Football Quarterfinals – 2016

Pag Meter Predictions and boy this week is tough with sooo many games that are a flip of the coin. Where will you be??​

Thursday Night Football Finals


No 6 Kingsburg Vikings (8-4) at No 3 Hanford Bullpups (7-4) 

Final Hanford 34 Kingsburg 21

Pag Meter Line Hanford -14

1st round results;

The Bullpups come off a bye and the Vikings beat Highland 28-13

The X factor is the Vikings offense vs the Bullpups defense. For the Vikings to win they have to win the line of scrimmage battle. Hanford’s main offense is RB Jordan Perryman. Hanford’s defense is real good.

Pag Meter Prediction Hanford 31 Kingsburg 17

Final Hanford 34 Kingsburg 21

I’m thinking that the Bullpups are so happy that Jordan Perryman transferred from Lemoore. What would the Bullpups offense be without Perryman??

Jordan Perryman rushed for 144 yards, scored 2 touchdowns and caught an 82-yard TD pass from Theron Dutra. 




No 7 Tehachapi Warriors (6-6) vs No 2 Tulare Western Mustangs (8-3)

Final Tulare Western 9 Tehachapi 7

Pag Meter Line Tulare Western-3

1st round results;

The Warriors shutout the Delano Tigers 27-0 and TW had a bye.

The Warriors have won 5 straight and RB Keyron Scott is back from an injury which is huge for the Warriors offense. The Warriors are playing outstanding defense.

The X factor is the TW defense and can they slow down the Warriors running attack? The Warriors will want to pound the ball with Scott.

The Mustangs bring some major weapons on offense in with senior QB Andre Aguilar who has thrown for 1,913 yards with 18 TD passes and has rushed for 724 yards and has scored 13 TD’s. RB David Alcantar has rushed for 724 yards and has scored 13 TD’s.

Can the Mustangs get back to playing Mustangs hard nose football after the Bell game loss? If they do they will win because they have more weapons on offense over Tehachapi.

If the Warriors can play like they did in beating Ridgeview then this should be one heck of a game! TW is a team where this game will be close or they will play lights out and will roll.

Pag Meter Prediction Tulare Western 23 Tehachapi 20

Final Tulare Western 9 Tehachapi 7

The Mustangs defense came up big 3 times when the Warriors were in the red zone. 

TW QB Andre Aguilar hit Keshon Butler on a 6-yard TD pass on 4th down for the game-winning score with 4:23 left and the Mustangs defense did the rest. 




Friday Night Lights



Top Bracket

No 8 Edison Tigers (5-7) at No 1 Central Grizzlies (10-1)

Final Central 24 Edison 19

Pag Meter Line Central -8

The westside showdown and speed vs speed. The crowd will be huge!

1st round results;

Edison beat Stockdale 35-14 and Central had a bye.

This is not the same Edison team that started the year at 0-5. The Tigers are really good on defense and leading the way is linebacker Jake Hanson.

The Grizzlies have won 9 straight games and the offense is explosive.  

The X factor is the Tigers passing game and can they complete a pass when they need too? They couldn’t at the end of the game. Tigers QB Jimmy Grey is lighting at running the ball. Jaylan King and Brian Johnson are hot running the football.  

The Grizzlies offense is very good and leading the way is sophomore QB Trent Tompkins who has thrown for 2,630 yards and 31 TD’s. Trent is a gunslinger and that means he’s not afraid to throw it up and let his wide receivers go get it. RB Diotry Brewer has rushed for 734 yards and is so tough in the red zone. 

The Tigers defense can hang with the Grizzlies offense especially with Jaylon Johnson out but can the Tigers offense put up enough points to win? That’s the huge question?? The Tigers offense couldn’t hang. 

If Edison can throw the ball when they need to then they can pull the upset. Didn’t happen. Central also comes off a bye and high school teams usually don’t play well after a bye at the start of a game. Edison has to start fast. Central will go for the knockout early so Edison has to hang around. Edison has been a 2nd half team all year along. Central’s defense is real good and will bring pressure.

