game!  Both teams have been known for turnovers and plenty of penalties.

Game note

  • The Drillers are looking for their 37th valley championship win. Last won the valley in 2013.
  • The Grizzlies looking for their 1st valley championship win in school history. Last played in the championship game in 2012.
  • It’s amazing that Central has never won the valley with more students than any school in the valley.

The Pag Meter Scoop

  • The Pag Meter had the Central Grizzlies No 1 on July 4th but they stumbled losing to Bullard in week 1. They got back to the No 1 spot in Week 3.
  • The Pag Meter said on July 4th if the Drillers could run their dangerous triple option back  again in 2016 they would be playing on Championship night. You guessed it, the Drillers are running the triple option again.

Pag Meter Prediction Bakersfield 35 Central 28


  • With the scored tied 14-14, Josh Maran hit Navonte Demison on a 3 yard TD pass with 3:16 to go and the game winner.
  • Paul Golla, won his 5th title in 12 years at BHS.
  • Central scored first when Trent Tompkins hit Malik White on a 8 yard TD pass and it was 7-0 Central at the half.
  • Bakersfield, Shane Jones scores on a 3 yard TD run to tie it up. Josh Maran scores on a 2 yard TD run to make the scored 14-7 Drillers.
  • Central, Jevon Bigelow breaks off a run for an 80 yard TD.



  • Final Sanger 20 Ridgeview 10
  • Pag Meter Line Sanger -10

Broadcasted on 940 ESPN

  • The epic matchup of the back to back division 2 champions vs the No 1 team.
  • Tom Flores stadium will be rocking before, during and after the game.
  • To all the Ridgeview fans…..get there by 5pm or you might not get a good seat because Apache nation will take over the entire stadium by 5:30.

*The semifinal Results

*Ridgeview beat El Diamante 46-14

  • The Wolf Pack took a 33-0 lead heading into the 4th quarter before they shut it down.
  • Jamar Moya rushed for 129 yards and scored 3 TD’s including TD runs of 34, 33 and 17 yards. Alijah Alexander-Williams rushed for 136 yards and scored 2 TD’s.

*Sanger beat up Sunnyside 56-9

  • The Wildcats just found out that the CMAC is way over their heads. This was a complete miss match.
  • The game was pretty much over on the kickoff when Sunnyside fumbled and Jalen Cropper picked it up and went 22 yards for a TD. Cropper wasn’t finished as he picked off a pass and went back 37 yards for a TD. Cropper also scored on 2 TD runs of 60 and 50 yards.

The Pag Meter X factor for the big game

  • The Wolf Pack defense and how will they slow down the Apaches machine? The Wolf Pack defense up front is big and fast and leading the way is one of the best in the valley with Ricky Leung-Wai. Ricky who is almost unblockable.
  • Sanger is so good but if you look at the schedule it’s not the toughest and that is too bad because the Apaches might just be the best team in the valley.
  • If Sanger wins and Bakersfield beats Central…..Sanger could be No 1 team on the Pag Meter because Sanger beat Bullard and Bullard beat Central.