Could it be a huge upset? Almost. In 2013, the Tigers were the No 1 team at 9-1 and the Grizzlies knocked off the Tigers 21-20. In 2016 the Grizzlies are 9-1 and the Tigers are young and not expected to win…Just sayin! It could happen but I can’t pull the trigger. I think the Tigers cover the spread. They did

Pag Meter Prediction Central 23 Edison 20

Final Central 24 Edison 19

The Central Grizzlies hang on to beat the Tigers. Edison had 2 chances to win it inside the 10 yard line but Tigers QB Shareef Goodwin was sacked by Jake Rohrmann and Brandon Ballard. 

The Grizzlies jumped out to a 21-0 1st-quarter lead on a 13-yard pass from Trent Tompkins to Malik White, Mathew Mendoza’s 30-yard fumble return and a 2-yard run by Mendoza. 

Give big credit to the Tigers because they never gave up. Edison had 8-15 yard penalties, roughed the punter, 3 turnovers, and not much QB play all year and they still had a chance to win.

Tigers Jaylan King scored 2 TD’s and Taylin Green’s 40-yard fumble return. The final scoring came from Grizzlies kicker Tiago Paim’s who kicked a 25-yard field goal at the end of the half. 


No 5 Clovis Cougars (7-4) vs No 4 Clovis West Golden Eagles (8-3) 

Final Clovis West 42 Clovis 28

Pag Meter Line Clovis West -8

1st round results;

Both teams had a bye so that means the Cougars have had 2 weeks to figure out how to slow down Adrian Martinez and the CW offense. In week 11, the Golden Eagles picked apart the Cougars and made it look easy winning 41-27. Clovis was so focused on Martinez that they forgot about Mr. Everything, Rodney Wright. CW made a bunch of mistakes and still rolled. QB Adrian Martinez went 36-48 for 327 yards with 2 TD’s and scored 2 TD’s. Rodney Wright caught a 39 yard TD pass and scored on a 38 yard TD run.

So the X factor is the Cougars defense and WR Tyson Fraser (out with a concussion) and what can they do this week to make the adjustments? If the Cougars bring pressure and can’t get to Martinez then CW will roll. If the Cougars drop back in coverage they better come up with some picks or CW rolls.  

Will the Cougars offense change it up because the offense is in a slump. (Yes they did) I’m throwing it out there….maybe the Cougars do what I thought they should have done when they had the power running attack with Dakota Gordon and Nate Palomino back in 2011. (The Cougars sure did) The Cougars would have won the valley in 2011 if they would have lined up and ran down hill instead of the spread offense. Clovis has a big and physical line just like in 2011. Just saying..

The Cougars need to feed the ball to Samir Allen (They did and Allen rushed for 307 yards) who has rushed for 995 yards and especially with the Cougars best receiver Tyson Fraser who is out with a concussion.  

Could this be the time the Cougars change it up? (Yes the Cougars changed it up) Clovis has a zero chance to win it all with their offensive game plan they have now. 

Pag Meter Prediction Clovis West 31 Clovis 23

Final Clovis West 42 Clovis 28

The Cougars did change it up and almost pulled it out. CW QB Adrian threw for 274 yards with 2 TD passes and rushed for 221 yards and scored 2 TD’s. 

Clovis had a 28-27 lead heading to the 4th quarter. Adrian Martinez scored on a 3 yard TD run, CW pulled off a double pass…Nick Coleman hit Donovan Gonzales on a 20 yard TD and the Clovis West defense did the rest. 

Cougars running back Samir Allen rushed for 307 yards and scored 4 TD’s. 



Bottom Bracket

No 6 Clovis North Broncos (6-6) at No 3 Liberty Patriots (8-3) 

Final Liberty 33 Clovis North 28

Pag Meter Line Liberty -6

1st round results;

Clovis North beat up Frontier 49-12 and Liberty comes in off a bye.

The Broncos are finally playing the way I thought they should be playing from the get go. The Broncos are awesome when they play 48 minutes and not 24 minutes. Most of the games this year CN played well for a half and then in the 2nd half, they got crushed.

The defending champion Patriots got beat up in week 11 to Bakersfield 44-17.

The X factor is the Broncos and can they play 48 minutes of Broncos football? (They got down 21-0) The Patriots have been beaten up with injuries and losing the best defensive player in the valley Kurtis Brown hurt the defense. Can the Patriots slow down (mini Tim Tebow) QB Brent Bailey? (Not close)The Broncos offensive line is playing much better. RB Jordan Ayerza is also a key for the Broncos and helping Bailey.

For the Broncos to win they must wear down the Patriots defense. (A bad snap cost the Broncos the win)

Pag Meter Prediction (mini upset) Clovis North 34 Liberty 30

Final Liberty 33 Clovis North 28

All The Broncos had to do to win the game was have Broncos QB Brent Bailey line up under center, take a few snaps, Broncos run out the clock, game over….the bus ride home was going to be awesome………but NOOOO!! Bailey lined up in shotgun and the ball sailed over his head ….Liberty recovers the fumble…Johnny Balderas caught a 10-yard TD pass from Isaiah Hill with 28 seconds to go. So sad that Clovis North lost this way after coming back..

Liberty jumped out 21-0. One of the best players in the valley Johnny Balderas began the game with a 95-yard kickoff return for a TD. (Why in the world would CN kick it to Balderas?) Cameron Meek scored on a 2 yard TD run, and Balderas caught a 64-yard TD pass from Hill. Hill threw for 306 yards and 2 touchdowns.

Broncos QB Brent Bailey had a fantastic game throwing for 303 yards and rushed for 106 yards, including a 29-yard touchdown run. Jordan Ayerza caught a beautiful a 71-yard touchdown pass. 



No 7 Buchanan Bears (7-5) at No 2 Bakersfield (Drillers (9-2)

Final Bakersfield 44 Buchanan 14

Pag Meter Line Bakersfield -10

1st round results;

The Bears beat up Bullard 30-9 and the Drillers come off a bye.

This is an interesting match up with the big and physical Bears vs the speedy Drillers. This is the Bears new head coach Matt Giordano coaching against the Drillers triple option legend coach Paul Golla.

The Drillers offense is not an easy one to play against in just one week of practice.

The X factor is how long will it take the Bears to make the adjustments? (They never adjusted) The Drillers defense is also not easy with only one down lineman and the rest are jumping around because it makes it difficult for the offensive line to block. (The Bears got beat up on the line) 

The Drillers have so much speed on offense and leading the way is sophomore QB Cameron Williams.

The Bears will counter with senior QB Nolan LeForge who threw for 238 yards and a touchdown in the win over Bullard. Nolan’s favorite WR is Cornell Washington. The 3 headed monster in the back field is Trevor Ervin, freshman Kendall Milton and Zach Presno. The Drillers will bring plenty of pressure so the Bears have to hit the big play.    

If the Bears defense can slow down the triple option then the Bears can have a great bus ride home. (Not even close) 

This game comes down to the 1st half and if the Bears can shut down the Drillers big play attack early.

Pag Meter Prediction Bakersfield 31 Buchanan 21

Final Bakersfield 44 Buchanan 14

The Pag Meter thought this game would be closer but the Drillers steam rolled. The Drillers jumped out 21-0 and this game was over…

The Drillers used two-quarterback system, with junior Caden Ochoa completing 5 of 7 passes for 62 yards and rushing for 29 more and sophomore Cam Williams completing 5 of 6 for 159 yards and rushing for 61 more.


Top Bracket

No 8 Dinuba Emperors (8-4) No 1 at Sanger Apaches (11-0) 

Final Sanger 42 Dinuba 6

Pag Meter Line Sanger -31

1st round results;

Dinuba beat Independence 28-20 and Sanger comes off a bye.

There will be a huge crowd from both towns.

The X factor is the Apaches have been crushing teams and the game is over by halftime. Can the Emperors offense keep up? They sure did

Pag Meter Prediction Sanger 45 Dinuba 13

Final Sanger 42 Dinuba 6

After 1 quarter of play the score was 0-0. Maybe the Apaches started slow because they came off a bye. The Apaches woke up and scored 42 straight points. Jalen Cropper scored 3 TD’s, (26, 51 and 17 yard runs) Andrew Azua scored 2 TD’s (38 and 52 yard runs). Christian Graney scored on a 7 yard run.  