Back to the epic game…

  • Ridgeview looks like Edison on both sides of the ball without the passing game. Usually Ridgeview doesn’t need to throw it with the speedy offense running over everybody.
  • Ridgeview is big ,fast and physical. Sanger is smaller, fast and physical.
  • The big difference is Sanger can throw the ball in 2016. For years Sanger hated to throw the ball but this year Sanger has changed it up and you just never know when the pass is coming. It makes the Apaches very dangerous. QB Jacob Tijerina does a nice job with the play action pass. For years Sanger was so good with the triple option but did not know how to throw the ball. The Pag Meter had always said until Sanger learns that the overhand pass is legal…Sanger has zero chance to ever win the big game again. Sanger would face a defense that was so good against the run and they would lose.
  • The Apaches offensive line is so good with Nick Steele leading the way. The Apaches have so many weapons on offense with Jalen Cropper, Andrew Azua, Christian Graney and WR Aaron Mosby.
  • The Sanger defense might just be the best in school history with the best linebacking combo in the valley with Miguel Garcia, Josh Garza, Adrian Valencia and Josiah Arreloa. They have been playing together since the 4th grade. The secondary is by far the best in school history.
  • The Wolf Pack will bring in a healthy Jamar Moya who is lightning with ball in his hands along with RB Ty Johnson, Jaylen Prevost and Alijah Alexander-Williams. Wait until you see 200lb freshman Alexander-Williams…A star will be born!
  • This game comes down to who can win the line of scrimmage battle? Both teams have being playing with a running clock in the 2nd half for most of the year. The 4th quarter could be exciting!
  • Both coaching staffs are two of the best.
  • Dennis Manning and his staff have done a remarkable job getting the Pack back to the game with kids quitting, kids getting kicked off the team and injuries. A masterful job! Manning is 80-26 in 8 years.
  • For Sanger It’s Tom Flores stadium but it is Chuck Shidan field! Shidan is 202-109 in 27 years. Sanger is looking for the 1st undefeated season ever.

Game note

  • The Wolf Pack are the back to back Champions and playing in their 6th championship game in a row. WOW!! The Wolf Pack have won 3 section Championships.
  • The Apaches are looking for their 1st championship since 2003. Last played in the big game was in 2012 and has won 7 championships overall. Chuck Shidan has won 3 section championships (1998, 2001, 2003)
  • The only time these teams have ever played each other was in the 2014 semifinals and the Wolf Pack won 30-23

The Pag Meter Scoop

  • The Pag Meter had Sanger at No 1 on July 4th and Ridgeview at No 2. The Wolfpack stumbled with many problems but are back. Sanger has gone wire to wire.
  • Pag Meter Prediction Sanger 36 Ridgeview 26
  • The Apaches win their 8th section Championship
  • Andrew Azua rushed for 231 yards and scored 2 TD’s and the Apaches defense played outstanding





Pag Meter Line Bakersfield Christian -8

  • The Eagles have won 11 straight and the offense is on fire and TW has played streaky for most of the year.
  • Tulare Western is bringing half the school and there could be more fans for TW than BC. Stay tuned on that one.


*The semifinal results

*Tulare Western beat Hanford 39-16

  • The Mustangs defense held Jordan Perryman to 62 yards rushing yards and TW steam rolled the Bullpups.  347 total yards by the Mustangs and 165 yards for the Bullpups.
  • Josh Portillo caught a 30 yard TD pass from Andre Aguilar. Keshon Butler caught a 41 yard TD pass from Aguilar and Aguilar scored on a 15 yard TD run. Mason Bernardo had a pair of 1-yard touchdown runs

*Bakersfield Christian beat Memorial 41-35

  • QB Braden Wingle was outstanding and threw for a career-high 485 yards and 5 touchdowns. Jeremiah Foster caught 9 passes for 164 yards and 3 touchdowns.