No 5 Sunnyside Wildcats (9-2) at No 4 Tulare Union Tribe (9-2)

Final Sunnyside 66 Tulare Union 55


Pag Meter Line Sunnyside -5

1st round results;

Both teams come off a bye.

The X factor is the Wildcats defense vs the Tribe offense. Something has to give. Both teams have been steam rolling and this could be a shootout.

The other X factor is the Tribe’s defense and who will show up? If the Sunnyside defense plays a good game then they win on the road. (They didn’t but the Tribe D was worse) 

The Tribe has so many young weapons on offense with sophomore QB Nathan Lamb who went 178-of-223 for 2,676 yards and 25 touchdowns this year. Junior RB Kazmeir Allen has rushed for 1,647 yards and has scored 27 TD’s. Lamb’s favorite target is junior WR Emoryie Edwards who has caught 84 passes for 1,397 yards and has scored 17 TD’s.

The Wildcats bring in senior QB Nate Huges who has thrown for 1,854 yards and 22 TD passes. The running backs are seniors Marcus Hawkins and Rickey Valderrama.

The big X factor is you just don’t know what Tribe’s defense will show up? (It didn’t show up) This is a tough one to pick.

Pag Meter Prediction Sunnyside 45 Tulare Union 40

Final Sunnyside 66 Tulare Union 55

Both offenses combined went for 1,145 of total yards. 

Wildcats , Marcus Hawkins rushed for 153 yards and scored 3 touchdowns. He also scored a pair of 2-point conversion and threw for another. Breaun Heights had 172 receiving yards and two touchdowns. Quarterback Nate Hughes threw for 367 yards.

Tribe, Kazmeir Allen rushed for 194 yards, 31 receiving yards and scored 3 touchdowns. Nathan Lamb threw for 321 yards and 5 touchdowns. Emoryie Edwards had 169 receiving yards and scored 3 touchdowns.


Bracket Bracket

No 6 Ridgeview Wolfpack (6-5) vs No 3 Redwood Rangers (9-2) 

Final Ridgeview 42 Redwood 21

Pag Meter Line Ridgeview-7

The 1st round results

Both teams come in off a bye.

The Rangers get the No 3 seed and they have to open up against the defending back to back champions. Not a good draw because (YEP not a good draw) the X factor team is Ridgeview. If they play like they did in week 11 when they beat Independence then the Pack rolls in Visalia. (They rolled all right!) 

This would be a huge win for Redwood if the defense steps up. Another tough game to call with soooo many X factors.

The big X factor is the Rangers defense vs the speedy Wolf Pack offense. 

Pag Meter Prediction Ridgeview 35 Redwood 28  

Final Ridgeview 42 Redwood 21

Yep not a good draw for the Rangers. Ridgeview limited Redwood to 172 yards of total offense. 

Wolf Pack running back Jamar Moya rushed for a game-high 153 yards and scored 3 touchdowns, with two of those coming in the 4th quarter.

Senior wide receiver Jaleyn Prevost caught 5 passes for 133 yards with 3 total touchdowns (two receiving, one rushing). His 82-yard touchdown was huge!

No 7 El Diamante Miners (6-5) at No 2 Garces Rams (7-4) 

Final El Diamante 29 Garces 28

Pag Meter Line Garces -14

The 1st round results;

Both teams coming off a bye.

The Miners get to face the most explosive offense in the valley.

The X factor is the Miners defense is good but can they score enough to stay with the Rams? They must have ball control to win. (They sure did)The big problem for the Miners is the Rams defense is very good.

Pag Meter Prediction Garces 28 Miners 14

Final El Diamante 29 Garces 28

The Miners scored and went for the win!! Miners’ quarterback Parker Boswell scored on a 1-yard run with 33 seconds left to cut Garces’ lead to 28-27 and then seconds later fired a game-winning 2-point conversion pass completion. The Miners 3-headed rushing attack of Tyler Youngblood, DeVonte Freeman, and Drake Beano totaled 180 yards on 42 attempts and keeping the Rams offense off the field. 