The Pag Meter X factor for the big game

  • The Mustangs defense and can they hang with Wingle and Foster and that Eagles passing attack? Not a chance
  • For one thing don’t look at last week’s performance by the Memorial defense because that was a flat out miss match and BC took advantage of the weak Panthers defense. The Mustangs defense is better than Memorial’s defense. Yes look at last week because BC steam rolled again
  • This is another game that everybody is saying that the Eagles are a slam dunk winner but not so fast my friend. My friend …the Pag Meter was wrong!
  • The Mustangs are a streaky team and right now the streak is a hot one. TW has played the tougher schedule and for TW to have a great bus ride home, they have to play physical Mustangs football and come in with a attitude. TW has to force turnovers and come up with the big play. BC is not a physical football team so TW needs to come and lay the leather and make a statement early. They did not.
  • TW can’t look at the BC vs SJM game film. Throw that away because it is garbage. TW needs to look at the Chavez, Wasco and Tehachapi game film vs BC because they did a pretty good job against the BC passing offense.
  • The difference could be in this game is the Mustangs offense playing their best at the right time against a BC defense that will give up plenty of points. TW needs to go right at the Eagles and finish drives with touchdowns. They did not finish drives
  • TW has to put pressure on Wingle who has thrown for 225-of-337 for 3,737 yards and 39 TD passes and play great in the secondary. BC doesn’t run the ball much…it’s all about the passing game. It didn’t matter
  • Everybody says  ….Just look what Tulare Union did to Tulare Western’s defense. Yes TU offense can do it all but the big difference is the Eagles don’t have a Kazmeir Allen running in the backfield.
  • Make no mistake about it Wingle wants to throw it. Zero chance that he wants to run so TW must go after the 6-5, 200 lb junior and make him uncomfortable in the pocket. Wingle has a quick delivery that makes him tough to sack and that’s where it gets tricky. Wingle’s receivers are very good with Jerimiah Foster who has 81 catches, 1,549 receiving yards, 19 TDs and Stephen Figures  with 53 receptions, 821 yards, 7 TDs. Hey Fresno State ……..You better look at the kid who will break all the records…Braden Wingle!
  • How will the BC defense try to slow down QB Andre Aguilar who has thrown for 2,187 yards and ran for 982 yards. Don’t forget RB David Alcantar and a bunch of very good receivers? That is another huge question that could get the Mustangs their first section title ring. BC defense did a great job!
  • If Wingle sits in the pocket and this game turns into a 7 vs 7 like summer football then BC will crush TW. It turned into a 7 vs 7 and Wingle picked TW apart.


Game note

  • TW head coach Ryan Rocha and his staff has turned the TW  program around and will be looking to win their 1st section championship in school history.  The Mustangs played on championship night in the division 2 game in 2004.
  • The Eagles head coach  Darren Carr and his staff has the Eagles ready for a long run with talent rolling in. The Eagles have won 3 section championships and the last one was in 2012 winning the division 4 section title.

The Pag Meter Scoop

  • The Pag Meter had Hanford at No 1 on July 4th and Tulare Western at No 2. The Pag Meter had BC at No 4 to start the year so I missed out on the Eagles early.
  • Pag Meter Prediction (Mini upset) Tulare Western 37  Bakersfield Christian 35
  • The Pag Meter blew this upset pick. It’s official ….the Eagles are really good!
  • Red hot Braden Wingle threw for 323 yards and 4 touchdowns and BC crushed TW



Final Selma 35 Chowchilla 7

Pag Meter Line Selma -14

  • Everybody has been looking at this matchup since week 1 and it is going to happen.
  • Selma will be a packed stadium!

*The semifinal Results

*Chowchilla beat Golden West in a wild one 26-24.

  • On the game’s final play, Cody Woolsey passes to Damon Perry, who laterals to Ronnie Reyes before getting tackled, and Reyes carries a defender the final 5 yards of a 6-yard touchdown pass. Asa Shields rushed for 114 yards. Ronnie Reyes scored 3 TD’s.
  • *Selma beat Chavez 35-3. Tiveon Stroud scored on runs of 32 and 35 yards and Abraham Rangel and Joel Aranda came up with a pair of big defensive stops.

The Pag Meter X Factor

  • The Bears have a better passing game than the Redskins. The Bears can pound it with Jordan Dominguez or spread it out and throw it with QB Junior Ramirez.
  • The Redskins will pound it with Ronnie Reyes and Asa Shields.
  • The key for the Redskins to repeat is ball control and work the clock.
  • Both defenses are tremendous and very physical. I see this game close at the half and the key will be the 3rd quarter because the Bears have been knocking teams out in the 3rd quarter. The Redskins want to have a chance with 5 minutes to go and all bets are off if that happens.


Game note

  • The Redskins have won 6 section championships and are the defending champions.
  • The Bears have won 3 section championships and last went 13-0 and last won the section in 1980.

The Pag Meter Scoop

  • The Pag Meter had Selma No 1 on July 4th and Chowchilla at No 2 so I got to stick with that.
  • Pag Meter Prediction Selma 34 Chowchilla 20
  • The Bears defense is so good only allowing 158 yards. Junior Ramirez completed 8 of 13 passes for 182 yards and 4 touchdowns.