No 8 Fresno High Warriors (8-4) at No 1 Bakersfield Christian Eagles (10-1)

Final BC 51 Fresno High 21


Pag Meter Line Bakersfield Christian -14

The 1st round results;

The Warriors beat East 40-37 and the Eagles come in off a bye.

Both teams are loaded with offense. The Warriors have Lee Major and Khory Day and the Eagles have junior QB Braden Wingle who leads the valley in throwing for 2,839 yards and 31 TD passes. Wingle’s favorite target is Jerimiah Foster who has caught 61 passes for 1,217 yards and scored 14 TD’s.

The X factor is the Warriors defense because it is really struggling.

This will be the best offense that the Eagles have faced since week 1 when they played Garces.

For the Warriors to win the offense has to score on almost every drive and can’t afford to punt the ball. Fresno High must hold serve when they have the ball. The Warriors are much more physical on offense.

Pag Meter Prediction Bakersfield Christian 48 Fresno High 34

Final BC 51 Fresno High 21

BC QB Braden Wingle and favorite target Jeremiah Foster connected on 2 touchdowns.

Wingle was 21 of 33 passing for 368 yards — including 300 in the first half — and 3 TDs. Foster had 10 catches for 169 yards. As expected the Warriors defense struggled. The Warriors couldn’t get the ball in the hands enough to dangerous Khory Day. 

No 5 San Joaquin Memorial Panthers (7-5) at No 4 South Rebels (9-3) 

Final Memorial 27 South 0


Pag Meter Line Memorial -7

1st round results;

Memorial beat North 70-37 and South beat Hoover 34-16.

The X factor is simple in this game and it is the Panthers defense. If SJM plays good defense, this one is over. (They sure did) SJM is so up and down on defense that you can’t trust them. The Panthers offense is good and so is the Rebels offense which is led by QB Aries Harris.

For the Panthers to win they have to use their very good offensive line and pound the ball with Dashawn Holliman and Demarcus Wilson.

Pag Meter Prediction Memorial 39 South 32

Final Memorial 27 South 0

Demarcus Wilson’s 13-yard run in the 1st quarter and the loss of dual-threat Rebels quarterback Aries Harris early with an apparent leg injury was the difference. 

Harris was taken off by ambulance with what was reported as an apparent leg injury.  

Michael Alvarez and Alec Trujillo each had touchdown runs for Memorial and Luis Pelayo kicked 2 field goals.



Top Bracket

No 8 Wasco Tigers (8-4) at No 1 Selma Bears (11-0)

Final Selma 55 Wasco 0

Pag Meter Line Selma -35

1st round results;

Wasco beat Kerman 26-22 and the Bears come in off a bye.

The Tigers come in with a win that Kerman thought they had in the bag until 48 seconds left and it all changed when Chandler Paul caught an amazing 60 yard TD pass from Dez’meir Smith on a Lion’s potential interception and turned into a winning TD.

The X factor is the Lions would be a 40 point underdog against the Bears so the Tigers could be in trouble trying to slow down the Bears.

Pag Meter Prediction Selma 42 Wasco 7

Final Selma 55 Wasco 0

Rudy Rodriguez caught 2 TD passes from Junior Ramirez and the Bears rolled at home. Jordan Dominguez (58 yards) and Tiveon Stroud (46 yards) had TD runs and this game was over by halftime.  

No 5 Taft Wildcats (7-5) at No 4 Chavez Titans (9-2)

Final Chavez 35 Taft 14

Pag Meter Line Chavez -1

1st round results;

Taft beat Roosevelt 50-21 and Chavez comes in off a bye.

This is a rematch from week 6 and Chavez won 21-10.

The X factor is the Titans defense against the valley leading rusher with Robert Cozine who has rushed for 2,689 yards and has scored 28 TD’s. ( The Titans defense shut down Cozine on 40 yards) The Titans defense is good and Taft is not the same team on the road.

Pag Meter Prediction Chavez 34 Taft 23

Final Chavez 35 Taft 14

Javier Fernandez returned the opening kickoff 95 yards for a touchdown, Fernandez also caught a 47-yard TD pass from Deion Perkins.