Final Mendota 50 Firebaugh 22

Pag Meter Line Mendota -25

  • This is the Battle for 33 rematch from week 8 and Mendota won the game 58-20. Firebaugh jumped out 14-0 and then the Aztecs woke up and crushed the Eagles. Marquez Navarro fired up the Aztecs when ran back 96-yards for a touchdown. QB Junior Cardenas threw 4 touchdown passes and the route was on.


*The semifinal results;

Firebaugh beat Yosemite 37-20.

  • QB Noey Garcia threw for 256 yards with 4 TD passes. (Tyler Palmer, Andrew Rodriguez, Oscar Revis and Brian Lopez)
  • * Mendota beat Sierra 50-14. QB Junior Cardenas threw 4 TD passes and went 12-14 for 287 yards. Fabian Jasso had 7 catches for 181 yards. Marquez Navarro’s scored on 18 and 55 yard TD runs.

The Pag Meter X factor

  • The Eagles defense and can they hang with the Aztecs offense?
  • The bottom line and the scoop is this is not a good match up for the Eagles. The Aztecs are much more physical than the Eagles up front. The Aztecs on the fieldturf are a dominant team and the Eagles will need a bunch of turnovers to pull this out.
  • Can the Eagles slow down the wide receivers led by Junior Cardenas cousin Julian Cardenas and Fabian Jasso?

Game notes

  • The Eagles won their only Section Championship in 1994.
  • The Aztecs have won 2 section Championships and both in division 6 (2011 and 2012)

The Pag Meter scoop

  • The Pag Meter had Mendota the No 1 team way back on July 4th and they are looking to go wire to wire and had Firebaugh at No 3.
  • Pag Meter Prediction Mendota 46 Firebaugh 21
  • Marquez Navarro rushed for 132 yards and scored on TD runs of 42, 18 and 71 yards. Fabian Jasso caught 4 TD passes from Junior Cardenas. (19, 11 42 and 21 yards)



Final Strathmore 46 Sierra Pacific 20

Pag Meter Line Strathmore -8

  • This is the rematch from week 8 and Strathmore won the game 42-28. Joseph Garcia rushed for 235 yards and scored 6 touchdowns in the win. Head coach Jeromy Blackwell got his 100th career win that night.

*The semifinal results;

  • *Sierra Pacific beat Kennedy and the back to back champions 41-21. Phillips Jackson returned the opening kickoff for a touchdown. Miguel Wharton scored 3 touchdowns and rushed for 184 yards. QB Will Springer threw 2 touchdown passes to Hayden Costa.
  • *Strathmore beat Riverdale 26-20.
  • Joseph Garcia rushed for 185 yards and scored 3 touchdowns. Nick Salas threw a 24-yard go-ahead touchdown to Amando Rodriguez.

The Pag Meter X factor

  • The Golden Bears defense and can they slow down Garcia? Not a chance. Rushed for 300 yards!!!!!
  • As you know Garcia rushed for 235 yards and scored 6 TD’s in week 8. So it’s pretty simple, if the Golden Bears can win the battle on the line of scrimmage then the G Bears win the game. If not the Spartans are 13-0. The Spartans offensive line and Garcia have been crushing everybody in their way and by the way the Spartans defense is very good.
  • The other X factor is Sierra Pacific running back Miguel Wharton is healthy and when healthy the Golden Bears are a dangerous team.

Game note

  • Extra incentive for Strathmore because they have never finished with an undefeated season. Strathmore first started playing football in 1920 and they have won 3 section championships and the last won the section in 2009.
  • The Golden Bears are looking to win their 1st section championship in the young school history.

The Pag Meter Scoop

  • The Pag Meter had the Sierra Pacific Golden Bears the No 1 team on July 4th so I got to stick with them on December 2nd.
  • Pag Meter Prediction (upset special) Sierra Pacific 30 Strathmore 27
  • The debate is over. This football team is the best team Strathmore has ever had!
  • Junior running back Joseph Garcia led the Spartans with five touchdowns. He did his damage on 34 carries for close to 300 yards


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