Clemente Montes rushed for 195 yards and scored 2 touchdowns on 31 carries for Chavez.

The Wildcats led by Setefano Maui, who finished with 138 yards rushing and scored 2 touchdowns on 21 carries.

Bottom Bracket


No 11 Madera South Stallions (4-8) at No 3 Chowchilla Redskins (9-1) 

Final Chowchilla 49 Madera South 7

Pag Meter Line Chowchilla -17

1st round results;

Madera South crushed the Liberty Hawks 63-27 and Chowchilla comes in off a bye.

The X factor is the Madera South defense against the Redskins running attack.

The Stallions offense is very good with QB Jonah Johnson but we all know the defense has struggled all year long. Can Jonah Johnson and the offense win in a shootout? (They got crushed by the Chowchilla defense) 

Last year Jonah Johnson ran all over every team but Chowchilla. The Redskins shut MS down. I just don’t trust the Stallions defense in Chowchilla. This could be a blowout because Chowchilla is a much better team. (It was)

Pag Meter Prediction Chowchilla 45 Madera South 28

Final Chowchilla 49 Madera South 7

The Pag Meter had that feeling this was going to be a blow out but was to chicken to call it. Asa Shields rushed for 93 yards and scored a touchdown on 10 carries and the defense steam rolled. 

No 10 Central Valley Christian Cavaliers (5-7) at No 2 Golden West Blazers (10-1)

Final Golden West 42 CVC 24

Pag Meter Line Golden West – 7

1st round results;

CVC beat Washington Union 45-17 and GW comes in off a bye.

The X factor is both defenses because both offenses are very good. Whoever can win the line of scrimmage will this game. CVC is like Liberty Ranchos with they should both be in division 5. CVC has 269 students enrolled and Golden West has an enrollment of 1,636. (Please put Liberty Ranchos and CVC back in division 5 and Golden West needs to be in Division 3)  

CVC has junior QB J.J. Lino and senior running back Connor Paden.

As a first-year varsity starter, Lino has completed 144-of-256 passes for 2,389 yards and 26 TD passes. Connor Paden has rushed for 1,341 yards and 16 touchdowns.

Pag Meter Prediction Golden West 37 CVC 30

Final GW 42 CVC 24

GW, Ryan Cook rushed for 3 touchdowns and Payton Allen threw 2 touchdown passes to Ian Kelly. 

JJ Lino threw 3 touchdown passes, Brian Noel caught 2 TD’s and Gavin Salierno caught the other.


Top Bracket


No 9 Desert Scorpions (6-5) at No 1 Mendota Aztecs (11-0) 

Final Mendota 44 Desert 12


Pag Meter Line Mendota -20

1st round results;

Desert beat Immanuel 44-14 and the Aztecs come off a bye.

It’s the High Desert Champions vs the West Sierra Champions.

This is the most interesting game of the night. The Scorpions are a very good and interesting team. What we do know is the Scorpions offense is outstanding. The Aztecs come in steamrolling everybody.

The X factor is the Aztecs defense is better than the Scorpions defense. This game could be closer than some think. Mendota at home is real good. This game is all about match ups and can Desert match up with the Aztecs offense?

Pag Meter Prediction Mendota 48 Desert 28

Final Mendota 44 Desert 12

Aztecs QB Junior Cardenas has now thrown for 31 touchdown passes for the years after throwing 62, 53 and 4 yard TD passes to Julian Cardenas,



No 12 Woodlake Tigers (5-7) at No 4 Sierra Chieftains (7-5) 

Final Sierra 42 Woodlake 27

Pag Meter Line Sierra -21  

1st round results;

The Tigers beat Fowler 23-12 and the Chieftains beat Farmersville 52-35.

The Tigers are finally playing good defense.

The X factor is Sierra has played a much tougher schedule and should roll at home.

Pag Meter Prediction Sierra 43 Woodlake 22

Final Sierra 42 Woodlake 27

Sierra offense was too much for the Tigers defense. (No stats available)

Bottom Bracket

No 11 Bishop Union Broncos (6-5) at No 3 Firebaugh Eagles (10-2)

Final Firebaugh 39 Bishop Union 28


Pag Meter Line Firebaugh -6

1st round results;

Bishop Union beat up Caruthers 49-16 and Firebaugh beat up 73-40.

The X factor is both defenses? Who plays better will win. When we all got the score that Bishop Union rolled Caruthers, everybody said who are these guys!!

The Eagles have their hands full. The Eagles defense is very suspect and that is why this will be a good game. If the Eagles think they can look past these Broncos for next week Broncos they are wrong. (They get the Badgers at home)

Pag Meter Prediction Firebaugh 39 Bishop 33

Final Firebaugh 39 Bishop Union 28 

The Eagles offense is scoring plenty of points. The X factor is the defense. RB Jeshua Gutierrez rushed for 250 yards and scored 2 TD’s.

No 10 Yosemite Badgers (9-3) at No 2 Dos Palos Broncos (7-5) 

Final Yosmite 29 Dos Palos 14

Pag Meter Line Dos Palos -35

1st round results;

Yosemite beat Lindsay 35-0 and Dos Palos beat Kern Valley 48-0.

The X factor will the Broncos get their 5th straight shutout? The Badgers are very good on offense and look for the Broncos to bring plenty of pressure. The DP offense is big and physical so the only question is will the Broncos get the shutout because this game is not a good matchup for Yosemite. (It sure was a great match up for the Badgers) 

Pag Meter Prediction Dos Palos 49 Yosemite 14

Final Yosemite 29 Dos Palos 14


Boy the Pag Meter missed on this pick and the Badger fans let the Pag Meter have it. Great win over a red hot team!! (No stats available) 


Top Bracket

No 8 Orange Cove Titans (4-7) at No 1 Strathmore Spartans (11-0)

Final Strathmore 28 Orange Cove 0


Pag Meter Line Strathmore -35

This is a rematch from week 4 and the Spartans won 43-0.

The X Factor is this is not a good matchup for the Titans.

Pag Meter Prediction Strathmore 40 Orange Cove 7

Final Strathmore 28 Orange Cove 0

The Spartans defense is very good! Joseph Garcia scored 3 TD’s including a 95 yard TD run and Nick Salas hit Gilbert Acevedo on a 6-yard TD pass.

No 5 Tranquillity Tigers (3-8) at No 4 Riverdale Cowboys (8-3) 

Final Riverdale 28 Tranquility 6

Pag Meter Line Riverdale -21

This is a rematch from week 5 and the Cowboys won 14-7.The Tigers played a tougher schedule and the Cowboys are playing good football.

The X factor is Tranquility and can they put up enough points to hang in?

Pag Meter Prediction Riverdale 35 Tranquility 14

Final Riverdale 28 Tranquility 6

Fernando Zarate started the Cowboys scoring with a 2 yard TD run. Mitch Maggini threw an 88-yard touchdown pass to J.P. Sanchez. Joseph Piceno and Ethan Paasch each scored on 2nd-half touchdown runs before the Tigers got on the board with a late TD run by Alexis Guillen. 


Bottom Line

No 6 California City Ravens (3-6) at No 3 Kennedy Thunderbirds (6-5) 

Final Kennedy 42 California City 6


Pag Meter Line Kennedy -34

The X factor is the Thunderbirds have played a very tough schedule. The back to back champion Thunderbirds should roll at home.

Pag Meter Prediction Kennedy 52 California 18

Final Kennedy 42 Cal City 6

The Defending back to back champs are playing great football. Danny Flores returned 2 interceptions for TD’s. 

No 7 McFarland Cougars (3-7) vs No 2 Sierra Pacific Golden Bears (6-4) 

Final Sierra Pacific 63 McFarland 3

Pag Meter Line Sierra Pacific -39

The X Factor is the Golden Bears are finally healthy and are crushing teams. The Cougars don’t have enough offense in this one.

Pag Meter Prediction Sierra Pacific 54 McFarland 13

Final Sierra Pacific 63 McFarland 33

The Golden Bears offense is on fire. Miguel Wharton rushed for 308 yards and scored 6 touchdowns on 23 carries. Gerod Magee rushed for 233 yards and scored a TD. Sierra Pacific finished with 605 yards rushing.

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